Chapter 7 – How gentle his smile was, was a clear contrast of how vicious his hand was

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Throughout the night, Wen Xu stayed in Xie Qing’s small rental house. Their conversation continued on till the early morning sun appeared. Wen Xu had learnt from Elder Zhou that Xie Qing wasn’t in good health. Seeing as the other party hadn’t had any intention of going to rest at all, his brows furrowed. He wished that he could just directly press Xie Qing down so that he could take a rest.

But Xie Qing just gave him an innocent look, “I can’t sleep.”

He really couldn’t sleep.

Xie Qing never would have thought that 034 would give him such a wonderful gift.

If Xie Ling, his elder brother who had a blood relationship with him only brought him more harm than any good then Wen Xu, his elder brother who had no blood relationship with him brought him an actual elder brother’s love.

When he died in that small world, Xie Qing was very reluctant. But there was nothing else he could do.

Now that they met again, there were naturally countless things to tell each other.

During this period, Xie Qing also figured out Wen Xu’s identity in reality. Wen Xu was born in a wealthy family. His mother was from a scholarly family, the elders from his maternal side were all professors. While his paternal side were all big bosses. The major that was chosen by Wen Xu back when he was in university also overlapped with the expectations of his parents. He wanted to be an outstanding entrepreneur in the future. But after he woke up from an accident, Wen Xu used his pocket money to buy a few hills and started farming.

“My father and mother’s expressions at that time were really no different than someone watching the sky fall.”

However, although the Wen couple didn’t dislike Wen Xu’s choice, they still thought that their son’s head was broken.

After Wen Xu implemented his plans, the Wen couple would go to the mountains from time to time to check on their son. The situation was completely different from what they expected. Wen Xu’s business was so successful that others became envious. All kinds of vegetables and fruits that he had planted were always out of stock and people would have a hard time buying them. In addition, Wen Xu had also planted some medicinal materials and all of those would immediately be transported to the hospital after they matured.

According to Elder Zhou, these medicinal materials were very effective. Wen Xu was really good at it.

“Speaking of which, I still have some seeds with me here.” Without hesitation, Xie Qing took out a bag of seeds from his storage ring and put them in front of Wen Xu, “This was something that was given to me by the Second Elder when I joined the Chaoyun Sect.”

The Second Elder of the Chaoyun Sect was someone who really loved creating medicine. He usually stayed in front of a medicinal stove instead of the medicine field. He was very satisfied with Xie Qing, the young disciple who was in charge of the medicinal field. If it wasn’t for the Sect Leader of the Chaoyun sect that took Xie Qing under his wing, Xie Qing would have been abducted to be his disciple by him1The Second Elder.

Wen Xu listened to Xie Qing talk about everything he had experienced within these few years. But now that everything was clear, he wasn’t stunned with anything.

Xie Qing said, “These are the seeds of various spiritual plants. The Chaoyun Sect was full of aura, so it’s easy to grow it there. But here… it’s hard to say whether they can even germinate”

“I can try.” Wen Xu’s eyes lit up, “If this can really be planted, will it be good for your body?”

Xie Qing was taken aback. He then laughed.

“My body has just lost too much nutrition. It would be good for me to make up for it slowly. But if these spiritual plants could be used to make medicine, it would definitely be beneficial to other patients.”

“You’re right.”

“I’ll make a list for you later. I’ll write down the medicinal effects and important points of these seeds which may increase the survival rate of these seeds a little.”

The two of them didn’t sleep at all that night. But they seemed to be in a good state of mind. After breakfast, Wen Xu brought Xie Qing to the hospital where Elder Zhou was already on a chair waiting for them. His gaze swept across the eyebags under the eyes of the two young men and his eyes were immediately filled with disapproval.

As if he knew what Elder Zhou was going to say, Wen Xu hurriedly said, “Elder Zhou, please rest assured. After you take a look at Ah-Qing, I’ll immediately bring him home so that he can rest.”

Elder Zhou rolled his eyes and asked casually, “Nothing happened last night, right?”

Wen Xu nodded with a smile, “It’s fine.”

Elder Zhou had always trusted Wen Xu. When the child found him a few years ago, he had told him that he would provide him with medicinal materials. He had thought that he had heard wrong. Although he knew that Wen Xu had started farming a long time ago, wasn’t he dabbling in vegetables and fruits? Could these things be used as medicinal materials? Elder Zhou had thought that Wen Xu was joking, but he didn’t realize how reliable Wen Xu was until he saw those herbs.

Turning his gaze to Xie Qing, Elder Zhou said, “I’ll prescribe some mild Chinese medicine for you first. Drink two bowls of it every day and once you’re done with these, come to me.”

Xie Qing smiled lightly, “Okay, sorry for the inconvenience.”

It was Wen Xu who went to the pharmacy to collect the medicine, so in the meantime Xie Qing chatted with Elder Zhou leisurely. But Elder Zhou was a well-known traditional Chinese medicine practitioner in the city hospital, many people came to see him. The small room was soon full of people after a while. Xie Qing bid farewell to Elder Zhou and stood outside. When he looked up he saw a familiar face.

Meng Jie was on his phone, cursing at it, “That stupid c*nt wouldn’t learn his lesson unless he goes cold. Xiao Xu had heard that he entered the police station last night and rushed over in a hurry. It turned out that he was fine, but he pushed Xiao Xu down the stairs. Oh, has this guy’s brain been covered by sh*t these days? I haven’t seen him act like this before!”

“Nonsense! Laozi also knows that he was careless. If he had done it on purpose, he’d be killing someone. Do you understand what it means to murder someone!” The more Meng Jie talked, the angrier he got. He lifted his foot and kicked hard on the plastic chairs on the side of the corridor.

The chairs shook and the person sitting nearby was also affected by it. The person was furious, “Are you a stupid c*nt?”

Meng Jie had just finished scolding Yu Kaize for being a stupid c*nt, but fate turned on him and he was scolded the same way. He hurriedly bowed at the other party in embarrassment, said sorry and then turned to leave. But then he stopped abruptly.

“Wei, aren’t you Xie… No, you’re not Xie Ling.” Meng Jie was still holding his mobile phone to his ear. From the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a young man standing at the door. He was startled for a moment. But upon closer inspection, he found that this person was completely different from Xie Ling. Especially the tear mole at the corner of his eye which Xie Ling didn’t have.

Meng Jie had once stared at Xie Ling’s photos and videos for a whole day. From his looks, to his temperament, to his abilities, he didn’t miss a single point. He had just wanted to see what Yu Kaize liked in Xie Ling.

In the end, he couldn’t find anything. But he was able to remember Xie Ling’s face clearly.

The young man really looked similar to Xie Ling, but he wouldn’t mistake him for Xie Ling.

Unexpectedly, although he didn’t know who Xie Qing was, the latter nodded at him and smiled, “I know you. You’re Yu Kaize’s manager.”

Meng Jie felt flattered. He had never thought that his face would be recognized by someone one day.

Meng Jie was about to speak, but before he could do so, Xie Qing stepped forward, “My apologies, I’ve seen my friend. I’m going ahead first.”

Without giving Meng Jie a chance to do anything, Xie Qing left.

Meng Jie scratched his head, didn’t say much and quickly walked away.

It was his first time in the city hospital and he almost lost his way.

After arriving at the inpatient department, Meng Jie stretched out his hand and pushed open the door to the ward only to find the culprit that caused Xiao Xu’s fracture, sitting beside the bed with his head drooping. Xiao Xu’s leg was wrapped in bandages and gauze like a pig’s trotter. He had an unloveable expression on his face at the moment——

Xiao Xu felt that it was like a life’s trial for him.

His family’s artist was blinded by rage and had accidentally pushed him, causing him to roll down the stairs of the police station like a ball. After he was tossed for a long time, he finally arrived at the hospital. Yu Kaize just sat beside him with his head drooping down. Those who didn’t know might think that he was the one who was injured instead.

Xiao Xu even comforted Yu Kaize, becoming more and more aggrieved as he spoke.

Seeing Meng Jie’s arrival, he immediately asked for help with his eyes.

Meng Jie sighed helplessly in his heart. He walked up to Yu Kaize and sat down. He patted Yu Kaize on the shoulder. The other party finally moved and raised half of his face. When Meng Jie saw it, he was taken aback.

Whoa, why was he in such a mess?

There were two scratches on the handsome face that Meng Jie was so proud of. The dark circles under his eyes almost reached his lips and his eyes were fully bloodshot. He looked like someone who was so frustrated that he was in despair.

But thinking about it carefully, Meng Jie felt that it was justifiable. One must know that Yu Kaize was held like a treasure by his fans before the incident broke out. When he entered the entertainment circle, all he had gotten was praise. As someone who stayed in heaven all the time but was suddenly dragged to hell, it would really be outrageous if you could still laugh about it.

Meng Jie had been so busy these past few days that he almost passed out. While dealing with the crisis, he was still wondering what kind of turtle2well its an insult grandson wanted to bury their family’s artist. Unfortunately, after searching for a long time, he couldn’t find anyone.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“You can’t be like this. Director Zhang’s film is about to start. If you’re in this state, you can’t join the crew, can you?” Meng Jie frowned, “Just film well the next period of time and disappear for a few months. Once you come back, these things will probably be forgotten.”

He said this intentionally, making the atmosphere of the ward a little lighter. He then talked about what happened to him just now with a smile.

“When I was on my way here just now, I saw a person that looked very similar to Xie Ling. But he had a tear mole making him look devilishly——”


Before he could say the last word, Meng Jie froze in his tracks. He stared at Yu Kaize with a helpless look on his face. The man who was still depressed just a few moments ago, now looked like a fierce wolf that hadn’t eaten for a few days. The hatred emitting from his eyes made Meng Jie feel strange and terrified.

Why does this guy look like he wanted to eat him alive?

“W-what’s wrong?”

“What did you tell him?”

“N-nothing at all.” Meng Jie backed away uncontrollably and muttered softly, “You guys know each other? No wonder he knows that I’m your manager.”

The atmosphere in the ward became tense in an instant. When Xiao Xu and Meng Jie held their breaths and were so flustered that they didn’t know where they could put their hands and feet, Yu Kaize’s breathing became even more rapid and heavier. He closed his eyes and took two deep breaths, stood up from his stool, kicked the stool away and walked out of the ward in big strides.

Meng Jie had just stood up and wanted to chase him when the door of the ward was slammed back. It almost grazed Meng Jie’s face.

Meng Jie: “…”


If he had moved even one centimeter forward, his face would’ve been ruined today.

Meng Jie took a step back with his weak legs and fell directly to the ground.

After taking a full five minutes to calm down until his heartbeat slowed, he turned his head to look at Xiao Xu who was also shocked until his mouth was wide open, “Has he gone crazy?”

Xiao Xu hesitated for a while, with a small voice he whispered, “Meng-ge, that person seems to be the culprit that caused Yu-ge to be like this.”

Meng Jie, “????”

Xiao Yu then said with a confident face, “Really, I’m telling the truth. Yu-ge told me everything when he sent me to the hospital.”

Meng Jie, “…”

Xiao Xu noticed Meng Jie’s expression of despair that made him look as if he was about to find a hole in the ground to crawl in. After thinking about it, he comforted him, “It’s fine, Yu-ge just has some ptsd towards him. Let’s just not mention this person in front of him in the future.”

Meng Jie became even more depressed in an instant, “No, you don’t understand.”

This was no longer a ptsd problem.

This was no longer a question of whether they should mention him or not.

It was he, who sent the big news of ‘Yu Kaize pushing his assistant down the stairs, suspected of being a violent person’ to the hands of the culprit.


The next second, his phone rang and the incoming call sounded like a call informing him of his death. Meng Jie bowed his head speechlessly. As soon as the phone connected, a furious voice immediately resounded throughout the ward, “How did the media find out that Yu Kaize pushed Xiao Xu down the stairs? Now the matter has been blown up!”

Meng Jie, “…”


That soft smile Xie Qing gave him, was a clear contrast to how viciously his hand moved.

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