Chapter 4 – Did you guys eat up the second recording?

The Gu family’s old lady finally had enough and started to use her cane to hit Elder Gu and his vegetable son, Gu Mingguo. Xie Qing, too weak to stop her, just watched as the Gu family’s old lady bashed his father’s head with her cane. He took out his axe, and gave the old lady 40 whacks. When he saw what he had done, he gave his uncle 41. 

Eventually, the neighbours who heard the commotion called the police and the scene was taped up. Xie Ling was then arrested for prostitution.

The End.






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The Gu family’s old lady finally had enough and left. Gu Jinghao was worried about his mother, so he dragged his wife away to follow her. When he left, he deliberately looked back at his father several times. But who would have thought that the old man’s mind was all focused on Gu Mingguo. So Gu Jinghao could only roll his eyes and leave.

Standing by the door, Xie Qing could still hear the muttering between Gu Jinghao and the old lady coming from the corridor.

“Dad is partial to my elder brother. If I had been the one lying in bed for ten years, he’d wish me dead early on.”

“Bah, bah, bah. What kind of nonsense are you talking about?” The old lady was so angry that she gave her son a slap, “You can’t be compared to that cripple. I’ve heard people say that even if one wakes up from being a vegetable after ten years, they’re still useless. It’s better to just die.”

She was then relieved of the anger she felt, “It would be best if that little bastard just died in the first place. It’s better for our Xuanxuan. Didn’t Xuanxuan get first place in the last exam?”

When talking about his son, Gu Jinghao’s face burst into a proud smile, “Yes. The teacher said that he can be admitted to the best high school in Beijing. Then he can be admitted to Beijing University. He’s going to stand out in the future. Much better than this nephew of mine.”

The old lady was obviously very satisfied with this fact. Her anger towards Xie Qing quickly dissipated.

The sound of footsteps hurriedly disappeared and Xie Qing closed the door, turned around and walked towards the inner room. He noticed Zheng Jie standing in front of the sofa in the living room, looking at him. The woman’s eyes were a little red, obviously she had just finished crying. But when she looked at Xie Qing, there was a natural smile on her face.

Seeing Xie Qing standing in front of her, Zheng Jie walked up to him and hugged her grown up son, “Today is the happiest day for mom in these ten years. Mom’s husband finally woke up from a coma and mom’s child is also back.”

Xie Qing returned her hug and replied softly, “We’ll protect you from now on.”

Ten years left a lot of marks on Zheng Jie. She was only around 30 when Gu Mingguo went into a vegetative state. She took care of her son for the first ten years of her marriage, then she took care of her husband for the next ten years. This strong woman could finally see the light of dawn at the age of forty-two.

“You can go and talk to grandpa and dad, I’ll go out to buy food.” As if to avoid Zheng Jie’s refusal, Xie Qing raised his hand and shook the key of the electric bike that hung on his long and thin fingers, “I’ll be driving there, I won’t get tired.”

Zheng Jie didn’t reject her son in the end.

After ten, Xie Qing came back from the market with a lot of ingredients in his hand. It happened that the old man came out of the inner room with Zheng Jie and was a little surprised to see him, “It’s just the three of us eating. There’s no need to buy so much.”

Xie Qing gave out a smile. His face finally had a little colour. He put the ingredients aside and explained, “The aunts and uncles in the market gave me some things. But I paid them when I scanned the code. Sit with my mother, grandpa, I’ll go and cook.”

Xie Qing closed the kitchen door, took out his phone and put it up. He wanted to take a simple video, wait until he got back home to edit it and put it on the platform.

He was just going to cook some simple home dishes, nothing special.

He fried a plate of green pepper beef, made a tomato and egg soup, along with a plate of green vegetables. Three dishes were enough.

Xie Jing’s cooking skills were all taught by Zheng Jie. The old man gave him a thumbs up. After eating, the old man followed Zheng Jie to feed Gu Mingguo some liquid food. Seeing the skillful movements of his daughter-in-law and thinking about the possibility that his son was about to wake up, his eyes suddenly became warm.

He said softly, “If Mingguo can really wake up, we should go pay respects to Guanyin. However, I heard people say that a vegetative person like Mingguo with serious brain damage might not wake up the same as before…”

“Dad, no matter what happens to Mingguo, I’ll always be by his side.” Zheng Jie smiled at the old man and was about to continue feeding when she turned back, but was suddenly taken aback.

Xie Qing, who was leaning against the door frame, had a smile on his face. His voice was soft and calming, “Mom, dad is awake.”

Gu Mingguo, who was being fed, had opened his eyes at some point. There was still confusion in his eyes that had just opened. Looking at his wife and father like a child, he seemed to move his lips as if he wanted to say something. But in the end, he didn’t say anything.

Zheng Jie and the old man were at a loss for a while. They were excited but they didn’t dare to get too excited. They were flustered and they didn’t know where to place their fingers. Xie Qing was quite amused by their appearance. So he stepped forward, holding Gu Mingguo’s hand and placing his fingertips upon his wrist.

Xie Qing knew a little bit of medical skills. At the very least, he knew how to feel a pulse. He could feel the strength of Gu Mingguo’s pulse and knew that he would be able to recover and be the same as an ordinary person in a short time.

This might be unbelievable to others, but to Xie Qing, this matter wasn’t surprising.

034 had mentioned that the life value was already in place. If Gu Mingguo didn’t recover, it would really be something to marvel about.

The old man returned back to his own house in the afternoon. It was said that the old lady kept asking Gu Jinghao to call him to say that she was unwell and urged the old man to go home. The old man didn’t say much, but he quickly agreed and left.

In the evening, when Zheng Jie went to turn over and wipe Gu Mingguo’s back, she found that Gu Mingguo could speak.

Zheng Jie was so excited and was about to call the old man. But when she was about to make a phone call, Xie Qing held her back.

The youth pulled the phone out of her palm, blacked out the screen and put it aside, “Don’t tell grandpa and the others. Mom, it’s a miracle that my dad can wake up after being in a vegetative state for ten years. He just opened his eyes today. Being able to talk now, this matter can only be described as something abnormal. So let’s just live our own lives. Dad’s good news, it’s enough if only you and me know.”

Zheng Jie was taken aback.

Looking into her son’s eyes that were as dark as the night, her excitement that seemed as if she wanted to tell the world finally subsided slowly. She grabbed Xie Qing’s palm with her backhand and nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes, you’re right. I read in a novel that someone would be taken away for experiments. Your father finally woke up. We can’t risk it.”

As these words dropped, the two of them were amused by it.

After talking about some things to Zheng Jie, it was late. So Xie Qing returned back to his own rented house with the small pastries that Zheng Jie gave him.

Sending her son to the nearby bus station, Zheng Jie looked at the cars passing by and her depressive state that she had suppressed for many years finally relaxed, “Have you passed the drivers test yet? If not, go there when you have time to get a driver’s license. Our family can go and buy a car.”

Xie Qing could hear her easing up, so he quickly agreed.

The young man’s voice was softer than a night’s breeze, “I’ll take you and dad for a drive at that time.”

“That’s what you said. You can’t take it back.”

“Of course.”

Xie Qing got into the bus and Zheng Jie went home. She went straight to the inner room and noticed that her husband was staring at the ceiling with his eyes open. After hearing the sound of the door opening, he turned his head slowly and smiled at her, “B-back?”

The man’s voice paused as he spoke. It was a little hoarse. Obviously he was still a little unaccustomed to speaking.

But compared to others that woke up from their vegetative states, he was still very different.

Zheng Jie quickly walked to Gu Mingguo’s side. After a moment of silence, she repeated what Xie Qing reminded her, as if she was reminding herself.

Looking at his wife whom he hadn’t seen for ten years, Gu Mingguo just said, “Qingqing is a smart child.”

He turned his head to look out the window. The warm temperature of the room reminded Gu Mingguo of the picture that flashed through his mind before he woke up.

There are no miracles. Everything is because of cause and effect.

It’s his child that has been gritting his teeth for him.

It was almost nine when Xie Qing got back home. After taking a shower and changing clothes, he sat in front of the computer to start editing videos. Several irrelevant frames were deleted, a warm background music was added and soon the short video was uploaded to the platform.

Xie Qing’s food videos were very popular. With nearly a million fans, many merchants would ask him to help promote their products. At that time, although Xie Qing was slow to respond and was a little silly, he was still extremely rigorous in this aspect. He would often only promote products that he had already tried. In this way, his word-of-mouth and reputation for bringing goods was quite good and fans trusted his reviews very much.

A simple cooking video was released and it soon got nearly a thousand likes in just a few minutes.

[The anchor’s hands are still as good-looking as ever.]

[Might I ask, when will I have the chance to have a meal with the anchor?]

[Today’s video is also a video without speaking.]

[Watching this video is simply enjoyable.]

[Do you still have that non-stick pan? My parents asked me to help them buy one too.]


Xie Qing carefully read through the comments and replied to their questions before opening Weibo. He hadn’t paid attention to Yu Kaize’s situation since he heard about Liao Yu coming out to clarify for him this morning. He was too lazy to search the hot search list, so Xie Qing directly typed Yu Kaize’s name in the search box.

After Liao Yu clarified that it was a misunderstanding, Yu Kaize released a photo of the two eating together.

In the photo, the two looked happy. But sharp-eyed netizens noticed a pair of used bowls and chopsticks on the table between Liao Yu and Yu Kaize. It was very likely that these bowls and chopsticks belonged to the person who helped take the picture, but who the other person was had also aroused everyone’s speculations.

The two protagonists of the topic seemed to be having a good time, but the fans of both parties were not so harmonious and friendly.

Especially fans of Liao Yu.

In order to vent their anger for their family’s gege, they ran to Yu Kaize’s super chat and threw out all the swear words they’ve known all their life. As a result, Liao Yu slapped them in the face. Him saying that it was a misunderstanding made fans dizzy. They held their mobile phones, looking at their crazy words and were speechless for a moment.

They even felt a little embarrassed.

This matter was caught by Yu Kaize’s fans and they1Liao Yu’s fans were made a mockery of. It didn’t take long for the two sides to spray each other again.

At the same time, Zhang Hui finished her work early today and watched the fun with her legs crossed.

Soon a friend of hers sent her a message, [Reversal?]

Zhang Hui put her head down and typed, [Reversal my farts. Didn’t you notice? Liang Hong studio played two audio clips. It’s just that everyone’s attention is on Liao Yu right now.]

She then sent a picture over to her friend.

Friend: [What does this mean?]

Zhang Hui: [Let me show you an enlarged version of this picture. Can you see it? Zoom in. Is there a human face reflected there? Doesn’t it look like Xie Ling?]

Zhang Hui, [If you look at the clock on the wall, it’s three minutes from the time Yu Kaize posted on Weibo. I don’t believe that this is an old photo.]

Friend, [I understand now. After the incident happened, Xie Ling organized a get together overnight. Letting Yu Kaize and Liao Yu have a meal together, turning the fight into friendship. How clever——]

Zhang Hui snorted.

How good Yu Kaize was in her heart in the beginning was how hypocritical she felt he was right now.

Friend, [Do you mind if I post this matter on Weibo?]

Zhang Hui, [What do you think?]

Her friend immediately sent a ‘hehe’ emoticon package. Then she sent the enlarged and finely cut photos to a marketing account. She then later said to Zhang Hui, [It’s very miserable to be disliked by Laozu. Really miserable.]

It was also at this time that Liang Hong Studio, who was @ by countless fans of Yu Kaize and was threatened to be sued for defamation and rumour spreading, posted another Weibo, [So the second recording was eaten up by you? Some things are unfamiliar at first, but people should become accustomed to them soon enough, right?]

There was also a very arrogant @ to Yu Kaize. 

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