Chapter 22.2 – Overwhelming evidence

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As soon as the shooting ended, several staff members took out their mobile phones, wanting to share this secret to their acquaintances. However, as soon as they opened their phones, countless messages poured in.

After looking at the messages intently for ten minutes, one of the staff members handed his phone to He Jing with his mouth open in shock.

Yu Jun made another Weibo post.

Saying: ‘What a coincidence, I just found a photo of Xie Qing and Xie Ling as children.’

The photo from twenty years ago looked a little old and yellowed. But the appearance of the people in the photo was still clearly visible. A child with a tear mole at the end of his eye was sitting on the ground wearing overalls and holding a small plastic shovel in his hand, as if he was playing with mud. Behind him was a child who looked almost exactly like him sitting down quietly. The two were a little further away from several other children.

Everyone’s attention was on the two identical children.

They were so similar, as if they were carved from the same mold.

If Xie Qing and Xie Ling could be distinguished at a glance because of their temperaments now, then there really was no difference between them back when they were young. Perhaps even their parents would mistake one for the other.

Xie Ling was lying.

He had always claimed in front of the media that he was an only child. But the ironclad evidence proved that he had a twin brother. No matter what dispute he had wit Xie Qing, he had still lied.

With just a photo, Weibo, which had been calm for several days, became lively once more.

[It turns out that the king of liars in the entertainment industry was actually Xie Ling.]

[Hahaha, the liar has been exposed. Come, everyone! Let’s celebrate!]

[Is having a twin brother an unshareable secret? Is it really something amazing? Why does Xie Ling refuse to admit it?]

[I resound with the previous question! I’m also confused.]

[@Yu Jun Since you’ve revealed so much information. Why don’t you elaborate more about it?]

[Xie Ling finally overturned. Hahahahaha.]

[Hehehe. I’ll just put down my words here now. Xie Qing is better looking than Xie Ling! What’s the use of them looking the same? It also depends on their temperament. By the way, Xie Ling is a stupid c*nt, Xie Ling’s fans are also stupid c*nts!]

He Jing stared at the contents on the phone for a long time before asking thoughtfully, “When did this happen?”

The staff member took a look at the time Yu Jun posted the Weibo and said, “An hour ago.”

An hour ago, when they just started recording the show.

He Jing, “…”

The timing was just right. He Jing would never have thought that it was a mere coincidence.

Moreover, Yu Jun revealed several key pieces of information. Could it be that he just wanted to watch the fun and wasn’t taking it too seriously? In He Jing’s opinion, this was a very slim possibility. It was probably some kind of deal that he had reached with Xie Qing. At this point, He Jing had no doubts about Xie Qing’s abilities.

To others, he just seems to be an ordinary gourmet anchor. But in fact, Xie Qing’s connections were a staggering amount. Whether it was Wen Xu or Zhao Jing, their identities were extraordinary. Furthermore, people like Yu Shu also had a good impression of him. With such a comparison… how could Xie Ling compare?

He clicked his tongue twice and then shrugged at several of the staff members.

When he turned to leave, the staff just asked curiously, “Director, why aren’t you mentioning this to Xie Ling?”

“Why do we need to worry about what his manager needs to worry about? Xie Ling will know about it soon without me telling him. Let’s just put those things away and go eat.”

The staff thought about it to themselves for a moment and thought that it was true.

Facts prove that He Jing was right.

As soon as Xie Ling returned to the lounge, he picked up his phone and found several missed calls on it. They were all from Ling Hongying. He frowned and touched his chest, feeling that today was a bit strange. He had been feeling uneasy the whole day and the feeling was getting stronger. He pursed his lips, swiped his finger on the screen and called her back.

When the call connected, what came from the other side was Ling Hongying’s anxious voice. “Are you done filming? Something happened. That idiot Yu Jun broke the news again.”


Xie Ling was stunned for a moment.

Yu Jun broke the news again?

But he clearly remembered that Li Youbai had already talked to Yu Jun and gave Yu Jun a lot of benefits to keep his mouth shut on this matter. After all, Li Youbai was a wealthy young man who was backed by Hengliu entertainment and Jinhong real estate. So naturally Yu Jun would give him that face.

So how could this be?

Xie Ling, in doubt, asked, “Did you make a mistake?”

Ling Hongying wanted to laugh when she heard the word ‘mistake’. She really wanted it to be a mistake. But the photo posted by Yu Jun was verified by professionals as showing no traces of photoshopping. It clearly indicated that the artist she was handling and the gourmet anchor named Xie Qing were brothers.

“Look at the hot searches. It’s easy to find. The most popular one.”

Without saying anything more, Ling Hongying hung up the call. It wasn’t that she felt disappointed with Xie Ling, nor was it that she wanted to ignore him. It was just that the incident this time was too big that Ling Hongying and the rest of the team were already busy and hectic at the moment. While being unable to contact Xie Ling at that time, Ling Hongying turned her thoughts on dealing with the crisis.

Anyways, contacting him… was of no use.

After all, even as a partner for several years, Xie Ling wasn’t even willing to tell her the truth.

Ling Hongying always had a strange feeling in her heart.

Xie Ling pursed his lips and clicked on Weibo. He hesitated a bit and found that his fingers were actually trembling.

He took a deep breath and saw the number one topic on the hot search.


When he clicked in to take a look, what could be seen was a picture that Yu Jun posted on the home page. Xie Ling felt short of breath after just one glance. This photo was an irrefutable proof. The fact that he and Xie Qing were brothers could no longer be concealed.

What if-

He bit his inner cheeks and opened the post’s comment section in an almost masochistical manner. He glanced at it and almost everyone in the comment section was mocking him for being a liar and asking him why he didn’t want to admit that Xie Qing was his younger brother. Was it because Xie Qing did something wrong to make him unhappy?

Xie Ling’s eyes were red and he screamed in his heart. He just didn’t like him. He hates Xie Qing, so he doesn’t want to admit it.

If it was possible, he really hoped that Xie Qing died twenty years ago.

With an inadvertent swipe of his finger, the entire page was refreshed and Yu Jun’s latest reply was also refreshed.

[Yu Jun: Who are you kidding? Xie Qing got lost when he was seven years old. We all thought he was dead for the next twenty years. How could he have done something to make Xie Ling angry? You might as well just ask Xie Ling, why was he the only one to come back when he went to the amusement park with Xie Qing?]

[Yu Jun: Continuing from the comment above. If I remember correctly, it was winter when Xie Qing was lost. It was snowing heavily that day and the weather was very cold. How do you think he survived? Furthermore, it has been twenty years and the two of them lived in the same city. But I have never heard of this elder brother searching for his younger brother who was lost. On the contrary, he denied it over and over again. What does this mean?]

[F*ck me???]

[Is Yu Jun telling the truth?]

[Heavens, what is Xie Ling trying to do? If me and my didi went out and my didi got lost, I’m afraid I’ll blame myself for the rest of my life. Even if I lose everything I have, I’ll still try to find him.]

[…With all due respect. With Xie Ling’s status as a big celebrity, it would’ve been easy for him to find someone.]

[Then I’ll just ask this question directly. @Xie Ling did you lose your didi on purpose? Is it because you were jealous that he was better looking than you? Otherwise, I think it’s quite impossible to explain why you refused to admit his existence. He’s obviously the victim here.]

[@Xie Ling Are you a lawless scum like your fanatical suitor, Yu Kaize? Hehehe you two really are a perfect match.]

[What did Yu Kaize do wrong? It’s just that he likes someone as bad as he is~ Isn’t that right Xie Ling giegie1this is on purpose and Idk what it means either. I think its more like a way of saying gege but in a coquettish manner. Its giegie in raws. Ie. that one video of a dog voiceover wanting their giegie to feed them meat~]

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    this is on purpose and Idk what it means either. I think its more like a way of saying gege but in a coquettish manner. Its giegie in raws. Ie. that one video of a dog voiceover wanting their giegie to feed them meat


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