Chapter 21.1 – His family’s little apprentice is much better than this little liar

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Liang Hong had been paying attention to the public opinion on the internet.

The leaders of the media outlets that surrounded Xie Ling that day were all his friends. That day, when Xie Qing had found him and asked him to do these things, he had some suspicions in his heart. But his friends who were made to ask such questions felt that it was very strange. They had to confirm whether Xie Ling had any brothers?

It wasn’t until they saw Xie Qing on the program recording of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》that they understood.

A paparazzi’s intuition made them almost immediately think of the grievances of the rich and powerful. So, in order to obtain big news, they agreed with Liang Hong’s request without hesitation and went to block Xie Ling.

Liang Hong really wanted to see what Xie Qing wanted to do.

As he had expected, Xie Ling and Xie Qing went into a vortex of public opinion. When Xie Ling clarified that he had no brothers, Xie Qing completely ignited the anger of Xie Ling’s fans, putting himself in a disadvantageous position and receiving a lot of scolding.

Liang Hong looked at this and thought to himself, ‘Is this it?’

In Liang Hong’s eyes, Xie Qing was a special person. He seemed to be apathetic but in fact, was a very scheming person. His confident appearance as if he was going to win made Liang Hong think of an Emperor in ancient times, talking and laughing as if he had already decided a person’s life and death. His intuition was also telling him——

Things must not be that simple.

Just as he had expected.

However, Liang Hong was still stunned when he saw the second rich generation’s Weibo post that was full of unclear meanings. One must know that this rich second generation was an unbridled person. Relying on his status, he acted casually in the entertainment circle. For the people he didn’t like, he would dislike them from the beginning to the end. Targeting them at least twice in three days as if there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

With the other party’s careless behaviour, Liang Hong wondered how Xie Qing managed to persuade him to post a plausible Weibo at this critical time. Reversing what seemed to be a foregone conclusion and even had the tendency to head towards a direction that wasn’t good for Xie Ling.

Liang Hong sat on the sofa in his studio, holding his mobile phone as he sighed with emotion.

His curiosity was like a cat’s paw scratching his heart. If he could, he really wanted to run straight home, pry open the door of Xie Qing’s house and ask him how he did it.

In fact, this matter was quite simple for Xie Qing.

As the rich second generation was actually Wen Xu’s classmate.

Of course the other party wouldn’t refuse an old classmate’s request. Furthermore, as one of the rich second generations of a wealthy family in Beijing, he also knew about the Xie family’s affairs. He would be telling the truth if he came out with this news right now. He wasn’t guilty of making up rumours, okay?

The rich second generation was obviously a master at manipulating the public opinion. Within five minutes after posting such a Weibo, he quickly deleted the post and left a mocking smile.

Netizens: ???

[F*ck! So what the hell is going on!]

[Ah, Yu Jun broke the news. Then I’ll just stand on Yu Jun’s side.]

[Xie Ling???]

[Why did you delete the post after you sent it? If you aren’t guilty, why did you delete it?!]

[Is the one upstairs stupid? In this way, it will attract more attention and increase the popularity of the news to the max, don’t you know that?]

[Looking at Yu Jun’s expression pack that he posted. It’s enough to prove that what he said is true hhhh1laughing but shortened]

[Isn’t Yu Jun known as a gossiping machine from a wealthy family? Hahaha. Didn’t he expose the fact that Liu Sisi married into a wealthy family last time? Made me almost laugh to death.]

[Then the question now is, who is lying?]

The netizens all wanted gossip. Now there was gossip about the big star Xie Ling which even involved the underlying secrets of a wealthy family, making them extremely curious. For several days, most of the topics on the hot search in Weibo were related to Xie Ling and Xie Qing.

The day before the second phase of the filming, a very special guest visited Xie Qing’s house.

The other party was wearing a black suit. Tall and blessed with handsome features. His brows looked somewhat similar to Xie Qing, so the latter immediately recognized the other party’s identity—

His and Xie Ling’s elder brother from the same father but different mother2basically half brothers, Xie Cheng.

His and Xie Ling’s parents were in an arranged marriage. But they did love each other before they got married. Mother Xie conceived children as soon as they got married. It was also at that time that Father Xie exposed his wolfish ambitions. Relying on the trust of his father-in-law and his wife, he directly annexed his father-in-law’s company. Mother Xie was kept in the dark. All the while thinking that the future would be bright after giving birth to twins for Father Xie.

However, on the second day after she gave birth to her children, Mother Xie was told that her father had committed s*icide by jumping off a building. In addition to that, all the family property was under the name of her husband. However, her husband, who had always been gentle and loving towards her, had a son with a woman a few years ago before they got married.

For the sake of her family’s little property, he kept it a secret.

Such a double blow made Mother Xie unable to bear it any longer. She passed away after being completely bedridden for three years.

The secrets of these wealthy families are all the affairs of the adults. As they were children, Xie Qing and Xie Ling naturally didn’t know anything about these things.

It wasn’t until Xie Qing was 17, that was, before his car accident, when Xie Ling found him and told him this secret.

Xie Qing didn’t feel anything from knowing such things. From the moment he was abandoned by Xie Ling, he was no longer a member of the Xie family.

However, it was only then that he understood why no one looked for him after he got lost all these years. It was because Father Xie had a favorite heir. So he didn’t care about Xie Qing’s life or death at all.

Xie Qing thought that this was also very good.

Recalling the past made Xie Qing feel a bit unhappy. But this feeling was soon completely suppressed by him. He was still standing at the door while Xie Cheng stood in front of him. Xie Cheng was a head taller than him and the height difference was a bit scary to ordinary people. The other party was staring at him sullenly and silently, the air felt a bit oppressive.

Xie Qing just gave him an indifferent look.

“What can I do for you?” Xie Qing seemed a bit tired as he leaned against the door panel. His thin figure that was hidden under his shirt could be seen at a glance.

This was the first time that Xie Cheng saw this little brother of his.

Father Xie had grown older in recent years and his health deteriorated. So he looked forward to the so-called happiness of familial relationship. Sometimes, while delirious, he would pull on Xie Cheng’s arm to tell him that he actually had a younger brother who was actually Xie Ling’s twin. He had always been cute as a child and had a pleasant temper. It was a pity that when the brothers went out to the amusement park one day, only one came back.

Xie Cheng listened to him expressionlessly. It was only after a long time that he asked, “Did you look for him?”

At this time, Father Xie didn’t say anything.

But Xie Cheng always knew the answer. Father Xie didn’t really care about his son Xie Qing. He himself didn’t care about this half brother of his other than because of the word ‘heir’. Xie Cheng had held the Xie family firmly in his hands all these years. Although he was taciturn on the surface, he had a clear mind and understanding of everything.

As early as when Xie Ling went to look for Xie Qing ten years ago, he knew that his lost younger brother was still alive.

For the past ten years, Xie Qing’s whereabouts had always been under his nose.

However, he never mentioned this matter to Father Xie.

He felt that it was unnecessary.

It wasn’t until this period of time when words such as Xie Ling and Xie Qing frequently appeared on the internet that Father Xie learnt of Xie Qing’s existence and repeatedly asked him to bring his youngest son back.

Although the current Xie Cheng was fully capable of rejecting Father Xie’s request, he didn’t refute.

He also wanted to see what happened to Xie Qing. He was as stupid as a child these past ten years, but he changed so much and actually got into trouble with Xie Ling.

Withdrawing his gaze, Xie Cheng said, “Father knows that you’re still alive and misses you very much. He has asked me to take you home for dinner.”

“…” It seems that everyone with the surname Xie has a serious illness.


The door was casually closed once more and it almost bumped into Xie Cheng’s nose.

When Xie Cheng didn’t know whether he should leave or continue to wait, the door across Xie Qing’s was opened. A young man in his mid-twenties wearing black casual clothes and holding a black kitten in his arms appeared. He stood at his door and smiled at Xie Cheng. “Hello, what matters do you have with Ah-Qing?”

Xie Cheng frowned slightly when he heard the affectionate address coming from the young man’s mouth. He scanned the other party with probing eyes.

Xie Cheng didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he always felt that the person in front of him looked a little familiar.

But it was difficult for him to connect the dots.

Xie Cheng pursed his lips and kept silent. But the young man didn’t mind. Stroking onto Berry’s back with one hand, he covered up the deep vortex hidden in his eyes. His voice was soft as he spoke, “If you have nothing to do with him. Don’t come here.”

There was some kind of hidden message in his words.

Xie Cheng gave Qi Huaiyu two more looks.

In Xie Cheng’s impression, Xie Qing always had multiple peach blossoms3love debts around him, but most of them were inseparable from Xie Ling. Was this person in front of him the same? As soon as such an idea popped up in his mind, it was rejected by him.

No, it’s impossible.

Facing this young man who was several years younger than him, Xie Cheng felt a kind of danger.

It seemed as if he was alone in the gloomy deserted mountains. In the dark, there were wild beasts looking at him fiercely. Waiting for the opportunity to press him to death.

Realizing this, Xie Cheng was stunned for a moment.

He felt that it was quite nonsensical.

He frowned at the young man and asked in a rude tone, “Who are you to make decisions about Xie Qing’s affairs?”

Sending Berry back into the house, Qi Huaiyu stood at the door and watched as Berry went all the way into the small room and disappeared. He slowly turned back, tilted his head slightly and asked softly, “Then what can I do to be able to make the decisions?”


“Do I have to break your bones so that you can only lie in bed like a rotten corpse for the rest of your life and wouldn’t care so much4about him making decisions for Xie Qing?”

While speaking in a casual tone, he stepped forward.

The slender young man obviously had a face that was more beautiful than a flower. But when his lips curled up in a smile, Xie Cheng only felt a chill running down his back. He subconsciously wanted to use his hand to wave away the young man that was approaching him step by step. But when he raised it, Qi Huaiyu caught his hand.

The young man’s well-proportioned and slender fingers were as beautiful as fine porcelain. But when they were clasped onto Xie Cheng’s wrist, it made Xie Cheng’s face instantly turn pale.


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    laughing but shortened
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    basically half brothers
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    love debts
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    about him making decisions for Xie Qing


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