Chapter 20.4

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Zhao Jing had met multiple people during his time in the industry. Some had been in the circle for a long time, so their mentality when facing such things would be different and they could maintain a bit of demeanour at least when faced with such abuse from the public. But those ugly words wouldn’t stop, and even the people around them would suffer.

Not to mention those people that had just entered the circle with a bad mentality. After suffering so much stares and ridicule, they would probably start thinking about quitting the circle at that very moment.

But Xie Qing was different.

He seemed to be born to live under the screen.

He never had the slightest mood swing when faced with other people’s words.

This was Xie Qing.

Thinking of this, Zhao Jing gave out a ‘tsk’. “What are you going to do now? Are you going to let them just scold you like that?”

Xie Qing narrowed his eyes as a faint smile finally appeared at the corners of his lips. “Of course not. I might be calm, but it doesn’t mean that I have no temper.”

If he really was indifferent to everything, then Yu Kaize wouldn’t have fallen to the bottom. Additionally, he wouldn’t have participated in the filming to dangle in front of Xie Ling on purpose.

He said, “I’ve found someone to trip Xie Ling. It should be soon.”


Zhao Jing was surprised by this but also seemed to find that the situation was interesting. His eyes bent with a smile, “I’ll be waiting for the good show.”

The good show happened on the second night.

First of all, Liang Hong’s studio released a video. In it was Xie Ling, who was wearing a disguise, being blocked by several media outlets on the road, forming a circle around him. Xie Ling couldn’t escape even if he wanted to. Liang Hong’s studio’s Weibo caption was also quite interesting, ‘Shocking news! The big star was intercepted and questioned by the media!’

In fact, it was normal for a star to be intercepted by the media. It was a pity though that at this moment, it might not be a good thing for Xie Ling, who was involved in the frenzy of public opinion.

The netizens also felt that this caption sounded meaningful. Maybe because the performance of some media outlets hadn’t reached the standards1like making their quota or sth. Get the hottest news, they set their targets on Xie Ling. After all, news that was related to Xie Ling had its own popularity.

It can be said that this post rose pretty quickly.

Just when multiple netizens were curious about Xie Ling, the media outlet that surrounded Xie Ling posted the video of them interviewing Xie Ling on Weibo.

In the video, Xie Ling’s face was almost covered under his mask and a peaked cap. This fully-covered appearance caused countless netizens to form a large question mark on their foreheads

What kind of trick is this?

He looks so much like a dumpling2all wrapped up, how were they able to recognize Xie Ling?

It’s not that they were exaggerating their reactions. Even Xie Ling’s brainless fans might hesitate to identify him for a while, right?

However, he was recognized by the paparazzi.

The paparazzi didn’t waste any time. They immediately opened their mouths to ask directly. “Xie Ling, are you Xie Ling? Can you tell us your opinion on the recent rumours on the internet?”

In the end, to create a persona of a polite and elegant gentleman, no matter how impatient Xie Ling felt at the moment, he had to endure it. Fortunately, he had a mask on his face. At least his hideous reactions could easily be blocked without anyone noticing.

He took a deep breath and his voice was still gentle when facing the camera.

From a certain angle, Xie Ling and Xie Qing undeniably looked like a pair of brothers. Their similarities were far more than just their faces.

“My apologies, I’ve been reading scripts lately. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m in a hurry at the moment. Can you let me go through first?”

Go your farts3meaning: no fucking way!

You’re leaving now, so that means today they squatted here for nothing?!

The paparazzi surrounding Xie Ling rolled their eyes. They then squeezed together in a very tacit way, trapping Xie Ling, who was trying to find an opportunity to escape, into the circle that they formed again.

Xie Ling, “…”

Xie Ling really felt that he was going crazy.

A fire that was burning in his heart seemed to be doused in gasoline. It burned even more vigorously, wishing to directly burn everyone in front of him.

But the paparazzi pretended that they couldn’t see it and even shamelessly recounted the public opinion on the internet that Xie Ling supposedly didn’t know about. Then several of them held their microphones up to Xie Ling’s face, all the while having a malicious smile on their faces. “So, what do you think about Xie Qing saying that you two might have the same mother?”

Xie Ling’s face turned sullen and all of the calmness that he had before was about to dissipate.

While he still felt sober, he answered word by word, “I think that this is a very nonsensical statement.”

The paparazzi made an ‘ah’ but didn’t leave completely after receiving an answer to their question. They seemed to be trying to confirm something once more by asking again, “Do you mean that you are not brothers?”

Xie Ling really wanted to slap the paparazzi that asked this question, wanting to ask him ‘Can’t you understand human speech?’

But he was still able to control himself.

Gritting his teeth, he let out a ‘yes’.

Xie Ling had thought that according to the habits of the paparazzi, even if they were able to get a definite answer from him, they would still continue to chatter on and ask him several other questions. But what he didn’t expect was for them to all take a step back after this question was answered. The paparazzi, who had asked him the question, seemed to have glanced at the recording he got with satisfaction. He then saved the recorded interview video and showed a strange smile to Xie Ling.

“Okay, we understand now. Then we won’t bother you anymore. Wish you a happy life.”

Netizens, “…”

Listening to this, they all felt underwhelmed4the word used was an internet meme that is similar to something along the lines of ‘that’s it?’.

It almost drove the netizens crazy. In the end, the paparazzi even wished him a happy life.

Truthfully, it was a bit shameless.

Half of the netizens ridiculed the paparazzi for acting inappropriately, while the other half focused on Xie Ling’s answer.

Xie Ling said that he and Xie Qing weren’t brothers.

It was unknown if it was really that popular of a topic or whether someone was trying to cause trouble. But soon the topic #Xie Ling confirms that he and Xie Qing are not brothers# started trending on Weibo’s hot search. It slowly climbed up to the top.

Clicking on the topic— it could be seen at a glance.

[Oh, so this clarifies it. Hahahaha.]

[So we can be sure now that the food anchor Xie Qing was trying to make up rumours?]

[Hi, I’m Xie Qing’s university classmate. Let me just say a few words. Many people in this world look similar. It’s impossible for them all to be related to each other. Xie Qing’s father is a vegetable5

I didn’t think I’d need to clarify this. But a vegetable is a person who is so severely impaired mentally or physically as to be largely incapable of conscious responses or activity. 

To explain why this word was used: 

UM3: How about using ‘in a vegetative state’? 

YQ: We gotta remember, at this point, the netizens hate XQ, there’s no way they’d go out of their way to be polite and say those words. Instead, they’d use the word vegetable as a way to make it sound more rude

 and his mother is a woman from the countryside. How could he have anything to do with a rich man like Xie Ling?]

[Xie Qing’s high school classmate confirms. What the upstairs poster says is true.]

[Ah, Xie Ling is so miserable. To be targeted by a blood-sucking insect.]

[Those paparazzi all seem to be seriously mentally ill. Xie Ling is so miserable!]

Indeed, with Xie Ling’s clarification video now released, it directly judged Xie Qing, a semi-amateur in the circle and a small anchor, as someone who had taken a fancy to Xie Ling’s fame and shamelessly tried to start a topic to rub the heat.

Xie Ling’s fans also completely reignited their arrogance at this time. Relying on their righteousness, they scolded Xie Qing bloody and greeted Xie Qing’s ancestors to the 18th generation6means fuck all of your family till even your ancestors.

Xie Qing almost laughed out loud.

Didn’t this mean that they were also scolding their family’s gege?

Even asking him7the fans were telling XQ to die to die quickly.

Relying on the fact that his Weibo account hasn’t yet been authenticated, Xie Qing gave the netizens a like.

As the party involved in the topic, Xie Qing wasn’t in a hurry at all. But as a relative, Wen Xu’s face turned dark after seeing the public opinion. Almost at the same time as Qi Huaiyu, the two sent a message to Xie Qing, asking what was going on and if he needed help.

Xie Qing only replied to them with a ‘Don’t meddle. Keep calm and don’t be impatient.’

Seeing this answer, Qi Huaiyu’s eyelashes trembled as a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

It had been quite some time since then so he had forgotten about it.

How amazing Fufeng Xianzun was at that time. But what could be compared to his reputation that only Chaoyun Sect knew, was his vengeful character.

This8Xie Qing’s retaliation was really—not something an ordinary person can bear to fight against.

Even the head of the sect had approached Xie Qing countless times for this matter and told him that cultivators shouldn’t pay attention to emotions and desires. Love and hatred, the seven emotions and six desires, those matters weren’t good things.

In response to this, Xie Qing just raised his eyebrows with a nonchalant smile on his thin lips, “You don’t understand.”

For him, this was his reason to live.

The Xie Qing today—was still the same.

Qi Huaiyu really missed the ‘Fufeng Xianzun’ from that time and couldn’t wait to see Xie Qing at this moment.

Holding Berry, he walked to the opposite house and rang Xie Qing’s door.

At this time, there was another reversal on Weibo.

The moment when everyone believed that Xie Qing was just a joke, a Weibo post attracted the attention of many people. The person who posted on Weibo was a well-known person who was a rich second-generation 9 coming from a rich family. Someone who was in control of a small family-owned company that often appeared in hot searches because of gossip.

The well-known rich second-generation just said, [Is Xie Ling’s brain broken? Did he eat up his younger brother that was lost as a child? How is he an only child? Not to mention his lost younger brother, doesn’t he still have an older half-brother?]

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  • 1
    like making their quota or sth. Get the hottest news
  • 2
    all wrapped up
  • 3
    meaning: no fucking way
  • 4
    the word used was an internet meme that is similar to something along the lines of ‘that’s it?’
  • 5

    I didn’t think I’d need to clarify this. But a vegetable is a person who is so severely impaired mentally or physically as to be largely incapable of conscious responses or activity. 

    To explain why this word was used: 

    UM3: How about using ‘in a vegetative state’? 

    YQ: We gotta remember, at this point, the netizens hate XQ, there’s no way they’d go out of their way to be polite and say those words. Instead, they’d use the word vegetable as a way to make it sound more rude

  • 6
    means fuck all of your family till even your ancestors
  • 7
    the fans were telling XQ to die
  • 8
    Xie Qing’s retaliation
  • 9
    coming from a rich family


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