Chapter 20.3

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After filming the fourth episode of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》, there was still a need for them to record a personal interview. Xie Ling of course, knew this. But he never would have thought that the program group would actually ask Xie Qing such questions, not considering about which pot should be opened and which pot shouldn’t be opened1which topic should be talked about and which shouldn’t be talked about.

Xie Ling didn’t mind being used as hype material by the program group. He had been in the circle for many years and had been on lots of shows. There were not a few people who would do the same as the《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》group. As long as they didn’t go overboard, he would’ve treated it as if nothing happened.

But this time, the hand dealt by 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》was really just too disgusting.

“Is He Jing out of his mind? How dare he releases Xie Qing’s interview without notifying us. This Xie Qing also wants to gain popularity to the point of insanity. What does he mean by ‘might have the same mother’?”

Ling Hongying was also angered, “Don’t worry about this matter. I’ll contact He Jing to find out what he means by this. I’ll also show Xie Qing along the way, lest he thinks he could rub just anyone’s heat.”

Xie Ling didn’t answer her, but his face was completely dark at the moment.

He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything for a long time.

Seeing him like this, based on Ling Hongying’s understanding of him, she knew that he must be really angry at the moment. She didn’t really want to bother him, so she went to the side to call He Jing, the director of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》.

However, when faced with her questioning, He Jing acted as if he didn’t understand a thing and replied in an innocent voice, “Oh, I wasn’t aware that Xie Ling hated people who looked like him so much. But to be honest, Ms. Ling, you need to have a good chat with Xie Ling. Everyone’s appearances are given to them by their parents, they themselves can’t decide how they’re going to look like, don’t you think so?”

Ling Hongying’s face darkened hearing this, “What are you trying to say?”

He Jing’s tone became even more innocent sounding, “I just mean that your Xie Ling’s mentality is wrong in the first place. Xie Qing has always looked like this. You can’t just say that because Xie Ling hates his face that we should pull him out of the show, right? This is illegal!”

Ling Hongying took a deep breath.

Now she could finally see that this guy He Jing did it on purpose.

She gritted her teeth, speaking with her voice full of anger, “Director He, let me ask you. Our Xie Ling has done nothing to offend you, right?”

He Jing replied with a smile, “What kind of question is Ms. Ling asking? How could he have offended me in some way? Xie Ling and I were strangers before. We hadn’t had much contact with each other before. How about this, if Xie Ling really can’t stand it, how about I ask someone to recall that part2he means he’s going to recall the interview for Xie Qing?”

“Are you kidding me?!”

You released it and now you’re trying to take it back?

If you really did this, aren’t you clearly telling the netizens that their family’s Xie Ling has a small tolerance and can’t accept this simple interview?

Ling Hongying was angered to the point that she almost laughed.

He Jing really didn’t want to have a good talk with them today, did he?

Just when Ling Hongying was about to end the call in a fit of rage, a hand stretched from her side, taking away her phone easily. Xie Ling calmed down a little after he lost his temper and said to He Jing on the other end of the phone with a blank expression, “Director He, there’s no need to take back the interview. But I think your program team needs to terminate Xie Qing’s contract.”


Termination of the contract.

He Jing couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in surprise when he suddenly heard such a sentence.

Although Xie Ling’s voice sounded quite calm, He Jing could feel that Xie Ling probably lost his mind when he heard him say this sentence. They3Xie Ling’s side actually asked them4program team side to terminate the contract with Xie Qing?

It’s unknown whether he really hated people who looked like him and was trying to make a fuss about it, or if he just hated Xie Qing.

This question was quite interesting.

Thinking of this, he let out a short laugh which sounded a bit sarcastic, but also not quite, “Is it Xie Ling? How can we make decisions about this kind of matter? Xie Qing had signed a contract with us for three terms. If you break the contract, you’ll have to pay sky-high liquidated damages.”

Xie Ling’s voice was still very calm, “For you people, is it hard to find Xie Qing’s dirt? You should be quite skilled at this.”

Skilled your farts5How do I explain this? More like, ‘your mom, we’re skilled at this.’ they don’t mean it literally!

He Jing couldn’t hold back the cuss in his heart.

Although multiple crews and program teams had used this method to fire actors or guests who they didn’t like, but their program group had never done such things that harmed others to benefit themselves.

Anger is returned with anger6Xie Ling was angry that the program group released Xie Qing’s interview, while the group is angry at the fact that Xie Ling is asking them to kick out Xie Qing. Both are angry at each other., He Jing replied in a tone that was tinged with difficulty, “We can’t really do this. You also know that the purpose of our program team is happiness. If Xie Qing leaves because of this, what if it affects our show? Besides, Xie Ling, can I tell you what I think? Everyone is currently watching the matter between the two of you. If Xie Qing leaves now, who will think that it has nothing to do with you?”

He Jing seemed to feel that his nonsense made sense, “If Xie Qing acts miserably in front of the media or on his own account, wouldn’t it be you and me who will suffer the consequences then? Well, I promise you this, if there are any interview questions in the future, I’ll let you know in advance. If you think that it’s not right, then we won’t ask. Do you think this is fine?”

Xie Ling’s phone was on speaker mode.

When He Jing’s words fell into Xie Ling’s ears, they also fell into Ling Hongying’s ears.

Ling Hongying had gone to the bathroom to wash her face earlier and the cold water had already suppressed her emotions that were previously out of control. At this moment, she was much more calm and what she heard was He Jing’s words when she returned to the room. After calming down and thinking about it carefully, she felt what He Jing said was pretty reasonable.

So when Xie Ling turned his head to look at her, Ling Hongying nodded.

Xie Ling slowly let out a breath and said in a slow voice, “I know.”

But even so— he hung up the phone. The bad breath pressing onto Xie Ling’s heart was never let out. Even though he had taken countless deep breaths and told himself to calm down in his heart—they were just a few words from Xie Qing, they wouldn’t affect him.

Just like what He Jing said, no matter how much he hated Xie Qing, he must remain calm at this time and not make a fuss.

Ling Hongying gave Xie Ling another look.

In fact, in her heart, she already had a premonition that something was wrong. As someone who had been working with Xie Ling for so long, she could easily notice that Xie Ling’s attitude when facing Xie Qing was different from when he was facing others.

This matter, she had realized the moment she first saw Xie Qing,

But she never asked about anything.

She considered Xie Ling to be an adult with his own thoughts, so she kept silent.

But today——

Ling Hongying pondered about the matter for a long time but finally couldn’t hold back anymore. She opened her mouth. Although she sounded hesitant, her voice easily fell into Xie Ling’s ears, “Xie Ling, what is the relationship between you and Xie Qing?”

Xie Ling looked back at her. When he noticed the expression on her face, he couldn’t help but laugh lowly, as if he was sneering.

“You don’t think we’re brothers like those people on the internet, do you? It’s utterly laughable.”

Hearing this, the corners of Ling Hongying’s mouth twitched in embarrassment.

Such a coincidence7she meant their faces and names. Additionally, how he’s treating XQ differently, such a thought did appear in her heart at some point.

However, if they really were brothers, there was no need for Xie Ling to hide the matter from her.

Was she really thinking too much about it?

The atmosphere in Xie Ling’s studio gradually calmed down. But He Jing, who had just finished talking with them at the moment, glanced at the recorded call that he had just saved and sighed softly. He then found Xie Qing’s WeChat account and sent it to him.

He had added Xie Qing’s WeChat with Zhao Jing’s recommendation.

To be honest, He Jing had a good impression of Xie Qing. The gentle and calm temperament of Xie Qing made those that get along with him feel very comfortable. One glance from him was enough to calm a person’s restless heart. In an era where everything is in a hurry, this feeling was really novel.

Besides, he was willing to give Zhao Jing this face8It’s more like doing a favor for a friend.

Originally, he didn’t like Xie Ling very much.

When it was confirmed that Xie Ling would participate in their show, several excessive fans of Xie Ling found his Weibo to send him a private message. Most of the contents were similar, but their tone of speech was mixed with a slightly threatening tone, which made He Jing feel speechless and disgusted at the same time.

Then when he heard about the crazy antics of Xie Ling’s fans, his impression of Xie Ling worsened.

It always felt as if he was a faker.

Several thoughts flew around in He Jing’s mind. After a while, his phone let out a *ding-dong* and it easily pulled his thoughts back.

He looked down at his mobile phone and it was Xie Qing who had replied to him:

‘Thank you, Director He. If you9formal need help in the future, just ask me.’

He Jing quickly replied politely.

In fact, this wasn’t something that Xie Qing asked him to do, but He Jing had thought that Xie Qing might have some use for this audio.

—For several days, no one stopped the increasingly fierce online confrontation.

It was said to be a confrontation, but in fact, it was nothing more than a one-sided massacre.

As a well-known star in the industry, Xie Ling’s status wasn’t something that Xie Qing, a small anchor, could compare with. What’s more, there was also a gap between a big star and an anchor. In terms of the tearing10arguing/scolding skills skills of their fan circle, no matter how one looks at it, the fans of a star would always be far ahead.

—In the beginning, there were some fans of Xie Qing who were willing to argue with Xie Ling’s fans. But the other party had a large number of people. In a short while, they brought out the advantage in numbers to the fullest. Xie Ling’s fans scolded them to the point that they ran away.

Now, Xie Ling’s fans really burst into laughter.

What is this?

How ridiculous.

With just this few fans, such little fighting ability, how dare they try to fight with them?

It was a bit overwhelming for Xie Qing’s fans.

As a result, this mutual tearing of faces quickly turned into a one-sided massacre.

But as the protagonist of the topic who was about to be slaughtered, Xie Qing’s reaction was so calm that even Zhao Jing, an actor who had been in the entertainment industry all year round, felt that it was outrageous. Zhao Jing had previously asked for Xie Qing’s home address. On this day, as he had nothing to do, Zhao Jing came to be a guest.

Xie Qing treated him well, didn’t say anything to him and just nodded. Zhao Jing understood what he meant.

Before it was time for dinner, Zhao Jing had a lot of free time, so he followed Xie Qing to the kitchen. Back when he and Mu Xinghai were together, he would often help Mu Xinghai and would occasionally appear in Mu Xinghai’s videos.

Now that Mu Xinghai isn’t here, he was able to casually help Xie Qing.

It seemed as if—he was able to return to those days all of a sudden.

Zhao Jing’s mood relaxed. Thinking about the bloody massacre on Weibo these two days, he couldn’t help but feel surprised, “You’re in such big trouble at the moment. Why are you still so calm?”

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  • 1
    which topic should be talked about and which shouldn’t be talked about
  • 2
    he means he’s going to recall the interview for Xie Qing
  • 3
    Xie Ling’s side
  • 4
    program team side
  • 5
    How do I explain this? More like, ‘your mom, we’re skilled at this.’ they don’t mean it literally
  • 6
    Xie Ling was angry that the program group released Xie Qing’s interview, while the group is angry at the fact that Xie Ling is asking them to kick out Xie Qing. Both are angry at each other.
  • 7
    she meant their faces and names. Additionally, how he’s treating XQ differently
  • 8
    It’s more like doing a favor for a friend
  • 9
  • 10
    arguing/scolding skills


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