Chapter 20.2

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Xie Ling’s fans initially thought that it was a show with a conscience. But in the end, they found a product of plastic surgery to compete against the original one—to compete, create conflicts between them and to create heat1to attract popularity to the show?

Xie Ling’s fans were about to explode in anger.

In just a few hours, the official page of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》was bombed by them. The number of comments in their latest Weibo post rose rapidly, from a thousand to ten thousand. Clicking the post to read, 90% of the comments were full of dirty words to insult the filming team for being inappropriate.

This scene made the staff that was responsible for the official page to be frightened to the point that their hearts almost stopped. They hurriedly found the director, but unexpectedly, the director just glanced at the post with a flat expression and said very calmly, “They’re telling the truth anyways. Our program team isn’t humane.”

From the moment they decided to sign a contract with Xie Qing, the purpose of their program team had been clearly revealed.

It’s just that they really didn’t intend to do it this way at the beginning. But who told Zhao Jing to give them an order.

The director patted the staff member on the shoulder, seeing the panicked expression on his face and his young age, the director smiled, “Calm down. Look on the bright side, at least it’s popular. The ratings of this issue must not be low.”

Lastly, the main point was that the relationship between Xie Qing and Xie Ling hadn’t been dug out yet. If the fans weren’t able to stand it now, when the show would be fully aired and they see Xie Qing’s full interview, wouldn’t they be pissed off?

“Young people like you should know that the difficulties you’re going to face aren’t limited to the present. The most important thing for us to do right now is to calm down.”

Staff: “…”

Forget it, it wasn’t him who was being scolded anyways.

Even the director doesn’t care, why should he?

The one-sided fury of Xie Ling’s fans lasted for two full days. The war barely lessened until the show aired on Saturday.

But it didn’t work.

Their lunatic-like behaviour made everyone see them as a joke.

A big fan of Xie Ling also came forward to speak: ‘For the time being, it seems that《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》still has no intention of listening to our opinions. This is extremely disrespectful behaviour and makes us fans feel chilled. Fellow fans and friends, don’t worry. Our support club will communicate with Xie Ling’s studio. If there’s any news, we’ll let you know.’

Xie Ling’s fans were naturally overjoyed to see such a post.

They really wanted to protect their gege. The appearance of the big fan proved that their efforts had been seen by others.

No one could bully Xie Ling!

But completely opposite to them were— most of the passers-by netizens.

[Xie Ling’s fans are so funny, am I imagining it?]

[Xie Ling’s fans are really annoying. Screaming every day and reporting to the police every day. Is there going to be an end to this?]

[Hahaha how can Xie Ling’s fans have the face to say that their family’s gege was one in a million— The product of plastic surgery can’t compare to the original one they said? Let alone whether this Xie Qing really had plastic surgery or not, isn’t this face really better than Xie Ling’s no matter how you look at it?]

[Hee hee. To be honest, I used to be a fan of Xie Ling’s face and thought that his face was really pretty. But now… I’ve decided to climb the wall. This little gege’s face value is obviously higher than that of Xie Ling’s.]

[I don’t know anything else, but when he raised his head and smiled, I felt that my heart was stolen.]

[His tear mole is really amazing!!]

[Based on my experience of being a plastic surgeon with more than ten years of experience, I’ll just say it here. There’s no way this Xie Qing did plastic surgery.]

[In other words—Xie Ling’s fans are all SB2shabi, my favourite cussword. Meaning stupid c*nt!]

The fourth episode of the program was broadcasted under such circumstances of ‘you scolding me with a sentence and I replying to you with another’.

The editing of the episode wasn’t much different from the previous episodes. Firstly, the MCs would give a brief introduction of themselves, then they would ask the guests to introduce themselves. At this time, almost everyone’s eyes fell on Xie Qing. A lot of people wanted to see how Xie Qing even got into the show. But then they saw him just smile and say:

‘Hello everyone, I am Fufeng, my real name is Xie Qing.’

Everyone: “???”

Who did you just say you were?


Wasn’t Fufeng the one with the hard-to-buy watermelon and bayberry lottery from Wen Xu?

As if to confirm everyone’s guesses, later on in the video, the program team acted clever and posted Xie Qing’s account in Jingyu short video right next to Xie Qing. Every character in the captions seemed like they were telling everyone, ‘Yes, you aren’t mistaken at all.’

Everyone, “…”

Is this okay?

Feeling full of shock, everyone watching suppressed the words that were about to come out of their mouths and continued to watch the show. The moment when Zhao Jing bluntly admitted that he had a lover, the audience finally couldn’t bear it anymore and said ‘F*ck me.’

They didn’t expect it at all. They said, how could such a dignified Film Emperor turn into someone that looks like a bereaved dog. It turned out that it was because of emotional3EMOTIONAL DAMAGE injury!

But it seems… that Zhao Jing feels very affectionate.

—The audience who were shocked by the news didn’t have time to feel sorry for Xie Qing who had to make braised lion’s head meatballs for Zhao Jing. Hey, the Film Emperor looks so pitiful, they should of course take care of the Film Emperor first.

At the same time, #ZhaoJing’sLoveAffair# was instantly airborne from the last place to the first place on the hot search.

Zhao Jing’s manager rolled her eyes, wanting to cuss. But in her heart, she knew very well that since the program team dared to make a fuss about this topic, it must have been approved by Zhao Jing himself. Zhao Jing, the topic in question, didn’t say anything. So she, as an outsider, naturally couldn’t say much.

She casually glanced at the comments and found that almost all of them felt sorry for Zhao Jing’s love.

Zhao Jing’s manager, “…”

Although this love was the product of Zhao Jing’s hallucinations, seeing how serious the netizens were to the point of them creating all kinds of sad love poems for Zhao Jing, the manager actually had a feeling as if she was on the verge of entering a play4as if she was brought into some kind of act or drama that isn’t real.

It was really strange.

The netizens’ distress finally reached its peak when Zhao Jing ate the meatball made by Xie Qing and showed his red eyes in front of the camera without shyness.


The Film Emperor’s appearance really broke their hearts.

However, it really was like what people said. He really became like this after eating a dish.

Someone said:

[I don’t know if there is a script for this show, but I think the name of the show says it alltsk. I felt Zhao Jing’s despair. After my parents passed away, I didn’t go home for a long time. When I finally went back to my hometown, I had a meal in a small restaurant. Although the taste was a little different, I always felt that those ordinary home-cooked dishes seemed to have the taste of my mother’s cooking.]

That feeling of happiness that had been gone for a long time seemed to have come back all of a sudden and he was able to hold it in his hands again.

—Some people felt sorry for Zhao Jing

—Some people put their eyes on Xie Qing.

So, why was Xie Qing so powerful5omnipotent? Capable??

The broadcast was interrupted by a short advertisement and everyone picked up their mobile phones at this time to express their views on this episode.

[Hey, this episode is good.]

[To be honest, I didn’t feel that there was anything special about this show during the first three episodes. As for Xie Ling, it’s the same thing every time he finishes eating— ‘I think it’s very good’. Damn, I almost thought the show was just copy-pasting the reactions. Today, I can finally see something different.]

[Probably because in the first three episodes, Film Emperor Zhao was really too indifferent. So, him like this in this episode gave me a really different feeling.]

[The program team finally lives up to its name!]

[Hey, since everyone is feeling emotional right now, let me just praise this xiao gege, Xie Qing. See how proficient he is in cooking, it really is Fufeng! This xiao gege is really handsome! Mom, my heart is feeling emotional right now! I promise that this is the last time I’ll feel this way in my life!]

[Want to come and be a fan of Fufeng? Come be a fan of Fufeng, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!]

The most surprising thing was that a certain female celebrity silently liked this comment.

Everyone suddenly thought of the VIP benefits Wen Xu gave out a while back and burst out laughing.

As a result, after only twenty minutes, the happy smile on their faces completely froze.

[That, has anyone watched Xie Qing’s personal interview?]

[F*ck me. Is Xie Qing insane? How could he say such a thing! Is he mocking Xie Ling?]

[Looks like it wasn’t only me who felt that he has a big opinion on Xie Ling.]

[Hahaha, it turned out that I wasn’t imagining it. I also thought that he was targeting Xie Ling. But there is one point that he said which is rightTheir mother should be the one to be asked this question, ‘Why do they look so similar?’ hahaha.]

[The last sentence of them6The part when Xie Qing mentions that their mothers might be the same person probably being the same person, showed me his vicious thoughts of wanting to gain popularity.]

The night sky completely turned dark and the white fungus soup in Xie Qing’s hand was half drunk. He casually placed the bowl on the table. It was brought to him by Zheng Jie. It was said that several of her and Gu Mingguo’s friends heard that Gu Mingguo’s body had gradually recovered. So they came over to visit the patient and brought some white fungus for Zheng Jie to eat.

But Zheng Jie didn’t like to eat these kinds of things, so it was cheaper7more like… letting him take advantage of it? Getting something you don’t mind receiving because another person doesn’t want it. for Xie Qing.

However, Xie Qing didn’t like to eat this thing either, but it would be a waste if it wasn’t eaten. So he had to bite the bullet and take a few sips.

He lazily leaned on the sofa as the smell of white fungus soup gradually replaced the smell of traditional Chinese medicine that was left in the room. The smile remained on his face as he watched the screen on the TV show an advertisement.

Xie Qing could guess what he would face after this interview video was broadcasted.

But what does it matter?

It’s nothing more than him being scolded.

Calling him stinky and shameless for trying to rub Xie Ling’s heat.

But it was good for them to make such a big fuss.

Xie Ling hated him so much. Seeing him being involved with him, he would definitely be angered to death.

Well, it was true.

Xie Ling really was going insane with anger. 

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  • 1
    to attract popularity to the show
  • 2
    shabi, my favourite cussword. Meaning stupid c*nt
  • 3
  • 4
    as if she was brought into some kind of act or drama that isn’t real
  • 5
    omnipotent? Capable?
  • 6
    The part when Xie Qing mentions that their mothers might be the same person
  • 7
    more like… letting him take advantage of it? Getting something you don’t mind receiving because another person doesn’t want it.


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