Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20: Three against one

《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》was broadcasted at 9:00 p.m. every Saturday. However, as the episodes were filmed, edited, and broadcasted on the spot, it was impossible for them to play the trailer for next week’s episode one week in advance. This led to the weekly trailers being mixed in with Thursday’s broadcast, which could also be considered an advertisement.

《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》had already announced which guests would be on the episode during the official announcement. Multiple marketing accounts had already speculated that artists from all walks of life would be the show’s MCs. Going back and forth with their guesses as if they were participating in a lottery, most of the fans would definitely watch Thursday’s preview just to see if the new episode was interesting or whether the MCs or guests who participated were also interesting.

It was the same today.

But it seemed to be a little different.

The opening of the trailer this time wasn’t significantly different from the previous trailers. A few interesting moments during the recording were played and all of the guests in this episode were mentioned. Just when the audience and fans thought that the preview was over, the camera panned over to Zhao Jing.

To their surprise, the Zhao Jing in front of the camera at this time was completely different from the Zhao Jing that they knew.

Previously, when Zhao Jing appeared on the screen a few years ago, the impression that Zhao Jing gave them was of a veteran cadre. He was someone obsessed with work and would never mention anything else in interviews, only acting. After coming back after a few years, he became very indifferent in front of the camera, as if no one’s words or reactions could arouse his interest. So fans only thought that Zhao Jing might have gotten married and had children in the past few years. Why did he come back? He had become even more indifferent now.

In the past, it would have been because he was uninterested in such things. But now, it didn’t matter if you were a man or a woman; as long as you were a person, he would ignore you.

Just when everyone thought that they were going to face Zhao Jing’s expressionless face in the 12th episode of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》, Zhao Jing appeared different from his normal state. In the new episode, he faced the camera, showing a pair of red eyes. The deep despair in his eyes seemed to be able to easily pass through the screen, pressing on everyone’s hearts.

It was as if they were able to feel his despair.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this.

“W-what is going on here?”

“Is Actor Zhao okay? Even I, as a black fan1antifan, can’t bear to see him like this.”

“Why is Zhao Jing crying? What shameless thing have you done, program team!”

“My mother told me, seeing Actor Zhao like this makes her feel distressed…”

“Could it be someone’s cooking? Could it be that the show team wasn’t satisfied with Zhao Jing’s response in the first three episodes so now Actor Zhao has to show his acting skills?”

Countless questions lingered in everyone’s minds. But at this moment, there was still a long time before the show would actually be broadcasted. So there was no one to answer their questions.

Seeing such a scene, their moods suddenly became complicated.

One must know that Zhao Jing was considered to be the most popular actor for many directors when he was acting. Any role he played seemed to give the audience an immersive feeling, instead of letting them see the joys and sorrows of another person. But now, it was the real him that was in front of the camera. The despair was overwhelming, grabbing everyone’s hearts and making them unable to escape.

It was said that a good actor’s eyes could make people see their life story.

Now it seemed that there was no lie in those words.

But it was also at this time that the preview that had been sensational a while before, turned around quickly. Someone muttered about why the trailer today took so much longer than usual. They continued to watch the trailer with their faces covered.

With one look, it was similar to a gust of wind and rain hitting one’s face, which caught people off guard.

What appeared in the shot was a familiar-looking face and an unfamiliar name.

In a light-coloured room, a young man seemed to be casually sitting on a high chair. He was tall, with his long legs on the ground in a casual manner, but his back was still straight even if he was relaxed. The young man narrowed his eyes slightly, lowering his face when the camera zoomed in on him, revealing a face that was too fair yet delicate like porcelain.

— A face that was very similar to Xie Ling’s.

Up to this point, the audience only had one thought in their mind, ‘F*ck me, isn’t this person Xie Ling?’

It turned out to be another person!

No wonder, no wonder.

They were still wondering why Xie Ling would appear twice in the previous shot, but it turned out that there were two similar-looking people and each appeared once.

It was their misunderstanding.

But who was he?

How could he look so similar to Xie Ling?

Under such doubts, they heard the young man answer, “Xie Qing.”

The name ‘Xie Qing’ was placed at the bottom of the picture.

Even his surname is Xie?

Was it such a coincidence?

Everyone involuntarily gasped as their eyes locked tightly on the computer screen.

At this time, the question from the program team came up once more, ‘Everyone thinks that you and Xie Ling are really destined to meet, what do you think?’

‘Rely on!’

This program team is so ruthless. They asked it so directly?

Everyone suddenly felt a little anxious and nervous. Several of them touched their chests, holding onto the area where their hearts were positioned, opening their eyes eagerly, waiting for Xie Qing to answer. But Xie Qing just smiled slightly towards the camera. When the light shone down on him, the smile in his eyes was like the blooming of summer flowers. The tear mole at the end of his eye was as red as blood, engraving his pale face with a glamorous aura.

It was really pleasing to the eyes.

But he didn’t seem to have answered anything.

“What the hell?! Is that it?!”

“Answer? Answer! Laozi wants to see what his answer was!”

“F*ck! Why does this person look so similar to Xie Ling? Is this Xie Ling’s brother? It must be?

“I! Am! Stunned!”

“Xie Ling didn’t confirm this. Xie Ling publicly stated that he was the only child of his family. He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. So please stop trying to rub on Xie Ling’s heat2stick onto someone to get a bit of their popularity.”

“F*ck you heat-rubbing motherf*cker, get out of here you plastic surgery dog! Do you think that you’re Xie Ling just because you look like him? Isn’t this laughable?”

“Is the show crew filled with idiots? Who are you guys trying to disgust?”

Although most of the audience was curious about Xie Qing, some of them were also furious Xie Ling fans. Xie Ling’s fans never dreamed that the show team that had been always polite to them would actually turn their backs on them.

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