Chapter 2 – Do you like our meeting gift?

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In the entertainment circle, Liang Hong Studio was the news outlet which received the most scolding and attention from their consumers. Fans of some celebrities felt overwhelmed when they heard the name ‘Liang Hong Studio’, for fear that their gege1big brother and jiejie2big sister would be targeted. Catching them off guard with love melons3news and slandering melons.

When Liang Hong received the call, he was debating whether to break the news of a certain actress and a mysterious man entering the hotel or the news that two male actors of a certain popular drama had a fight on set.

Hearing the name Yu Kaize, Liang Hong was actually a little surprised. In his impression, Yu Kaize was considered to be one of the most peaceful among his generation of young actors. The other little fresh meats would frequently break out new news, but only Yu Kaize was like a veteran cadre who seemed like he lived in another world.

Liang Hong would also joke around when chatting with his friends, saying that he didn’t know whether Yu Kaize was really just low-key or that he was just really good at pretending. Now that a phone call about his scandal came, Liang Hong vaguely realized something.

He suppressed the curiosity in his heart as he pretended to be calm, “Oh? Are you sure that it’s a scandal of the actor Yu Kaize? Can you guarantee that it’s the truth?”

Xie Qing was too lazy to quibble with the other party. He hung up the phone after telling him to check his mailbox.

Hearing the beeping tone coming from his mobile phone, Liang Hong was so stunned he didn’t know what to say. He stared at his phone with round eyes and laughed aloud, “Hey, that’s quite a personality.”

This was one of the few insiders that Liang Hong encountered that simply just broke out the scandal without asking for anything extra. The person really didn’t talk nonsense and only had one purpose——to f*ck him over!

Curiosity gnawed at Liang Hong’s heart like ants. He hurriedly sat down in front of his computer and opened the mailbox. After waiting for a while, he clicked on his mouse to refresh but still didn’t receive any email. He thought that maybe the guy was just playing with him? Just when this idea came into his mind, he heard a prompt. The screen immediately displayed: ‘You have a new email!’

Liang Hong’s fingers trembled and he tapped on his mouse several times before he could manage to double-click on the email successfully.

The whistleblower sent two pieces of audio. Liang Hong clicked on one of them and a familiar male voice came, sounding drunk, tinged with alcohol. There was even a trace of a crying tone in it——

“Tell me, why doesn’t he like me? Is it because I’m not good enough? Am I not as good as Liao Yu?”

“What kind of thing is Liao Yu? I can play the role of the Male Lead, but he can only play a small supporting role. He should be ashamed to snatch Ah-Ling4Xie Ling, adding an Ah is to add intimacy towards the name away from me… Heh. But I made him pay the price. Do you want to know what it was?”

There was no other voice talking in the audio. There were also no obvious sounds of it being paused deliberately due to editing. Everything was as clear as it was, Yu Kaize was only talking to himself.

“I asked the director to kick him out and took away his resources. Heh, getting nothing after acting for more than half of the scenes. Tell me, if it was you, wouldn’t you die of anger?”


Such shocking news. Yu Kaize dealt a black hand against his own colleague for his own selfish desires?’

Liang Hong’s heart was already pounding with excitement. He quickly reached out and patted his chest. He continued on and opened the second recording. The second recording was actually the same as the previous one. It was also Yu Kaize attacking Xie Ling’s suitor because of envy and jealousy.

‘This should be enough.’

Liang Hong thought.

An actor who disguised himself so perfectly. These two recordings were definitely enough to overwhelm him.

At around one o’clock in the morning, when most people had already gone to bed and night owls were still active, a piece of audio released by Liang Hong’s studio directly put Yu Kaize on the trending list.

Zhang Hui was Yu Kaize’s old fan. She had been a fan of Yu Kaize since he debuted six years ago. At that time, Yu Kaize was just a newcomer, shy and silent in front of the camera. This kind of youthful reaction made Zhang Hui, a seasoned star chasing girl, sigh at how cute he was. For the next six years, Zhang Hui chased after Yu Kaize and became the person in charge of his fan club.

In Zhang Hui’s eyes, Yu Kaize was a very good person. In the six years that she had been a fan of Yu Kaize, he had never exposed any love affairs or scandals. The person that she was a fan of was innocent and upright. The only thing that changed was probably him changing from naivety to maturity. The young man who used to be shy in front of the camera had now grown into one of the best actors in the circle.

This sense of accomplishment made Zhang Hui feel that her vision was really good!

That was, until tonight.

Zhang Hui slept quite late on this night. She worked overtime in her workplace until about ten o’clock. After finally returning home, she found that she had left her things behind in the company. After going back and forth, it was already around twelve o’clock when she could go to bed. Feeling very depressed, she dug out some of Yu Kaize’s works and watched it again as usual.

An hour passed as she watched his works. Zhang Hui decided to head off to sleep, otherwise she would be late tomorrow. When she was about to turn off her mobile phone, she received a private message from a fellow fan friend on Weibo, [Huihui, did you hear the audio recording on the hot search? It sounds a lot like Ah-ze.]

Zhang Hui, [?]

‘Hot search? Audio recording?’

The combination of these several key words made Zhang Hui have a vague bad premonition. Before she had time to think about it, she quickly exited the chat room and opened the hot search list. She didn’t even need to look for it specifically. The topic #YuKaizeRecording# hung conspicuously in the first place.

Zhang Hui pursed her lips and opened it.

Ten minutes later, she blankly returned back to the chat room with her fellow fans and friends.

Fellow Fan Friend5Lmao this person is so cannon fodder they didn’t even deserve a name: [Is it him? I’ve heard his voice so many times. It’s impossible for me to get it wrong.]

Zhang Hui took a deep breath.

Even if she wanted to tell lies with her eyes open, she couldn’t deny that it really was Yu Kaize’s voice. She was the person in charge of his fan club. She would often hand over some things to Yu Kaize’s studio. She even talked with Yu Kaize on the phone and met him in person. She was very familiar with Yu Kaize’s voice.

Fellow Fan Friend: [So, you’re saying I f*cking chased another piece of shit?]

Zhang Hui: […Why don’t we take a look?]

Fellow Fan Friend: [Look at what fart? Some staff broke the news that the role Liao Yu had acted in for more than half of the scenes was taken away from him. Liao Yu’s fans are now going crazy. You can go to our super chat6like a huge group chat for people with common topics to find out.]

Zhang Hui’s heart turned cold.

[Is it your stupid c*nt7those that came from AFHAMR may know that this is my favorite Chinese word. SB!!!! SHA BI!! AWW YIS!! of a gege that stole my family’s endorsement?]

[F*ck. I remember! Liao-ge was very happy when he first joined the group. Why was he so haggard during the live broadcast a while ago? Yu Kaize, do you want a bit of face?]

[Pure passer-by here, there’s too much to process. I don’t know what to mention first.]

[What does this mean? Is ‘Ah-Ling’ Xie Ling? So Yu Kaize couldn’t get Xie Ling, so he took his anger out on Liao Yu? What did Liao Yu do wrong? Is it his fault that Xie Ling fell in love with him because he’s too good?]

[Yu Kaize, go die for me!!]

[F*ck your uncle Yu Kaize! You’re f*cking embarrassing! To each their own. If Xie Ling really takes a fancy to you, he’s blind!]

Inside Yu Kaize’s super chats were all Liao Yu’s fans who came to make trouble. Zhang Hui only glanced at it casually and still felt embarrassed. Although she was a fan of Yu Kaize, she was not the kind of fan who wasn’t able to distinguish between right and wrong, those that only knew how to protect what seemed right to them.

Thinking about it from another angle, if Yu Kaize was the one to be tossed by Liao Yu like this, her behaviour wouldn’t be any different from what Liao Yu’s fans were showing at the moment.

Zhang Hui gritted her teeth as confusion and somewhat complicated emotions quickly invaded her body. She held her mobile phone and saw that the fans in the fan group were trying to guide the masses and comments in an orderly manner. Immediately afterwards, the staff of Yu Kaize’s studio made their appearance in the group.

Staff: [It’s all nonsense. You’ve all been fans of Ah-ze for so many years. You guys should know what kind of person Ah-ze is. We’ll send a lawyer’s notice to those rumour-making marketing accounts. Everyone please go to bed early.]

Although it seemed that the fans were able to control the comments section calmly, they still felt a little uneasy in their hearts. Now as soon as the staff came forward to clarify the matter, their nervously beating hearts were pushed back into their original positions. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and replied, ‘Who can sleep peacefully? Let’s show Liang Hong our strength today!’

However, at this time, Zhang Hui silently sent a video to the group.

Naturally, the young fans wouldn’t doubt Zhang Hui. Thinking that this was a video that taught fans how to control comments and materials, they opened it. But after opening it, they found that it wasn’t the case——

In the video, there were three people sitting facing each other on a sofa. Looking at it from another angle, it seemed to be Liao Yu and his manager. Sitting opposite the two of them was the director of Liao Yu’s previous crew who was also the director of Yu Kaize’s movie.

The dialogue between the two parties sounded in the video.

The first thing that could be heard was the fury of Liao Yu’s agent, “Director Li, are you joking right now? How long has our Liao Yu prepared for this role? He lost 20 pounds for this role and has even lost his previous appearance just to play this role well. Now that this role is halfway done, you’re letting us go?”

The director looked embarrassed, but still said, “This… I don’t want to either.”

The agent laughed angrily, “This is your crew!”

The director also lost his temper at this point, “It is my crew. But how dare I not listen to the investors? Film Emperor Yu pointed you out and told you to leave. What can I do?! I’m just a director. I can’t afford to offend Yu Kaize!”

The manager wanted to say something but was held back by Liao Yu. Compared to the manager’s anger, he looked very calm. He then asked the director softly, “Did Actor Yu say why?”

“I don’t know about this. He just asked me to kick you out suddenly. I’m really sorry Xiao Liao, I didn’t really want to.”

The video ended abruptly.

The fan group was silent for five minutes.

At the same time, the staff member who saw the video trembled. They quickly dialed Zhang Hui’s number and when they got through, they couldn’t help but shout, “What are you trying to do?!”

Hearing the other party’s furious tone, Zhang Hui had already guessed something in her heart. She turned her head to look at a poster of a certain movie of Yu Kaize’s and sighed silently, “I just wanted to ask, is what was said in this video true? Those matters that happened to Liao Yu’s role and endorsement, did Yu-ge do it?”

“I’ve motherf*cking told you that it’s nothing. If you don’t believe me, you can roll out of the fan group!”

Zhang Hui, “…”

It was really quite funny.

Although she wasn’t as hardworking as the studio staff, she had spent a lot of time managing and promoting Yu Kaize’s matters. Now, the staff was telling her to get the hell out of the fan group.

Truthfully, even this fan group was established by her.

The self-mockery on Zhang Hui’s face gradually turned into a sneer. After sending a recording of the phone call to the group, she quit the group as what the staff wished.

An hour later, the topic of #GoneOverboard# directly entered the top five hot searches.

Netizens curiously entered the topic and saw a scene of Yu Kaize’s fans turning back and stepping off.

[That idiot Yu Kaize and that idiot staff! Lao zi wasted three years of my life supporting your fatherf*cking8lotsa curse words here sh*t! Now I find out that the owner9Yu Kaize and the staff are all motherf*ckers!!]

[I want to laugh to death. Why do you want to seal Huihui-jie’s mouth in such a hurry? Who’s guilty if you aren’t guilty?]

[Who the hell is the one that needs to roll away? This fan group was built by her! She built it! Y’all are f*ckers! You’re even worse than a crooked dog thing10too complex or too simple curse words. I wasn’t allowed to learn such a thing. I only knew SB from my brother after I used the abbreviation sb to message him and he told me the meaning. Please let me know if you guys know what this means这儿比比歪歪狗玩意儿 Also think of it as when Lady Dimitrescu called Ethan a ‘stupid man thing’ in Resident Evil Village!]

[I’m disappointed. Is this how I say goodbye? After all, this was what I spent my youth on.]

[How outrageous! I believed in what the staff said. I believed you guys when you said that these were nonsense. But the way you guys just jumped to show your feet is a little too hilarious.]

[@Yu Kaize are you playing dead? You had the face to attack other actors hard for the sake of ‘Love’, but you don’t have the face to talk to the fan group? Be a man. Come out and apologize.]

In just a short period of time, Yu Kaize received a new @ no less than five thousand times.

He rushed to his studio overnight. Standing in front of the office window with a dark face, he suddenly picked up the ashtray on the table and smashed it on the floor. His manager and assistant looked at the soot that flew towards their feet and stood aside while looking at each other.

The atmosphere in the room was extremely oppressive. The two slowed down their breathing, for fear of disturbing Yu Kaize who was acting like a raging lion.

At this moment, his phone sounded out with a ‘ding dong’.

The manager and agent subconsciously reached out to touch their pockets and took out their mobile phones to take a look—— Ah, it wasn’t theirs.

Yu Kaize didn’t notice their small movements. He lowered his head to look at his bright mobile phone and reached out to take it.

It was a text message.

[Meeting gift, did you like it?]

As if the sender was afraid he didn’t know who he was, he even added a note to it himself, [sender: Xie Qing.]

The veins on Yu Kaize’s temples bulged and he gritted his teeth. There was a strong thirst for blood in his words, “Xie Qing!!!——”

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    too complex or too simple curse words. I wasn’t allowed to learn such a thing. I only knew SB from my brother after I used the abbreviation sb to message him and he told me the meaning. Please let me know if you guys know what this means这儿比比歪歪狗玩意儿 Also think of it as when Lady Dimitrescu called Ethan a ‘stupid man thing’ in Resident Evil Village


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