Chapter 15 – How ugly was he?!

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In just a few days, with Xie Qing’s videos being in excellent condition, the number of his fans increased once more. At one point, even other bloggers felt a bit greedy watching his growth and lamented that Xie Qing’s luck was too good. Why couldn’t they have a brother like Wen Xu?

On this day, Xie Qing uploaded a video as usual. When he opened his private message to filter out the messages, he saw a special-looking message.

Since his stats were getting better and better, multiple advertisements came knocking on his door. Xie Qing would sometimes pick a few products that were very practical for life applications. It was the same today. But something else caught his attention.

[Hello FuFeng, I am the person in charge of the gourmet variety show 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》. Are you interested in participating in our show?]

Xie Qing, “?”

Xie Qing searched for the information of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》on the internet.

《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》was a gourmet variety show. According to the limited information that he could find on Baidu, the main purpose of the show was to recruit chefs or food bloggers to make food for the MCs and make them happy.

After the private message sent from the other side changed from sent to read. The other party immediately sent another message.

[Rest assured, we are definitely not scammers. You can come to our place to have a look first since we still need to sign a contract.]

[Oh yes. Although our show is an online variety show, the MCs are all very popular. The confirmed MCs this time include Xie Ling, Zhao Jing and others.]

Xie Ling.

The moment Xie Qing saw this name, the corners of his lips curled up.

He closed his eyes for a bit and then replied, ‘Let’s talk about this after we meet. My appearance might make you hesitate.’

The person in charge felt puzzled when he saw such a reply. He was a fan who had been following Xie Qing for quite some time. Although he knew that Xie Qing was someone who never showed his face in the video, he thinks that a food blogger doesn’t need to care about their appearance. But now… looking at Xie Qing’s reply…

How ugly was he that he was so unconfident of himself?!

But it doesn’t matter. Their program group had never been superficial. It could be seen from the main purpose of their program that they were all thoughtful people!

Therefore, the person in charge vowed,

[We won’t change our mind because of the way you look. How about we make an appointment?]

Xie Qing replied, ‘Okay.’

Xie Qing and the person in charge set a time for them to meet at 2 in the afternoon.

《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》was supposed to be filmed in the studio of the Beijing TV Station. So the meeting between Xie Qing and the person in charge was fairly convenient. After lunch, he headed out.

When he stepped out of his main door, movements could be heard from the flat across him. The door was then opened, revealing Qi Huaiyu’s beautiful face.

Qi Huaiyu moved in yesterday.

Xie Qing couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. The young master of the Qi family really was amazing. He was able to buy the flat directly opposite of his and within two days he managed to completely clean and replace all the furniture to live in it.

“Ge, are you going out?”

Xie Qing looked at Berry, who was lying on his head, nodding while asking casually, “What are you doing?”

Qi Huaiyu straightened up and smiled, “I’m taking Berry out for a stroll. What a coincidence.”

Xie Qing closed his eyes, showed a smile full of meaning and said in a low voice, “Well, really a coincidence.”

But no matter how coincidental their meeting was, the two still had to go their separate ways at the gate. Xie Qing casually waved at Qi Huaiyu and got on the bus that had just arrived. Through the rearview of the mirror, he could see the young man standing in place as his eyes followed the bus. It wasn’t until the person in the rearview mirror became smaller and smaller that Xie Qing finally looked away.

At ten minutes before two, Ping Feiyu, the person in charge of the variety show 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》walked into the coffee shop with a file bag. He thought that he had already been in contact with all the big stars and even famous entertainers like Zhao Jing for this show so it wouldn’t be a big deal. But when he thought that he would be meeting FuFeng in a while, he still felt indescribably nervous.

Ping Feiyu had imagined Xie Qing’s appearance multiple times in his mind.

Whether he’s naturally not good-looking or was disfigured in a car accident.

He thought of everything that he could think of and could basically ensure that once he faced Xie Qing, he wouldn’t be too shocked and lose his manners.

Looking around the coffee shop, Ping Feiyu immediately noticed the man sitting in the corner who only showed his side face. With a thin-looking physique, his slender fingers were holding onto the round handle of a black coffee cup while his other hand was stirring the contents of the cup with a spoon. Just looking at his appearance, the word elegance was written all over him——

Ping Feiyu would’ve never been able to imagine that a person with this kind of temperament would make people hesitate when making a decision.

Could it be that he found the wrong person?

Realizing this, Ping Feiyu immediately turned around and walked around the coffee shop. But today was a working day and it was two o’clock in the afternoon which was work time. So there were not many people in the coffee shop.

There were a few others in the other corner, but they were still wearing their school uniforms. It was obviously a group of students who skipped class and snuck out.

There was only this man left.

Ping Feiyu tentatively took two steps forward and finally saw the other person’s face with a better angle.

Why does he look so familiar?

Just when question marks popped up all over his head, the man who had been paid attention to by Ping Feiyu seemed to have sensed something. He raised his eyes and looked over towards him. The moment their eyes met, Ping Feiyu opened his mouth in shock, “Xie… Xie Ling?”

“F*ck me!”

FuFeng, the food blogger of Jingyu short video turned out to be Xie Ling’s vest1secret identity?

The contents of several vest novels flashed through Ping Feiyu’s mind. He thought to himself, this Xie Ling, a big star, was well-updated with the trends these days.

It wasn’t until Ping Feiyu noticed the corner of ‘Xie Ling’s’ eye that he realized something.

Hey, does Xie Ling have a tear mole?

Wave after wave of doubt and shock washed over him. Ping Feiyu stood there in a daze and didn’t move. On the contrary, Xie Qing had already expected this reaction, so he pushed away his chair and stood up. He gave Ping Feiyu a nod with a smile on his lips and said in a gentle voice, “Hello, are you the person in charge of 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》? I am FuFeng. You can also call me by my real name, Xie Qing.”

“Not, not Xie Ling?”

The smile on Xie Qing’s face deepened, “Of course not.”

Ping Feiyu, “…”

At this moment, he seemed to finally understand what Xie Qing meant by saying that he would hesitate when he saw his appearance.

He looks so much like the popular star Xie Ling!

His last name is even Xie!

This was a really big news! One must know that Xie Ling had long said in front of the camera that he was an only child in the family and had no brothers at all… How could he look so similar?

Ping Feiyu couldn’t help but hold his breath. He walked to the chair opposite to Xie Qing and sat down. He said hello and introduced himself. After he finished speaking, his eyeballs seemed to be stuck on Xie Qing’s body and he couldn’t move his sight away no matter what.

Xie Qing didn’t mind his stare as he talked in a calm tone, “You’ve seen my face now, if Mr. Ping and the program team still have the same idea as before, I’m very willing to participate in the program.”

“I think…” Ping Feiyu swallowed hard and said word by word, “You might have misunderstood our program team.”

Your mom!!!

It’s such big news!!!

With the similar looks of Xie Qing and Xie Ling creating conflicts, would their program group be afraid of losing popularity?!?!

What a joke!

Ping Feiyu remained calm. He clearly knew that Xie Qing was just an amateur. If he had a conflict with Xie Ling… Xie Ling’s fans would bomb him. It would be Xie Qing who would suffer.

So he emphasized on it, “Mr. Xie knows what you might face if you appear in our program group right?

Xie Qing gave him a smile, “Of course.”

Since confirming that he would be participating in the program, Xie Qing had been preparing for it.

Coincidentally, 《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》had prepared and the official announcements had already begun.

《Quickly eat, it brings happiness》was tentatively scheduled to have several recurring MCs which included Xie Ling, Zhao Jing and a director named Yu Shu. In addition, there were different guests, chefs and food bloggers like Xie Qing in each issue.

According to Ping Feiyu, there would also be other artists that would be popular enough to shake the venue.

All in all, they had a very strong lineup.

As long as the program group did well and didn’t act up, this program would definitely be popular.

On the day of the official announcement, Xie Ling’s fans screamed that their gege would finally be going on a variety show. Of course, Zhao Jing’s fans didn’t want to be outdone. Zhao Jing, who was a veteran actor, had been silent for a long time. As a result, the notice of his participation in a gourmet show blew them up!

Was it possible that he wouldn’t be blown up?

Xie Ling’s fans didn’t dare to do anything in the face of Zhao Jing, a senior. Seeing that the hot comments on Weibo were all from Zhao Jing’s fans, they could only swallow this breath with tears.

In addition to that, there were also some supportive comments that were quite interesting.

[FuFeng? Is it the FuFeng I know? It’s really an unexpected surprise!!]

[Aoaoao! Is Chef Gu participating too? I’m looking forward to it wuwuwu.]

[Sisters, the highlight of this show are the chefs.]

[D*mn, there are so many big names here. They’re all well-known food bloggers. The program team has spent a lot of money.]

[*Cough* FuFeng-didi has made quite a lot of money on the show. @WenXu why don’t you hold a lottery to celebrate?]

Everyone knew that that person was just joking, but no one would have thought that Wen Xu would really do it.

For quite a long time, the contents of Wen Xu’s Weibo had been almost full of work. It was mainly to promote the maturity of the red bayberries on the mountain. The next one was to post the links to his online stores, which fully demonstrated the essence of being a workaholic. But today was different, Wen Xu had unexpectedly reposted the Weibo post where the netizens joked about him holding a lottery and replied bluntly,

[Yes, yes. A lottery to become a vip member can be held. You’ll be able to enjoy all the discounts of a vip member.]

Netizens were stunned for a moment and then all hell broke loose.

[F*ck, f*ck!!!]

[What does this mean? That you can buy products without any reservation? 20% off?]

[How indulgent! Why don’t I have such a gege wuwuwu.”

[Wait a minute. Did a big star repost it just now?]

[Made me laugh to death. There are more than one who reposted it.]

The netizens ‘accidentally’ found a group of people fishing in troubled waters under the excitement. There were quite a few celebrities and entertainers such as the actress Xu Tingting, who was popular these days, the new fresh meat Du Miao, etc, who could be seen reposting Wen Xu’s Weibo.

Their desire to be VIP customers was quite obvious!

“It’s too expensive.” Xie Qing put his phone aside and looked at the man standing on the ridge.

Wen Xu didn’t care about this matter at all, “There’s no expense spent here. If I wanted to make money, I could’ve just inherit the Wen family.”

But he didn’t.

He just missed the peaceful life at that time.

He just wanted to give Xie Qing the best.

“I didn’t expect the spiritual plant to really be able to grow.” Wen Xu quickly changed the subject of the conversation as he pointed towards a little green bud emerging from the soil with a pleasant smile on his face, “Maybe it can really mature.”

Xie Qing walked to Wen Xu’s side and lightly tapped the small leaves of the spiritual plant with his finger. A gust of wind blew and the green sprout trembled. Xie Qing said softly, “This is a hemostatic herb.”

The hemostatic herb had absorbed the spiritual energy in Chaoyun Sect. The hemostatic effect was quite good. Under normal circumstances, the medicine hall would refine a lot of hemostatic pills and hand them over to each disciple in case of emergencies.

“When it matures, we can try out its medicinal effects. As long as the hemostatic herb can retain even one-tenth of its medicinal effect, that’s enough.”

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