Chapter 14 – Changing the Male Lead

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Xie Qing stopped replying to Qi Huaiyu after that.

When the family ate at the dinner table, everyone subconsciously placed their phone aside and just talked about trivial matters. Although it was the first time Zheng Jie and Gu Mingguo met Wen Xu, they had an excellent impression of him. Hearing that Wen Xu’s current occupation is ‘field work’, their expressions were even more stunned.

“These days, there are not many young people doing this kind of work.” Gu Mingguo said with a smile, “I heard A-Qing mentioning that you usually live on the mountains and even the ginseng was dug up from the mountain?”

“Yes.” Wen Xu nodded his head, turned and glanced at Xie Qing while saying softly, “A-Qing has also planted land with me before.”

Gu Mingguo and Zheng Jie obviously misunderstood his sentence.

Zheng Jie patted the shoulder of her son who was sitting beside her with a smile on her face, saying unceremoniously, “I’m afraid with A-Qing’s body, it might be difficult for him to plant land. By the way, have you taken your medicine recently?”

This one sentence instantly attracted the attention of the other two men. Before Xie Qing could answer her, Zheng Jie frowned, “You won’t secretly pour out the medicine like you did when you were a child, right?”

Xie Qing, “…”

Xie Qing felt that he really needed to change his mother’s impression of him. But it was too late, Wen Xu became interested in the Xie Qing from Zheng Jie’s mouth. He realized that when he had met Xie Qing, the other party had already become a mature young man even though according to age, Xie Qing wasn’t eighteen yet and was underaged at that time. But everything Xie Qing showed him was much different from what ordinary teenagers showed.

But no matter how precocious people are, there were times when they acted naive.

With someone interested in the topic, Zheng Jie continued on. Soon with Gu Mingguo joining in, the couple had a fun-filled chat with Wen Xu and almost told him all the embarrassing things that Xie Qing did from childhood to adulthood. Wen Xu kept listening to them with a smile and nodded from time to time, looking very happy.

On the contrary, Xie Qing, Chaoyun Peak’s Xianzun, who was always very calm, was so embarrassed that his ears turned red. He quietly reached out to pinch his ear and then opened WeChat.

The three in his family teased him, so he could only tease the son of the Qi family.

As soon as he opened WeChat, Xie Qing realized that Qi Huaiyu had already sent him several text messages when he wasn’t paying attention to his phone, informing him that he had already found a house but just needed to wait for the details.

Xie Qing sent him a ‘good’.

It was already nine o’clock when they finished dining. Gu Mingguo and Zheng Jie would always go to bed early at night, so Xie Qing took Wen Xu and left. Before leaving, Zheng Jie kept inviting Wen Xu to come over for another meal next time and Wen Xu didn’t refuse. It could be seen that he really liked Xie Qing’s adoptive parents very much.

“Uncle and Auntie are very enthusiastic people.” Before leaving, Zheng Jie had stuffed a big apple into Wen Xu’s arms and asked him to eat it on his way home.

Xie Qing had been in a good mood the whole time. At this moment, the corners of his eyes were hooked up in a smile. He put his arms around Wen Xu’s shoulders and looked at the moon covered with clouds in the sky, “Yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have picked me up back then. Let’s come back here next week.”

“Good.” Wen Xu naturally wouldn’t refuse.

The two walked side by side into the night. Cicadas on the pine and cypress trees on both sides of the path sang as moths fluttered their wings under dim street lamps, bumping into the lampshade from time to time. Half of Xie Qing’s body was hidden in the darkness and the other half was exposed to the light. His half face that was exposed looked even more gentle than the nightly breeze.

Wen Xu looked at him quietly for a while and then suddenly said, “Two days ago when I had gone to check Yu Kaize, I found that someone else was also investigating him.”

Xie Qing blinked and realized who Wen Xu was talking about.

But obviously, Wen Xu didn’t know that, “After thinking about it, I felt that I should tell you about this.”

“It’s Qi Huaiyu.”


Xie Qing replied, “The person doing a check on Yu Kaize is Qi Huaiyu. If I guessed correctly, the person who sent Yu Kaize in should also be Qi Huaiyu.”

Hearing this, Wen Xu was a little puzzled.

What enmity and grievance does Qi Huaiyu have with Yu Kaize? So much so that Qi Huaiyu could deal such a ruthless hand. Not only did he cut off Yu Kaize’s stardom but also the rest of his life.

Before he could open his mouth to ask, Xie Qing had already answered, “Even Yu Kaize doesn’t know how he had offended Qi Huaiyu.”

Wen Xu, “…Then it might just be retribution1Diluc looking on the side be like… THIS IS RETRIBUTION!!.”

The corners of Xie Qing’s lips curled up as he smiled.

The next few days were uneventful.

Yu Kaize’s scandal had died down on the internet. But from time to time, when the media mentions Yu Kaize’s friend circle, they would bring the matter up again to earn a lot of traffic. At times like this, the netizens would just scold Yu Kaize to vent their anger.

As the person in Yu Kaize’s heart, Xie Ling avoided the media during this time. All the marketing accounts were filled with lots of imagination. They imagined the scene where Xie Ling became immensely disappointed and unhappy with Yu Kaize. After receiving reports one after another, Xie Ling finally couldn’t sit still.

In the past two days, Xie Ling’s temper grew. His manager was the well-known Ling Hongying who used to be the gold medal manager of Hengliu Entertainment. But later she went out on her own and found Xie Ling. Seeing him for the first time, Ling Hongying’s heart moved.

While she was at Hengliu, she brought up a few idols. But since she left Hengliu, the artists under her hands hadn’t been as good. This made the people in the circle, who once admired her before, to start ridiculing her behind her back, saying that she only had good luck previously while in Hengliu.

It wasn’t until she met Xie Ling.

At that time she only had one thought in her mind——

Xie Ling would definitely be popular.

Over the past few years, Ling Hongying has attached great importance to Xie Ling. Rather than saying that one was in charge and the other was a subordinate, it was better to say that the two were allies. Because of this, Ling Hongying had always been polite towards Xie Ling.

“Have you been in a bad mood these past two days? Director Zhang had asked me to remind you about joining the crew, but you don’t seem to care about the matter at all.” Ling Hongying pointed out to Xie Ling cryptically.

What she had said was actually overly tactful.

The Xie Ling she saw these past two days had opened Ling Hongying’s eyes. The two of them had worked with each other for several years but this was the first time that Ling Hongying saw Xie Ling’s distraught expression. Xie Ling had often put on an indifferent cold face. Those who didn’t know him well probably thought that he was sad about Yu Kaize’s situation. But Ling Hongying knew very well that Xie Ling didn’t like Yu Kaize at all.

Although she didn’t mean to point fingers at Xie Ling’s love life, in her heart, the relationship between Yu Kaize and Xie Ling was at best a licking dog and its owner. Perhaps the relationship between Xie Ling and his other suitors was the same.

Ignoring the news of Xie Ling’s love life, in fact, no one actually made Xie Ling take a second look.

Although Ling Hongying vaguely felt that Xie Ling might overturn the boat one day, but judging from his situation… it seemed that his group of suitors really held a mysterious love for Xie Ling.

For some things, it’s best that they never happen.

Xie Ling didn’t know what Ling Hongying was thinking in that short period of time. Just as the other party had pointed out, his mood really wasn’t that good these days. The police had suddenly called him the other day, informing him that Yu Kaize had suddenly wanted to see him. Even though he was already tired of Yu Kaize, Xie Ling still went to see him for the last time.

It wasn’t until the moment that they met that Xie Ling realized an outrageous thing.

The moment they met in the prison visiting room, Yu Kaize informed him that he and Li Youbai would look for Xie Qing from time to time. That they regarded Xie Qing as his substitute and would deliberately buy clothes for Xie Qing so that they would look the same.

After all, they both had the same face.

This matter really disgusted Xie Ling.

But afterwards, Yu Kaize told him that Xie Qing and Li Youbai had nothing to do with his current fate. Xie Qing was no longer the foolish young man before and Li Youbai might have changed his thoughts.

After returning from the detention centre, Xie Ling’s thoughts were completely on Xie Qing and Li Youbai.

Disgust filled his whole body as well as fear and anxiety.

It was all because of Xie Qing.

Yu Kaize had said that Xie Qing had become smarter.

If he really became smarter, wouldn’t he be able to remember everything that had happened back then?

[What are you so nervous about? Even if he became smarter, there was no evidence to prove that you gave him medicine and abandoned him. There is also no evidence to prove that you were the one who orchestrated the car accident either.]

A sudden voice sounded in Xie Ling’s mind and his uneasy heart returned to its original place. He took a deep breath and said softly in his mind, ‘You’re right.’

The voice seemed to sneer as it said, [You don’t have to worry about those people abandoning you. Xie Qing is no longer the protagonist of this world. Whatever you want to do, just do your own thing and don’t hinder me.]

Xie Ling, ‘I understand.’

After he finished conversing with the voice in his head, Xie Ling turned his head to look at his manager Ling Hongying who was frowning with worry. With a flawless smile on his face, he said, “Hong-jie, please help me contact Director Zhang. Tell him that I’ll join the crew at the specified time.”

Seeing his expression, Ling Hongying relaxed. Although she was curious about his behaviour, she didn’t ask. She just picked up her phone and went over towards the window to dial Director Zhang’s number.

The full name of the Director Zhang they were talking about was Zhang Zizhen, a famous director. The literary films that he directed were unlike the youthful angst of others. Each of Zhang Zizhen’s movies contained a rich philosophy of life. So it was not only easy for the crew to win awards, but the box office was also always high.

Ling Hongying was quite surprised when Zhang Zizhen took a fancy to Xie Ling. In the beginning, Ling Hongying had almost arranged all of the resources for Xie Ling. Under normal circumstances, directors normally wouldn’t look for those that are usually on TV. But Zhang Zizhen really went to find Xie Ling.

His attitude toward having Xie Ling act in his film was also extremely firm.

It was said that the screenwriter had mentioned that Xie Ling was inappropriate several times, but Zhang Zizhen didn’t have any intentions of changing his mind.

The call was quickly connected and Ling Hongying called out to Director Zhang in a polite manner first before hurriedly saying, “My apologies Director Zhang, Xie Ling wasn’t in good health these past two days. But he will enter the crew in time. You don’t need to worry about this.”

Zhang Zizhen was silent for a while on the other side as no sound came from the phone. Ling Hongying looked at her phone, finding the situation to be strange, but the call was still ongoing. She thought that it was a signal problem and called out to Director Zhang a few times.

At this time, Zhang Zizhen coughed twice and his tone was somewhat embarrassed, “That, Xiao-Ling, I’m sorry to inform you that our crew has found another Male Lead.”

“What?!” Ling Hongying couldn’t control the surprise.

Zhang Zizhen and the screenwriter looked at each other. The screenwriter snatched the phone away from him and stuck it next to his ear, asking in a tone that made the listeners uncomfortable, “What ‘what’? Isn’t this something normal? We had asked Xie Ling to enter the crew in time and he didn’t even reply to us. Won’t others normally think that he doesn’t want to cooperate anymore? Is there a problem with us finding another Male Lead? Anyways, you said that the contract can be signed after joining the crew, so we haven’t violated the contract, right? Well, that’s it. What a waste of my time.”

The screenwriter was too impatient to listen to any rebuttals and immediately hung up the phone after ranting.

Throwing the phone back into Zhang Zizhen’s hand, he put a hand on his waist, feeling refreshed from venting out his emotions.

“What I don’t understand is, why were you so attracted to Xie Ling at that time? Apart from that face that he has, what else can he provide?”

Zhang Zizhen felt even more embarrassed after hearing the screenwriter’s words. His face turned pale and red for a while and he could only mutter in a low voice, “I also want to know why I had my eyes on him.”

Obviously, he didn’t really fit the role.

But it seemed that at that moment, his mind was only on him.

Thinking back to it now, Zhang Zizhen really wanted to poke his eyes out.

Ling Hongying squeezed her phone as her face darkened.

Facing Xie Ling’s doubtful eyes, Ling Hongying said in anger, “Zhang Zizhen said that you didn’t respond when he notified you before. So they have now found a new Male Lead. It’s not your role now.”

“Is he insane?!” Xie Ling was full of disbelief, “Changing the Male Lead without notice. Does he want to be scolded to death?”

Ling Hongying sneered at this, “Is he someone that’s afraid of being scolded? It would be too funny if a director like him is afraid of a few words.”

Honestly speaking, although Ling Hongying felt upset, she had to admit that there were legitimate reasons for this decision made by the crew.

It was better for them to swallow this breath than to hold it out for Zhang Zizhen and fall out with him.

“Forget it. A gourmet variety show sent over an invitation two days ago. Why don’t you go and participate in it? I’ll hand you the script, you can take a look at it.”

“A gourmet variety show?”

“Well, a big star is participating. It’s a good opportunity for you.”

“Who is it?”

Ling Hongying threw her phone aside and looked at him, “Zhao Jing.” 

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