Chapter 10

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Even Xie Qing was stunned when he saw the news. He clicked on the link sent to him by Wen Xu and carefully read through it several times. He finally confirmed that it wasn’t a joke made by some unscrupulous media outlet, but the actual truth.

It had only been an hour since the news had broken out, but the number of comments on this Weibo post had already reached a shocking 100,000 which showed the shock of the netizens. The post on Weibo didn’t reveal too much about the details of the suicide instigation, but it had released a photo of Yu Kaize being taken away by the police from his studio.

Yu Kaize seems to have not expected such a situation at the moment. There was still a furious look on his face. On the side, his assistant, Xiao Xu, who was still holding on to a walking stick and his manager, Meng Jie, all held up confused looks on their faces——

How could he even be involve in suicide instigation?

There had been a lot of slander on the internet about their family’s artist recently, but they hadn’t expected for it to reach the point where their family’s Yu Kaize would instigate other people to commit suicide, right?

However, for some unknown reason, although Meng Jie really wanted to stop the police, he could only watch in a daze as the group got into a police car and left quickly.

It wasn’t until he saw the police car whizzing away from the scene that Meng Jie finally silently opened his mouth and turned to look at Xiao Xu who also held a strange expression on his face, “What’s going on? Yu Kaize had told me not to worry last night and that after he entered the filming crew and came out once more, he’ll be back to the popular film emperor.”

Xiao Xu scratched his head and muttered in a low voice, “Yu-ge told me that he would alway be popular.”

Meng Jie muttered, “Black1famous cuz of scandals red2famous cuz of good stuff can still be said. There’s no guarantee that he would be red all the time.”

Anyways, Meng Jie couldn’t find a second person that was like Yu Kaize in the entertainment industry.

Front foot exposed all kinds of black material and the back foot got taken away by the police on appalling charges.

He was the only person that experienced this in the entertainment industry.

It could be said that it was quite awesome.

Xiao Xu nodded in agreement and then asked, “Then what can we do?”

“We’ll have a farewell dinner tonight and each of us will go towards our own future.”

Anyways, he no longer had any hope for Yu Kaize.

Before the dinner started though, Meng Jie received a call from Xie Ling. Although Meng Jie didn’t like him much and still felt that Xie Ling was inseparable from Yu Kaize’s ‘achievements’. But Xie Ling had asked him about Yu Kaize in the most humane way possible, so he answered back as best as he could. After telling him the truth about Yu Kaize’s situation, Xie Ling was silent for a moment and then thanked him.

Immediately afterwards, he made a phone call to Li Youbai. Li Youbai still acted the same as before. As soon as the call went through, Xie Ling could hear the surrounding chatter and laughter coming from his side. Xie Ling frowned in disgust and said, “Yu Kaize has been arrested by the police. Do you know anything about this?”

Li Youbai had consumed a not so small amount of alcohol today and his whole person was a little dizzy. But when he heard the news from Xie Ling, he instantly sobered up.

“Taken away?”

“Mn, it’s said that he had previously instigated another person to commit suicide and was taken away.” Xie Ling pursed his lips, he had some guesses in his heart but felt it was a bit difficult to say them out loud. Li Youbai seemed to have sensed it and asked playfully, “You don’t think that I did it now, do you?”

Xie Ling felt embarrassed being exposed in such a manner. But fortunately they weren’t face to face at the moment. Xie Ling took a deep breath to calm down his anxiety, “Of course not, I was just feeling surprised. That day Ah-ze had told me that he was fine and that you found someone for him.”

Li Youbai, “…”

Li Youbai thought of Qi Huaiyu.

He frowned, feeling a little puzzled.

Qi Huaiyu said that he would help Yu Kaize solve the mess. Could there be people that are more capable than the Qi family wanting Yu Kaize dead? When did Xie Qing get such a skill? It didn’t make any sense.

A bad premonition faintly rose in Li Youbai’s heart, but he didn’t say anything more to Xie Ling. He just said ‘I’ll go and ask’, then turned around to ask people for Qi Huaiyu’s contact information.

Although Qi Huaiyu had attended multiple gatherings since he came back, the people that had his contact information could be counted with just one hand. Li Youbai finally obtained Qi Huaiyu’s number after begging his grandpa and threatening to sue to his grandma.

At that time, Qi Huaiyu was leaning on a sofa in his living room. The whole living room was empty and the wind that came from the air conditioner made the curtains flutter around. Qi Huaiyu showed a sense of laziness all over his body as he played with a red bayberry with his porcelain white fingers and threw it into his mouth. He then rubbed the little black cat that was laying on his lap.

He glanced down at the caller ID of the person calling him, with a smile on his face, he accepted the call.

“Li-shao, why have you called me?” Qi Huaiyu teased with a smile, “Is there something wrong?”

Many wealthy sons that had spent time with Qi Huaiyu have said that Qi Huaiyu was an unusual person and that they were unable to get along with him. But Li Youbai didn’t feel that way. Qi Huaiyu gave him a good feeling after only meeting him twice—

He often smiled and didn’t seem to put up any airs.

This was also one of the reasons why Li Youbai dared to directly ask about Yu Kaize’s situation.

Hearing Yu Kaize’s name, Qi Huaiyu shook his legs leisurely, “Yu Kaize ah.”

Li Youbai hummed in confirmation, “Didn’t you say that you were going to help suppress all his hot searches, do you still remember?”

“Of course I remembered, isn’t it being suppressed?”


Qi Huaiyu’s fingers flicked on the screen of his tablet that was showing the hot searches. Originally, the post on the top 10 included Yu Kaize’s violent tendencies. But now that search had disappeared, being replaced by #YuKaizeSuicideInstigation# with the word ‘explosive’ on the back.

The young man’s voice was gentler than a spring breeze. With a smile on his face, he said softly, “Instigating others to commit suicide, isn’t this topic suppressing the original one?”

The sound of fingers tapping on a tablet made a *thump**thump* sound, hitting Li Youbai’s heart one after another, making him feel depressed and nervous. Li Youbai opened his mouth, not knowing what to say at all.

“Watching several of his movies had brought me a certain amount of fun. So I made him completely popular.” Qi Huaiyu stood up from the sofa with twinkling eyes.

The young man was completely barefoot. His porcelain white complexion formed a sharp contrast with the dark floor, giving an indescribable sense of beauty.

Looking out through the huge floor-to-ceiling window, there was a large area covered in red roses that were in full bloom.

“I said I would help him.”

Li Youbai suddenly realized that the words the people said about Qi Huaiyu being difficult to get along with were not a joke, but the most authentic perception of him. He had really thought that Qi Huaiyu was a harmless little sheep that was visiting the clubhouse that day, as if an ordinary fan who said that he was going to help Yu Kaize out of the predicament.

But it was clear now that Qi Huaiyu really wanted Yu Kaize to die a more miserable and faster death.

“W-why?” He asked hesitantly.

Li Youbai could guarantee that Yu Kaize and Qi Huaiyu never interacted. Yu Kaize’s family background is considered to be good amongst ordinary people. But in Li Youbai’s eyes, it was not worth looking at. So it was impossible and there was no chance for the Yu family to offend the Qi family. It’s even more impossible for Yu Kaize to have a personal relationship with Qi Huaiyu.

He really couldn’t think of a suitable reason.

The little black cat circled around Qi Huaiyu’s feet. Rubbing its soft fur made Qi Huaiyu calm down. He bent down to hug the cat and rubbed it just like how Xie Qing did countless times. Running his finger across the little black cat’s back to get the other’s comfortable purring in return.

He threw the phone aside after he asked softly, “Do I need a reason?”

Li Youbai received a call from Xie Ling not long after the phone was hung up. He had only one reply to him, “He can’t be saved. Just pray that the suicide instigation was just nonsense.”

Even if he could be saved, Li Youbai didn’t want to lend a hand.

That also meant going against Qi Huaiyu.

Which also meant going against the Qi family.

Since there was no outside interference in Yu Kaize’s matter, it was convenient for the police to investigate the matter. When Yu Kaize’s fans were still struggling to control the flow of the comment section, the truth was revealed to everyone. Even various news outlets broadcasted Yu Kaize’s incident.

Why did Yu Kaize instigate others to commit suicide? The reason was very simple. The other party liked Xie Ling. This happened right when Yu Kaize was in highschool. A boy named Li Chuan had confessed to Xie Ling but the latter didn’t agree. After Yu Kaize heard about it, he naturally didn’t say anything in front of Xie Ling. But in private, he became friends with Li Chuan as a netizen.

From then on, he began to instigate Li Chuan on the internet.

If Li Chuan was unable to get Xie Ling’s attention, he would instigate Li Chuan into doing self-harm in front of Xie Ling.

Xie Ling was terrified at that time. He would then turn to find Yu Kaize, hold his hand and complain to him. At that moment, Yu Kaize felt as if he was floating in heaven after being able to make suggestions for his sweetheart.

He planned everything perfectly step by step.

But Li Chuan really died.

At that time, Li Chuan had really poured out all of his grievances to Yu Kaize. But Yu Kaize only replied casually, ‘Then die in front of him and he will remember you forever.’

In that way.

Although Li Chuan didn’t jump off a building in front of Xie Ling, he did leave a suicide note for him.

Xie Ling had nightmares for a while because of that and Yu Kaize stayed by his side for a long time.

The police didn’t release the details of the matter, but just from the fact that Yu Kaize had done something that was inferior to a beast, it was more than enough for the netizens to scold him for being worse than a pile of shit.

[Was I blind before to actually like this thing? I was stupid.]

[… how suffocating.]

[Ah… So I’ve liked a murderer for five full years. I even thought about helping him whitewash himself. I’m a dirty person, I’m sorry everyone.]

[Cold, Yu Kaize is definitely going to go cold this time.]

[It only takes a while for someone to go from heaven to hell. Yu Kaize’s situation in the past two days perfectly explains what it means to fall harder after climbing higher. I hope that Yu Kaize can sit in prison. Thank you.]

[There’s no need to say much more, it’s enough if Yu Kaize just dies.]

[Fans have already started to prepare for his funeral.]

Xie Qing briefly scanned the topic on Weibo and after getting a general understanding of the situation, he looked at the information on his computer and sighed——

He hadn’t used these things yet.

What a waste.

However, in comparison, Yu Kaize’s current scandal was definitely more impactful.

He only had videos of Yu Kaize playing around.

Wen Xu walked up to Xie Qing with two cups of barley tea and put one of them in front of Xie Qing. He took a glance at the page the young man was browsing and suppressed his doubts, only saying a sentence, “Bad guys will have their own retribution.”

Xie Qing narrowed his eyes, “But retribution comes sooner or later.”

Retribution at the age of thirty and retribution at the age of sixty are two completely different things.

On such a hot day, Xie Qing slowly drank barley tea. His chin rested on the window frame of a wooden window as he looked at Wen Xu who was tilling the soil. Wen Xu had already planted some of the spiritual herb seeds that he gave, but it would take a while to see if they would even germinate.

“Ge, what’s over there?”

Wen Xu straightened up and glanced over at where Xie Qing was pointing at, “Ginseng. I’ll dig it out in two days and give it to uncle3refers to Xie Qing’s adoptive dad.”

“He shouldn’t use such a thing for the time being.” Xie Qing tactfully said.

Even so, his father’s body had recovered faster than he did and he4his father was finally able to walk yesterday.

“It can always be used some other time, if he doesn’t need it then you can use it as a supplement.” Wen Xu didn’t lift his eyes as he touched the soil with his fingers, “I heard the weather forecast saying that it will rain in the next two days. There’s no need to water these today.”

It turned out that the weather forecast was quite accurate.

Just as Xie Qing had finished dinner with Wen Xu and was about to leave, it started raining heavily. A gust of wind blew making Xie Qing’s shirt rustle as he got into Wen Xu’s car. He patted Wen Xu on the shoulder and said bluntly, “Trouble you, ge.”

Wen Xu couldn’t help but laugh, “There’s no trouble. I was originally going to stay down the mountain today5he meant that he was going to live in his house that wasn’t on the mountain.”

The rain went as soon as it came and the air after a heavy rain was somewhat clean and fresh. Xie Qing really wanted to get out of the car for a walk, so he asked Wen Xu to take him to the main road which was the opposite way to the community that he lived in. Seeing that the rain stopped, Wen Xu naturally didn’t refuse his request. He told Xie Qing to take care of himself and then drove away.

Xie Qing walked all the way back. Most of the shops on that road were closed and only barbecue stalls and supper shops still opened, as if they were weighing whether the rain would continue and if they could put their small tables outside again.

Before they could figure it out, a strong wind blew and rain began to fall down heavily again. Almost at the same time, Xie Qing received a call from Wen Xu, “It’s raining again, have you walked back yet? Find a shop on the side of the road and wait for me. I’ll drive right back.”

Xie Qing closed his eyes and smiled helplessly.

Wen Xu treated him like a porcelain doll.

“Ge, there’s no need to come back. I’ll just borrow an umbrella from the owner of the barbecue stand. It’s just a short distance walk, the time it takes for you to drive back is enough for me to go back home twice. There’s no need to trouble yourself.”

“There’s no trouble, it will never be troubling.” Wen Xu pursed his lips and said in a low voice.

Xie Qing was taken aback, “If there is really something that I can’t resolve, I won’t keep my mouth shut. Ge, it’s just two steps. I’m not that delicate. I’ll send you a message when I get home, okay?”

In the end, Wen Xu couldn’t convince Xie Qing, so he agreed.

Xie Qing went and borrowed a big black umbrella from the barbecue stall owner. Holding onto the handle of the black umbrella with thin white fingers, he walked alone in the rain. The rain became denser and denser, and the sound of raindrops continued. The water droplets splashed by his shoes on the ground were mixed with dust, staining his white shoes.

On the road to the community, he had to pass a small alley. As soon as Xie Qing stepped past the alley, he heard the pitiful meowing of a cat and his footsteps stopped immediately.

He turned around and looked towards the opening of the alley.

In the corner, there was a young man who was a few years younger than him, looking up at him. The rain fell on him and made his hair wet. His short hair stuck to his face, making his complexion look even more fair. Noticing Xie Qing’s gaze, he seemed to move a little uneasily. The kitten which had been protected in his arms, poked out its head, but was pushed back by the young man.

His eyebrows drooped and his crow-feather-like eyelashes trembled slightly as raindrops fell down his face.

This scene seemed to have fallen into the depths of Xie Qing’s heart.

Ten years ago, he had also picked up a pitiful little thing on a rainy night.

Later, the other party became his little apprentice.

For reasons unknown, Xie Qing took a few steps forward. Holding onto an umbrella, he stood in front of the young man with his thin but straight body. The big black umbrella prevented the rain from falling on the young man’s head.

Looking at the shirt that clung onto the youth’s skin, Xie Qing turned his gaze away and asked softly, “Why don’t you go home?”

The young man looked up at him. His slender neck looked like that of a swan6istg this guy is more of a shou than our Xie Qing. His Adam’s apple moved as he mumbled, “My family doesn’t like cats. We have no place to live now.”

Xie Qing stared at him for a while and saw that the little black cat came out of his arms again unwillingly. He pursed his lips.

Ten minutes later, he opened the door of the rental house, followed by a drenched little pitiful young man and a familiar black cat.

  • 1
    famous cuz of scandals
  • 2
    famous cuz of good stuff
  • 3
    refers to Xie Qing’s adoptive dad
  • 4
    his father
  • 5
    he meant that he was going to live in his house that wasn’t on the mountain
  • 6
    istg this guy is more of a shou than our Xie Qing


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