Chapter 1 – Are you interested in the actor Yu Kaize’s black material?

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[Xianzun1Immortal master. Like Chu Wanning, I’ve sent you back and left you a gift. It’s your previous storage ring. You can now go back to your original world and continue to love life!]

The voice of system 034 slowly drifted away and finally disappeared.

Xie Qing opened his eyes.

The dark space in front of him was replaced by light coming from the window of a small room. The desk, old sofa and thick books piled up in the corner all told Xie Qing that he had finally returned.

In the early summer a few years ago when Xie Qing was 17, he was on the way home with his adoptive father Gu Mingguo to celebrate his birthday when they unexpectedly collided with a large truck full of goods on the road. In his daze, Xie Qing heard a mechanical sound similar to a robot. The other party claimed to be system 034 and that it had come to help Xie Qing.

But it was only possible under the premise that Xie Qing would go to different worlds to help it complete various tasks. When those different tasks met the standard, the main system would issue life points to maintain the lives of those who should have left.

Now, ten years had passed and Xie Qing finally returned to his original world.

He tilted his head and opened the light-colored curtains in his room. His slender and bony fingers seemed to be transparent under the sunlight. Xie Qing looked at the scenery not far away from him through the window. These things felt a little strange to him.

This was the place where his main body after the car accident chose to stay in after he graduated from university in the original world. It was located in a remote community that looked old and dilapidated. Every morning and evening, there would be many elderly people setting up small food stalls on both sides of the road. The walls were stained with strange graffiti by youngsters. The whole area seemed to show how lively it was.

As it approached the evening, Xie Qing opened the window and he immediately noticed a few children aged seven to eight running around downstairs. Their laughter and cheers drowned out the lonely feeling around the building. Some children raised their heads and looked at him from afar. The bright smiles on their immature faces seemed to be aimed at him, as if greeting Xie Qing.

Xie Qing held the window with one hand, his knuckles turning white with force.

It was a world that he had left for ten years.

Ten years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye, as if it was nothing.

Xie Qing slowly opened his wardrobe and changed his clothes. He then stood in the bathroom. The bathroom wasn’t so big and there was a mirror with broken corners hanging in front of the sink. The young man in the mirror had gentle and delicate facial features, but his complexion was pale like a terminally ill patient that hadn’t seen the sun for a long time.

Truthfully, this body’s health didn’t look optimistic.

When Xie Qing was just 8 years old, someone drugged him and threw him in the snow. When his adoptive parents picked him up, his face had turned blue from the cold and his heartbeat was so weak that it could hardly be heard. His adoptive parents rushed him to the hospital and doctors expanded a lot of effort to save him. Since then, Xie Qing’s body had been severely weakened and he would frequently suffer from chills.

Looking at those deep and dark eyes, like a night sky with thousands of hidden stars, they seemed out of tune with the paleness of his skin.

Xie Qing stretched out his hand and rubbed the corner of his eye. There was a bright red tear mole under his soft fingertips. He closed his eyes and the memories from the past ten years that were in his mind constantly turned up, revealing every root and corner.

When Xie Qing got into the car accident, it was exactly a month before the college entrance exams. As he had been lying in a hospital bed for a whole month, he had no choice but to miss it. As if it was a sequela of the car accident, his initial image of an outstanding student in every teacher’s eyes became uncharacteristically stupid. He barely passed three exams in the college entrance examination.

After his college career ended, Xie Qing became a blogger that focused on filming food videos in order to earn his own living expenses.

Slowly reviewing his life in the past ten years, it seemed to show that it was the same as that of an ordinary person. But there were also significant differences. For example, since two years ago, Xie Qing’s life had been messed up by several men.

Xie Qing lowered his head and picked up his phone. There was still a message on the screen that hadn’t been clicked on yet.

Yu Kaize: I’ll come and find you later.

Speaking of which, a small anchor like him and a newly popular actor like Yu Kaize shouldn’t have any intersection at all. But things just didn’t work as expected. One night two years ago, Xie Qing had accepted an invitation from a short video platform to attend a banquet. An unintentional glance in the crowd made Yu Kaize notice Xie Qing and cause him to launch a fierce pursuit soon after.

It was impossible for someone to fall in love at first sight. The reason why Yu Kaize pursued Xie Qing relentlessly was because Xie Qing and the person Yu Kaize liked looked exactly the same.

Naturally, they looked the same. It was because the person Yu Kaize liked was called Xie Ling, who was actually Xie Qing’s elder twin brother.

Yu Kaize and Xie Ling were high school classmates. The former had excellent grades and the latter had a very good face. Xie Ling knew that with his grades, he wouldn’t have been able to enrol in a prestigious school. So in order to not embarrass the Xie family, he simply chose a film school with low requirements. In order to pursue his sweetheart, Yu Kaize steadfastly ruined his parents’ expectations and followed Xie Ling without any hesitation.

Regrettably, the relationship between the two had always remained at the level of friends, which made Yu Kaize suffer a lot. He loved Xie Ling a lot but could only watch as other men hugged Xie Ling into their arms. His helplessness towards Xie Ling and his resentment towards other men made Yu Kaize immediately have other thoughts when he saw Xie Qing—

He was going to use Xie Qing as Xie Ling’s stand-in.

All the love that he couldn’t get from Xie Ling, he would get it from Xie Qing.

But what Yu Kaize didn’t expect was that Xie Qing wasn’t a soft persimmon that could be pinched. Although he didn’t look very smart, he was unexpectedly very stubborn and completely unmoved by his overtures. At the same time, more people also coveted him as Xie Ling’s substitute.

There were sudden footsteps coming from outside his house. The voice of a child asking his parents what was for dinner could be heard through the walls with poor sound insulation. Xie Qing’s thoughts that were immersed in memories were brought back. With a movement of his slender fingers, he swiped open the lock screen and opened the message box.

After silently looking at Yu Kaize’s name for a while, the corners of Xie Qing’s lips suddenly curved. The colour of his pale lips seemed to be much more gorgeous in an instant. He snorted slightly and clicked delete.

At about eight o’clock in the evening, Xie Qing cooked pumpkin porridge. The sweet smell of pumpkin wafted out of the small window in his kitchen and entered the noses of passers-by. He received low murmurs of ‘it smells so good’ in exchange.

As soon as Xie Qing left the kitchen with his porridge on one foot, there was a ‘bang, bang, bang’ on the door. He raised his eyelids and looked towards the door. He leaned on the sofa and listened to the people outside shouting, “Open the door.”

The voice sounded muffled, as if the speaker was drunk.

There was no response from the inside, so the person outside became more and more impatient. The door was smashed louder and louder, “Quickly open the door for Laozi!”

Yu Kaize.

The name immediately popped up in Xie Qing’s mind. He remembered the text message that he received during the day and looked at the direction of his door. Xie Qing’s brain buzzed. His mood that was originally not bad after he had just returned to the original world, fell to the bottom in an instant.

He lowered his head and glanced at the ruby ring on his index finger. With a twist of his fingertips, a sharp axe appeared out of thin air and Xie Qing held it firmly in his five fingers. The storage ring and axe were all his collections from the small world called ‘One sword overturning the earth’. He was one of the immortals of the Chaoyun sect. Xie Qing had been thrown into a medicine field by the sect when he first joined the sect. Here, his usual work was to manage the medicine field and cut down overgrown branches.

After a hundred years, the axe he used was thrown into his storage ring as a souvenir.

He didn’t expect to be able to take it out again after a hundred years.

Xie Qing slowly dragged the axe towards the door, stood aside and turned the doorknob casually. The opening of the door didn’t attract Yu Kaize’s attention. The man still kept pounding on the door with his fist as most of his body leaned against the door panel——


The door panel moved inward with a click and Yu Kaize couldn’t dodge in time, falling face first like a bereaved dog.

Before he could react, an axe glowing with silver light heavily fell on the floor less than ten centimeters away from his nose. Under the light, it slowly registered into Yu Kaize’s head who was dizzy from his drunkenness. Looking at the axe, he seemed to see a few traces of blood on it. He put his hands on the floor, stunned.

Looking up inch by inch along the long handle of the axe, the young man standing in front of him stared at him lightly with narrow eyes. There was a faint smile on his pale and handsome face, “Coming here so late at night. Are you coming back to sleep together?”

Obviously, that voice sounded gentle and warm like the spring breeze on the banks of a river in March. But when the cold wind of the night blew on Yu Kaize’s face, he felt a thin layer of cold sweat form on his back. His instinctive fear made his brain start to wake up. He opened his mouth for a while but didn’t say anything. Instead, he felt as if his throat was blocked by a stone, which made him uncomfortable.

The cold blade pressed against the side of Yu Kaize’s face. Xie Qing squatted down and looked into his eyes. His long and narrow eyes were bent and even the dark red tear mole at the end of his eyes became a bit more vivid. He then said softly, “Then, what do you think of not waking up forever?”

“You…” Yu Kaize finally regained his voice. The temperature coming from the cold axe on the side of his face formed an absolute gap with the scorching weather outside. It was as if blood penetrated into his skin and covered his body inch by inch, freezing him in place. Yu Kaize soon realized that Xie Qing didn’t seem to be joking——

This young man who had been easily controlled by them like a marionette before, seemed to have broken out suddenly.

His eyes were no longer like what Yu Kaize remembered. They used to be foggy as if their owner could never find a way out.

Xie Qing had changed.

Realizing this, Yu Kaize’s body trembled uncontrollably. He struggled to get up from the ground but saw that Xie Qing was one step ahead of him. He lifted his foot to step on Yu Kaize’s shoulder.

His strength seemed neither light nor heavy, but it made Yu Kaize fall over.

The uneasiness Yu Kaize felt in his heart became heavier and heavier. The suffocating feeling of a stone pressing onto his heart gradually became stronger. He got up from the ground in a panic and his dizzy head became completely awake at this moment. Half of his body was hidden by the door. He gritted his teeth and hoarsely said, “Are you crazy? Do you know that you’re breaking the law by threatening someone!”

Xie Qing glanced at him lazily, “You can go find the police.”

Yu Kaize: “…”

Who is he kidding? How could he call the police?’

If he called the police, it would be equivalent to sending news to the paparazzi and hot searches. Yu Kaize wasn’t as stupid as that. But since this was the case, it showed that he could only eat this loss with tears in his eyes.

“If you don’t dare to call the police, get out for me quickly. If you come to find me again later, I can call the police for you.” Facing Yu Kaize’s widened eyes, Xie Qing smiled and the mole at the end of his eyes looked as red as blood, “I don’t care about my face. Do you care about it?”

Of course Yu Kaize cared.

Xie Qing knew very well that Yu Kaize didn’t dare to reveal anything to Xie Ling, his lord white moonlight, about finding a substitute for him. If Xie Qing called the police, one could imagine what Yu Kaize would face with the upsurge of public opinion. At that time, Xie Ling probably wouldn’t give him a good face either.

After all, in Xie Qing’s memory, Xie Ling had hated his younger twin brother very much.

Otherwise, why would he coax him to go to the amusement park, stun him and then dump him in the suburbs of Beijing?

Under Xie Qing’s half-smiling gaze, Yu Kaize secretly gritted his teeth. He finally turned and left.

As if venting his anger, he slammed the door on his way out.

Xie Qing raised his eyes, slowly took out his mobile phone and dialed an unfamiliar number, “Hello, is this Liang Hong’s studio? I have explosive news here with me. Are you interested in the scandal of the actor Yu Kaize?”

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