Chapter 7 – The Alps and the landslide

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This lady named Annie was the assistant that Ferrari assigned to Winston to take care of his daily needs. 


“Ah… How lucky…” Hunter felt extremely envious.  


He also wanted an assistant.  

When the car reached the bottom of his block, Hunter abruptly realised that he had never mentioned where his house was located from the beginning to the end. How did Winston know?  

“I’ll see you in Montreal,” Winston said.  

Although it was clearly the cold tone he used in front of the media, it sounded different to Hunter’s ears.  

“Alright, good night.” 


Hunter went upstairs.  

Montreal, was it? At the time, Winston would be on the track while he would only watch…

He suddenly felt regretful. Why didn’t he do better in all his previous matches? 


Assistant Annie glanced at the rearview mirror as she drove, observing Winston’s expression.

His expression was awfully cold and she couldn’t see even a hint of emotion. They were both in the same car, yet there seemed to be an insurmountable distance between them.

Evan Hunter… Wasn’t he the new rookie who had just joined F1 this year? Did he even score a single point in the last three matches? How did he know Winston?

When Winston called her to come to pick them up, he’d clearly stated they’d taken only one car before.

However, from her previous experience, Winston never allowed another person in his car. Even when he attended those banquets, he never had a female companion… He was so asocial that it made others wonder if he had antisocial tendencies.

“Do you like Evan Hunter?” Annie regretted it the moment she asked. 

The team manager who’d hired her had once said that she was to, under no circumstances, inquire about Winston’s personal life.

However, from the one year she had spent observing him, Winston didn’t have something that could be called a personal life. There was no need to mention about him flying all over the place for major competitions, but he was also very disciplined during off-season training. It was as if he didn’t need any form of social interaction with others.

“Mn.” Winston agreed.

Annie’s car veered.  

Did Winston just say “Mn”?  

Did that mean he accepted her words?

He held good feelings for that youth called Evan Hunter?  

As for Hunter who had just returned home, he felt extremely excited.  

Who would believe him?! Vann Winston was his friend!  

He ran a lap around his room while the memories of the times they spoke from his first meeting with Winston until today continuously replayed in his mind.

Then… he tilted his head in confusion…

Why did Winston suddenly notice him? And those words like “I want to fuck you” and “I don’t mind paying a million dollars if it’s your underwear”… Although his expression had been nonchalant, he was completely different from the persona he portrayed to the media!  

The couple next door was at it again.

Hunter wanted to shift his bed to another direction… No, he wanted to find a girlfriend to roll in the sheets from day to night and see who was unable to sleep!

Whatever… Since he wasn’t able to sleep, then he should go harass others.

Hunter dialled his high school good friend Blu.

“Hey… hello, this is Blu…”  Blu sounded sluggish. It seemed he was already asleep.

But Hunter didn’t feel guilty at all, after all, disturbing others’ sleep was his favourite thing to do.

“Hey, Blu, there’s something I want to tell you!”

“…Hunter…  Are you currently overseas? Why are you calling me at this hour?”

“I’m in New York.”

“Fuck! Don’t you know what time it is, right now? Speak, what the fuck’s wrong with you! Could it be that you’re preparing to quit F1? Then, don’t worry. You can always come to my hip-hop class!”

“I still haven’t decided to quit… But there’s something I want to tell you… I met a super popular driver in a bathroom during the Spain competition.”

“Oh? And then?” Blu sounded disinterested.


“When I was leaving the bathroom, he mentioned I hadn’t zipped up my pants and even personally helped me to.” Hunter excluded the part where he used a water grenade on McGrady.

“Huh? He helped zip up your pants? What else did you guys do?” The sleepiness in Blu’s voice seemed to have dispersed as he sat up.

“Nothing much, he just called my name.”

“So, you only called to tell me this?” Now, Blu wanted to use his phone to smash Hunter’s face.

“After that, when I was shopping at the supermarket, my credit card was maxed out. So, he helped me foot the bill. He even recommended not to purchase underwear from the supermarket because the material isn’t good.”

“Isn’t this great, although the two of you aren’t very familiar, he definitely knows that you’re a racer. Helping you foot the bill would be reasonable, then what happened after that?”

“After that… We ran into each other at the charity dinner and he spent ten thousand USD on my baseball hat.”

“That… He’s really giving you face… He even earns more than you.”


“He does indeed earn more than me, but do you know what else he said? He said he doesn’t mind paying a million dollars if it’s my underwear! Don’t you think it’s weird?”

“Since both of you aren’t familiar, then it is indeed weird. But if I became a billionaire one day, I would definitely use the same tricks to taunt you, hahaha!” 

“After that, my Jeep broke down on the way home.”

“I’ve long been telling you to quickly change that broken car! Sooner or later, it’s gonna abandon you in the middle of the road!”

“Then, I encountered him again, he even brought me to the Ferrari race track and let me drive his car till it exploded…”

“Fuck! What’s his sports car?”

“Of course it’s a Ferrari car…”

“Then do you have to compensate for it?”

“No need.”

“This brother is so heroic! Have you stepped on dog shit and lucked out?”

“… Is it just about lucking out? I asked him why he is treating me so…so well?”

“Why?” Blu was also curious.

“He gave me 3 reasons. The first was that I would one day become a top racer like him. The second reason was that he wants to fuck me…”

“Hahahaha… After so long, turns out, a man has taken a fancy to you! Watch out for your ass!”

“So… You also think he has that sort of intention towards me, right?” While thinking back to the things that Winston had said to him, Hunter grew tense. It can’t be that he has ulterior motives towards him?  

“Didn’t you say there’s a third reason? What’s the last reason?”

“He wants to become friends with me…”

“AHAHAHAHA! The way this brother makes friends is full of twists and turns, so uniquely ingenious! Your heart and liver must be trembling right?”

“You mean, he wants to be friends with me?”

“What else? Do you really think he wants to fuck you? You do look cute, but you’re not too different from other people. And your personality is even worse! It’s already bad luck being friends with you. If anyone wants to roll the sheets with you, their hearts will definitely collapse!”

“Hey! Are you still my brother?”

“Of course! It’s because I’m your brother that I’m telling the truth… But wait, based on his attitude, it does feel like he’s chasing you!”

Blu was filled with malice as he took joy in Hunter’s misfortune, while Hunter only felt danger.

“That… Then I should think of ways to keep my distance from him…” Hunter scratched his head.

He didn’t have any friends in Formula 1, so when someone actively approached him, Hunter felt really reluctant. 

“Who’s that brother?” Blu asked.

“Vann Winston…” Hunter accidentally slipped out Winston’s name while deep in his thoughts.

“What? Vann Winston? You’re saying it’s that ‘swift blade of frost’ Vann Winston?” 

“That’s right. I should keep my distance from him next time…”

“Are you crazy! If it’s Vann Winston, the 3 reasons wouldn’t hold up!”


“You, a top driver? Not a chance. In Vann Winston’s point of view, with his above worldly affairs demeanour, simply looking at him feels like looking at the Alps! If he pursues you, it’ll feel like the Alps having a sudden landslide!”

“What sort of comparison is this! He’s the Alps but I’m the landslide?”

“Is it not true? People like him walk to the pinnacle of life. Why would he want to be friends with a loser like you?”

“Because he’s lonely, so he wants someone to keep him company?”

“All right, fine man! So, Vann Winston unexpectedly approached you to talk? If there’s a next time, I want to take a picture with him!”


“Wait, are you sure he really just wants to be friends with me? And not to, you know, me?”

“Yea? Otherwise, do you expect him to, you know, you?” 

Hunter revealed a big smile. 

“That’s all! Time to sleep!”

“You’re going to sleep already? You still haven’t told me what Winston told you!”

No matter how loud the couple next door was while doing it, Hunter’s face was filled with a beautiful smile.  

The intense competition schedule continued back to back.

Hunter followed the team to Montreal. 

From the start to the end of the plane ride, McGrady acted as if he had eaten a rotten egg.

Hunter rubbed his chin and thought to himself that McGrady wouldn’t look too good if he wasn’t kicked out of the team. 

Once they got off the plane, It was time for night practice. 

While Hunter spectated cars racing around the track, his mind, however,  went back to the night when he and Winston were at the Ferrari race track. 

The feeling of frantically speeding without a care, yet coupled with the enjoyment from being in control of a car that could derail any moment. 

Now, McGrady and Luke were the core racers of the team. On the contrary, he seemed so dispensable.

Hunter walked to a corner with no people and took out a cigarette. 


Before every match, he needed something to raise his spirits. However, since he couldn’t appreciate coffee, cigarettes were his first choice.

However, smoking wasn’t good for the heart and the lungs, so Hunter would limit it to a stick.

He squinted his eyes, savouring the feeling of the nicotine seeping into his brain.

The sound of the engines came wave by wave, but it had nothing to do with him anymore.

“Let me take a puff.”

Beside him, an icy cold voice resounded. Paired with the winding smoke, it seemed like a fusion between fire and ice. 

The author has something to say:

When frying eggs:

After a few days.

Hunter: Blu… He doesn’t want to be friends with me, he’s taking me as Oreo, and he’s the milk!

Blu: What do you mean?

Hunter: He wants to fuck me!

Blu: I… want to change my previous words. The way this brother chases a man is full of twists and turns, so uniquely ingenious!

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