Chapter 25.1 – He’s mine

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Hunter burst out laughing as he propped up his chin and gazed out of the window. “If you spoke to the media like this, they wouldn’t have written you off as arrogant, pretentious and so on, even if you adopted this icy-cold appearance three years ago.”

“I don’t care about what they write.”

“I know. Previously, I’d always gloat whenever I watched them bash someone, but I can’t do the same now…”

“What’s wrong?”

“If anyone utters malicious words about you, I’m afraid that I can’t help but beat them to death.”

That’s because… you seem to be the only friend I have.

“This is the reason why you teared up after the race, right?” Winston confirmed.

“Huh?” Hunter froze.

“Because you’re worried that you aren’t good enough, so I end up suffering criticism.”

Hunter’s eyebrows scrunched up, at this moment, he hated this guy who always used such a perfectly justified tone to discuss the worries on other’s minds.

“Isn’t it true? You’re the racer who can compete with the ‘Great White Shark’ Ciel and Red Bull’s Owen in the annual championship. You and I are in two separate worlds.” Hunter shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve always wanted to get closer to you even though I don’t know what method’s the quickest to achieve that. If you still feel distance between us, then I don’t know what to do.”

Hunter lowered his head, his hands covering his eyes. “Oh god… don’t talk to me like that.”

“Then how should I speak to you?”

“Fine, sorry Winston. We’ll always be on the same racetrack, now, and in the future.”

Hunter lifted up his head to look at the other.

He couldn’t help but ponder if there would come to be anyone in the future who was similar to Winston. Speaking to him with such seriousness, it made him feel like he was the world’s most special person.

Lunch was a perfectly sautéed steak. Hunter’s appetite was great while Winston, who was seated before him, was neither fast nor slow in contrast. His fingers pressed down the back of the knife, the gesture of meticulously slicing through the steak brought a hint of decisiveness within.

“What are you staring at?” Winston drooped his eyes while questioning.

Did this guy have eyes on his forehead? He actually noticed he was watching him!

“This is… to learn from your graceful western etiquette and upgrade my self-training.” Hunter squinted his eyes in a smile and answered.

“But I don’t want you to learn and become someone like me. I hope that you’ll always act based on what your heart desires,” Winston spoke as he lifted his eyes, then placed down his knife.

“Acting on whatever I want?” The corner of Hunter’s lips pulled up. “Then Winston… can you not change as well? I hope that even after many years have passed, we’ll still be able to chat just like today, and you’ll remain the most important friend by my side.”

Please don’t be like my mother, turning your back on me because of a so-called ‘starting afresh’.

And don’t be like my father, who only drank alcohol because of a so-called failure, ultimately unable to see me.

“Hunter, I can’t possibly be your friend forever.”

Winston’s voice lowered, causing Hunter to unconsciously tighten his grip on the knife in his hand.

As expected, you and I are both independent people. No matter how good of friends we are, there’s no such thing as an endless banquet in this world.

“But I’ll always be by your side and it’ll still be the same no matter how much you dread me, get sick of me, or struggle to leave me, it’ll still be the same.”

Winston’s voice was obviously light, yet Hunter felt trapped by a mistake.

“Why would I dread you? Or be sick of you? Fine, there’s some moments when I’m sick of you… there won’t be any girls to hook up with as soon as you show up. All of them would only look at you.”

Furthermore, I have both hands and feet, there’s no need to struggle regardless of who wants to leave who.

Winston didn’t reply.

Hunter thought about it again. “Hold on, if you’re unable to be my friend forever, then how could you remain by my side forever? Be enemies for eternity? Just like the love-hate relationship on the racetrack between you and Mercedes’ Ciel?

“You can think about what kind of relationship we’ll have.”

“It’s impossible for me even if I rack my brain…” Hunter wrinkled his brows and tilted his head. “I’ve realised that the way my logic and yours works is always different. Of course… it’s still quite fun.”

“I’m not someone who’s very patient, Hunter. Once you’ve overstepped my tolerance, I won’t be like the gentlemen I am now.”

It was obviously a threat towards him, yet Hunter slowly relaxed his tightened grasp on his knife.

“How ungentlemanly would you be towards me? Even more wretched than McGrady’s beating?” Hunter asked as he smilingly shifted his face towards Winston.

As long as you don’t turn your back on me like the others I valued, then I really don’t care whether you’re being a gentleman or not.

Yet Winston slowly leaned towards Hunter, gazed into his eyes and replied, “Do you want to give it a try now?”

“Sure, come on!”

Before Hunter could laugh out loud, he saw Winston lean over, single-handedly support the dining table, and his brows hang increasingly closer to his eyes. Hunter could almost feel the warmth of the other’s lips, all of his senses became incomparably sharper at that instant.

It ought to have been Hunter’s most rapid reaction in his lifetime at that moment.

He suddenly pulled backwards, his back plastered against the chair and his eyes wide open as he stared back at the latter.

“Idiot.” Winston perked up his chin, continuing with slicing his steak.

Hunter inclined his head… Seems like he was toyed with by this guy again?

What did that ‘idiot’ from just now even mean?

Was this disdain coming from a king?

“Do you believe that I’ll use this table knife to stab you the next time you use such a method to trick me?”

Hunter felt that it was necessary for him to be clear with the latter. It used to be just the cold humour in his words… ah, that wasn’t right, it should be harassment. It was getting much more excessive now.

“Sure, you stab.” Winston had already finished his steak and began methodically tasting the dessert.

“Not only will I stab you, I’ll even stick my tongue in and let you taste my saliva!”

Could it be that the so-called ‘noble gentleman’ had no lower limits when discarding his conservativeness?

“I won’t let you out if you really have the guts to stick it in.”

Hunter almost didn’t spill out his black tea. He coughed violently, nearly becoming the first racer to choke to death over a cup of black tea.

“You can’t win against me, so don’t bother.” Winston handed Hunter a napkin.

Yea, yea… pitting against you will precisely hurt me!

After finishing their lunch, Hunter wiped his lips. “I want to go to a supermarket. A small one will do.”

“What do you want to buy?”

“He he. Condoms,” Hunter whispered to the other.

Something good was about to happen to him!

“You want to mess up again like last time?” Winston merely shot him a glance.

“It’s a bunny party1[1] an adult party with ladies in bunny costumes! You can stop pretending, this is every average man’s dream!” Hunter squinched his eyes and pointed at the other. “Even if you’re reserved on the surface, when you hear this, your heart will itch right?”

“It will,” Winston replied.

Hunter’s smile became more brilliant. “That’s right! There’s no need to carry this on in front of your fellow brothers!”

“That’s if you wore the bunny ears,” Winston replied in an inevitable tone.

“…I don’t want to be friends with you.”

“I’ve said it before, I originally didn’t want to be friends with you either.”

Hunter rolled his eyes. He realised that when interacting with Winston, it wasn’t enough to just disregard his aura, the more important thing was to possess a skill that could resurrect oneself when infuriated to death.

“Then do you want to come or not?”

Thinking of the scene where Winston was surrounded by bunny girls, let’s see if he could still adopt a desireless expression.



“Who invited you?”


“Donald from Sauber?”

“That’s right…”

“He’s also the one who took you to the bar last time?”

“That’s right, is there a problem?”

“Since when were you so close to him?”

“Hey, what do you mean by close to him! Him and I don’t have any deep hatred, moreover I like that guy’s honesty, he speaks what’s on his heart and isn’t hypocritical…”

Hold on… It felt like Winston questioned him at such a quick pace that he didn’t even have time to reflect before answering.

“If it’s tonight, then I can’t go. The team meeting starts at 8. I’ll also be flying off to Austria tomorrow morning.”

“Oh… I’ll only be flying over the day after tomorrow.”

After clearly thinking through it, it was also good that Winston wasn’t going, otherwise he’d be at the center of the bunnies.

“I’ll accompany you to buy the condoms. Be sure to use it.”

“You’re worried for me?”

“I’m worried for the lady you might fancy. You’d better still be a racer next year and not be busy making powdered milk.”

After finishing, Winston raised his hand and motioned to pay the bill.

Hunter scratched the back of his head, this was his first time having someone accompany him to buy condoms!

They went to a convenience store by the street, the squarish, small boxes were orderly stacked near the cashier. In Hunter’s opinion, they were brimming with enticement and a little pinch of excitement.

Winston went in first, Hunter stuffed his hands into his pockets and followed behind. He lowered his head and stretched out his hand to grab two boxes before heading towards the check out.

“Those kinds that have granules don’t suit you,” Winston commented.

“Huh?” Hunter picked up the box to take a look, whispering his question, “Aren’t these kinds supposed to be good? I heard these are more pleasurable than normal?”

“Relying on something external to increase the feeling instead of your size or technique, using this will make your partner feel that you’re incompetent.”

Although Hunter wasn’t an old driver in this field, this wasn’t his first time buying condoms. In middle school, he had passed by a convenience store one morning and had even brought it for his classmates. At that time, they liked the ribbed type or the dotted kinds2 Imagine a screwdriver tip and a bubble wrap cylinder.

Winston’s words refreshed his understanding. Who knew if those groups of brothers would come to the realisation that their girlfriends might’ve been mocking them behind their backs after hearing such words?

“Then… how about the ones with fragrance?”

Didn’t women enjoy using perfume? Even preferring their body wash to be scented, so they would perhaps like the fragrant types?

“It’s easy to become prone to allergies.”

Such a simple sentence immediately dispelled Hunter’s thoughts. He didn’t want little Hunter to feel uncomfortable or itch the next day.

“Then what should I buy?” Hunter felt somewhat vexed.

“The simplest, thinnest one will do.”

“Oh…” Hunter grabbed a few and placed them on the cashier somewhat disheartenedly.

The extremely thin ones didn’t have any tricks to them at all… It was very Winston.

Hunter stared at Winston, squinted his eyes and said, “I had assumed that you’d have no desires, who would’ve thought that you’d look into it so thoroughly! You seem experienced! Where are you rolling around the sheets at? The media follows you so closely, but they’re still unable to capture it?”

“I don’t use these sorts of stuff.” Winston’s face was unchanging.

“You don’t use it?” Hunter jokingly knocked against the other. “Then aren’t you afraid that you might be the one busy making powdered milk this time next year?”

“I’ll shoot it inside.”

Winston handed over his credit card.

Hunter blinked, ‘My brother’s really domineering!’

In the elevator after returning to the hotel, Hunter didn’t forget to verify with Winston once more. “Are you really not going to the bunny party with me?”

“No need.”

“I say, don’t you feel that other than taking some verbal liberties with me, you’re just like an ascetic friar3A friar is a brother and a member of one of the mendicant orders founded in the twelfth or thirteenth century; member of catholic religious order ? Are you sure that you don’t want to let loose with me, try out the life of indulgence?” Hunter purposely squinted his eyes and licked the corner of his lips.

Winston’s gaze darkened, he faintly said, “You seem to like always trying out new things.”

“Nonsense, haven’t you heard before? Doing things you’ve never done before is called growth, doing things you’re unwilling to do is called change, and doing things you’ve never dared to is called breaking through.” Hunter earnestly nodded his head.

“I only know— doing things you’ve never done before is called attempting, doing things you’re unwilling to do is called compromise, and doing things you’ve never dared to is called going insane.”

Hunter’s mouth gaped as he turned speechless.

The elevator door opened, Winston took a step out first while Hunter didn’t forget to remind him again, “Hey, if you ever regret it, you know where to find me!”

Winston only raised his hand as he faced his back to Hunter.

After the following minute, every second felt like a year.

[1] an adult party with ladies in bunny costumes

[2] Imagine a screwdriver tip and a bubble wrap cylinder

[3] A friar is a brother and a member of one of the mendicant orders founded in the twelfth or thirteenth century; member of catholic religious order

nura: just a bit of disclaimer, please wear protection when it comes to sex, even if ure in a same gender relationship, otherwise pls do relevent research! QAQ 

  • 1
    [1] an adult party with ladies in bunny costumes
  • 2
     Imagine a screwdriver tip and a bubble wrap cylinder
  • 3
    A friar is a brother and a member of one of the mendicant orders founded in the twelfth or thirteenth century; member of catholic religious order


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