Chapter 76 – Fatally attractive

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76th -【Fatally attractive】

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When Li Hua saw the exclusive red envelope sent by Lu Shi, he felt what it meant to be speechless. The group also fell silent; everyone seemed to be stunned as no one sent a message.

He cursed, “Oh crap, it’s so exciting!” Li Hua typed quickly.

Civilian – Li Hua: [Class Representative – Zhang Yueshan, I’m not as generous as Lu-Shen, but since you only got 39 yuan pitifully, I’ll give you half of mine.]

After two seconds, Li Hua sent out an exclusive red envelope designating Zhang Yueshan as receiver.

Zhang Yueshan responded very quickly and clicked to receive the red envelope.

Class Representative – Zhang Yueshan: [I suddenly felt a spring-like warmth from my deskmate! But are you yourself? If you’ve been kidnapped, just blink!]

Civilian – Li Hua: [Blink? You want a kick?]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [Raising hand! I only got around 90 yuan! What about my deskmate, where are you! I also need rescue! I also need comfort! I also want to feel the fiery heat from a deskmate! Roommate is okay too!]

Study Committee Member – Fang Ziqi: [OK!]

Soon after, Fang Ziqi sent out an exclusive red envelope.

Class Representative – Zhang Yueshan: [Hahahaha, I laughed my head off! Study Com, why did you send out a cent?!]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [My heart has been pierced by my roommate’s coldness!]

Study Committee Member – Fang Ziqi: [Thunder, rain and dew are all graces, my dear roommate, take them and spend them!]

Recreational Officer – Yang Yuchan: [You all seem to act as if we’re blind…]

Civilian – Kong Yishan: [We also want to feign blindness, but it’s a bit difficult for these ministers and concubines, really can’t do it…]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [What blind? Who’s blind? No, aren’t we giving out red envelopes, what are you talking about, why can’t I understand?]

Recreational Officer – Yang Yuchan: […]

The two students who air-dropped dog food in the class chat had already put their phones in their pockets and were holding matches, preparing to light the fireworks.

Chu Yu was a little cowardly and confirmed again and again, “Is this thing really not going to hit me in the face? Really?”

Zhu Zhifei laughed. “School Flower, don’t be afraid! Just don’t set off the fireworks towards your face, okay? Go go go and light it light it!”

Chu Yu closed one eye, twirled the ignited match, and cautiously reached out to light the fuse.

The moment it lit, he jumped back a few steps like a rabbit, and ultimately leaned back into Lu Shi’s arms.

Lu Shi stretched out his hand to support Chu Yu’s waist and asked in a low voice, “Throwing yourself into my arms?”

Chu Yu’s ears failed to live up to expectations and completely burned in less than two seconds.

After Chu Yu set off fireworks, skyrockets, and so on for half an hour, he was so addicted that he only remembered to check the class group chat now.

The next round of grabbing red envelopes in the group chat was set at 00:00. Everyone was bored and were chatting with expression packs in the group. After a while, the messages were at 99+.

When Chu Yu entered, the group was discussing copying winter vacation homework.

“Damn, their guts are quite big, I recall Old Ye was also in the group? Isn’t this setting a fire in front of state officials1From, ‘only the official is allowed to light the fire, the common people are forbidden’. So setting a fire in front of the official is provoking authority.?”

Lu Shi helped Chu Yu put away the matchbox. “Old Ye was kicked out of the group eight minutes ago.”

Chu Yu laughed. “Kicked out? It’s a full setup! Class Rep will definitely go to Old Ye to apologize, saying ‘I’m sorry I just made a mistake, I’ll add you back!’”

Sure enough, after discussing the topic of copying homework, Zhang Yueshan sent a message to the group, [Brothers and sisters, I will now visit Old Ye to offer a humble apology!]

After a while, Old Ye was added back again. It wasn’t known what Zhang Yueshan had said, but Old Ye also generously sent six red envelopes in a row.

Chu Yu grabbed them all, but got less than a yuan in total.

‘Pa pa’, he patted the back cover of his phone. Chu Yu deeply suspected that something was wrong with his cell!

The four of them stayed at the riverside until three o’clock in the morning. When midnight of New Year’s Eve fell, Wei Guanglei suggested that everyone make a wish facing the river together.

Wei Guanglei made a trumpet shape with his hands around his mouth and shouted, “I want to be first in the whole server! I want to draw a limited edition mount! I want to win first place in the claw doll contest! I wish business in the store will get better and better!”

Zhu Zhifei yelled after, “I want to surpass Lu-Ge and take first place in the test!”

Chu Yu originally wanted to yell along, but after hearing Zhu Zhifei’s wish, he couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter. The wind blew in, causing him to choke up and cough. When it finally died down, it was past midnight.

He said loudly to Zhu Zhifei, “Hahaha, your wish is too difficult, the passerby deity expressed that he doesn’t have enough magic power to fulfill it!”

Wei Guanglei asked Chu Yu, “Little Young Master, what wish did you want to shout just now?”

“I wish that in the new year, I’ll make a lot of money and slowly become a very powerful person!”

Chu Yu’s eyes carried a smile. “But making a wish probably isn’t very useful, so I’ll put in effort myself!”

Wei Guanglei then asked Lu Shi, “How about Lu-Ge, did you make a wish?”

He initially thought that Lu Shi didn’t make one, but Lu Shi unexpectedly nodded.

“Lu-Ge, can you reveal what you wished for?”

Chu Yu was also interested, so he leaned beside Lu Shi and tugged at his jacket sleeve. “What wish did you wish?”

Lu Shi answered, “I wished for Chu Yu’s safety in the new year.”

Chu Yu’s safety.

Hearing these three words, Chu Yu’s fingers pinching the fabric of Lu Shi’s sleeve quietly tightened.

Calming down his suddenly stirred up mood, Chu Yu raised a smiling face toward Lu Shi. “En! It’ll definitely come true!”

In the second half of the night, the fireworks and firecrackers were all finished. The four of them went back on Wei Guanglei’s three-wheeled motorcycle.

The vehicle was still bumpy and there was an undispersed smell of gunpowder, but everyone was happy.

Zhu Zhifei was too excited, so he extended his head out from the side and yelled at the roadside against the cold wind, “Young men onwards ah—”

Choking on his saliva midway, Ling Yun’s momentum folded halfway2Quoting a poem with the title “太常引”. I’m just not sure if Lingyun is referring to a person or a place. Based on context it means, vigor suddenly losing momentum..

Chu Yu fell into Lu Shi’s arms with a smile. “I, damn, did you all come down from heaven to get people to laugh?”

The tattered three-wheeled motorcycle couldn’t bear the tossing as its center of gravity was unstable. Wei Guanglei yelled from the driver’s seat, “Shit, you guys in the back sit the fuck down quickly, don’t sway around! It’s gonna flip over, fuck!”

After the Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival was fast approaching and students began returning to school.

Chu Yu went home to pack his luggage, and Aunt Lan, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, couldn’t stop talking about how “young master has lost weight”. Chu Yu deliberately looked in the mirror and thought it wasn’t obvious that he’d lost weight, and that he still looked good anyway.

The Rolls-Royce drove to the street in front of Jianing Private School. Because many dormitory students were returning to school early, a long line of private cars were blocking the road again.

Chu Yu was patient, neither anxious nor hot-tempered. He first sent a message to Lu Shi saying he was stuck outside the school gate, then chatted with Yang Yuchan about a few things regarding the project.

When they finally reached the gate of the school, Chu Yu exited the car, carried his suitcase, bowed to Aunt Lan, and said, “Aunt Lan, you and Uncle Chen can go back first, it’s cold outside, so you don’t have to send me in.”

Aunt Lan had helped Chu Yu clean up his dorm room the day before, so she didn’t stubbornly want to get out of the car. Seeing Chu Yu wearing a school uniform with a clear, bright smile, she couldn’t help but babble, “Time flies, the young master has suddenly grown up and is sensible, doesn’t want us to worry…”

When Chu Yu dragged his suitcase upstairs, he heard howls and shouts here and there along the way.

“Aren’t there only 20 papers for the English homework? Why the hell do you want to copy?”

“Mathematics, English and Physics, I finished these three subjects and I’m at my limit!”

“Who the hell finished their math papers? You borrowed mine and copied it, this great favor will definitely be repaid in the next life!”

As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, Chu Yu met Dream-Ge and Zhang Yueshan.

Dream-Ge stretched out his arms to say hello. “School Flower! I haven’t seen you since winter vacation, I missed your face very much!” After speaking, he raised the stack of papers in his hand. “Wanna copy?”

Zhang Yueshan recalled, “School Flower is probably going to copy from Lu-Shen, right?”

Chu Yu put his suitcase aside and lifted his chin. “I won’t copy, I’ve finished my winter vacation homework.”

“You’re all done? School Flower, the speed at which you copy homework—” Finding something wrong, Dream-Ge stopped. “Wait, you finished your homework by yourself?”

Chu Yu proudly snapped his fingers. “Of course!”

Speaking of which, he was extremely awesome, but Chu Yu was clear that there was a fuck ton of bitterness behind it.

Especially in mathematics and physics, when he’d looked at the questions on the paper, his eyes would black out. If it wasn’t for Lu Shi’s counseling, Chu Yu believed that he would’ve died in that pile of papers.

Lu Shi arrived with Zhu Zhifei.

Zhu Zhifei attended a cram school for the entirety of winter vacation, so he didn’t have time to do his winter vacation homework. He slept little, making the color of the dark circles under his eyes frighteningly richer.

Chu Yu was startled when he saw him. “Why do I feel like Zhu Zhifei looks more like a vampire than me?”

Zhu Zhifei’s mind was dazed as most of the papers were stuffed in it. He didn’t hear him clearly, so he adjusted his glasses and asked weakly, “What did you say, School Flower?”

Chu Yu shook his head quickly. “It’s nothing, I was just lamenting how scary your dark circles are.”

Glimpsing Lu Shi’s exposed neck, Chu Yu took off his scarf and directly wrapped it around Lu Shi’s neck.

Since the last time Lu Shi had a fever, he’d developed a little psychological shadow, resulting in him being eager to wrap Lu Shi in three to four down jackets before going out.

Lu Shi cooperatively lowered his head and let him work.

On the first day of school, many students were sporting dark circles under their eyes.

Li Hua spun the pen in his hand and murmured, “I actually don’t understand. Even if I copy the words five times, those I can write, I still can write, and those I can’t write, I still can’t write. What’s the point of this homework?”

Chu Yu assumed, “Probably… the English teacher thought that you’d try to memorize the words you couldn’t memorize while copying words?”

Li Hua commented with an idiom, “She’s delusional!”3痴心妄想: lit. infatuated with delusion. Set expressions/idiom are usually four letter words.

Two weeks into the start of the school, everyone was very out of shape. They slept in and arrived late in the morning, dozed off in class, and were absent-minded during the entire lecture. The school principal was on the campus broadcast every day, sorrowfully telling everyone to say goodbye to winter vacation syndrome and embrace campus life as soon as possible.

Chu Yu’s winter vacation syndrome wasn’t good either. His hands itched and he always wanted to find an opportunity to set off fireworks by the Qingchuan River. After carefully reflecting on it, he spurned himself for being almost 18 yet still so enthusiastic about children’s activities.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his book again, and held the pen in his hand to solve the difficult questions.

The phone on the desk vibrated. Chu Yu didn’t lift his head, but rather shouted, “Lu Shi, your phone has a message!”

Lu Shi replied, “Read it for me.”

Putting down his pen, Chu Yu entered the password and opened the phone. After reading the message, he couldn’t sit still and got up to run to the bathroom door. He told Lu Shi, who was taking a shower inside, “It seems like a message from the detective you hired. He said Fang Weishan was released, Lu Shaochu mediated with connections and stuffed a large sum of money.”

After a while, the door to the bathroom opened. Lu Shi was carrying a white bath towel, his hair was still wet, and only black pants fitted the lower part of his body.

He was covered in water vapor. The water droplets from his hair dripped from the ends, fell to his collarbone, and down across his chest, winding to his abdominal muscles.

Chu Yu’s attention was completely attracted.

He used rationality to force his attention away from the charm, ran to the edge of the closet in two steps, found a black jacket, and covered Lu Shi.

Having just finished taking a shower, Lu Shi disliked being hot, so he wore it loosely without pulling the zipper up, frankly revealing his strong chest, waist, and stomach.

After taking the phone, Lu Shi read the message. “Lu Shaochu is quite fast.”

Chu Yu took his eyes off of Lu Shi’s abdominal muscles with difficulty and supplemented, “Lu Shaochu’s thoughts are really easy to figure out. In the first place, they currently don’t even know that you’re the one behind it, therefore, when Lu Shaochu faces Fang Weishan, he’d probably say that the fundamental reason why his sister was sentenced was because someone was eyeing the Lu family. First, show off a wave of misery, then make Fang Weishan join the opposition of the same enemy, and deal with this enemy who they didn’t have any inkling of.”

Lu Shi held the phone, full of interest, “Then?”

“The Fang family’s reputation will sour due to this matter, and they won’t have an easy time for a few years to say the least. Lu Shaochu extended an olive branch and Fang Weishan, who was in trouble, could only gratefully take it. After all, he and the Fang family both temporarily rely on Lu Shaochu’s help and assistance.”

Seeing Lu Shi nod, Chu Yu continued, “Lu Shaochu is probably rejoicing. If he casually throws a bone or two pieces of meat, he’d have a loyal and dedicated dog, so why wouldn’t he do it?”

After Chu Yu’s analysis, he touched his chin and suddenly sighed, “Yi, I suddenly feel like I’m pretty smart!”

Lu Shi’s lips hooked up and he raised a hand to stroke Chu Yu’s soft hair.

Chu Yu was never stupid, on the contrary, he’d always been smart. It was just that his previous mentality and environment didn’t require him to think about a lot of issues.

Moreover, his family was destined to influence him with all kinds of invisible rules and interpersonal relationships since childhood.

These were things engraved in the bones. When needed, they played a huge role just like instinct.

Lu Shi’s eyelashes were still a bit wet and his voice was soft and slow. “Unfortunately, if this dog turns around and bites Lu Shaochu, blood to bone, say, will Lu Shaochu still rejoice?”

Chu Yu only needed a hint to understand.

He’d been curious about it before, when and how Lu Shi was going to deal with Lu Shaochu.

Apparently, he was intending to use Fang Weishan as a knife and insert him deeply into Lu Shaochu’s ribs?

Lu Shi had obviously been waiting, waiting for Lu Shaochu to bring Fang Weishan out.

Thinking of this, Chu Yu raised his eyes to see Lu Shi’s countenance.

When Lu Shi schemed against people, he never showed too many expressions. His eyes were calm, not impatient or anxious, and he possessed this strong self-confidence that everything was under control.

His heart suddenly throbbed.

Chu Yu had always known that Lu Shi really wasn’t the kind type, he didn’t have that much leniency and generosity.

Instead, he was possessive, paranoid, gloomy, and extremely good at being manipulative.

But he didn’t take human life lightly, and he had bottom lines and principles.

These traits were somewhat contradictory when placed on a single person.

But this kind of Lu Shi was fatally attractive to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down.

He wanted to say something, but he hummed and hawed, hesitating to voice it.

Lu Shi’s wet hair dripped with drops of water for a long time, sliding from his collarbone to his chest, down to the lines of his pectoral muscles, past his abdominal muscles, and ultimately seeping into his black pants’ waistband.

Chu Yu’s line of sight followed down inch by inch, and finally stopped at the wetted point of the waistband, not daring to go down any further.

He didn’t do it on purpose, but his gaze was akin to essence, teasing Lu Shi’s mouth and tongue dry, even bursting into flames.

Lu Shi’s eyebrows were pushed down with a bit of impatience.

Seeing Chu Yu’s drooping eyelashes, his gaze pure and focused, the fire couldn’t be suppressed.

Lu Shi bent his fingers, pinched Chu Yu’s chin, and held it up until their eyes met.

“What are you looking at, hmm?”

Chu Yu didn’t dare say he’d run through a whole little yellow book in his mind just now. As he was in the midst of restless adolescence, Chu Yu’s little colored thoughts continued to flourish, and it became increasingly difficult for him to calm down.

“I… I…”

At that moment, the fingers holding Chu Yu’s chin tightened a tad bit, and Lu Shi approached inch by inch until the tips of their noses touched.

His voice was husky as he said seductively, “What do you want to see, Gege will show you.”







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  • 1
    From, ‘only the official is allowed to light the fire, the common people are forbidden’. So setting a fire in front of the official is provoking authority.
  • 2
    Quoting a poem with the title “太常引”. I’m just not sure if Lingyun is referring to a person or a place. Based on context it means, vigor suddenly losing momentum.
  • 3
    痴心妄想: lit. infatuated with delusion. Set expressions/idiom are usually four letter words.


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