Chapter 72 – Can I right now

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72nd – 【Can I right now】

Translator: Xena
Editor: meowmiao
Proofreader: Sammy

TW: Mentions of cruel murder methods


The door slammed shut with a ‘bang’, and Chu Yu poked his head out of the bedroom. “Is the black-hearted witch gone?”

Lu Shi stood at the door, his line of sight moving to Chu Yu. “Mm, let’s go.”

He leaned against the cold wall and recalled Fang Weiyun’s expression moments ago, but he wasn’t elated at all.

It wasn’t enough.

He wanted to repay those who had blood on them— with blood.

Chu Yu noticed Lu Shi’s expression, and remained silent for a while. He didn’t say anything until the phone in the bedroom rang with a special tone. “Lu Shi, phone.”

Lu Shi straightened his back, walked over, picked up the phone, and turned it on.

Because it was on speaker, Fang Weiyun’s voice soon sounded inside the room.

“What’s your plan? Huh? I’ve had enough of that bastard looking high and mighty! He won’t help me, what am I going to do now? What am I going to do!”

The last two sentences were almost hysterical.

Chu Yu couldn’t help thinking that Fang Weiyun must be a little abnormal psychologically or spiritually.

Every time he heard her voice, Chu Yu felt frightened into panic in his heart.

What followed was a male voice. “Sister, are you really sure Iris is pregnant? Have you asked brother-in-law?” Afterwards, the man added, “Ai, my mistake, this kind of thing can’t be asked. However, I need to tell you, this Iris is just a young model, can her tricks really be so powerful? Brother-in-law has seen plenty of women!”

“You don’t understand!” Fang Weiyun’s breaths were unstable as she said, flustered, “Those women can’t keep Lu Shaochu’s heart, but one person can!”


The male voice paused and hesitated for two seconds. “Sister, are you talking about the woman surnamed Jiang? Didn’t she die long ago? There probably isn’t even any ashes left.”

He then persuaded, “Sister, how about secretly finding a doctor who can take a look? You’ve been thinking all the time about this woman turning into a ghost and coming back for you, scaring yourself so much. Maybe you should just take medicine.”

“You don’t understand!”

Hearing Fang Weiyun’s voice, Chu Yu frowned. He reckoned that Fang Weiyun’s mind was already very fragile. When she came over to Lu Shi today, she had probably suffered a blow and her mental state was definitely not so good.

Chu Yu had a hunch she’d spill something.

“That mole, Iris’ mole, is exactly the same as Jiang Yueman’s back then! She must’ve come back to take revenge on me, she must’ve… she’ll kill me, she’ll definitely kill me…”

“Sister, are you telling ghost stories in broad daylight? Don’t scare yourself. Didn’t you set it on fire back then to dispose of it and everything turned into ashes? How can it still come back to find you?”

Fang Weiyun suddenly said very softly, “What if it didn’t turn into ashes?”

It took a few seconds for the male voice to return. The voice dropped a few degrees, suppressed very low. “Sister, what didn’t turn into ashes? Didn’t you say that you burned it all at the time, that you handled it very cleanly and no one would find any trace?”

Fang Weiyun’s voice became even softer. “How could I let her off so easily? I wanted her to become a ghost who couldn’t reincarnate! She can only be a water ghost under a bridge for eternity!”

She then said in a trance, “She must’ve come back for me… to seek revenge on me!”

The male voice seemed unable to bear Fang Weiyun’s rambling. “Alright alright, let’s make it clear, how did you deal with it? You threw people into the river? This thing can’t be done sloppily, if someone finds out, it’s not just you, even our whole Fang family will follow and fall out of luck!”

Listening to Fang Weiyun’s silence, the man urged again, “How did you deal with it? Was it thrown into the river?”

After being urged in succession, Fang Weiyun spit out one word, “Cement.”


Chu Yu immediately turned his gaze to Lu Shi.

Although it wasn’t evening yet, the sky outside the window was overcast and there was no sunshine at all.

Lu Shi’s profile appeared extremely pale.

He had his head lowered as he stared at the brightly lit cellphone, the ends of his eyes drawing sharp arcs.

Chu Yu took a small step and held Lu Shi’s hand.

On the phone, the man was filled with urgency. “Cement? What do you want me to say to you, ah? You sealed people in cement and threw them into the river? If it’s fucking discovered, that will be clear evidence!”

After taking a deep breath, the man added, “Tell me when we meet, and explain everything to me clearly!”

After the voice disappeared, Chu Yu worriedly looked at Lu Shi, but saw him pick up the phone and dial a number.

“During this time, keep a close eye on Fang Weishan, especially him and his confidants. I need to know which bridge, which river, and what they did.”

His voice was cold, as if suppressing something, yet also calm, as if he had no emotions at all.

Throwing aside the phone, Lu Shi looked down at Chu Yu, pinched Chu Yu’s chin loosely with his fingers, lifted it slowly, and said in a hoarse voice, “See, compared to monsters, humans are much more terrifying, aren’t they?”

After speaking, the corner of his lips rose, revealing frigid sarcasm.

Jianing Private had always released results fast, and the end of the semester wasn’t an exception.

Early in the morning, messages in the class group chat came in nonstop. After the results came out, the screen refresh rate reached its peak.

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [Can’t the school slow down a bit when releasing grades and let me struggle at death’s door for a few more days? Damn it, my mother has already rolled up her sleeves, about to thrash someone!]

Civilian – Li Hua: [The application form for the remedial class is at hand. After reading the results, voluntarily begin filling it out.]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [Distressed brothers and sisters! See you in our remedial class!]

Study Committee Member – Fang Ziqi: [Which cram school are you enrolling into? Can you invite me? Come and shout it with me, my friends, learning makes me happy! Learning makes me radiant!]

Class Representative – Zhang Yueshan: [Studying makes me hungry! Classmates, who wants to come out for a meal?]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [Execution meal?]1Execution meal or the last meal before death of a death row inmate/prisoner. They had the guillotine back then so it was literally translated as cutting off the head meal.

Class Representative – Zhang Yueshan: [Scram scram scram, eating or not?]

Sports Committee – Luo Jiaxuan: [Eating!]

Chu Yu asked Lu Shi first, then picked up the phone to reply.

Lu-Shen: [Eat, eat, eat! Let’s go together, but what do we eat? It’s been cooling down recently, how about eating hot pot or soup to replenish energy?]

For a while, no one in the group chat spoke.

Chu Yu was confused; what new ability did he acquire that made the audience so intensely cold?

After almost two minutes, a message appeared in the group chat.

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [School Flower?]

Chu Yu typed.

Lu-Shen: [It’s me, what’s wrong?]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [!!! I was scared to death! I said, Lu-Shen was a lurker, cold and aloof, how could he appear in the group chat! I thought it was a problem with my eyesight so I rubbed my eyes three times! I even thought I was in a dream, so I also pinched my thigh!]

Lu-Shen: [Hahahaha!]

Civilian – Li Hua: [An image that violates harmony. School Flower, how are you using Lu-Shen’s number? Are you together?]

Lu-Shen: [En, we’re together. My phone is charging, so I’m using his first.]

After sending it, Chu Yu felt something amiss.

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [If School Flower was a girl, I would’ve felt like I’ve eaten a ton of dog food!]

Civilian – Li Hua: […Actually, you can eat if you want?]

Sports Committee Member – Luo Jiaxuan: [Huh? By the way, what should our execution meal be?]

The venue for the dinner was quickly decided. It was an old-fashioned soup pot restaurant where the ambiance was good, the ingredients were fresh, and the soup tasted genuine. Since cram classes were about to start, many students made a reservation very quickly.

Before going out, Chu Yu pulled out a newly bought thin, black silk scarf, and securely wrapped it around Lu Shi’s neck, making sure it was airtight before pulling away.

He stood still and scanned Lu Shi, enchanted. “My eyesight is so good, this scarf couldn’t be more suitable!”

Lu Shi remained in place. “What else should I wear?”


Chu Yu turned around, searched for black gloves in his pockets and put them on Lu Shi. Finally, he put a warm baby on Lu Shi’s lower abdomen and lower back.

“All done! Okay, you can rest assured and go out!”

The streets were already permeating with the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, and almost every store played Chinese New Year songs. “Gong Xi Fa Cai2Greetings, may you get rich.” and “Greetings to you, greetings3Lyrics of Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜).” bombarded passers-bys’ ears in turn.

Every time Chu Yu talked to Lu Shi, he had to get closer to make sure he could be heard clearly.

“Any news?”

“None, still watching.”

Chu Yu nodded and said, “I guess Dream-Ge and the others have already arrived. I heard from Class Rep that when Dream-Ge used to eat at the buffet, he’d starve three meals in advance, and wouldn’t even drink any water just to show off his skills in the self-service cafeteria. He never expected that when he’d arrived at the cafeteria’s entrance, his blood sugar had been low. He’d nearly fainted at the entrance!”

When Chu Yu and Lu Shi arrived in the private room, Zhang Yueshan also happened to be talking about this. “The point is, Dream-Ge was going to die. I wanted to help him, but I almost got crushed!”

Dream-Ge snorted. “In order to prevent a situation like last time, I only missed one meal this time!” Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the people who entered the door. “Lu Shen, School Flower, you’re finally here! Waiter, you can serve the dishes!”

Chu Yu sat down in an empty seat. “Isn’t the booking at seven o’clock, it’s only half past six, why are you all here?”

Li Hua gave a summary. “The others aren’t very eager, the early birds are eating first.”

Dream-Ge laughed and tapped his bowl with chopsticks. “Yeah yeah yeah, that’s right! The most eager!”

After a while, dishes were delivered and filled up the table. Several plates of thin slices of meat were poured into the soup pot, which were cleaned out as soon as they were cooked.

Chu Yu was going to grab a piece for Lu Shi, but didn’t manage to. He squeezed his chopsticks and said, “WTF, are y’all on spring coils, how are you so fast?”

Li Hua quipped, “Sliced meat is reserved for those who are prepared!”

Dream-Ge, who grabbed three pieces, ate it all in one bite, and then drank a sip of juice. But he felt that it wasn’t enough. “For this sort of execution meal, one must have a drink!”

He put his chopsticks down and called the waiter, “Please bring cans of beer!”

When the beer came out, Dream-Ge shared a can to the seat adjacent to him. “Drink this can of beer and face cram school bravely!”

“You’re talking as if tomorrow would be a heroic sacrifice.” Having said that, Li Hua still pulled the ring and took a sip.

Chu Yu knew how much he could drink, so he didn’t reach out to grab one, but Lu Shi asked for a can.

An index finger was buckled into the pull ring, and with a ‘pop’, white mist arose.

Lu Shi drank slowly. His Adam’s apple moved up and down with his movement of swallowing the beer, while the lines of his jaw were drawn quite tight, which was so sexy that people couldn’t avert their eyes.

A can of beer was drunk quickly, but everyone had a lot of self-control, so no new ones were opened.

Chu Yu, who ate two small tomatoes, suddenly felt Lu Shi’s legs leaning over under the table.

Close to each other, with no intention of moving away.

After subconsciously looking left and right, Chu Yu thought that no one could see under the table.

He continued to sit.

When he finished eating an apple and was about to reach for the peanuts, his movements suddenly slowed.

He tried to control his expression to not reveal any clues.

Shit, where is Lu Shi’s hand touching?

He could feel it clearly. Under the table, Lu Shi’s hand was on his thigh, leisurely squeezing. It was obviously an ordinary motion, but just by being kneaded a little bit, Chu Yu’s heart was like a frisky monkey and his mind a cantering horse.

He quietly glanced aside and found Lu Shi holding an empty beer can in the other hand with his beautiful fingers, seemingly listening intently to Dream-Ge’s jokes.

Chu Yu thought that he couldn’t lose, so he worked hard to manage his expressions and sit upright.

After a while, Lu Shi suddenly got up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Dream-Ge pointed in a direction. “Lu-Shen, are you washing your hands or going to the toilet? The private room is equipped with both, the partition on the left is the washroom, and the sliding door on the right is the toilet.”

“Hm, washing my hands.”

Almost a minute later, Lu Shi still hadn’t returned.

Zhang Yueshan was worried. ” School Flower, do you want to go and take a look? Did Lu-Shen get dizzy after drinking?”

Chu Yu put down his chopsticks and nodded. “Mn, I’ll take a look.”

Standing at the door, Chu Yu knocked before twisting the door handle and walking in.

As soon as the door was closed, Chu Yu’s field of view changed the next second for Lu Shi was pressing him against the wall.

“Lu Shi—”

At that instant, Chu Yu’s heart beat a little faster and he subconsciously shot a glance at the door. “Dream-Ge and the others are waiting, the d-dishes are gonna get cold.”

Lu Shi’s eyelashes were moistened with water, it was a deep black color. He lowered his head, licked the corner of Chu Yu’s mouth, and said in a low voice, “I wanted to kiss you earlier.”

Outside the door, there was a burst of laughter after Dream-Ge’s joke finished. He could hear it clearly from across the door.

Chu Yu clutched Lu Shi’s jacket, his heart thumping at a rapid speed. He had the illusion that he was cheating with Lu Shi.

He tried his best to keep his rationality as he said hoarsely, “Then let’s go out and kiss when we get home. It’s too dangerous here, someone can open the door at any time to come in—”

Chu Yu heard a ‘click’, which was Lu Shi locking the door.

Chu Yu felt that he couldn’t insist any longer with his reasoning, so he found another reason at random. “It’s too bright here.”

Right after, he saw Lu Shi curve his fingers, pull off the thin, black silk scarf around his neck with one hand, put it around Chu Yu’s eyes, and loosely tie a knot at the back of his head.

Chu Yu’s skin was made whiter by the thin black scarf. The tip of his nose stuck out together with his moist lips.

As if an invitation to kiss.

Fingers entered the seam in between his lips. Lu Shi casually teased the tip of Chu Yu’s tongue and then leaned close to the tip of Chu Yu’s ear.

“Like this, it’s not bright anymore. Chu Yu, can I kiss you now?”







The author has something to say: Here’s a heart made of a scarf~



Xena comments Yowwww, chills, I suddenly remember a murder case of a girl who was put inside a tank of some sort and buried in cement. –Wrote this while translating but couldn’t search for it because it was late at night and I was scared haha now that I’m moments before uploading, I searched and found “Junko Furuta”. I have an interest regarding watching or reading murder and crime cases so I knew I’ve watched this once in the past, just ready your minds and stomach if you want to read/watch the case!

PS. its sickening that these kind of murders can happen in the real world sigh… Stay safe everyone

  • 1
    Execution meal or the last meal before death of a death row inmate/prisoner. They had the guillotine back then so it was literally translated as cutting off the head meal.
  • 2
    Greetings, may you get rich.
  • 3
    Lyrics of Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜).


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