Chapter 67 – Will be better

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67th -【Will be better】

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When he returned that night, Chu Yu had a very richly detailed dream.

It was daytime in the dream. Inside an empty classroom were a blackboard covered with densely packed writing and curtains being blown by the wind. He and Lu Shi sat in the last row of the classroom, kissing.

He was very nervous as there were people constantly passing by outside the door. He was distracted, trying to distinguish the sounds. He guessed that there was the homeroom teacher, Old Ye, and also Dream-Ge and Zhang Yueshan who were passing by the door.

Even more nervous now, Chu Yu had this feeling that in the next second, these people would slide open the classroom door and walk in.

But Lu Shi was holding him by the waist, no intention of letting go.

When the ‘click’ of the door lock sounded, the strings in Chu Yu’s heart suddenly stretched taut and he began to struggle.

“Chu Yu?”

When he opened his eyes and was met with Lu Shi’s almost-within-reach face, Chu Yu realized that he’d been dreaming.

Lu Shi’s arm was wrapped around his lower back, and the two of them were stuck very close to each other.

Chu Yu’s vocal cords were dry. “I-I was dreaming.”

A little uncomfortable, Chu Yu stealthily moved while praying in his heart that Lu Shi wouldn’t find out.

But his prayer didn’t work.

Lu Shi half-closed his eyes and rubbed his nose against the tip of Chu Yu’s nose. “What did you dream of, for your reaction to be so big?”

Since he was awakened in the middle of the night, Lu Shi’s voice was very husky and low, with a fleeting final syllable. However, it was as if a branch had been swept across the water, leaving ripples that couldn’t be dissipated for a long time.

Chu Yu thought it wasn’t surprising that he had had such a dream. Lu Shi was like this, who could fucking resist!

“I dreamed we were kissing in the classroom.”

Chu Yu licked his dry lips. “There were many people passing by the door and I was quite nervous.”

It was a little hot. Chu Yu touched the corner of Lu Shi’s lips quickly and involuntarily whispered, “Gege.”

Lu Shi lightly patted Chu Yu’s lower back with his hand. “Hmm?”

“Gege, kiss me.”

Lu Shi’s eyes instantly darkened as his lips moved and uttered something Chu Yu didn’t hear clearly.

It wasn’t until Lu Shi bit his lips that Chu Yu could vaguely tell that what Lu Shi had just said seemed to have been something deadly?

The next day, beginning from morning self-study, the whole class was very giddy.

The English teacher initially wanted to teach some new content, but decided to change it to listening practice. Old Ye was more direct. “I know your heart’s desire to fly to the auditorium early; where would you have the heart to listen to a pesky rotting old man like me? It is self-study, self-study. Take this time to finish your homework and then you can go crazy with having fun during this New Year’s Day holiday!”

After he finished speaking, he sat down on the chair, unscrewed his thermos cup, and slowly drank his malva nut-wolfberry tea with a look of enjoyment.

Zhang Yueshan turned around and asked Chu Yu in a low voice, “After watching the party for a while, can I just leave? I’m going to take my girlfriend to watch a movie.”

When he mentioned the word “girlfriend”, he was embarrassed, but he asked again, “I want to watch the latest release of that blockbuster sequel with her. Didn’t you watch it last time, was it good?”

Chu Yu felt that this question was beyond the outline.1When a question which couldn’t be answered is met, this sentence is used to prevaricate. Can also be: beyond the scope of the syllabus

Although he sat in the movie theater for two hours, he really didn’t know any of the developments.

He bumped Lu Shi with his elbow. “Lu Shi, was the movie we watched last time good?”

Lu Shi gave an answer, “I don’t know.”

Lu Shi also didn’t watch it?

Chu Yu, who didn’t have time to think about this, simply made-up a random reason. “We both dozed off and didn’t pay much attention to what was going on.”

Zhang Yueshan thought that since both of them fell asleep, the movie mustn’t be good.

“Okay, then I’ll switch to another one and search up its film reviews!”

When the sky turned dark, the school broadcast played an exciting symphony version of “Unity is Strength”. After the shocked students’ ears went numb, the dean’s voice appeared.

“Students, we will now head to the auditorium according to the sequence of class, to participate in the New Year’s Day cultural performances. Students, please be sure to observe order…”

Above and below came the vibration from the ‘dong dong dong’ noises. Li Hua stared at the loudspeaker hanging on the wall. “Case solved. The principal has recently changed his tastes and now prefers hot-blooded and sonorous music.”

Everyone recalled how bright the wake-up ringtone that had played before the beginning of the school day, and they all expressed their deep sympathies.

Jianing Private’s auditorium was truly quite large, and the design was also very superb and could be described as gold and jade in its glorious splendor. In any case, two words were displayed from inside to outside— rich.

Every time Chu Yu entered the place, he had the illusion that the dazzle would blind his eyes.

Because they came according to year level, Chu Yu’s class was the first to arrive in the entire second year. The third years were probably still in their classrooms.

There were many students and the speed of entry was slow. Chu Yu estimated that it would take less than half an hour to finish.

On the big screen at the stage, Jianing Private’s school song was playing in a loop. There was a lot of racket in the auditorium and several teachers tried to maintain order, but to no avail. They simply gave up in the end.

The students were very excited.

In fact, it didn’t matter what kind of activity it was, as long as they didn’t have to sit in the classroom answering papers and doing homework, and they could play and have fun, everyone would be very enthusiastic.

Dream-Ge looked around until he finally found where his girlfriend was sitting. He said with a face full of happiness, “Isn’t it silly to just wait in this seat for half an hour? I, your father, can’t stand this grievance!”

Li Hua took out his cellphone and pulled in people. “Friends, up for a game?”

Chu Yu had guessed they were going to play games. Considering he hadn’t been playing in a long time, he was getting a little worried, so he quickly responded, “Go go go, I’ll join!”

After bringing together five people, Li Hua flipped through his phone. “Come on, I’ll create a room!”

Seeing the screen clearly, Dream-Ge burst out cursing. “Wtf, why is it Gomoku?”

“The way to simplicity, the greatest ingenuity, Gomoku is pure essence, the essence of chess skills!”

Li Hua urged, “You all said you wanted to participate, no one’s allowed to back out!”

Dream-Ge scratched the back of his head. “Okay, okay, Gomoku it is. It’s just to pass the time anyway, playing anything will be fine.”

After everyone downloaded the app, Li Hua opened a room and Chu Yu volunteered to be the first to play.

Zhang Yueshan was worried. “School Flower, do you know how to play? In the dorms, Li Hua has been practicing every day recently, he should be quite powerful.”

Chu Yu honestly replied, “I’m not so good at it, I only know the rule of five sub-connections.”

He then grabbed the hand of Lu Shi who was sitting next to him and proudly declared, “But I possess a secret weapon!”

Dream-Ge laughed. “Damn, School Flower, that’s cheating! You practically have a nuclear-bomb-level secret weapon!”

It also caused Zhang Yueshan to smile. “What secret weapon, it’s obviously more like the grandpa in fantasy novels who the protagonist carries around with him!”

Chu Yu pretended to roll up his sleeves. “Come come come, I’m going to beat the hell out of the front seaters today!”

After he finished speaking, Chu Yu leaned back and expectantly asked Lu Shi in a low voice, “Can you beat the hell out of them?”

Lu Shi’s hand lightly patted Chu Yu’s lower back in a place no one could see. “Mm, of course.”

Chu Yu was the standard stinky chess basket2Fascinated by chess (or any chess-like game) but not very good at chess. This is Gomoku:
, but after hearing this sentence, a soaring arrogance emerged in him such that he could crush everyone with the lift of a hand. “Come and fight!”

At the start of the game, Chu Yu chose white and then dropped the first piece very casually.

Lu Shi didn’t speak. Chu Yu happily did what he wanted, until he was eaten by Li Hua many times and Lu Shi said, “Move here.”

Chu Yu didn’t think about it and just followed what Lu Shi said.

After a couple exchanges, Dream-Ge, who was observing the game board, spoke, “Why don’t I understand what Lu-Shen is doing?”

Zhang Yueshan had been trained by Li Hua for a period of time and could comprehend a little bit. “Lu-Shen is catching ‘two invalids with one piece’. The side who has the white pieces uses the invalid hand rule and enables one move to make the black pieces’ side fall into a predicament of two invalid hands. In this situation, Li Hua can’t defend from both sides.”3Had to watch a couple of ytvids for this. So basically, in gomoku (or Five-in-a-Row), you have to line up 5 of your pieces to score points. Currently, Lu Shi is making up for all the loses by hindering Li Hua from lining up 5s by using one piece of his to block some of Li Hua’s foundations. Say, Li Hua has already 3 and 4 pieces lined up near each other, then Lu Shi uses an opportunity to intercept these with only one move. Hence, two invalids with one piece.
Sammy: so this is basically the Connect 4 game but advanced lmao

“Student Chu Yu really is a stinky chess basket. Student Lu Shi has lost half the country to enemy hands, yet he can quickly reverse the situation and make a comeback. Student Li Hua must be careful!”

“So it’s like that!”

Dream-Ge suddenly returned to his senses. “Old Ye? I mean, Teacher Ye, why are you here?”

Old Ye carried his thermos cup and leisurely answered, “I am allowing you to celebrate the festival, but you are disallowing your teacher to celebrate with you?”

Dream-Ge was very afraid that Old Ye would drag him to chat for an hour and a half and quickly said, “Of course not! I definitely don’t have this notion!”

Soon, the game was over with Li Hua sighing. “I was about to understand Lu-Shen’s approach, but School Flower made a few stinky moves! School Flower, I reasonably suspect that you’re deliberately interfering with my thinking!”

Chu Yu arrogantly raised his chin. “You guess!”

Fang Ziqi had been watching excitedly from the side. “I’ll play, I’ll play the next round!”

At that moment, Lu Shi’s ringtone rang.

Having a deep memory of this sound, Chu Yu said quickly, “You guys play, Lu Shi and I will use the bathroom before the program starts!”

He said so, but the two of them didn’t go to the bathroom at all.

While avoiding making noise, Chu Yu familiarly exited from the back door of the auditorium.

A gust of cold wind hit him fully in the face. Chu Yu shrank his neck and quickly located a place to stand where the wind was blocked.

Lu Shi took out his cell and handed Chu Yu the other earphone.

After touching the pockets of his clothes, Chu Yu found that the warm baby he brought today had run out, so he simply placed his hands into Lu Shi’s pockets and intertwined them.

The whistling cold wind filled the surroundings, and Fang Weiyun’s voice came from the earphones.

Fang Weiyun’s emotions were a little out of control.

“Dr. Sun, that bitch! That bitch must die!”

Hearing this sentence, Chu Yu’s heart froze and he subconsciously looked at Lu Shi. He saw Lu Shi with his eyelashes lowered, but without a fluctuation in his expression, so he continued to listen quietly.

“Did you know? She’s pregnant, huh, pregnant!”

Fang Weiyun’s voice was very strange and light, but it was suppressing hatred and madness, making one feel horrified when they heard it.

Dr. Sun, who was obviously very used to Fang Weiyun’s mood swings, asked very calmly, “Mrs. Lu, what happened? Is Iris pregnant?”

Fang Weiyun sneered then replied, “Who else is there besides her? I was wondering how she dared to provoke me again and again, it turns out she has the man in the palm of her hands, coaxing him in circles! Do you know why I only have one son? Because Lu Shaochu had a vasectomy 17 years ago! He would rather undergo sterilization! He doesn’t want to have a child with me!”

Chu Yu was shocked by the news.

He tried to sort it out.

17 years ago, Lu Shi should’ve been born not long ago. Why had Lu Shaochu done a vasectomy? If the reason was because he loved Jiang Yueman and insisted on Jiang Yueman, Chu Yu felt that this argument couldn’t stand at all.

Excluding this speculation, it was possible that Lu Shaochu was disgusted by Fang Weiyun’s murder and didn’t want to have a child with her. But due to some reason or restriction, he couldn’t get a divorce and whatnot, so he simply had surgery.

Lu Shi had also said before that Lu Shaochu often changed lovers yet never worried about the issue of illegitimate children.

Obviously, Dr. Sun didn’t believe it to be true. “Are you sure that the child Iris is carrying is indeed your husband’s child?”

“Yes, that bitch Iris told me personally that Lu Shaochu underwent another operation just to have a child with her!”

It wasn’t known what Fang Weiyun was recalling as her tone became more deranged. “That Lu Shaochu’s mind is full of love all day long! He was like this when he was young, for that so-called love, he—”

Realizing that she could blurt out things she shouldn’t say, Fang Weiyun stopped talking, before saying, “What Iris said must be true, it must be! What to do, what to do, she should just go die! Die!”

Chu Yu abruptly held his breath and sure enough, the next second, he heard Fang Weiyun say in a sharp voice, “She should die at the bottom of the river just like that woman, and become a female ghost under a bridge that can never reincarnate!”

Suddenly, Chu Yu’s fingers were clenched by Lu Shi inside the pocket.

Chu Yu felt his heart beating a little faster.

He recalled what was said. Fang Weiyun should be 99% referring to Jiang Yueman.

Bottom of the river, under a bridge.

This should mean that Jiang Yueman was thrown under a bridge after being killed on a rainy night. Or was drowned in a river under a bridge.

But what did Fang Weiyun mean by never reincarnating?

The call continued in the earphones.

Fang Weiyun didn’t restrain her resentment, but she reacted quickly and immediately remedied without a hitch. “Iris, this bitch, will be punished! The Cheng family’s lover who was raised outside, her car tumbled over a bridge for no reason! See, this is punishment!”

Dr. Sun began soothing Fang Weiyun’s emotions with great experience.

After some time, the phone was hung up and Chu Yu took out the earphone.

He looked at Lu Shi without saying anything.

It was Lu Shi who spoke first.

“Iris isn’t pregnant, and Lu Shaochu hasn’t undergone surgery.”

Chu Yu guessed, “You asked Iris to say that?”

“More or less.”

Lu Shi pinched and kneaded Chu Yu’s fingers. His voice was as if soaked in the cold frost of a winter night. “She has strong intentions and is also very smart, she knows how to accurately hit Fang Weiyun’s weak points. Fang Weiyun had trouble with Lu Shaochu again, so Lu Shaochu had been coming home less and less.”

Chu Yu understood.

Fang Weiyun should be in a state of panic right now, fearing that her identity as “Mrs. Lu” would be replaced and snatched away. The more afraid and frightened she was, the more she’d be unable to think rationally, and the easier it was for her to reveal secrets.

Every step Lu Shi took was extremely steady.

He was like a hunter hidden in the dark, extremely patient.

While allowing Lu Shi to play with his fingers, Chu Yu couldn’t help but say, “But, I mean if.”

He pursed his lips and continued with difficulty, “What if we, we try every means possible and still can’t find any evidence?”

If Jiang Yueman was drowned by Fang Weiyun in the water, it was highly likely that even her bones couldn’t be found today after more than ten years.

The smell of blood would’ve been buried by the dust and washed away by the rain and river, not leaving even a half inch trace.

In the night, Lu Shi’s eyes were like polished, bright obsidian.

With his fingers, he gently tidied Chu Yu’s messed up hair very seriously.

“I’ve thought about that. I’ve even thought that maybe everything was just my imagination. But I can’t stand that there’s a one in ten million chance that her skeleton was sunk to the bottom of an ice-cold river and covered in silt, while I’m living in this world brightly and neatly, without any shadows in my heart.”

There was the sound of music drifting out of the auditorium, faint and indistinct.

After a few seconds of silence, Chu Yu raised his face upward amid the wind and kissed the end of Lu Shi’s eye. Then, he grasped Lu Shi’s hand firmly. “Let’s go, Lu-Ge, the event has already started inside.”

After pulling the person for two steps, Chu Yu turned around. Countless words came to the borders of his mouth, he turned them several times, but still failed to utter a sentence in the end.

Finally, Chu Yu told Lu Shi with a smile, “Everything will be better next year!”








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  • 1
    When a question which couldn’t be answered is met, this sentence is used to prevaricate. Can also be: beyond the scope of the syllabus
  • 2
    Fascinated by chess (or any chess-like game) but not very good at chess. This is Gomoku:
  • 3
    Had to watch a couple of ytvids for this. So basically, in gomoku (or Five-in-a-Row), you have to line up 5 of your pieces to score points. Currently, Lu Shi is making up for all the loses by hindering Li Hua from lining up 5s by using one piece of his to block some of Li Hua’s foundations. Say, Li Hua has already 3 and 4 pieces lined up near each other, then Lu Shi uses an opportunity to intercept these with only one move. Hence, two invalids with one piece.
    Sammy: so this is basically the Connect 4 game but advanced lmao


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