Chapter 65 – Bewitched

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65th –【Bewitched

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Chu Yu kissed his lips twice, but Lu Shi didn’t move.

Did I frighten him?

Chu Yu was hesitating on whether to seize the opportunity to kiss him twice more, or to take it as a signal to stop and persist next time instead.

A person in the back seat suddenly made a sound, as if answering the phone.


Chu Yu was startled as he abruptly realized: kiss what kiss, this is a fucking bus! Can’t be impulsive, can’t be impulsive, can’t be tempted by beauty, although it’s really exciting…

While muttering in his heart, Chu Yu prepared to sit upright again.

In a flash, Lu Shi, who hadn’t moved since the start, raised his hand to stop his movements.

Inside the stuffy vehicle, a person in the back seat whispered on the phone in an incomprehensible dialect. The bus drove on a bumpy old road with no lampposts on either side, rendering the field of view entirely pitch black. From the corner of one’s eyes, silhouettes of the mountains and the trees on both sides of the road kept passing by.

Chu Yu’s nape was firmly grasped in Lu Shi’s hand, he couldn’t struggle at all.

He wanted to call for Lu Shi’s name in his anxiousness, but only managed to utter a hasty half-syllable.

Lu Shi was kissing his neck.

The collar of his down jacket had been pulled open, and Lu Shi’s urgent breaths were scalding. He described it as a kiss, but it was more like a suck-bite, spreading ache and causing successive shudders.

With his hand propped on the chair’s crude back, Chu Yu had the illusion that he’d be bitten by Lu Shi within the next second. He instinctively struggled a few times, but Lu Shi’s strength was enormous, his hands were like iron hoops, not moving a single jot.

Chu Yu gave up, instead he tried to relax and fall into Lu Shi’s arms.

While smelling Lu Shi’s scent, he was lost in thought. When tomorrow arrived, would there be a big hickey on his neck? Would anyone believe him if he said he was bitten by a mosquito?

No, there were no mosquitoes in winter!

Lu Shi seemed appeased by his obedience as the strength of his lips and teeth lessened bit by bit until finally, he simply had his face buried in the crook of Chu Yu’s neck, motionless.

Chu Yu let him embrace, merely hoping that he’d feel a bit better.

They stayed at a hotel in the neighboring city for one night and the next morning, after Chu Yu awoke, the two returned to Qingchuan Road.

Before they could head upstairs, Zhu Zhifei came over as if he’d heard the noise. “Lu-Ge, School Flower, Merry Christmas!”

Chu Yu saw Zhu Zhifei wrapped in a down jacket with a scarf covering half of his face, making the warm breath he exhaled fog his eyes with white mist. Chu Yu faintly relaxed upon seeing him. “Didn’t Christmas just pass yesterday?”

“I’m making up for it bei!”

Zhu Zhifei put his hands in his pockets. There would be a burst of white air whenever he spoke. “Shitou will be cooking hot pot at his house at noon, wanna come? This weather is so cold, only hot pot can save my life!”

Chu Yu turned to Lu Shi. “Do you want to go?”

Lu Shi nodded. “En, let’s go together.”

The two didn’t go upstairs and instead followed Zhu Zhifei to the auto repair shop at Wei Guanglei’s house.

Chu Yu remembered, “Isn’t your study schedule full? You don’t have to attend cram school today?”

“I went, but halfway through, the teacher caught a cold, and when his high fever reached 39℃, class was dismissed early. Class time will be compensated next time.”

Zhu Zhifei was puzzled. “Speaking of which, what happened? You two left in such a hurry yesterday!”

“I had a little private matter, so I pulled Lu Shi to accompany me.”

As soon as he heard it was a personal issue, Zhu Zhifei didn’t ask any further questions and changed the subject. “By the way, what beverages do you drink? There’s no stock over at Shitou’s, so I’m buying it now. Vinegar and sesame oil as well. Shitou said that the condiments at home aren’t enough, so I’m going to buy them along the way…”

They carried the groceries and entered the courtyard behind the auto repair shop. The smell of the hot and spicy hot pot immediately assailed their nostrils.

Chu Yu rubbed his somewhat itchy nose while thinking that Zhu Zhifei was indeed right. During winter, only hot pot could truly save lives.

Plates of meat and vegetables were already set up. Chu Yu tore open the disposable paper cups he’d bought and separated one for each person.

Wei Guanglei took off his down jacket and threw it aside, leaving him in just a wool sweater. He opened his palms to warm them by the fire and exaggeratedly stated, “This is life!”

Chu Yu was also a little hot because of the fire, so he unzipped his own jacket and removed it.

As soon as he took it off, he heard Wei Guanglei gasp, “Holy fuck!”

Chu Yu didn’t react at first, but then he suddenly realized something and hurriedly covered his neck with his hands!

He forgot that there was a very conspicuous hickey on his neck!

He’d originally predicted yesterday that the mark wouldn’t be shallow.

When he got up and looked in the mirror today, Chu Yu realized that it wasn’t just not shallow, it was obviously very deep!

The depiction was probably as if a cherry were plastered to his neck.

He was unaware of how much strength Lu Shi used when he sucked.

Chu Yu was a little ashamed. “You didn’t see anything!”

As he spoke, he put on his down jacket again, covering his neck with the collar.

Wei Guanglei gestured with his eyes. “Okay, I didn’t see anything!” He looked towards Lu Shi, his shoulders shaking with laughter.

Zhu Zhifei, who was oblivious to the whole situation, couldn’t figure out what was up. “Are you guys talking in riddles or a secret code? What didn’t see anything?”

Seeing that Chu Yu’s ears were turning red, Lu Shi poured a plate of meat. “It’s nothing.” He then shifted Zhu Zhifei’s attention. “Your duck intestines.”

“Shit shit shit, it’ll overcook!”

Zhu Zhifei became distracted and no longer had time to be confused. He reached out with his chopsticks and quickly fished out the duck intestines.1Duck intestines are the one beside the lotus root and spam, under the chopsticks and I think the one being pinched out by the chopsticks. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong TT im not a hot pot enthusiast)

Wei Guanglei’s hands were oily, so he handed his beer can to Lu Shi. “Lu-Ge, do me a favor, my hands are slippery.”

Lu Shi received it, put his finger into the pull tab, and opened it with a ‘pop’ before handing it back to Wei Guanglei.

After swallowing a sip of beer, Wei Guanglei recalled, “Last time when Brother Lie looked for you for that race, didn’t you refuse in the end? I initially thought everyone else in the team was going to eat exhaust smoke, I didn’t expect that there would be someone like that skinny monkey newbie. With all his might, he stubbornly grabbed fifth, making the result not too ugly.”

While Wei Guanglei was holding his beer can and chatting, he saw Lu Shi being very accustomed to assisting Chu Yu by handing over cups and fruits. The tension in his heart loosened a little.

He didn’t have any idea how to make his Lu-Ge cherish his life. Although he and Zhu Zhifei were his brothers—since they were only brothers, there was still distance and reservations between them.

Now, there was Chu Yu, akin to a rope and chain, tying down Lu Shi well.

It was undeniable that if there was at least someone to care and worry after, a person wouldn’t be as wild as before.

Wei Guanglei squeezed his beer can. “Young Master, come here, I’ll toast with you.”

Lu Shi didn’t allow him to drink, and Chu Yu himself knew how low his alcohol tolerance was, so he only grabbed a small half-glass of coconut milk and bumped it with Wei Guanglei’s can.

Chu Yu still remembered about Zhang Yueshan and Dream-Ge’s confessions, so he rushed to inquire once they returned to the school. However, after running to the two’s dorm room, it was empty.

Chu Yu was standing behind Lu Shi with his chin on the other’s shoulder, leaning limply against his back like a sloth. His arms were wrapped around Lu Shi, swaying from side to side. “Tsk tsk tsk, do you know why Class Rep and Dream-Ge weren’t in the dormitory? One went to study with his girlfriend! The other went to the movies with his girlfriend!”

He was a little happy as well. “But it looks like Class Rep and Dream-Ge’s confession plan went smoothly. They finally don’t have to taste-test apples every day to record the results hahaha, they’ve escaped from the abyss of suffering!”

Lu Shi let him dangle against his back. He stopped writing and listened to him talk.

“Also, Study Com’s exam results dropped one place from last time. He’s currently pondering about this painful experience and trying hard to solve the questions so the dark circles under his eyes are super heavy. Since Li Hua talked about the school next door, I get very worried every time I look at Study Com. When it comes to studying, you still have to strike a balance between work and rest, right?”

Lu Shi put down the pencil in his hand, turned his head, and asked him, “Want to watch a movie together?”

Having his thoughts exposed, Chu Yu feigned surprise. “Aiya, I’ve been hiding it so deeply, yet you still saw through me!”

Lu Shi squeezed the hand lingering on his chest and got up. “Let’s go.”

The curves sticking up from the corners of his mouth obviously couldn’t be suppressed. Chu Yu had to say a few more words. “Ah, are we going immediately? Should we go watch right now? Which movie theater should we go to?”

Lu Shi patiently replied, “Let’s go now, the nearest movie theater is 20 minutes away.”

He added, “It’s a date with my boyfriend.”

Chu Yu’s mind was struck.

In fact, he wasn’t super interested in watching movies or anything. He just wanted to go on a date with Lu Shi, like all couples did— date and watch movies.

Chu Yu retracted his hand hanging on Lu Shi’s body. He wanted to go to the desk to find his phone, but was pulled back by Lu Shi.

“Let me see.”

Knowing what Lu Shi wanted to see, Chu Yu tilted his head.

Lu Shi bent his slender fingers and unzipped Chu Yu’s jacket, revealing the pale skin on his neck.

“How is it, has it faded?”

Chu Yu tried hard, but couldn’t see his own neck.

The hickey impressed on the side of his neck had faded a lot, but it was still conspicuous.

Like a brand, it arrogantly declared possession and ownership.

Lu Shi’s eyes were full of brilliance. He exerted strength to his fingers and pulled the neckline a little further down before lowering his head and re-printing a kiss on the hickey.




The seats for the movie were chosen by Chu Yu; two middle seats.

They sat down with just the right view.

Chu Yu obviously couldn’t eat, but he still bought a small bucket of popcorn for the occasion. He felt that not holding a popcorn bucket wasn’t the proper posture for watching a movie!

On weekend nights, there were a lot of people and the seats filled up quickly. The lights in the theater went out as the big screen lit up.

Chu Yu picked up a popcorn and fed it to Lu Shi’s mouth.

When Lu Shi took it, his lips, intentionally or unintentionally, grazed Chu Yu’s fingertips.

Chu Yu felt itchy.

They had certainly already kissed, but when his fingers touched the other’s lips, Chu Yu still felt a little nervous and also secretly excited.

He guessed in his heart that he might not be used to it yet!

Yes, he just had to get used to it!

So afterwards, Chu Yu fed Lu Shi two popcorns from time to time. As for the movie’s developments, he didn’t even bother watching it.

This went on until his fingertips were caught by Lu Shi’s mouth.

The changing light and shadow fell on Lu Shi’s face. Chu Yu could see the other party’s expression clearly.

Deliberately, deliberately biting his finger and not letting go!

Just as Chu Yu was about to take out his fingers, he suddenly felt his fingertip being licked by a tongue.

As if a pause button was pressed, Chu Yu came to a dead stop and didn’t dare move.

After loosening his bite, Lu Shi came closer and whispered, “You’re so sweet.”

Chu Yu felt that he really couldn’t resist!

When the movie finished and the end credits started appearing on the screen, Chu Yu tried hard to recall, but couldn’t remember what he just saw after sitting there for two hours.

What was the main character’s appearance like?

Didn’t notice.

It was already a bit late when they exited the movie theater, and there were fewer pedestrians on the road.

After walking for a while, Chu Yu’s fingers moved, faster than his mind could, and grabbed Lu Shi’s clothes.

Seeing Lu Shi look back, he met his gaze and said in a dry voice, “Lu Shi.”


“I… I’m hungry.”

After speaking, Chu Yu could barely hold on to the stare, almost overwhelmed by guilt—

Lu Shi probably knew when he’d be hungry better than him, and it was not yet time.

Lu Shi’s eyes were deep. As he looked down at Chu Yu, it was as if he was suppressing something.

Soon after, Lu Shi firmly grasped Chu Yu’s wrist. The two deviated from the bright street and turned into a dark, uninhabited corner.

Lu Shi loosened his collar with one hand while staring fixedly at Chu Yu. “Shoulder?”

Chu Yu originally had a guilty conscience, so how could he be picky about the place where he’d suck blood from. He nodded promptly. “Okay.”

The buttons were undone successively, and Lu Shi pulled down his collar.

Chu Yu climbed onto Lu Shi’s body, pressed against his shoulders, and bit down.

As blood overflowed and was swallowed down his throat, Chu Yu unconsciously made a subtle sound.

The next second, his fragile nape was supported by a palm. Chu Yu was led along by Lu Shi’s strength, taking two to three steps backwards until his back was against the wall behind him.

Beneath the nightscape, the wound on Lu Shi’s shoulder gradually healed. Two drops of crimson blood meandered down it, lining his cold white skin. The contrast of colors was both beautiful and fascinating.

Beyond the corner were passing pedestrians and the bright light.

Chu Yu felt… very excited.

There was the sweet taste of Lu Shi’s blood in his mouth, and his lips were even moistened by the blood.

In the narrow and cramped corner, Lu Shi’s gaze was wholeheartedly focused. He clasped Chu Yu’s waist, pressed the person against the wall, and kissed him fiercely.

At the tip of the two people’s tongues, and in between their entanglement, was the taste of blood.

Lu Shi became more and more bewitched.

Chu Yu, who was kissed, was unable to speak, and even breathing became difficult. He subconsciously reached out with his hand and pushed.

But Lu Shi grabbed his pushing hand by the wrist and pinned it firmly against the wall.

Their touching lips parted less than half an inch away. Lu Shi spoke in a breathy voice as he enticingly said, “Be good, let me kiss for a while.”






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    Duck intestines are the one beside the lotus root and spam, under the chopsticks and I think the one being pinched out by the chopsticks. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong TT im not a hot pot enthusiast)
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    Author be working hard to give us smexy scenes while also dodging the locks XD


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