Chapter 64.1 – Kiss

Bite Your Fingertips
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64rth -【Kiss】

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Chu Yu found that searching for information was very, very unreliable!

In the darkness, he could distinctly feel the tip of Lu Shi’s nose brushing against his outer ear. His fingertips started becoming hot with the teasing breaths, but he didn’t know what to do next or how to react.

The lifted hem of his shirt ushered in coldness, but it was quickly dissipated by the temperature of Lu Shi’s palm. In the end, only a scorching heat was left, spreading upwards inch by inch along his spine.

Chu Yu hoarsely replied, “I-I… don’t know.”

The words were spoken intermittently, and even his voice was trembling.

He didn’t know what he was nervous about. His mind turned slower and slower until he finally tightened his fingers and straightforwardly clutched Lu Shi’s jacket.

Directly and subconsciously, he handed dominance over to Lu Shi.

However, at that moment, Lu Shi suddenly took a step back.

His heart empty, Chu Yu’s pupils shrank slightly. But before he had time to ponder the meaning of Lu Shi’s action, the lights suddenly brightened.

The classroom lights were switched on.

Dream-Ge stood at the front door of the classroom. Seeing people standing by the back door, he scratched the back of his head, surprised. “Eh, Lu-Shen, School Flower, you haven’t left yet?”

With cover provided by the tables and chairs, Lu Shi’s hand remained placed on Chu Yu’s waist as he answered in a normal tone, “Mn, we’ve just turned off the light.”

“Ah, if I’d known, I wouldn’t have made this trip! When I got back to the dormitory, I realized I forgot to bring my taste-testing journal where I recorded the taste of apples. If I knew that you still hadn’t left, I would’ve just asked you guys to bring it with you.”

While talking, Dream-Ge walked to his desk and found the brand-new notebook with difficulty as it was among the disorderly pile of textbooks and supplementary books.

He then straightened up and asked, “Would you two like to go together?”

Chu Yu still hadn’t totally returned to his senses. When he heard Dream-Ge’s question, he nodded two seconds later. “Okay.”

Dream-Ge, who possessed keen eyesight, scanned Chu Yu’s face inquisitively while holding his journal and worriedly questioned, “School Flower, your face is so red, did you catch a cold, is it a fever? Do you want some medicine? There might be a few in Class Rep’s drawer!”

As he said that, he himself sneezed. He covered his nose, then hurriedly bent over to look for tissue paper in the desk compartment.

My face is so red?

Chu Yu aimed his sight at Lu Shi, trying hard to condemn the culprit with his eyes.

His light-colored eyes were wet and glistening, while their ends were stained with a faint, moist red.

Lu Shi lowered his eyes, withdrew his hand from Chu Yu’s waist to pinch his face, and said in a low, husky voice, “Be good, you’re very handsome.”

Chu Yu felt somewhat unable to resist.

The three went downstairs together.

The normally noisy school building was empty, and no one could be seen from front to back.

Dream-Ge held his notebook in his hand and hummed an unknown song while looking around. “I suddenly understand why many horror stories take place in a school building.”

Pointing to the wall at the entrance of the stairs, Dream-Ge gave an example. “For instance, there, at the corner. If we’ve just finished going down the stairs and a face sticks out from the wall, wouldn’t it be quite frightening and scary?”

What the fuck!

Chu Yu fiercely grabbed Lu Shi’s wrist, scared to death by his own imagination.

Dream-Ge continued, “In the end, once we look closely, ho! It’s Old Ye!”

Chu Yu: “…”

Thinking this idea was very interesting, Dream-Ge burst out laughing by himself. “Oh shit, don’t you think that any scary scene when replaced with Old Ye’s presence, would instantly become less scary? Then comes the logic chain; what’s Old Ye doing in the school building so late at night? He was catching young couples who didn’t return to the dormitory during their evening self-study and secretly went on a date! Maybe he’ll even nag them for half an hour hahaha!”

Hearing this, Chu Yu felt guilty and silently released Lu Shi’s wrist.

Dream-Ge touched his chin and seemed to have come to another realization. “Yes, that’s right. In the future, they mustn’t choose to date in the classroom, it’s risky!”

He then changed the topic in seconds. “By the way, Lu-Shen, Old Ye pulled you out of evening self-study, what did you talk about for so long?”

Chu Yu also stared at Lu Shi.

Earlier… was a little chaotic, so he didn’t even have time to ask.

“It was about the math league. Old Ye told me that I hadn’t signed up at the start of school.”

Chu Yu usually didn’t pay attention to these things.

So, only now did he remember that when school began, there was once an early self-study session between classes and Lu Shi had indeed been called by Old Ye to chat outside the classroom. He had asked what it was and Lu Shi said it was about a competition.

Being an underachiever, Chu Yu thought about it and wondered, “When was the exam?”

He didn’t notice it at all.

“I remember this, the qualifying exam was finished in September.”

Dream-Ge recalled. “I remember that excluding Lu-Shen, several other bigshots in our school participated, but the final results weren’t particularly good. All in all, the limelight was on the school next door. Maybe it was because of this that Old Ye talked to Lu Shen for so long?”

He was curious. “Lu-Shen, didn’t you participate during the first year of high school? You’ve also won the national award. Why didn’t you participate this time?”

Lu Shi replied, “I’m not interested anymore.”

Dream-Ge tried hard to figure out a bigshot’s train of thought.

He pondered and pondered, but couldn’t figure out why. In the end, he simply exclaimed concisely and powerfully, “Fucking awesome!”

Chu Yu heard him at the side and thought that Lu Shi should merely be uninterested.

Participated once and got the prize— just like a mountain that had already been crossed, going back to the same road again was unlikely.

Looking at Lu Shi’s sharp jawline under the dim light, Chu Yu suddenly realized that Lu Shi seemed to be like this all the time; not too interested in anything, not too attached to anything, and indifferent.

Thinking of this, Chu Yu’s heart inexplicably sank.

A few traces of unease floated in his heart, causing him to strongly hold Lu Shi’s hand regardless.

Lu Shi assumed that Chu Yu was still afraid of ghosts, so he let him lead him by the hand as he whispered comfortingly in his ear, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Before Christmas Eve, there were two consecutive monthly exams.

In the classroom, the windows were often left closed. There was no ventilation, thus the cold spread very quickly. Li Hua also wasn’t too infected.1李华也不甚中招: Examined this a couple of times, and I think it was sarcasm.

Li Hua, who was stuffing his nostrils with pieces of tissue, was very resentful. “Exams on Wednesday and Thursday, then the results — by year-level rankings — will be released on Friday, can students still have a proper holiday?”

“It’s Christmas Eve on the day of the last exam, so it won’t be delaying anything.”

Speaking of this, Zhang Yueshan was very distressed. “That’s… If I don’t do well in the exam, do you think that person will answer my confession?”

Li Hua profoundly explained, “True love will inevitably break through the barriers of year-level ranking, break through the gap of scores, and break through the restrictions of the examination rooms!”

Seeing Zhang Yueshan nodding fiercely, Li Hua further asked, “Class Rep, think about it! If the girl you like doesn’t do well in the exam, would you not love her anymore?”

Zhang Yueshan answered, “Of course not! I’ll help her with make-up classes!”

Li Hua clasped a cup of hot water in his hand. “Oh, I feel sorry for the girl.”

“Rep, in that situation, to hell with supplementary classes! You should hug that girl and comfort her! Understand?”

Yang Yuchan came over, interrupting and kicking Li Hua’s chair. “Get up, get up, I need two minutes.”

Li Hua got up. “Okay, sit down then, I’ll fetch hot water.”

Yang Yuchan sat down, turned around, and asked Chu Yu, “Can we talk?”

Chu Yu nodded. “Sure, but about what?”

“Didn’t that party villa I made in Qingming Mountain have a bleak turnover because of the landslide? So I’ve recently targeted a business opportunity and am preparing to invest money to try it out.”

Yang Yuchan got straight to the point. “Last time you greeted me and said that if there’s a project, we can have fun together, so I’m coming to you now.”

Chu Yu felt that Yang Yuchan was very similar to the Sister Lin he knew, both of whom had a keen sense of business, and were very talented and ambitious.

He didn’t rashly agree. “Is there a business proposal? I want to see it first before making a decision.”

“Okay, I’ll send you an email in a while, and you can reply in the next few days.” Yang Yuchan then filled him in. “This time, the amount of funds involved is relatively large. I don’t have enough money so I can’t eat it by myself, and that’s also why I want to bring you in. If you’re not sure, you can ask your family.”

Chu Yu nodded. “Okay, I understand.”

During class, Old Ye recited a poem he wrote on the podium as encouragement for the monthly exam, while Chu Yu calculated his accounts below.

He’d never cared about money or anything.

His mother’s hand was very loose when it came to money. While his elder brother and sister would transfer pocket money to him whenever this habit hadn’t changed since he was a child.

Chu Yu’s desire to spend wasn’t high, and his expenses were small. He had a vague inkling in his heart that he should’ve saved a lot of money. After counting all his bank savings, Chu Yu fell into deep thought as he looked at the long seven-digit number.

I knew I was rich, but I didn’t expect to be this rich!

Turning his head to look at Lu Shi, who was seriously solving problems, a surging passion of “I want to support him! Take care of him! Buy lots of gifts for him” spontaneously emerged.

He decided to take a serious look at Yang Yuchan’s plan!

The two days of the exam passed very quickly.

After the last subject, Chu Yu and Lu Shi went back to the dormitory together. He glanced at the time and found that he forgot to ask Class Rep and the others what time their confession plan was taking place.

Lu Shi received a phone call at that moment, and Chu Yu remained silent.

He didn’t know who called, but Lu Shi’s expression was very indifferent and he didn’t talk much. He was basically just listening to the person on the other end.

“Send me the address and information, you’ve worked hard.”

The call was hung up. Chu Yu was sitting on the bed and looking up at Lu Shi. “What’s wrong?”

Lu Shi lowered his thin eyelids and met Chu Yu’s gaze.

His slightly cold fingers cupped Chu Yu’s face, and then very gently and slowly traced Chu Yu’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, and lip corners, until finally meandering to his Adam’s apple and the side of his neck.

Under his fingers was the pulsation of blood vessels.

After a long time, Lu Shi said softly, “I found someone who used to be a housekeeper for the Lu family 20 years ago.”

Chu Yu’s eyelashes trembled as he quickly understood that that person could possibly provide a lot of clues from the past.

“Then shall we go right away?”

Chu Yu stood up and asked Lu Shi again, “Let’s go now? I’ll accompany you!”

I’ll accompany you.

After standing rooted on the spot, silent for two seconds, Lu Shi suddenly stretched out his hands and embraced Chu Yu into his arms.

He had once walked alone in the boundless dark night. At last, someone had reached his side holding the light, telling him, “I’ll accompany you”.

It was already dark, so leaving right now could only be a thought. No matter what, they still had to wait until tomorrow morning.


  • 1
    李华也不甚中招: Examined this a couple of times, and I think it was sarcasm.


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