Chapter 61 – Not allowed

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61st -【Not allowed】

Editor: Sammy
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Chu Yu was awakened by the sound of ‘bang bang bang’ on the door. He mumbled a few words, rolled over subconsciously, and hid his head in the arms of the person beside him.

The person outside the door didn’t stop and even shouted, “Lu-Ge, open the door, fish soup! I can’t hold the fish soup anymore!”

Chu Yu was half asleep, thinking, ‘My surname isn’t Lu, why did you call me’—

Consciousness suddenly returned to him. Chu Yu opened his eyes and found himself sleeping within Lu Shi’s embrace.

Just now, he’d been rubbing his head around. As a result, he’d rubbed off a few buttons on Lu Shi’s shirt, exposing his collarbone and shoulder line.

He first called out in his confusion, “Lu-Ge?”

Lu Shi’s collar was messy. His annoyance from having just gotten up from bed, which exuded through his countenance, was diluted by this call of “Ge”.

He laughed a bit hoarsely and patted Chu Yu’s back. “En, very good.”

With the tips of his ears becoming hot thanks to Lu Shi’s morning voice, Chu Yu hurriedly said, “It’s Zhu Zhifei shouting Lu-Ge at the door!”

He moved, but found that his hand was in Lu Shi’s.

After maintaining that posture the entire night, all five of his fingers were stiff, and every movement caused a burst of soreness and numbness.

In the study room yesterday, he’d asked Lu Shi to hold hands, wanting to experience more of the feeling of dating. When he’d gone to bed, Lu Shi took his hand without saying a word and they slept together that way.

How did it feel to sleep while holding hands for the first time?

Bone hurts!

Lu Shi got up and went to open the door.

At the door, Zhu Zhifei stood with a vocabulary book pressed under his armpit and fish soup in both hands. Seeing the door open, he rushed in at once. “Shitou’s charity fish soup! I really don’t fucking understand why he delivered it so early in the morning, and such scalding hot soup! My fingertips are peeling!”

Like throwing a bomb, he speedily put the fish soup on the table. Zhu Zhifei continued carrying the book under his armpit, and laboriously squeezed his cold earlobes with both hands to cool his fingers.

When he turned around, he happened to meet Chu Yu’s eyes.

“School Flower?”

He surveyed Chu Yu, who was sitting on the bed, wrapped in a quilt, with messy hair and a half-asleep face. Then he stared at Lu Shi, who was clearly emitting a just-got-out-of-bed air and showed no expression on his face.


“Lu-Ge, did you sleep with School Flower last night?”

As soon as his words came out, Zhu Zhifei felt that there was something wrong with this sentence— why did it sound so yellow!

He quickly changed his wording. “So School Flower slept here last night with Lu-Ge!”

That sounded more normal.

He jokingly stated, “Fortunately, it’s just School Flower. If I turned around and saw a girl on Lu-Ge’s bed, I’d probably be so shocked I’d throw the fish soup.”

Lu Shi questioned, “Have you placed the fish soup down?”

“I have!”


Lu Shi gripped the hem of his top with both hands and pulled it up, revealing his sturdy, thin waist. Lu Shi moved the pajama over Chu Yu’s head, then reached out for his own school uniform and put it on.

Seeing Chu Yu pull off his clothes, exposing his now much messier hair, Lu Shi said in a casual tone, “My boyfriend.”

Boy- boyfriend?

What do you mean, who’s your boyfriend?

Zhu Zhifei’s line of sight darted swiftly to Chu Yu’s sleepy face.

What the fuck, did I fucking hear that right?

Boyfriend? When did this happen? When did it start? How did they get together?

Wait, so Lu-Ge really slept with School Flower?

I broke in like this to deliver fish soup, did I spoil something good?

It’s all Wei Guanglei’s fault, what kind of fish soup needs to be served so early in the morning?!

Zhu Zhifei’s mind was full of barrages, yet in the end, only one syllable came out of his mouth. “Oh.”

He was so calm that he felt frightful!

After Lu Shi got dressed, he took out another set and stood by the bed to help Chu Yu wear it.

This position blocked Zhu Zhifei’s line of sight very well.

Zhu Zhifei, who hadn’t noticed Lu Shi’s possessive actions, was still a little confused.

He did an analysis in his mind and summarized the central points.

Lu-Ge and School Flower are together.

Boyfriend relationship.

Slept together.

Lu-Ge even dresses School Flower.

Holy crap.

This early morning is so stimulating!

But considering Lu Shi’s extremely casual tone, as well as his extraordinarily natural dressing motions, Zhu Zhifei thought, ‘Sure enough, I have too little experience, I made such a fuss over nothing.’

Isn’t it just dating, isn’t it just School Flower dating, isn’t it just sleeping together, what’s so surprising about that?

Yeah, there’s nothing surprising about it!

When Chu Yu went to wash up, Zhu Zhifei had already conditioned himself mentally fairly quickly.

While watching Lu Shi bend over and fold the quilt, he said, “The sky wasn’t even bright yet when Shitou called me in good spirits, asking me to meet him at the school gate. It turns out, it was this bowl of fish soup, which traveled over half the city and arrived before us.”

After speaking, he realized that the quilts and pillows Lu Shi had used in the past had all been plain colored. Now, of the two pillows lying side by side, one was sky blue.

Stacked on Lu Shi’s desk had only been piles of school materials, test papers and problem sets, but now, within a heap of problem sets, there were two comic books.

The draft papers next to it were also ones with prints and embedded silver lines, definitely not Lu Shi’s.

He then asked uneasily, “Uhm… Me knocking on the door so early didn’t disturb you, did it?”

Having folded the quilt, Lu Shi stood up straight and replied, “Don’t knock on the door so early in the morning next time.”

After drinking the fish soup, the trio headed to their classrooms.

It was past seven o’clock, and the sky had yet to brighten. From a distance, the school building was already brightly lit.

Zhu Zhifei sighed with emotion. “We really rise early and sleep late. I honestly don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve slept in.”

Chu Yu knew that Zhu Zhifei attended cram school. “Are your weekends occupied now?”

“More or less. There’s math and chemistry on Saturdays, and physics on Sunday mornings. My mother’s searching for reliable teachers everywhere to make up for my English.”

Zhu Zhifei shrugged. “Being a second year student in high school, I can only console myself and work hard for two years. I’m under a lot of pressure, and so is my mother. If I don’t do well in the college entrance exam, tsk, it’s hard to imagine that scene. My mother will likely cry every day, bathing her face in tears and even cooking rice with them.”

Chu Yu observed Zhu Zhifei and felt that he’d lost weight. “You can’t eat less meat, you must gain more winter fat1It is believed that it is easier to gain fat during winter because of metabolism and temperature reasons.! Otherwise, what should I do if you get carried out of the study room one day?”

Brother Zhu Zhifei patted Chu Yu’s shoulder well. “Okay, I’ll work hard to get fat!”

“What carried out from the study room? Are you talking about our Study Committee Member?” Zhang Yueshan, who suddenly passed by, interjected.

As soon as he heard there was a story, Chu Yu probed, “Good morning, Class Rep. Has Study Com had this experience before?”

He only knew that Fang Ziqi had facial paralysis once upon a time because he’d been so excited to see his report card that his face became crooked with a smile.

Zhang Yueshan nodded. “It was just the first year of high school. Study Com was especially hard working— sitting in the study room every day, being the last one to leave, and also the first one to arrive in the morning. It was reckoned that he’d been waking up earlier than the cafeteria aunt. Later, one afternoon, he stood up to fetch some hot water because he was dizzy. It was said that before he fell to the ground, he’d asked his classmates who went to study with him to help mark his answers.”

Chu Yu gasped in amazement. “As expected of the Study Com! What happened then?”

“Then he woke up in the school infirmary.” Zhang Yueshan grabbed Zhu Zhifei’s hand and began enacting with an excellent voice and expression. “Did I get the questions right? Did I? Tell me the truth, did I get it right or not?”

Zhu Zhifei, whose hand was being held in the enactment, sighed. “Sure enough, this is the highest realm of learning!”

Having arrived in the classroom, Zhang Yueshan fished out a test paper from his school bag, ready to ask Lu Shi the solution to the last question.

As soon as he turned around, he saw that Lu Shi was moving his desk.

The desk was placed next to Chu Yu’s, side by side, neatly.

Fu. Ck.

Zhang Yueshan earnestly recalled that when school had started, Old Ye had asked Lu Shi to be desk-mates with Chu Yu. How had Lu Shi and Chu Yu reacted? They’d rejected it outright. Lu Shi even immediately moved his desk behind Chu Yu’s in disgust, forcibly making it a front and back desk instead.

These front and back desks had been there for half a semester, what was happening now? It changed into desk-mates in three seconds?

During morning self-study, many students in Class A were glancing towards the corner of the classroom’s last row, but they didn’t dare look too blatantly.

Therefore, for a while, everywhere in the classroom people were picking up erasers, fallen books on the ground, test papers that suddenly flew off the desk, and discussing problems at the back table without a stop. Everyone was covertly glimpsing at Lu Shi and Chu Yu out of the corner of their eyes.

Chu Yu was very happy.

He found a bottle of liquid iron tonic from his desk compartment, inserted a straw, and delivered it to Lu Shi’s mouth.

Lu Shi was used to being fed, so he lowered his head, bit the straw, and held it in his mouth while solving math problems with a pencil in his hand.

In order to stay warm, the windows had been closed, and since there were also many students inside, the classroom was nice and cozy.

Chu Yu’s eyelids were half-closed in drowsiness. He slowly pondered in his heart how convenient it was to feed the liquid iron tonic while being desk partners!

After dozing off for half a minute, Chu Yu gradually felt that his hand was empty, so he quietly slipped it under the table and clutched a corner of Lu Shi’s clothes.

Satisfied, Chu Yu was about to sleep peacefully when the shirt’s hem in his hand was pulled away.


Could it be that the man’s mouth was a deceiving ghost? After only getting together two days ago, he’d break all ties today and not let him hold his clothes?

As soon as Chu Yu finished thinking about it, he realized that Lu Shi’s fingers were coming towards him.

Letting him grasp them.

It turns out that when dating, the treatment will be so good!

Chu Yu groggily lay on the table while clutching Lu Shi’s fingers. As soon as he fell asleep, he napped for most of the morning.

During this period of time, the students in Class A who picked up pens, deliberately passed by, and intentionally turned around, discovered that their Lu-Shen had developed a stiff neck at some unknown time. And no matter what he did, he only used his right hand while his left hand was never on the desk. His shoulder was also slumped, the stiff neck was apparently quite serious.

Zhu Zhifei came to Lu Shi from the next class to ask a question. His first sentence was, “Lu-Ge, I heard that you got a stiff neck from last night?”

“Be quieter.”

Zhu Zhifei looked to the side, and sure enough.

He spoke in an airy voice, “School Flower’s asleep?”

Zhu Zhifei, who thought he understood, persuaded, “Lu-Ge, hold back ah. Look, you’ve held School Flower ‘till you’re tired2Referring to how he discovered the Lu Shi and Chu Yu slept together last night!”

Lu Shi raised his eyelids. “Scram.”

Zhu Zhifei lightly coughed twice. “Did I speak just now? I didn’t say anything! I’m here to ask questions!”

He then became curious. “Lu-Ge, if you have a stiff neck, I know a doctor who can cure you in a few seconds! You really don’t have one?”

“No, I’m holding his hand.”

After hearing this, Zhu Zhifei realized that under the desk, beneath the cover of clothes, School Flower was holding Lu-Ge’s hand.

Wtf, how come there was an illusion of a hole in the classroom ceiling and a truckload of sugar falling from the sky?

At evening self-study, Old Ye entered the classroom and was very relieved to see that Lu Shi had moved his desk next to Chu Yu’s.

He was probably enduring his excitement, but couldn’t help it in the end, so he came over with a smile on his face.

“Teacher is very pleased to see that students in our class A, through half a semester of understanding and interaction, can coexist together, make progress together, and transform hostility into friendship!”

After expressing a few hundred more words, Old Ye smiled till his eyes squinted. He walked around the classroom, and finally left through the back door.

After confirming that Old Ye wasn’t coming back for a while, Dream-Ge hunched his back, quickly trotted across half of the classroom, and crouched behind Chu Yu. Like a connector, he placed his hand beside his mouth in a half-trumpet position. “School Flower! Good stuff!”

Chu Yu lowered his head and saw Dream-Ge holding his phone, arousing his curiosity. “What good stuff?”

He was very vigilant. “I won’t watch anything that doesn’t conform to a teenager’s core values!”

My boyfriend’s sitting next to me.

Chu Yu was very conscientious.

“How could I own those things? I’m not Li Hua!” Dream-Ge was excited. “It’s the anime we watched together last time, the one where the protagonist plays basketball, do you remember?”

Seeing Chu Yu nod, Dream-Ge passed the phone forward. “Look look look, it’s live-action and not yet subbed!”

Chu Yu was nervous when he heard that it was a live-action. “I just wanna know, did they ruin it or not?”

“They didn’t, they didn’t, the cast is reliable! Especially the male protagonist— that figure, those muscles, the skin color, he’s the target of my efforts and yearning!”

Chu Yu’s eyes were full of teasing. “So eat more bird nests!”

Just then, the bell rang and Dream-Ge anxiously stated, “I’ll pass it on to you in a moment, you must remember to watch it. Definitely top-notch Amway, if not, then my head’s notched3断头安利,不好看我头掉! I tried to be witty with this and also related it to the head. I used the “a small cut that is shaped like a V and that is made on an edge or a surface” definition of notch.!”

As soon as Chu Yu went back to the dormitory with Lu Shi, Dream-Ge impatiently called him on QQ, urging him to watch the live-action movie.

Seeing that Lu Shi was answering questions, Chu Yu took out his earphones from his school bag and chatted with Dream-Ge while starting the movie.

“School Flower, look at those muscles! Those are the muscles I dream of!”

Chu Yu had nothing to do with muscles. He thought that Lu Shi was the best looking.

“It’s alright, but this guy’s a really good basketball player.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, reportedly, this actor was locked up in a basketball team and practiced hard for a few months to make this movie, so professional!” Dream-Ge became more and more excited as he watched. “Look at this dunk shot!”

Chu Yu was affected by Dream-Ge’s hot-bloodedness. After all, he loved basketball before. After watching it for ten minutes, he couldn’t help but excitedly say, “This male protagonist’s slam dunk with both hands is so cool! He jumps really high!”

Dream-Ge was proud. “Right? I told you the live-action adaptation doesn’t ruin it!”

“You’re right, this actor’s very well chosen, he looks good playing basketball!”

At that moment, the earphone in Chu Yu’s right ear was suddenly removed. Then, Lu Shi leaned close and whispered.

“Not allowed.”

Chu Yu instinctively ended the call first.

“You’re not allowed to praise others.”

Lu Shi’s breath carried strong aggression with it.

His eyes were stained by the color of night, as black as ink.

He bent his fingers and slowly touched the corner of Chu Yu’s lips. Lu Shi uttered his every word with seriousness, “You’re not allowed to smile so happily when praising others.”

His fingertips moved up and stopped at the temple. “In here, you can only think of me.”

Chu Yu stared at Lu Shi, and didn’t speak for a while.

From the earphone in his left ear came the noisy sound of the movie as well as its passionate soundtrack.

Lu Shi’s voice overshadowed everything.

Suddenly, Lu Shi pulled some distance away, lowered his eyes, and gazed fixedly at Chu Yu. “If one day you become dreadful of me, scared of me, don’t want to be with me, and plan to leave, I’ll catch you and use handcuffs to keep us forever together.”

“Chu Yu, you have no chance.”

Lu Shi was truly a frightening person.

Chu Yu felt that in the place where his heart was, the range and frequency of its beating had become a little bigger.

He didn’t feel afraid, and was even a bit addicted to it. There existed a person who couldn’t be without him, would never give up on him, wanted to be entangled with him, and take possession of his being for a lifetime.

Chu Yu thought that he was probably crazy.








The author has something to say: Here’s a heart composed of a common sage~


Explanation for winter fat: “The climate is cold in winter, in order to maintain a normal body temperature, the human body needs to generate more heat to resist the invasion of cold air. Therefore, the body’s consumption of nutrients also increases, and the nutritional needs increase, so the desire to replenish energy is especially urgent.” – 原文網址

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  • 1
    It is believed that it is easier to gain fat during winter because of metabolism and temperature reasons.
  • 2
    Referring to how he discovered the Lu Shi and Chu Yu slept together last night
  • 3
    断头安利,不好看我头掉! I tried to be witty with this and also related it to the head. I used the “a small cut that is shaped like a V and that is made on an edge or a surface” definition of notch.


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