Chapter 60 – Do you feel it

Bite Your Fingertips
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60th -【Do you feel it】

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The mist on the river’s surface hadn’t cleared, and the wind was still as cold.

On Chu Yu’s chin, warmth from Lu Shi’s fingertips seemingly remained.

He stared at the fishing rods, silently recalling their conversation from beginning to end. Finally, the thought that came to his mind was—

Fuck, I’m actually experiencing young love1This was translated as puppy love before, bc (google), but it can also be translated as early love or young love.!

But, when dating, what should… be done?

For 17 years, Chu Yu hadn’t really thought about this issue. After all, he used to believe that he was the most attractive, so no one could date him. Afterwards, he met Lu Shi. Although he acknowledged Lu Shi’s appearance, he’d never considered being in a relationship with him in the first place.

Pulling his fingers, Chu Yu counted in his heart. According to the usual pattern, with dating, there also came hugging? Holding hands? Then… kissing?

“What are you thinking about?”

Chu Yu subconsciously replied, “Kissing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he abruptly shut his mouth—

Shit, I’m doomed, is it too late to say that I didn’t mean it? It’s too late!

Simultaneously, Chu Yu’s mind frantically flashed all kinds of kissing scenes from comics, TV shows, and movies which played in turn; kissing while standing, kissing while lying down, kissing while pressed against the wall—

He didn’t even know that he possessed such a retentive memory!

At that moment, Wei Guanglei’s voice came from far away. “Laozi’s fucking awesome! Holy, this big fish is causing Laozi’s fishing line to break!”

Chu Yu sprang up. “I’ll go take a look! Watch the fish!”

After he finished speaking and before Lu Shi could react, he turned and ran towards Wei Guanglei, as if hastily putting out a fire.

Wei Guanglei skillfully pushed the fish into his tin bucket. The fish’s tail splashed a lot of water, and as soon as Chu Yu stood there, he was spattered all over.

Wei Guanglei’s skin was originally dark, so in places where the light wasn’t bright enough, his rows of white teeth dazzled the eyes.

“Young Master came over? Come see the results of the battle, my scientific fishing method is reliable, right?” He looked askance at Zhu Zhifei. “Who spouted bullshit in the beginning and now has his flame extinguished?”

Zhu Zhifei gazed at the sky, pretending he hadn’t heard anything.

Chu Yu squatted down, turned on the flashlight of his phone, and leaned close to observe the fish in the tin bucket.

“Almost the size of a person’s small arm!”

Wei Guanglei was very experienced. “We can boil a pot of fish soup.”

He then asked, “How many have you caught with Lu-Ge?”

Chu Yu didn’t know how to reply.

Should he say that they had just talked about love, and didn’t even know if the bait was still there on the hook?

He still had a face to save!

Without waiting for Chu Yu’s answer, Wei Guanglei casually patted the splashed water on his jacket, confidently hooked a new bait, then threw the hook out.

Zhu Zhifei, who stood at the side, pushed up his glasses and suddenly began singing loudly with all his might. It sounded extremely boisterous and clear in the quiet riverbank.

Wei Guanglei lifted his foot to kick before scolding with a smile, “You’re asking for a fucking beating. Can you still drink soup if you scare the fish away?”

Zhu Zhifei laughed. “I’m actually raising the difficulty of your scientific fishing!”

The two exchanged kicks and punches, jokingly wrestling.

Chu Yu turned his head and looked at Lu Shi who was still sitting in the distance. He breathed into the palm of his hands and walked back quickly.

Isn’t it just dating? Who doesn’t know how to do it?

Fuck, I really don’t.

Chu Yu sat down near Lu Shi. “Shitou caught a really big fish and said that tomorrow we can boil—”

Lu Shi’s hand suddenly rested on the back of his hand.

“Boil what?”

Chu Yu didn’t dare move his hand. “B-boil fish soup.”

While gazing down at Chu Yu, Lu Shi gently stroked his earlobe with his fingers. “Is it cold?”

As if bewitched, Chu Yu nodded. “…Cold.”

After a while, a jacket with lingering warmth was draped on him.

Wrapped in Lu Shi’s jacket, Chu Yu felt like he was being tightly embraced by the other’s scent.

No one had the mind to check if a fish had taken the bait. Chu Yu even felt that sitting together like this was quite nice.

The night fishing activity lasted until one o’clock in the morning.

Wei Guanglei yelled loudly from afar, “Lu-Ge, Young Master, withdraw withdraw. Let’s go back and sleep!”

Chu Yu was originally dozing off, and being suddenly awakened, he was still a little dazed.

Lu Shi, who had tidied up the fishing rods, handed Chu Yu his.

The two got up and walked along the embankment. Chu Yu wasn’t quite alert so his feet slipped.

He himself didn’t mind, but Lu Shi, on the contrary, stopped immediately. Holding the fishing rod and tin bucket in one hand, he extended the other hand behind. “Hold.”

Chu Yu wanted to say, I can concentrate on walking by myself just fine, there’s really no need to hold hands.

He moved his lips but didn’t say anything, his hand moved up instead.

Lu Shi’s hand was dry and warm, holding it was very comfortable.

Chu Yu stared at Lu Shi’s back and thought, perhaps… this is dating?

For example, holding hands first.

When the four people converged, Lu Shi didn’t release his hand.

The light was dim, so neither Wei Guanglei nor Zhu Zhifei noticed. Seeing that the tin bucket Lu Shi carried was empty, they laughed. “Lu-Ge, so your hand also misses sometimes!”

In the dark, Lu Shi’s finger was rubbing circles on the back of Chu Yu’s hand. He didn’t argue. “Mm, let’s go.”

After returning to Lu Shi’s house, Chu Yu took a hot bath first. When he entered the bedroom in slippers, Lu Shi was sitting on the bed with white headphones in his ears. Based on his expression, he should be listening to a phone call recording.

Because only the bedside table lamp was turned on, Lu Shi, who was under its light, became the focal point.

His fine hair fell naturally, his eyelashes casting shadows from the light, and one of his long legs was bent while the other straightened, displaying an indolent appearance.

Chu Yu leaned on the door frame, tangled. Sleeping on the same bed right after getting together, wasn’t this development too fast?

No, when they weren’t together, they had already laid on the same bed.

Should that be counted?

Lu Shi saw Chu Yu standing at the door but not coming in, so he gave way on the bed. “Not coming up?” He then slowly added a word. “Boyfriend.”

Seeing Chu Yu’s eyes widen, Lu Shi’s lips curled. “Mn, gotta get used to this endearment.”

Tip-tapping to the bed on slippers, Chu Yu climbed up and dug into the blanket quickly before replying provocatively, “Time to go to sleep, Boyfriend.”

When Lu Shi looked at him, Chu Yu lifted his chin triumphantly. “I also want to become used to this endearment!”

Chu Yu originally assumed that after successfully entering the ranks of young love, he’d inevitably not fall asleep due to the excitement that night, but reality was beyond his expectations— he fell asleep almost as soon as he closed his eyes.

Later, he woke up hungry in the middle of the night.

The burning sensation in his throat made him feel uncomfortable, and his back felt like it was on fire. He moved and found that he was beside Lu Shi— he didn’t know since when, but Lu Shi had been holding him in his arms.

The posture was full of possessive desire as if in his dreams, he was also guarding against him being snatched away.

Chu Yu licked his dry lips, approached the side of Lu Shi’s neck, and bit down gently.

He held that piece of skin and sucked in small mouthfuls.

Blood flowed into his oral cavity and immediately relieved the hunger and dryness. Chu Yu couldn’t help letting out two silky tones.

The arms around his waist suddenly tightened as Lu Shi’s breathing changed.

He’d probably been awakened by him. Chu Yu wanted to let go and explain, but the back of his head was suddenly pressed down by a palm.

“Suck a bit more blood.”

Lu Shi’s voice was hoarse and concealing a trace of tenderness, yet his movements were nevertheless stubborn.

Chu Yu didn’t struggle. Following suit with Lu Shi’s strength, he held the small piece of skin in his mouth again and sucked some more blood.


It was uncertain whether it was due to pain or comfort when Lu Shi’s mouth and teeth leaked a hiss. His palm unhurriedly rubbed Chu Yu’s nape and he spoke in a husky voice, “Suck slowly, be good, slow down.”

Chu Yu sucked blood until his limbs went soft and he was loosely gripping Lu Shi’s clothes. He obediently slowed down the pace of his blood-sucking.

He loosened his bite and licked the wound with the tip of his tongue right after. Studying Lu Shi with the help of the light from the bedside table lamp, he found that the other party’s eyes were half-closed and that he wore a tired and lazy expression.

“Did I wake you up?”

Lu Shi’s finger touched Chu Yu’s lips and traced their shape. “I forgot to feed you before sleeping. Woke up hungry?”

“Yeah, hungry—”

As soon as he opened his mouth, Lu Shi’s fingers seized the chance and poked inside, fiddling with the tip of his tongue.

Chu Yu keenly discovered that after confirming their relationship, Lu Shi had sort of discarded his shackles while his masculine aggression and drive had strengthened.

Like now.

He didn’t think of it before, but currently, Chu Yu had come up with some connections that weren’t easy to explain.

Pushing the fingers out with his tongue in a flurry, Chu Yu’s voice also became a tad hoarse. “Lu Shi, w-we should go to sleep.”

It was only after using his fingertips to wipe off the wet stains on the corners of Chu Yu’s lips was Lu Shi satisfied and replied, “Mm.”

The weekend’s two days quickly passed by. Chu Yu headed home Sunday morning, stuffed the clothes he was going to wear in his suitcase, and took them to school. After hanging up the clothes in his closet, Chu Yu went to knock on the door of the neighboring dorm room. No one was there.

He thought about it and called instead.

Lu Shi answered the phone in a quiet voice, “Have you arrived at school? I’m in the study room.”

“Mn, I’ve arrived.” Chu Yu also subconsciously lowered his voice. “Then I’ll come to you!”

After grabbing a comic book, Chu Yu headed for the study room.

Jianing Private’s resources and facilities were very complete. So, the library and self-study rooms were spacious and bright.

Through the glass back door of the study room2Some schools have designated self-study rooms, which might be inside or adjacent to the library, or not at all. Based on the description in the novel, it’s probably like this:, Chu Yu could see at a glance Lu Shi who was sitting by the window with question books and a few draft papers in front of him.

The exams hadn’t yet begun, so only two people sat in the front row in the study room. Chu Yu opened and closed the door lightly without any noise.

When he neared Lu Shi, Chu Yu slowly came to a stop.

It was nightfall and the afterglow of the sun shined in from the glass windows. The orange light was warm and dazzling.

Lu Shi sat under that light.

The tips of his hair and eyebrows were dyed with warm colors.

How did one describe this kind of emotion?

Chu Yu thought, this person is now mine, my boyfriend.

Lu Shi didn’t lift his eyes, yet accurately grasped Chu Yu’s wrist. “What are you doing standing there?”

Chu Yu abruptly came to his senses and sat down next to him.

He flipped open his comic book and also pretended to read in all seriousness.

However, a few minutes passed without him turning a page.

Closing the book, Chu Yu lay forward, plastered his face onto the cover of the comic, and watched Lu Shi intently.

After Lu Shi drew the supplementary lines, the problem was finished.

He looked at Chu Yu sideways. “What are you looking at?”

Chu Yu grabbed the pencil in Lu Shi’s hand and wrote on Lu Shi’s draft paper stroke by stroke: [I want to experience the feeling of dating again!]

After he finished writing that, he drew stick figures of two little people holding hands.

Lu Shi didn’t speak after seeing it.

Under the desk, he quietly held Chu Yu’s hand.

“Do you feel it?”







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  • 1
    This was translated as puppy love before, bc (google), but it can also be translated as early love or young love.
  • 2
    Some schools have designated self-study rooms, which might be inside or adjacent to the library, or not at all. Based on the description in the novel, it’s probably like this:
  • 3
    jjxwc locks chapters that contain nsfw or things that don’t adhere to their policy. It can never be opened by readers again (Idk if there’s an unless…)


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