Chapter 58 – Your accomplice

Bite Your Fingertips
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58th -【Your accomplice】

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Anatomy of the gun:


Chu Yu’s wrist was meticulously tossed by Lu Shi’s hand, causing a soft itch in his heart for no reason.

Suppressing the nagging agitation1an anxious or agitated heart from not knowing what to do, thoughts all jumbled up., Chu Yu lowered his eyes and stared at the cold white skin on the back of Lu Shi’s hand, as well as the blue-green blood vessels.

He knew Lu Shi’s intentions.

Crystal clear.

Just like in that small alley where Lu Shi used the pointed tip of a plastic straw to pierce his fingertip without frowning before thoroughly smearing thick blood on his lips then gently asking him, ‘Does my blood smell good? Then, why do you want to smell another’s blood?’

Just like that night when he held Lu Shi’s wrist and told Lu Shi to let go. Lu Shi had asked him if he was afraid.

He appeared strong, calm, and indifferent, but in fact, Chu Yu felt that Lu Shi was more afraid and perturbed than him.

More fragile, even.

Why should he be afraid?

Was it simply because Lu Shi was trapped in a swamp? Because his countenance was filled with coldness, hostility, and paranoia?

But, this was the person he liked.

The person he liked.

Yes, exactly!

Not just need, not just dependence.

It was like.

The place where his heart rested heated up. As if a fire was sparked, the scorching flames instantly burned through his limbs and bones. Chu Yu took a deep breath, his lips and tongue were dry, and even his breathing became hurried.

He controlled his line of sight to meet Lu Shi’s eyes before stutteringly saying, “Y-you, wait for me, it’ll be quick, I will get something from home! It’ll be really quick!”

After speaking, Chu Yu turned around, ran out at lightning speed, and disappeared after a while.

Lu Shi sat in the same spot. His curved fingers moved slightly.

How empty.

He stared at the door leading outdoors for a long time. The corners of his thin lips suddenly curled into a smile, but the smile did not reach his eyes in the slightest.

Lu Shi’s back slackened and he fell backward, lying on the cold stone surface.

The slight chill stubbornly penetrated through the barrier of his clothing, and soon, his skin and bones were suffused, then even his blood froze.

With half-squinted eyes, Lu Shi stared at the arc-shaped dome of the glass greenhouse. The light shining through the glass wasn’t bright, but Lu Shi’s eyes still stung with pain.

He originally thought that when he decided to show his true self to Chu Yu inch by inch, layer by layer, he was already mentally prepared.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized that he was far more vulnerable than he thought.

But Lu Shi, you can’t be vulnerable, you still have many things you haven’t accomplished, you can’t, you shouldn’t.

In his pitch-black eyes, shallow self-depreciation drifted upwards.

Sure enough, he was truly dirty and rotten.

The hard stone beneath him instantly turned into black mud, similar to a swamp, carrying a rancid smell, and causing people to sink.

Lu Shi closed his eyes and stopped struggling in vain.

Wei Guanglei stood at the door of the shooting range and peered through the thin seams of the door but couldn’t see anything. Scratching the back of his head, he doubtfully asked the boss, “Is my Lu-Ge really inside? You didn’t see it wrong?”

“Yes, he’s been in there for more than two hours, breaking my glass bottles.” The boss’ physique was sturdy. It was winter, and he only wore a short-sleeved shirt which revealed his strong and vigorous muscles.

Pointing in the direction of the entrance, the boss urged, “Go in and see whether his hands haven’t been crippled.”

After saying that, he didn’t stay any longer and went to guard the shop’s door again.

Wei Guanglei opened his phone calendar and checked it two more times. Today was indeed Thursday.

Shouldn’t he be in school on Thursdays? Why did his Lu-Ge come here?

Calculating the time, he must’ve escaped evening self-study.

Could it be that… the young master was in a bad mood again, and he brought him over to play?

With piling doubts, Wei Guanglei knocked on the door, gripped the door handle in his hand, pressed it down, opened the door, and went in.

The lights were on in the room. Their cold light illuminated the concrete walls, making people feel inexplicably chilly.

Lu Shi stood with his side facing the door. His figure was slim, with a ramrod-straight back. He was wearing a pair of shooting earmuffs and silver goggles placed on the bridge of his nose, making him seem bitingly cold2It could also mean awe-inspiring.

But his black hoodie and jeans, as well as the classic red and black sneakers on his feet, gave off a sense of youthfulness in line with his age.

‘Bang—’, a bullet was shot, and the glass bottle thrown by the machine was shattered again.

From a distance, Wei Guanglei saw the already thick pile of glass dregs. When he checked the counter, nearly two hundred bottles had been hit.

He reasonably suspected that the boss had specifically asked him to come in and have a look because the glass bottles in the shop were about to be wiped out by Lu Shi.

Lu Shi was alert. He put the gun away, took off the shooting earmuffs with one hand, and casually hung it around his neck, then turned to look at Wei Guanglei. “Why are you here?”

“I was playing in another room. The boss personally picked me up and asked me to quickly come over and check on whether your hands haven’t been crippled.”

Wei Guanglei pulled the small basket on the preparation table, took a mint candy from it, peeled off the wrapper, and put the candy in his mouth.

After having the candy in his mouth, he carefully examined Lu Shi’s expression. Wei Guanglei’s heart ‘bathumped’.

His Lu-Ge’s expression was really abnormal.

He couldn’t tell exactly what the abnormality was, but Wei Guanglei’s heart abruptly hung3Worried.

He was considering his wording, wanting to ask Lu Shi if he had encountered something when he heard the ringing of a cell phone.

Lu Shi pressed the hands-free option.

What came out of the speaker was Brother Lie’s voice.

“Lu Shi, do you have any room for what I said last time? I intensified the training of the people under me but I really couldn’t get any fucking results from the training. It was one race worse than the other like they’re scrambling to get first place from the bottom. Laozi watched until my temper burst!”

Brother Lie had an irritated tone as he discussed with Lu Shi. “It’s a good thing to cherish life, Brother supports you not being on the track. But in this situation, losing will be too unsightly and Brother won’t be able to hold on to his face. Look, how about talking about it again?”

Wei Guanglei listened beside him without saying a word.

He knew the news.

In the racing team under Brother Lie’s management, the veteran had retired, one was injured, the new recruits hadn’t produced results from their training yet, and one person was like a wisp of smoke, none of them could be used. Reportedly, someone had seen Brother Lie approach Lu Shi. He had probably wanted to ask Lu Shi to get in the car and help him race a course, but Lu Shi had refused.

Wei Guanglei thought that because his Lu-Ge had rejected it last time, there must be no room for a turnaround this time. He didn’t expect Lu Shi to merely say, “Wait, I’ll think about it.”

He didn’t give a definite answer, it was a sign that it could be discussed.

Brother Lie immediately raised his voice. “As expected of Laozi’s good brother! Good good good, no matter whether you are on it or not in the end, Brother will take your piece of affection!”

After the call was hung up, Wei Guanglei sat on the high stool and hurriedly asked, “Lu-Ge, didn’t you refuse it before, why did you want to go on the race track again this time?”

Lu Shi threw away the phone and didn’t answer, but the gloom in his eyes became two points heavier.

Wei Guanglei pondered for a while before carefully probing, “Where’s the young master? Today… why didn’t you come here together?”

Lu Shi’s hand changed the magazine. His eyes weren’t lifted, but the line of his lower jaw tightened a bit. “You’re too noisy.”

Wei Guanglei covered his mouth and quickly shut up.

Understood, this was ninety-nine percent likely a quarrel.

He twisted the mint candy plastic wrapper, feeling slightly at a loss—how the hell should he persuade him?

Besides, he didn’t know exactly what was going on with his Lu-Ge and the Young Master right now.

As for what he’d observed, Lu Shi was always decisive, had a clear goal, and had never done a sloppy job.

But in the face of Chu Yu, he used all his scheming methods yet still fell headfirst into it in the end.

Wei Guanglei bit the mint candy in his mouth to pieces and decided to keep quiet.

If it was a fight, he could just follow Lu Shi from behind, carry a rod, and charge into battle. But matters involving feelings were too damn complicated, so he couldn’t get involved.

When another magazine was emptied, Wei Guanglei noticed that Lu Shi’s hand which held the gun was shaking, but he had no intentions of stopping at all.

Releasing the empty magazine4Author wrote that Lu Shi threw the magazine away, but then he reached out for bullets… It would’ve been fine if he was changing magazines but in the next paragraphs, Lu Shi would be filling in bullets., Lu Shi reached out for the bullets again.

Wei Guanglei, who wanted to persuade him, opened his mouth, but then closed it again.

Lu Shi pinched the brass-colored bullets with his fingertips and filled the bullet slot with practiced movements. He said, “You go back first, no need to guard me.”

He raised his eyelids, hooked the gun with his fingers, and agilely turned around.

Without warning, Lu Shi held the butt of the gun, lifted it, and placed the muzzle against his temple. He then said indifferently, “Are you worried that I’ll shoot myself?”

Wei Guanglei’s entire back went cold.

The air he inhaled through his nose mixed with the mint. From his trachea to his lungs, it became completely cool.

At that moment, he suddenly remembered how he and Zhu Zhifei saw Lu Shi’s aura when driving a race car—

Lu Shi was most likely somewhat tired of the world, so much so that it seemed like he would die in the next second, and it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, there appeared to be something that was barely suspending his life.

But it was just barely hanging.

Shifting the direction of the muzzle, Lu Shi nimbly grasped the barrel with his fingers and tapped Wei Guanglei’s shoulder with the butt. “Alright, go back, no need to guard me, I’m calm.”

Wei Guanglei was worried, so he stayed in his spot for several minutes before he finally had no choice but to leave.

Lu Shi put on the shooting earmuffs again, isolating from the whole world.

When he left the shooting range, it was past midnight. The neon light was cold and cheerless, the streets, corners, and alleys were empty, and there were not many people.

Under the light of the street lamps, the dense rain could be seen clearly. Lu Shi raised his hand with his palm facing up, and realized that it was raining again.

The exterior walls of the old buildings become darker if they were stained with water, as if the dirt would forever remain ineradicable.

With his hands in his jeans pockets, Lu Shi walked very slowly as his shadow near his feet was stretched by the streetlights.

Going around a corner and passing by a flower bed full of weeds, a stray cat leaped out of the shrubbery that hadn’t been trimmed for a long time. It made a sound with its movement and soon disappeared.

Lu Shi inadvertently raised his eyes, then, his steps suddenly halted.

The light bulb hanging at the entrance of the corridor was dim as always. At this moment, there was a person standing under its light, holding a square-shaped paper box in hand and walking back and forth. It was unknown what he was muttering about.

He was dressed very thinly, without an umbrella, causing his hair to be wet with rain. If one walked closer, they would definitely be able to see the tiny strewn raindrops on his hair.

But Lu Shi stopped in place, not daring to get closer.

He was hidden in the darkness, gazing at Chu Yu who was standing under the light, from a long distance.

The winter night breeze was so cold that it bore through the clothes into the skin, and further into the bones.

Until Chu Yu saw Lu Shi.

He was originally muttering “there’s no ghosts, there’s no ghosts” to give himself courage when suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure out of the corner of his eye.

He had rushed home to take something, and without resting, he ran back to school right after. He learned that Lu Shi had not come to evening self-study and there was no one in the dormitory, so Chu Yu hugged the thing and ran to Qingchuan Road to wait downstairs.

Finally, the person he was waiting for arrived.

Carefully holding the tightly packed paper box in his hand, Chu Yu walked over with quick steps and stood in front of Lu Shi.

He handed forward the thing in his hand. “I specially went home to take it, to give it to you.”

Lu Shi didn’t take it. His expression was indistinguishable as he asked in a hoarse voice, “What is it?”

Chu Yu’s eyes were bright. As if a secret that must be kept only between two people, he leaned close and whispered, “I bought it secretly from abroad, the most expensive, most advanced, and least easily discovered wiretapping device!”

The two stood in the dark together, their shadows fading out into the darkness.

Chu Yu gazed at Lu Shi, and earnestly said, “From now on, I will be your accomplice.”





The author has something to say: Here’s a blingbling heart made of glass shards~




  • 1
    an anxious or agitated heart from not knowing what to do, thoughts all jumbled up.
  • 2
    It could also mean awe-inspiring
  • 3
  • 4
    Author wrote that Lu Shi threw the magazine away, but then he reached out for bullets… It would’ve been fine if he was changing magazines but in the next paragraphs, Lu Shi would be filling in bullets.


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