Chapter 50 – Met you

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50th -【Met you】

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“I wish you could lick the back of my hand, they’re so dirty.”

Chu Yu, who was lying on the bed in his bedroom, threw the comic books and video game aside and unwittingly turned his phone upside down.1He’s checking if he’s having hallucinations or the phone is broken

No, Lu Shi’s state wasn’t right.

Chu Yu kept thinking about Lu Shi’s tone when he’d said those words on the phone call. The more he thought about it, the more worried he became. He couldn’t sit still, so he got up immediately and ran out barefoot.

When Lu Shi came out of the bathroom, the skin on the back of his hand was red. He habitually put his hand in the pocket of his trousers before turning and walking outside the lounge.

Opening the door, he saw Fang Weiyun standing right outside. Lu Shi paused.

Fang Weiyun had obviously just retouched her makeup. The diamond jewelry she wore on her earlobes shone brightly, stabbing people’s eyes.

She smiled lightly. “Can Mom come in?”

Lu Shi looked at her with his eyelids drooping. His eyes full of sarcasm weren’t at all concealed.

Fang Weiyun changed her words, “Can I go in? I have something to talk about.”

Lu Shi stepped aside.

The door was closed.

Fang Weiyun gracefully held her silver leather handbag and sat on the sofa. Only after neatly arranging her skirt did she look at Lu Shi. Her voice was as gentle as usual. “Your face is a little pale, are you not feeling well?”

Lu Shi didn’t come close, and merely looked at Fang Weiyun from a distance of a few steps. He mockingly replied, “There’s only you and me here. Does acting all the time not tire you out?”


After hearing Lu Shi’s words, Fang Weiyun seemed to have taken off her mask. The gentle smile on her face dropped inch by inch, replaced by eyes filled with disgust.

A smile appeared at the corner of Lu Shi’s mouth, full of coldness. “That’s more like it, isn’t it?”

When Lu Shi was young, Fang Weiyun treated him very well. She was gentle and patient, and also spoke softly to him.

But this was only limited to when there were outsiders.

As long as the two of them were alone, Fang Weiyun would remove her disguise and become strict and sick of him. She would even sometimes curse in revulsion: ‘You’re a bastard with filthy blood flowing in your body’.

As a child, Lu Shi hadn’t understood.

When Lu Shaochu wasn’t at home, he’d relied on his mother, but at the same time he would be terrified and uneasy because of Fang Weiyun’s completely different attitudes in front and behind people.

He wanted the gentle mother, the mother who would talk to him softly, coax him, and lead him along by his hand.

Lu Shi had always thought that his mother didn’t like him because he was not good enough and did not do well enough. So he redoubled his efforts in doing his best no matter what. But Fang Weiyun not only didn’t change her attitude, it intensified as well.

In order to please her, he desperately became outstanding and sensible. He only hoped that his mother could smile at him behind closed doors as well.

But no, not even once.

So much so—

Lu Shi’s hands in his trouser pockets suddenly clenched. His nails embedded in his palms and the pain woke him up, suppressing all the hatred that was madly surging.

Now isn’t the time, Lu Shi, you have to be patient, be patient…

“What do you want to say?”

Lu Shi’s voice was monotonous, without any trace of fluctuation.

Fang Weiyun frowned as she stared at him. “Lu Shi, what’s with your tone? You don’t even know etiquette!”

Her eyebrows were thinly traced with a sharp end, like the poisonous tail of a scorpion. “You live outside and don’t go home, do you not want the position of heir anymore? A mere lowly seedling is holding tall2Being pretentious in front of me? Why, want me to beg you?”

Lu Shi was accustomed to hearing these words. It was Fang Weiyun’s consistent method— to chastise him condescendingly, insult him, establish her power, control him, and lower him into the dust.

Lu Shi’s speech was light and unhurried. “Lowly seedling? Ah, what a pity. Lu Shaochu doesn’t have a second child. Even if I don’t go home for five or ten years, the position of heir is still mine. Say, in his heart, is it you, the wife, or is it me, the heir, who’s more important?”

Fang Weiyun’s expression changed.

Lu Shi’s voice was as cold as water. “You’re saying these to me today because Lu Shaochu was blaming you. Why did the only heir of the Lu family rebel and didn’t go home? Because he learned that the mother whom he’d been calling Mom for more than ten years wasn’t his biological mother. It was hard to accept and he suffered a shock. It’s me that is pitiful, and you who’s at fault.”

“Furthermore, he didn’t dare to let others know about the fact that I ran away from home. As for the reason I left, it’s a secret that must be kept. In his heart, the Lu clan’s face is more important than anything else.”

Lu Shi’s voice became lighter. “If I loathe you and are incompatible with you, guess which side he’ll stand by in the end? Who will be thrown away?”

Fang Weiyun squeezed her handbag so tightly her fingertips turned white.

She now understood what Lu Shi was planning.

She was unable to bear children, and most importantly, Lu Shaochu wasn’t willing to have children with her at all. In Lu Shaochu’s eyes, Lu Shi was the only heir.

In the past, she had firmly controlled Lu Shi on the palm of her hands.

But ever since Lu Shi discovered that his birth mother was someone else, everything had changed.

“Do you really think that I’m still that pure and unsuspecting young master of the past? That in order to get a compliment from you, I would learn how to horse race even if my thighs wear out till they’re limp. That even if I nearly drowned in the water, I would forcibly overcome my fear and learn to swim as quickly as possible.”

Lu Shi’s eyes were dark, no light could penetrate their depths. His voice squeezed out of his throat, containing repressed emotions akin to an endless night void of brightness. “That Lu Shi is already dead.”

The moment he learned about the truth of that year, he was already dead.

When Lu Shi went downstairs, the red mark on the back of his hand had already faded. He stood beside Lu Shaochu and was once again the handsome and excellent heir.

Lu Shaochu asked, “What took you so long upstairs?”

“Talked to Mrs. Lu.”

Hearing that he didn’t call her mother, Lu Shaochu wanted to say something about it, but then decided not to and switched to a smile. “If you really can’t accept the fact that you’re not related to her, then forget it. That year, your mother gave birth to you shortly after our marriage, but accidents are always unavoidable and she died due to dystocia. I carried you back in my arms. I didn’t want my son to be criticized, so I declared to the public that you were Weiyun’s son. Later, seeing you like Weiyun and depend on her so much, I never had the heart to tell you the truth.”

At the beginning, Lu Shaochu wanted to use Lu Shi’s affection towards Weiyun to ask him to return home.

But he now discovered that Lu Shi’s rebound was much heavier than he expected, and his rejection towards Fang Weiyun was also very strong.

Therefore, he decided to change his strategy.

Lu Shaochu sighed and shook his head. “It’s just that there’s no eternal secret in the world. You still ended up learning of it. Although your mother is no longer your mother, we are nevertheless father and son. Everything in my hands will be yours in the future. Lu Shi, I only hope that this matter will not affect our father and son relationship.”

“There’s no eternal secret in the world.”

Lu Shi repeated this sentence, his meaning unclear. “This sentence fits my heart’s intentions.”

He didn’t listen to a word of Lu Shaochu’s narration of the so-called truth.

Dystocia? Heh.

Lu Shaochu said with concern, “The house on Qingchuan Road is too old. Do you want to move to another residence?”

Lu Shi refused. “That’s my mother’s house.”

“Alright alright, live there as long as you want. Dad will follow your wishes.”

Seeing Lu Shi like this, Lu Shaochu felt more comfortable and safe in his heart.

The other had his own ideas which didn’t easily change because of others, wisdom, and a firm mind. He’d been worried about him being used to relying too much on Fang Weiyun before and taking her too seriously. This attitude right now was great. One mustn’t excessively value a person too much so that when he dealt with things later, there would be no biases, weak spots, or soft underbelly3Soft spot for someone.

In addition, Lu Shi was smart and calm. He became more and more satisfied with this son.

The birthday banquet was over and the guests were sent away one by one until very late at night.

Lu Shaochu displayed a tired face as he pinched the space between his eyebrows. “Let’s go back together and take a good rest. Tomorrow, Dad will personally take you to the airport.”

Lu Shi loosened his tie with one hand. “I won’t go back.”

Lu Shaochu frowned. “Lu Shi!”

Lu Shi shot a glance at Fang Weiyun who was standing far away before standing still without saying a word.

The two people confronted each other.

In the end, it was Lu Shaochu who compromised. “You’ve grown up. I won’t meddle with you, just pay attention to your safety.”

Lu Shi turned and left.

Arriving at the hotel he was staying in, Lu Shi stood in the elevator.

The elevator’s walls were mirrors.

Lu Shi looked at his reflection as if he could see the already tattered inside under the disguise.

The Lu Shi of the past was already dead. And the Lu Shi of the present was barely using hatred to hold onto that one breath.

With a ‘ding’, the doors opened. Lu Shi stepped out of the elevator, the carpet absorbing all the noise from his footsteps.

Turning a corner, Lu Shi raised his eyes to look forward when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

At the door of his room was a youth in a long white hoodie squatting down. His chin bobbed little by little as he was dozing off.

Lu Shi stood there for a few seconds before walking forward until he finally stood in front of Chu Yu. He crouched down.

He lifted his hand, but just as he was about to touch Chu Yu’s hair, it froze midair and didn’t dare to move an inch more.

He was afraid, afraid that it was merely an illusion.

“…Lu Shi?”

Chu Yu noticed it and called out Lu Shi’s name in a daze. With half-opened eyes, he leaned his head directly on Lu Shi’s knee while muttering in complaint, “If you didn’t come back, I would’ve fallen asleep here.”

Lu Shi’s voice was as soft as the evening breeze. “Why didn’t you call?”

“Wasn’t your family holding a birthday banquet? Waiting some more is nothing.”

Lu Shi’s fingertips finally meet Chu Yu’s fine, soft hair. “Tired?”

“So tired. First class cabins were gone so I bought economy class. I couldn’t stretch my legs in that seat.”

Lu Shi took out his room card, opened the door, and Chu Yu followed inside.

When the lights were turned on, Chu Yu could see Lu Shi’s black backpack on the sofa.

The sofa was placed against the floor-to-ceiling windows; the night view was pretty good. The curtains were open so the neon lights of the whole city could be seen.

Chu Yu took a few steps, removed his shoes, knelt on the sofa, and looked outside.

He heard Lu Shi ask from behind him, “Why did you come here all of a sudden?”

Chu Yu turned around and his line of sight slid towards the back of Lu Shi’s hand. “Didn’t you say that you want me to lick the back of your hand?”

Lu Shi looked at him deeply, with emotions in his eyes that Chu Yu couldn’t decipher.

Chu Yu had bitten Lu Shi’s neck, shoulders, fingertips, and wrists. Now it was just licking the back of his hand, which was nothing in comparison.

He knelt on the sofa and reached out to pull Lu Shi’s hand.

But he didn’t expect that as soon as he grasped Lu Shi’s wrist, he would be pulled into Lu Shi’s arms instead.

Lu Shi wrapped his other arm around his back and hugged him.

Chu Yu didn’t struggle. He thought for a while before raising his hands and embracing Lu Shi’s waist.

Lu Shi looked at the nightscape outside the window while rubbing Chu Yu’s delicate nape.

He used to be like an ascetic monk, isolating himself from everything that could sway his heart and mind.

It was because initially, he shouldn’t have been in this world, but he was born, and he survived. The meaning of his existence became solely for avenging his mother.

But then, he met Chu Yu.








The author has something to say: Here’s a heart formed by neon lights outside the window as my love for you~

Xena: So the title is 见你, it could mean met you or saw you. It didn’t correspond to any sentence in the text like usual so I figured it has a double meaning. One might be his fateful encounter with Chu Yu, and two, when he saw Chu Yu in front of his hotel room. Ahhh QAQ, my heart squeezes for these two babies.

  • 1
    He’s checking if he’s having hallucinations or the phone is broken
  • 2
    Being pretentious
  • 3
    Soft spot for someone


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