Chapter 44.3 – I promised you

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44th -【I promised you】

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A group of people walked through the mountain forest. It hadn’t been opened for development and had no roads, so it all depended on the people passing through the lush vegetation.

Chu Xi followed behind Lu Shi and saw that on the back of his hand, which hung down beside his body, a wound was drawn by plant thorns and blood overflowed and dripped from it. Lu Shi didn’t seem to feel any pain, and he didn’t react at all.

She wanted to remind him so she opened her mouth, but then simply let it go.

The mountain forest had the same scenery on all sides, therefore it was impossible to distinguish the direction at all. Chu Xi had been having doubts in her heart. “How did you determine Chu Yu’s position? Did he tell you anything before he left?”

“Intuition; I can sense his position.”

His tone of speech was extremely firm, but Lu Shi wasn’t actually completely sure.

At the moment of the landslide, Lu Shi’s heart had tightened.

After that, he had walked through the mountain forest alone for who knows how long, and vaguely realized that there truly might be some kind of special and secret connection between him and Chu Yu.

Before Chu Xi could question him, Lu Shi looked back. “85% chance.”

Chu Xi took a deep breath and questioned in a heavy voice, “Are you sure?”


Chu Xi decided to gamble once and trusted him.

When it came to Chu Yu, she wasn’t willing to give up any bit of hope.

Stopping at a place that wasn’t any special, Lu Shi closed his eyes, then opened them and stated, “It’s here. With the place under my feet as the midpoint, it’s within a radius of 50 meters, including the mountain wall.”

He looked straight at Chu Xi. “Trust me.”

Chu Xi squeezed her phone and stared fixedly at Lu Shi. “Okay, I believe you.”

Half an hour was obviously very short, but every second seemed to be stretched infinitely long; it was as if the second hand of a clock was moving beside the ears, producing a ‘tick’ sound. Until the detection specialist excitedly called, “Found it! The students are inside the mountain and they should still be alive.” There was a ‘bang’. The gears meshed and the hour and minute hand then started to move normally.

Lu Shi subconsciously supported himself on the coarse tree trunk, barely standing firm.

Still alive.

Chu Yu is still alive.

He’s still alive.

With his head lowered, a slight smile revealed itself on the corner of Lu Shi’s lips.

Inside the cave, a loud noise suddenly exploded near Chu Yu’s ear.

He raised his heavy eyelids with difficulty and found that Zhang Yueshan had stood up.

Zhang Yueshan walked a few steps in place, listening carefully with his ears perked to the side, but the surroundings had returned to quiet.

“School Flower, did you hear that sound just now? Was it just my imagination?”

“No,” Chu Yu didn’t have much strength, “I heard it too, it’s not an illusion.”

Zhang Yueshan sat down again, wanting to both cry and laugh, he pressed a hand to his forehead. “Yeah, someone must’ve come to rescue us.”

Chu Yu wrinkled his nose and asked, “Class Rep, are you injured again?”

The faint bitterness in the air was a bit distinct.

Lured by the scent of blood, Chu Yu’s stomach cramped and ached. The dry itchy pain in his throat became more obvious.

So thirsty, I really want blood…

“It’s nothing. While you were sleeping just now, I stood up to move around. I didn’t expect the ground to be so slippery and fell. My palm was pressed onto a stone and it’s bleeding a lot.” Zhang Yueshan showed the wound on the palm of his hand. “Wait until we get out, I’ll get it bandaged well. It‘s just that it makes the cave stuffy and reek of blood.”

After chatting for several sentences, Zhang Yueshan looked at the flashlight and frowned. “School Flower, don’t you think the night light doesn’t seem as bright as it was in the beginning?”

Chu Yu tried hard to see with his blurring vision. “It seems like that, a little bit.”

As he was talking, the night light gradually dimmed and was extinguished at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“My grass, what about the fifty hours of light? Why did the battery run out so quickly?”

They were in a cave and had no concept of time, but the fifty hours were definitely still not up.

Chu Yu covered his stomach with his hand and said with a smile, “Class Rep, don’t be angry, save your energy.”

“I’ll listen to you.”

Dejected, Zhang Yueshan groped around and sat down on the ground. After a while of silence, he began to recite classical Chinese prose.

As Chu Yu listened, it didn’t take long before he dazedly fell asleep again.

It wasn’t known how long it took when Chu Yu woke up again. He was urged awake by Zhang Yueshan.

He could perceive that Zhang Yueshan’s hand was just above the tip of his nose. The other was bending his fingers and probing his breath.

The blood from the wound on his palm was overflowing with a faint bitter taste.

Chu Yu swallowed instinctively.


No, can’t.

Chu Yu restrained his instinct.

“Class Rep.”

“Dafuq!” Zhang Yueshan subconsciously withdrew his hand and took a half step back.

“I was scared to death. I thought you passed out. I couldn’t wake you up no matter how I called.”

“No, I’m just really hungry so I’m sleeping a bit deeply.” Chu Yu wanted to divert his attention and suggested, “Let’s have a chat. It’s dark and there’s no light, it’s scary.”

“OK!” Zhang Yueshan started, “I solved a question a few days ago…”

He talked about everything, questions he didn’t know how to do, playing basketball with Dream-Ge, his deskmate from the third grade of elementary, and games he liked to play before.

Chu Yu would respond from time to time.

Suddenly, he heard Zhang Yueshan ask, “School Flower, do you have someone you like?”

Chu Yu didn’t react for a while. “Someone I like?”

Zhang Yueshan was a little shy. “Actually… I have someone I like. I’ve liked them for a long time, but didn’t dare confess. I’m quite envious seeing Dream-Ge go jogging with the girl he likes every day.”

Chu Yu inquired, “Who do you like?”

“You don’t know her, but she’s a girl from the class next door. Her skin’s very white, with neat bangs, big eyes, and a small face probably the size of my palm. She carries a pink school bag with a small bunny hanging on the zipper, which is very cute.”

“Then why don’t you confess?”

“I’m afraid of interfering with her studies.”

Zhang Yueshan was even more embarrassed. “Plus, what if she doesn’t like me? If I hide it and don’t say anything, I can still secretly look at her.”

“School Flower, I’m speaking as a brother. If we get free, you must help me keep it a secret and absolutely not tell her.”

Zhang Yueshan paused.

“If we can’t get out, then now that I’ve told you this, I’m not the only one who knows this secret love in this whole world.”

Chu Yu comforted, “Mm, I already know that you like her.”

“Good.” Zhang Yueshan asked again, “Then what about you, School Flower, do you have a girl you like?”


Chu Yu thought about it carefully. “I don’t have a girl I like.”

“That’s right, your requirement is that they have to look better than you. I guess in our school, only Lu-Shen can reach that standard. Haha, School Flower, you’ll die alone like this!”

Lu Shi’s face flashed before Chu Yu’s eyes.

A sour and astringent taste suddenly welled up in his heart.

Lu Shi, Lu Shi, Lu Shi.

Chu Yu discovered that he missed him a little bit.

In the following period of time, Chu Yu was muddleheaded. The high fever surging throughout his body made him too weary to respond. His limbs lost strength and his chest seemed as if it was being squeezed. Just breathing exhausted all of his strength, and his consciousness became even more blurred to the point that he couldn’t even tell whether he was in reality or a dream.

Until Zhang Yueshan dragged him to retreat into the depths of the cave. After a deep ‘boom’, a large swath of light poured in and penetrated the darkness.

Zhang Yueshan called him, “School Flower, it’s not imagination nor a dream, someone has come to save us, we’re saved, we’re saved—”

As he spoke, he directly cried.

Chu Yu slowly opened his eyes.

The light stung his eyes painfully. Chu Yu vaguely saw a figure approaching him.

Soon, he was tightly held in an embrace.

It was a very familiar scent.

Chu Yu leaned his head on Lu Shi’s shoulder, with his eyes half closed and thoughts unclear.

He subconsciously mumbled, “Lu Shi.”

“Hm, I’m here.”

His whole body unconsciously relaxed. Chu Yu remembered something and wanted to speak into Lu Shi’s ear.

Lu Shi sensed his intention and leaned closer. “What do you want to say?”

Then he heard it as Chu Yu’s lips pressed against his ear, with his hoarse voice, he weakly uttered, “Lu Shi, I didn’t suck anybody’s blood.”

“I promised you that I’d only suck your blood.”







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    AHHHHHHHHH! Plus points for seeing that CY’s sister caring so much for his safety qaq. That’s a small consolation after finding out how much his mother denied him her love and care.


    • Thank you for the chapter!

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