Chapter 41 – Want to

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41st –【Want to】

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Chu Yu vaguely sensed danger.

He found that since he’d promised Lu Shi that he’d only drink his blood, this person in front of him seemed to have disassembled a circle of high walls. His emotions, or behavior, became more direct and more ‘win an inch, want a mile’. 

Also, it became much more real.

“You’re distracted.”

A soft voice rushed into his ears, quickly retrieving Chu Yu’s diverging line of thought.

He felt that he was a bit unable to cope with the current situation.

Moreover, while he dreamed about being an emperor, he actually also dreamed that Lu Shi was his beloved concubine! And wearing women’s clothing at that!

Chu Yu, you’re so perverted!

After hesitating for a while, Chu Yu stumbled as he replied, “I-I forgot! That’s right, I forgot! I only remember that I became an emperor who sat upon a dragon chair and attended morning assembly. What beloved concubine? I have no impression of that at all!”

He tried hard to keep his eyes wide open, hoping that Lu Shi could see the sincerity in his eyes.


Lu Shi’s voice was very soft. He raised his hand, softly and slowly touching Chu Yu’s white, exquisite earlobes with his fingertips, then sliding as he traced along his cheeks and cheekbones, falling to the end of his eye, unhurried.

“Really forgot?”

Chu Yu didn’t dare to move as if a ‘freeze’ spell was cast on him.

He met Lu Shi’s black eyes. His throat was dry as he repeated with difficulty, “En, I really forgot.”

Lu Shi gazed at Chu Yu for a while, then suddenly stood up, retracted his hand, and inserted it into his jeans pocket. “Nevermind then.”

As the weather got colder and colder, it got harder and harder for Chu Yu to get out of bed.

After getting up like he was sleepwalking for the third time to open the door for Lu Shi, Chu Yu thought this couldn’t go on.

From his drawer, he fished out his dorm room’s spare key and handed it to Lu Shi. “Here, open the door yourself in the morning so I can sleep for three more minutes.”

For regaining sleep, three minutes was also very precious and rare!

Lu Shi accepted the key, hooked it on his finger, and held it. “Okay.”

That night, Chu Yu discovered it was quite convenient. He’d forgotten to bring his key, but it didn’t matter since Lu Shi was there, so he wouldn’t be locked outside the door.

One day later, Chu Yu simply didn’t bother bringing his key. In any case, Lu Shi would have his with him and could open the door for him. Perfect!

November 1st; the sports competition.

Inside the entire Jianing Private campus, colorful flags and banners had been placed everywhere several days in advance with slogans written on them such as ‘Youthfulness lives up to its glory’, ‘You, me and him, run and live to ninety-eight’, and so forth.

The opening ceremony was at 7:30 in the morning and everyone was required to gather at the sports field at 7:00.

Chu Yu then fought a difficult tug of war with his bed.

Hearing the ‘pata’ sound of the door lock opening, Chu Yu half-opened his eyes, stretched his hand out towards Lu Shi who’d entered, and said vaguely, “Hurry, lend me a hand, make me get off the pillow…”

Lu Shi grasped Chu Yu’s hand.

Chu Yu held it too loosely and once again fell asleep in a daze.

When the alarm clock persevered and madly went off again, Chu Yu reluctantly opened his eyes.

He sat up, habitually raised his hands, and had Lu Shi help him dress.

After being dressed, he found that Lu Shi had put a tie around his neck.

Chu Yu yawned before remembering that this was Zhang Yueshan’s idea.

At the beginning, Zhang Yueshan and the class committee had discussed whether to buy uniform clothes so everyone would be dressed for the opening procession, then the whole class would be neat and tidy, pleasant to the eyes, and could even treat OCD.

But the clothes were too ugly. They picked this and that, but nothing was dazzling enough and everyone expressed their dislike.

In the end, Zhang Yueshan didn’t bother choosing any more. He straightforwardly decided to wholesale narrow black ties and dark green college-style butterfly bow ties. Each boy had a tie and the girls a butterfly bow tie. The clothes were just their white school uniform shirts.

Everyone felt very satisfied and it was voted unanimously.

Recalling this, Chu Yu opened his eyes and went to look at Lu Shi.

Then he dozed off for a second before waking up.

Jianing Private’s school uniforms were carefully tailored to fit the body, and anyone wearing them would exude an upright, youthful atmosphere.

Usually, Lu Shi unfastened one or two buttons on the top and loosened his collar. This time was no exception, so the narrow black tie was tied very loosely and hung there lightly and casually.

It was informal, not rigorous, nor in line with etiquette.

But there was a kind of indifferent handsomeness to it.

In addition, Lu Shi’s cold temperament, that never matched his age and showed up from time to time, blended with a youthful feeling and was absolutely fatal.

Chu Yu was somewhat unable to look away.

Eyes, nose, lips, Adam’s apple, and that tiny bit of clavicle exposed—

How was this person always so handsome?

Lu Shi had his head lowered while nimbly tying Chu Yu’s tie with his fingers when he asked him, “What’re you looking at?”


A trace of a smile streaked across Lu Shi’s eyes. He put down the well-knotted tie and patiently and meticulously tidied up the white shirt’s collar for Chu Yu.


Chu Yu nodded repeatedly. “Handsome!”

“Hm, put on your pants and let’s go to the sports field.”

When Chu Yu and Lu Shi arrived, there was a dense mass of people on the sports field.

Zhang Yueshan carried a blue sign that read ‘Second Year Class A’. When he saw Chu Yu, he questioned, “School Flower, you really can’t be the leader of the team who’ll walk in front? You’re really no longer considering it?”

Generally, for this sort of thing, either the tallest or the most good-looking in the class was chosen.

Class A’s Chu Yu was the best-looking, and was publicly known as such.

But Chu Yu didn’t want to take over this task. “It’s silly to hold a sign! I don’t want to!”

Zhang Yueshan’s eyes were disappointed and bitter. “School Flower, you didn’t say that a few days ago!”

Chu Yu was confident. “Rep, this also isn’t what you said a few days ago! You clearly stated that you’ll pull along a horse on the track, and I’ll be adorned in equestrian attire while riding the horse and lifting the class signboard, exceedingly flashy and dashing! There’s no horse right now so you’ve lost me.”

Dream-Ge bumped Zhang Yueshan with his elbow, gloating, “Class Rep, that’s exactly your pot!”

Zhang Yueshan propped the class signboard on the ground like a cane. “I also wanted to lead a horse and act cool, but the horse needs to shit. At that time, we’ll only be halfway through the opening procession and have to leave, what then?”

Scratching his hair, Zhang Yueshan threw the class signboard away. “Dream-Ge, this glorious and arduous task is entrusted to you!”

Dream-Ge was shocked. “Me?”

Zhang Yueshan winked and placed his hand on the side of his mouth, pretending to shield his words. “I’m telling you, I’ve already inquired. Do you know who the leader of Class B is? It’s the fairy you’re chasing! Don’t you want to stand in a row with her? Don’t you want to affectionately gaze at each other through a bunting?”


Dream-Ge happily took the class signboard. “I’m holding this sign!”

When Dream-Ge left, Chu Yu recalled, “Rep, you’re wrong. Isn’t the team leader of Class B their 1.9-meter-high sports committee member?”

Zhang Yueshan covered Chu Yu’s mouth. “Speak quietly, don’t let Dream-Ge overhear. You can only fool someone once!”

His face looked profound. “Ai, why’s Dream-Ge fooled better than you?”

Chu Yu: ??

When Class A finished the opening procession and stood in their predetermined position, Chu Yu looked past the students and saw Dream-Ge standing ramrod straight like a post, glancing at the open space next to him from time to time with a look of anticipation.

As Class B shouted slogans and finished walking around the venue, they approached closer and closer. Dream-Ge got a little excited, but he still looked straight ahead with a taut expression.

Class B walked from the back to front and stood in their predetermined position.

Dream-Ge was mentally prepared and his eyes exuded affection. He tilted his head to look over.

What entered his sight was a suntanned man more robust than himself.


Class B’s sports committee member displayed a bright smile, showcasing his big mouth and white teeth. He nodded in a friendly manner and asked Dream-Ge, “Brother, what’s the matter with you, have your eyes cramped?”

Dream-Ge shook his head, only feeling that his heart was smashed into pieces. Then he fiercely turned back and glowered at Zhang Yueshan.

Zhang Yueshan looked up at the sky, resolutely not meeting Dream-Ge’s death glare.

Next was the principal’s and vice-principal’s speech, the referee’s oath, and the athlete’s oath.

After the entire process, Chu Yu tiredly stood.

He followed behind Lu Shi, standing at the end of the line.

Standing until now made his legs a little bit soft. He slightly moved towards Lu Shi’s side. Thinking that the distance was good enough, he began leaning on Lu Shi’s body.

Lu Shi noticed it, but instead of avoiding him he stood up straight, allowing Chu Yu to lean more comfortably.

Chu Yu was very self-aware as he muttered in a small voice, “Ai, Chu Yu, you’re so delicate.”

Lu Shi matched his tone. “So you know that too.”

After finishing the whole process with great difficulty, each class sat down on the place designated to their class.

It was a bit quiet for the first two minutes. After a while, similar to the lifting of a ban, melon seeds, dried meat, chocolate, and snacks could be thrown from the front row to the last.

The cheerful Old Ye didn’t care, and was even all smiles as he said with emotion, “This is living up to youth!”

Chu Yu was a bit sleepy because he’d read comics until late the night before.

He yawned and asked Lu Shi, “When is your 3,000 meters?”

Zhang Yueshan, who was holding the competition schedule in his hand, rushed to answer, “It’s about to start! The men’s 3,000 meters is the second event, and in five minutes, Lu-Shen can set off for the roll-call.”

He was full of confidence. “Lu-Shen, the top three can earn credits, the total credits of the class are set in the top five, and there will be prizes! When I budget credits, I’ll give you first place.”

“En, okay.”

When Lu Shi went to the inspection location for roll-call, Chu Yu watched from a distance. He estimated that the time should be enough, and started searching for his school bag.

Zhang Yueshan helped him carry the school bag from the side. “School Flower, what’s the matter?”

Chu Yu received his bag and raised his eyebrows. “I’m going to cheer for Lu Shi!”

After speaking, Chu Yu hugged it, walked to the front of the class row, opened the zipper, and took out three kraft paper boxes from his bag.

Opening the box, Chu Yu took out the contents and placed them on the ground one by one.

The homeroom teacher, Old Ye, was very interested. Seeing three metal brackets lined up on the ground with red-tipped rockets facing upwards placed on them, he asked Chu Yu, “Small rocket model? Student Chu Yu, what are these for?”

Chu Yu was very excited. “It’s to cheer for Lu Shi, I’ll demonstrate right away!”

With that said, he took out the lighter he had prepared in advance from his backpack and lit the fuse.

Once the sound ‘Biu—’ was heard, the arm-length rocket lifted off and a long, big red banner was scrolled out from its tail, with several big words on it: ‘Everyone, there’s no use fighting’.

All the eyes on the whole sports field gathered over.

Chu Yu ran to the second bracket, lit the fuse rope, and once again ‘Biu—’, the small rocket lifted off. This time the red banner read: ‘First place is Lu Shi’s’.

The last ‘Biu—’.

The long strip of banner read: ‘Thank you for the win’.1承让承让 (Chéng ràng chéng ràng): lit. You let me win. It is said politely after winning a game. It’s like saying ‘I got lucky’ or ‘It’s due to you taking it easy on me’ after winning. I tl-ed it as Thank you for the win for the next paragraphs to make sense.

Immensely arrogant, domineering, and unbridled.

Everyone was shocked by this operation.

Old Ye looked up at the red banner floating in the wind and commented, “The attitude is modest, knowing how to say thank you for the win. The creativity is also pretty good, but the antithesis isn’t neatly done. Student Chu Yu, your use of language can still see some improvement next time.”

Dream-Ge was standing on the edge of the athletic track, holding mineral water and glucose chocolate in his hands, ready to save a life if a classmate fell on the ground.

Looking at the banner fluttering in the wind from a distance, he couldn’t hold back saying, “My grass, School Flower is really unrestrained, such pulling hatred technique is unmatched!”

Standing at the starting point, Lu Shi asked rhetorically after hearing his words, “Is there a problem?”

With a ‘bang’, the starting gun sounded followed by bouts of cheering.

Many girls gathered on the side of the track, all of them here to see Lu Shi.

After Chu Yu released the little rockets, he ran to the finish line and watched Lu Shi’s game closely.

At any rate, he picked the event and made the training plan. He had to come and watch.

Peering at the two sides, Chu Yu wondered, “How can everyone’s enthusiasm for sports events be this high?”

Dream-Ge answered, “All came to see Lu-Shen.”

“See Lu Shi?”

“Yeah.” Dream-Ge was deeply envious of this kind of thing. After thinking about it, he was worried that Chu Yu was sad so he added, “It’s okay, School Flower. If you go for a run on the field, there will also be these many girls who’ll watch you! You’re also very popular!”

Chu Yu nodded but said nothing.

Lu Shi had good physical strength and strong explosive power. From beginning to end he was in first place, leaving behind the second by a small half lap.

Zhang Yueshan squeezed the competition schedule, nervous and excited. “Lu-Shen should be fine, right? Is it possible to take first place? Will he, will he? It’ll certainly be a good start for our class!”

Chu Yu uttered, “Definitely first, there’s no suspense.”

But there was still a bit of nervousness in his heart.

Until the second half of the last lap, the one in second place began accelerating. Lu Shi also increased his speed, rushing towards the finish line like the wind.

Zhang Yueshan exhaled. “The second kid behind, unless he steps on Hot Wheels, he can’t surpass Lu-Shen!”

Dream-Ge had already prepared a towel, mineral water, and chocolate. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Lu-Shen jiayou! Go go go!”

Chu Yu saw Lu Shi getting closer and closer, nearer and nearer. As if demons and gods were at work2Inexplicable event., Chu Yu stood behind the finish line.

Like a long shot in a movie scene, in his view, Lu Shi approached. So close that he could clearly see his tight muscle lines and the wet stains of sweat on his skin.

He crossed the finish line.

The referee teacher at the side reported his results. “FIRST!”

Because of inertia, Lu Shi continued to run for a while after crossing the finish line. Until finally, he stopped in front of Chu Yu, released his strength, and fell on him.

Chu Yu retreated half a step and stood firmly against the synthetic athletics track.

Both his hands supported Lu Shi.

Being too close, he could feel the warmth emitting from every inch of Lu Shi’s skin, the dripping of sweat from his wet hair to his own skin, and the hurried pants beside his ears.

As if the person who ran 3,000 meters on the track was himself, Chu Yu’s heartbeat was a little fast.

Lu Shi’s throat carried deepness and husk together with a smile as he said, “So well-behaved, here to receive me?”


Chu Yu was a bit bereft of words.

Lu Shi chuckled and called his name, “Chu Yu.”


“Want to bite me?” Lu Shi’s voice was awfully low and his breath was quite heavy. “I want.”







The author has something to say: Here’s a heart made of zongzi3Idk where author got the zongzi from, maybe it’s connected to some detail? Or there was an invent in her life? Or she just wanted to eat zongzi when she posted this chapter? I have no idea…~ memechu!

staff shenanigans

  • 1
    承让承让 (Chéng ràng chéng ràng): lit. You let me win. It is said politely after winning a game. It’s like saying ‘I got lucky’ or ‘It’s due to you taking it easy on me’ after winning. I tl-ed it as Thank you for the win for the next paragraphs to make sense.
  • 2
    Inexplicable event.
  • 3
    Idk where author got the zongzi from, maybe it’s connected to some detail? Or there was an invent in her life? Or she just wanted to eat zongzi when she posted this chapter? I have no idea…


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