Chapter 31 – Mine

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31st –Mine

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The Office of Academic Affairs was extremely efficient. Early the next morning, the disciplinary notice was posted on the notice board.

Many people crowded around it to take a look.

“Guan Yiyang? This name seems so familiar!”

“Isn’t that the guy who made a bet with School Flower? I remember that School Flower ignored him, saying he couldn’t have such an ugly son, hahaha. The question is, if Guan Yiyang’s going to kneel and call School Flower father, will School Flower even let him?”

“Tsk tsk, stealing the test and cheating, this move is really strong. But if I recall correctly, weren’t his grades good?”

“Worried, I guess. He was scared he wouldn’t perform well, that if he was really crushed by School Flower, it would be tantamount to losing face. This guy’s character isn’t very good, he deserves this infamy. Meanwhile, School Flower is too fucking awesome, some people’s brains truly attract envy!”

Dream-Ge rushed into the classroom, just like a frontier messenger from eight hundred li away urgently entering the palace. “Report! Joy to the people1大快人心: means bad people being punished or hit for bad things, which makes everyone very happy.! Guan Yiyang and his trio are famous!”

When Zhang Yueshan had gone to eat breakfast, he had also seen the disciplinary notice posted up, and so began to gossip. “They say that because of the stolen test, the head of the teaching and research department was dragged out by the principal and others, and they took turns reprimanding him. If I had a son like Shen Zhongming, who’s an expert at pitting his father, my hair would be white by the age of 30!”

“Who’d disagree with that!” Dream-Ge excitedly dragged a chair over. “I’m feeling well, too. Guan Yiyang and his gang are really fucking sore losers. Laozi openly looks down on them and will ridicule them upon sight in the future!”

He caught a glimpse of Chu Yu out of the corner of his eye and saw him remaining silent in his seat.

He tilted his head and looked over. “Yi, School Flower, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you reading a comic!”

With a candy in his mouth, Chu Yu raised his head and said with a smile, “The exams are over.”

“Right!” Dream-Ge smashed his fist on his palm. “Makes sense, makes sense. It’s time to make up for all the comic books missed!”

He moved his chair closer. “By the way, there’s a new volume out about basketball called Hot Blooded… Hot Blooded—”

Hot Blooded Stand-off. I have it in my room, I’ll give it to you later.”

“School Flower, you’re a good man!”

Chu Yu nodded, then lowered his head again to continue reading the opened comic in his hand.

Looking at Chu Yu’s lowered head, Zhang Yueshan felt that Chu Yu’s mood seemed low.

He was obviously fine yesterday morning, but after he’d returned from his trip to the principal’s office, his whole person appeared listless.

Chu Yu also felt that his state wasn’t quite right.

It seemed that even the comic book in his hand couldn’t arouse his interest.

The last three weeks, or rather the more than half a month’s period, where every day he had immersed himself in Lu Shi’s materials, learning, studying, answering questions, felt like a dream. It all became unreal.

Thinking back to the exam and when he’d received his results, the feelings of anxiety, tension, happiness and satisfaction, as well as the sense of anticipation— like a colorful bubble, it popped clean with a single poke.

Chu Yu pinched the page of the comic book with his fingertips and thought it was all quite boring.

Casually throwing it aside, Chu Yu lay down, closed his eyes, and started to sleep.

During this long interval in between classes, someone shouted from the back door, “School Flower, someone is looking for you!”

Chu Yu opened his eyes, looked towards the door, and found that it was He Zhihao.

He got up lazily, stood by the railing in the corridor, and asked He Zhihao, “What’s up?”

He Zhihao opened his mouth and said, “Our Young Master Yu is awesome!”

Chu Yu covered his mouth and yawned. “Am I?”

He Zhihao started gushing about Chu Yu, “Look at your score in English, 148! This Young Master can’t even achieve a fraction of your score in exams! Isn’t that awesome? If I can rank your place in exams, with your scores, my dad and mom would probably dream and wake up with smiles on their faces, then set up an open banquet in the hotel for three days and three nights!”

Chu Yu’s expression faded.

The place in his heart guarded by a layer of hard armor felt a slight pain.

He diverted the topic, “Didn’t Uncle He want you to go abroad? You score so little in the English tests every time, it’d be a wonder if he wasn’t worried.”

He Zhihao shrugged. “I really don’t want to go abroad. Even if I get a pheasant2Fake or illegally obtained. diploma, would anyone in the circle know how much the diploma was worth? If I am at the level of your brother and sister, getting a diploma from one of the top 5 universities in the world, only then can I be called awesome! Besides, it’s more fun inside the country; I’ve grown up here, and all my friends are here. I won’t know anyone if I go abroad, it’ll be freaky!”

He then remembered. “By the way, the time and place have been decided. Lin-Jiejie and the others heard you left the customs and directly flew back from the field3I’m not sure if this is a reference to the military, but the meaning is you leave work and come home to hang out with friends and family. In this case, Lin-Jiejie and the others heard that Chu Yu now wants to catch up with them after a long time.. You still have a big enough reputation!”

Chu Yu looked downstairs from over the railings of the corridor, and asked, “Time and place?”

“Saturday evening at eight o’clock, Ulysses. Do you want to go by yourself or should I pick you up?”

“There are already so many people you have to pick up, so I won’t steal someone else’s place. I can just go by myself.”

Because of the PRC National Day holidays, full-time classes also took place on Saturdays.

Chu Yu didn’t take his schoolbag, intending to leave empty-handed.

Recalling something, Chu Yu turned around and talked to the owner of the desk behind him, “Lu Shi.”

Lu Shi, who was holding a pencil and doing questions, raised his eyes. “Hm?”

“I’m going to hang out with He Zhihao and others in a bit, at Ulysses. Some friends I know will be there and also some I’m not familiar with. Uncle Chen’s car is parked at the school gate and will drive me there.”

After Chu Yu finished speaking, he was taken aback— what did he report his itinerary to Lu Shi for?

After carefully thinking about it, it was probably a habit he had developed from before.

During the last three weeks, Lu Shi had required him to tell him which questions he had done at noon, what points he’d planned to review in the evening, or what formulas he’d memorized in the morning.

The effect of his constant reporting was obvious.

Lu Shi was very clear about the progress of his studies, and he was, in turn, very efficient in his make-up lessons.

But what use was it that his test results were good?

Seeing that Chu Yu had finished speaking and got lost in his thoughts, Lu Shi asked him, “Drinking?”

Chu Yu returned to his senses. “He Zhihao and the others will definitely drink, but I won’t.”

“Mmh, if you drink, remember to call me.”

The car parked in front of the private clubhouse ‘Ulysses’.

The light from the colorful neon signboard spilled down, the tiles on the ground reflecting intertwining red and orange tints.

A fountain gurgled beneath a winged angel lying on the stone as if soundly sleeping.

The doorman came over to welcome them with quick steps. He opened the car door, smiled, bowed, and greeted, “Young Master Yu, good evening.”

“Good evening.”

Chu Yu got out of the car.

He wore a branded trendy long-sleeved black T-shirt paired with dark jeans. He had a flamboyantly youthful aura, fresh and cool.

The waiter who followed the doorman brought him to a private box. As soon as the door opened, the sound of a wolf howling came from inside.

What Chu Yu had heard was He Zhihao’s singing.

Seeing Chu Yu coming in, He Zhihao, who was holding the microphone, stopped his tuneless singing. “Pass me a microphone! Chu Yu, come and sing with me!”

Chu Yu firmly refused— he was very experienced, no matter how formidable a mic hog was, once he sang with He Zhihao, he would be brought astray, without exception.

Lin Wangxi waved from the sofa. “Chu Yu, here!”

Chu Yu sat down and greeted with a smile, “Lin-Jiejie, long time no see.”

“It’s really been a long time!” Lin Wangxi pointed to the necklace on her neck. “Thank you for the gift. I like it very much. After putting it on, I didn’t want to take it off again!”

Lin Wangxi wore a white silk dress with a very bright and charming appearance. Her hair was simply tied into a ponytail, neat and tidy.

“I’m glad you like it. I really didn’t know what to give at the time. I remembered you said that you like the new set of jewelry by George Rona, so I just asked someone to buy it.”

Chu Yu made it sound very simple, but Lin Wangxi knew very well that the jewelry set wasn’t easy to buy. Nevertheless, she accepted his kind intentions with the gift and said, “What’s the matter, in a bad mood?”

She was two or three years older and had always regarded Chu Yu, He Zhihao, and the others as younger brothers. Seeing that Chu Yu had only poured a glass of ice water and sipped it bit by bit, she was a little worried.

Chu Yu shook the glass in his hand, listening to the crisp sounds of ice cubes colliding inside.

Hearing Lin Wangxi’s question, he shook his head. “No, just don’t have the energy.”

“Hm, take care of yourself in any case. It’s started to become cooler lately, so be careful not to get sick.”

Lin Wangxi reminded Chu Yu again, “He Zhihao and his cousin are also here.”

“He’s here too?”

Chu Yu had a bad impression of He Zhihao’s cousin.

He hung out with He Zhihao often and occasionally met He Zhiyuan.

Unlike He Zhihao, who was carefree, straightforward, and liked to play, He Zhiyuan, who was barely two years older than them, always gave Chu Yu a bad feeling.

Several times, he found that He Zhiyuan would stare at him with a strange gaze.

Chu Yu disliked this sort of gaze and told He Zhihao not to bring He Zhiyuan when he was present.

Lin Wangxi knew this and explained on behalf of He Zhihao, “He Zhiyuan happened to be playing here too and we ran into him.”


In a get-together, it was always unavoidable to sing, drink, and play games.

Seeing that Chu Yu wasn’t in high spirits, He Zhihao didn’t force him to play, but instead dropped the dice in his hand and sat next to Chu Yu. “No more playing, this Young Master will come and chat with you!”

Chu Yu smiled at him. “Other people are having fun so joyfully, can you resist?”

With his diamond stud earrings flashing under the lights, He Zhihao shrugged. “My bro is in a bad mood, how can I go and have fun by myself?”

He didn’t ask Chu Yu why he was in a bad mood, and so foolishly made up his own idea. “Would you like to drink? If you want, I’ll give you something that tastes good. Try it? Maybe after getting drunk and sleeping for a while your sadness and depression will all go away with a hiccup.”

“Doesn’t all alcohol taste nearly the same?”

Although Chu Yu said this, he still didn’t refuse. “You order.”

He Zhihao snapped his fingers, beckoned the waiter at the door, and gave a French name. “Bring two bottles, use the Baroque Cathedral crystal glasses.”4

After speaking, he turned to Chu Yu. “Your bro understands you, if the wine glass is ugly, you definitely won’t want to drink it. That one called Baroque Cathedral glasses, when filled with wine, is really nice-looking and absolutely in line with your aesthetics!”

When the liquor and glasses were delivered, the waiter opened the bottle with a corkscrew and poured the amber liquor into the glasses. At that moment, it seemed as if he was looking at stained glass windows illuminated by sunlight inside a baroque-style cathedral.

He Zhihao looked immensely pleased with himself. “I didn’t lie to you. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Chu Yu nodded, picked up the glass, looked closer, and smiled as he said, “Very beautiful.”

He Zhihao uttered an exaggerated sigh of relief. “You’re finally smiling!”

He also picked up his glass. “Come on, let’s taste it.”

As a result, when Lin Wangxi answered a call and came back, she found that the two bottles of liquor in front of He Zhihao and Chu Yu had been bottomed out.

He Zhihao drank most of them, but Chu Yu had also drunk three or four glasses.

Seeing that Chu Yu’s eyes were hazy and lacking focus like they were filled with water and would overflow with a light shake, Lin Wangxi seized the half-filled glass from Chu Yu’s hand and put it aside. She questioned He Zhihao, “Don’t you know Chu Yu can’t drink? Why did you still pull him for a drink?”

He Zhihao was still sober. He yelled, feeling wronged, “Lin-Jiejie, I saw that Chu Yu was in a bad mood and thought something had happened. So I just figured if he got drunk and slept a bit, he might be in a better mood.”

“What fallacious argument!”

Lin Wangxi glared at He Zhihao, and called to Chu Yu, “Chu Yu, are you okay?”

Chu Yu raised his eyes, looked at Lin Wangxi, then silently lowered his head again.

“He’s drunk.” Lin Wangxi took her bag. “Let’s go. Support him and let’s send him back.”

Seeing that He Zhihao still wanted to stay, Lin Wangxi raised her finely drawn eyebrows and said, “What, you two are underage, and you still want to book a room here for the night? If something happens, see if his brother and sister don’t cut you into pieces!”

To Chu Yu, Lin Wangxi’s voice softened again. “Chu Yu, let’s go, we’re going back.”

“Go back?”

Chu Yu was perplexed for two seconds, then suddenly remembered something. He took out his phone and started to make a call.

His voice was vague and low. He Zhihao was sitting close but only heard the words “Come pick me up.”

After saying farewell to everyone present, He Zhihao and Lin Wangxi helped Chu Yu outside.

He Zhiyuan also followed.

He Zhihao was baffled. “Ge, you’re leaving too?”

He Zhiyuan smiled warmly. “Yeah, I got a call from home reminding me to come back early.”

He turned his gaze to Chu Yu who had his head down. “Chu Yu is?”

“He drank more than two glasses. Lin-Jiejie and I are sending him back.”

When the elevator arrived, He Zhiyuan asked again, “A’hao, can you hold him? Do you want me to help?”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand in an attempt to hold Chu Yu.

Chu Yu took a step back and avoided him.

A very obvious refusal.

He Zhihao felt that this scene was a bit awkward, so he haha-ed and quickly helped Chu Yu into the elevator.

When they arrived at the lobby entrance, Chu Yu didn’t want to leave, saying he would wait for someone to come pick him up.

Recalling Chu Yu’s phone call, it was probably their family’s driver, so He Zhihao and Lin Wangxi waited with him.

He Zhiyuan didn’t leave either, so the three of them stood there, speaking one minute and quiet the next.

After ten or twenty minutes, He Zhihao suddenly saw a person approaching Ulysses.

“Fuck, Lu Shi?”

Lin Wangxi, who was playing with her mobile phone, raised her head when she heard this. “Someone you know?”

“Yeah, our school’s study god. His grades are higher than the heavens, his brain is probably different from ours. He didn’t get along with Chu Yu at the beginning of school, but then they seemed to have gotten better. Some time ago, he gave Chu Yu make-up lessons.”

He Zhihao thought it was a little strange for Lu Shi to come here.

Lin Wangxi took a closer look.

Lu Shi wore a simple black T-shirt, black pants, and classic sneakers. His figure had the slimness peculiar to young people, with a cold temperament and handsome features.

At the age of seventeen or eighteen, with such a figure and temperament, she couldn’t imagine how many little girls were fascinated by him.

She joked, “Your school has its attractiveness index set so high, do you feel inferior every day?”

He Zhihao ran his hand up his hair. “Nonsense, this Young Master is suave!”

Lin Wangxi laughed, and looked carefully again, thinking that the person seemed… somewhat familiar?

Lu Shi approached and stopped in front of He Zhihao. “Hello.”

He Zhihao was dumbfounded.

At school, he didn’t even have a nodding friendship with Lu Shi, yet they met here for no reason and he came to greet him specially.

He carefully replied, “Hello.”

Lu Shi looked at Chu Yu. “I’m here to pick him up.”


He Zhihao didn’t quite understand. “Pick up who?”

“Chu Yu.”

He Zhiyuan, who was standing on the side, interrupted, “Chu Yu drank a bit, we weren’t at ease.”

The implication was that ‘Chu Yu isn’t a cat or a dog that you can just pick up as you please’.

Lu Shi didn’t answer and only looked at Chu Yu. “Chu Yu, come.”

Chu Yu was dozing off with his head tilted. He heard a familiar voice calling him, so he looked up in a daze and saw Lu Shi standing in front of him.

“Lu Shi…”

He took a step, ready to walk over.

But he was inebriated, so his feet shook, he stumbled and threw himself on Lu Shi.

Lu Shi nimbly reached out his hands to hold him firmly before saying, “Twenty minutes ago, he called me and asked me to come—” Lu Shi paused, then quickly continued, “pick him up.”

Like a cat, Chu Yu had buried his head on his shoulder, gently licking the skin on the side of his neck while breathing a bit unbearably.

He was probably hungry.

Patting the waist of the person in his arms twice to soothe him, Lu Shi didn’t delay anymore. “I’ll take him back first.”

Next to the footpath were tall phoenix trees with dense foliage.5Phoenix tree/Chinese Parasol tree

Lu Shi stood in the dark with his back leaning on a tree trunk, holding Chu Yu. He pulled down his collar with one hand.

Chu Yu stared at the exposed cold white skin. He didn’t move but instead looked at Lu Shi.

“Mm, bite.”

Only then did Chu Yu rub against Lu Shi and bit his shoulder.

There was a slight pain in his shoulder and some itching.

With a faint scent of liquor surrounding the tip of his nose, Lu Shi looked down at their shadows merging together.

Wheels ran over the road and a black Porsche stopped by the curb. The window on the driver’s seat’s side lowered, revealing He Zhiyuan’s face.

He saw Chu Yu lying in Lu Shi’s arms, not the least bit willing to separate, with an extremely dependent appearance and none of the resistance he had when facing him.

Two people’s line of sight met.

The night wind blew, and the wide phoenix tree leaves fell slowly.

Lu Shi moved his palm up and rubbed Chu Yu’s nape.

Turning his head slightly, the corners of his lips rubbed against Chu Yu’s hair. Lu Shi’s eyes were cold and hostile, as if declaring sovereignty, as he soundlessly mouthed at He Zhiyuan:









The author has something to say: Here are little hearts made of piles of phoenix tree leaves~

Xena's Advice
  • 1
    大快人心: means bad people being punished or hit for bad things, which makes everyone very happy.
  • 2
    Fake or illegally obtained.
  • 3
    I’m not sure if this is a reference to the military, but the meaning is you leave work and come home to hang out with friends and family. In this case, Lin-Jiejie and the others heard that Chu Yu now wants to catch up with them after a long time.
  • 4
  • 5
    Phoenix tree/Chinese Parasol tree


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