Chapter 28.1 – A person covered by me

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28th -【A person covered by me】

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After sucking two drops of blood, Chu Yu quickly relaxed his jaw and worriedly asked, “Lu Shi, does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.”

Lu Shi closed his eyes, rested his fingertip on Chu Yu’s lips, and asked him in a husky voice, “Want more?”

His voice was softly drawn out, vaguely giving off a sense of tenderness.

Chu Yu still remembered how his bite had hurt the other person last night and felt very apologetic, so he hurriedly answered, “It’s enough, really, I’m not hungry anymore.”

Hearing this, Lu Shi opened his eyes and uttered a nasally sound in reply. “Mm.”

He lazily lay on the bed, his entire person resembled a cat with sheathed claws basking in the sun. He didn’t want to move and only his fingertips pressed against Chu Yu’s lips, stroking one moment and unmoving the next, without the slightest intention of distancing.

Chu Yu’s lips were kneaded until they itched and he instinctively wanted to bite.

But he knew that he seemed to have consumed a bit too much blood in the past two days, and was quite worried that one day while solving questions, Lu Shi would solve and solve and just straight up faint. That was why Chu Yu kept telling himself in silence that he mustn’t bite if not necessary and severely restrained himself.

Unfortunately, Lu Shi appeared to be deliberate. His lips were rubbed until they were a little numb, and only then did the other open his eyes and sit up, glancing at the lamp that was lit.

“Did you finish the questions?”

“Finished it!”

Lu Shi got up.

Unlike usual, his hair was a bit messy from the nap and he exuded an indolent aura from head to toe. His large, black T-shirt which covered his body made his back appear thin.

Standing in front of the desk, Lu Shi stretched out his hand to pull out the chair and then sat down, casually picked up a pen, and began making corrections.

Chu Yu then lightly breathed in and out.

His marking speed was fast for it took less than a minute.

Lu Shi announced the result, “Of twenty questions, two were correct. Your success rate is 10%.”

He was about to say ‘don’t cry’ when he saw Chu Yu release a sigh and pat his chest as if relieved from a burden. “Sure enough, I’m still very smart, I even got two correct!”



Chu Yu put his hand on his chin, very easily satisfied. Radiant with delight, he stated, “A qualitative leap! I could only perfectly avoid the correct answers before!”

Taking back what he was about to say, Lu Shi followed up with praise. “Hm, you’re indeed very smart.”

Chu Yu hadn’t read a comic book in a long time.

He reached into his desk compartment, felt around for the cover of a comic book, then hesitated before gritting his teeth and retracting his hand.

The closer the monthly exams neared, the more anxious Chu Yu got and he constantly thought of something else to divert his attention.

But he was also very self-conscious— he had to have a little bit of self-control. Once he took out that comic book, his discipline would be broken, and most likely on the day of the exams, he wouldn’t even want to pick up the pen or flip the book open.

Zhang Yueshan heard Chu Yu sigh several times, bringing the tip of his pen close to puncturing his draft paper. He advised, “School Flower, calm down, won’t you? Just take a look at those notebooks Lu-Shen gave you! Can’t you see the halo of the study god shining upon them! With Lu-Shen covering you, what else is there to be nervous about?”

As soon as he said this, he beat his chest in jealousy. “God fucking damn, Lu-Shen personally compiled these notes! Personally!”

Chu Yu’s spirit weakly left him. He lay on his stomach and couldn’t get up. “A top student won’t understand an underachiever’s pain!”

Amused by his expression, Zhang Yueshan didn’t advise him any further and looked behind Chu Yu. “Huh, where’s Lu-Shen?”

“Dream-Ge is terribly addicted to basketball and Lu Shi doesn’t need to review, so he was simply dragged away to play.”

Chu Yu was in a daze for a while, then suddenly remembered something. He took out a little crucifix from his school bag.

It was a small crucifix that didn’t even reach half the size of his palm.

Zhang Yueshan was curious. “What’s that for?”

Chu Yu didn’t answer and only put his hand into the bag again to take out a thumb-sized Virgin Mary ornament1.

Immediately after, a Manjushri2, Maitreya3, Jade Emperor4, WenQuXing5 and Taishang Laozi6Taishang is a title of respect for Taoist appeared on the table one after another.

The seven idols were lined up in front of Chu Yu.

Chu Yu frowned and began struggling. “Which one should I worship?”

Before Zhang Yueshan had time to react, he heard Chu Yu say to himself, “Forget it, I’ll pay respect to all, I can’t be partial!”

After he finished saying that, he put his hands together and prayed, “In no particular idol order, oh great deities, impart within me your boundless power!”

After Chu Yu finished praying, he took out a bright red apple from his bag and placed it in front of the row of statues. “Please enjoy!”

Zhang Yueshan was stunned by these magical series of actions.

As Chu Yu finished giving an offering to the gods, he saw him intensely gaze at himself with a meaningful look; he wasn’t sure what to make out of the expression. “I- I need to do it too?”

Chu Yu nodded. “Of course! Sit in front of me so you’re within the range of the gods’ light of blessings. How could one apple be enough?!”

Zhang Yueshan thought about it and found his words reasonable. With so many gods, one apple definitely wasn’t enough to split between them, and so, he offered the cream puffs he hadn’t finished eating in the morning.

Li Hua, who was writing an English essay, put aside his pen. “Me me me! I’m coming too!”

As he spoke, he rummaged through his bag for a long time and found a hazelnut chocolate bar. He put his hands on Chu Yu’s desk. “May the gods bless me!”

Fang Ziqi happened to be bringing his papers over to discuss problems with Zhang Yueshan and Li Hua. He saw this scene and slapped his forehead. “How clever! Why didn’t I think of this?”

He rushed back to his seat, grabbed a banana, and piously placed it on Chu Yu’s desk. Then he folded his hands together and closed his eyes in prayer. “Oh great gods, please bless me so I can advance again for five- no, just four extra ranks is enough for this test!”

Guan Yiyang deliberately passed by their group, glanced at the things arranged on Chu Yu’s table and with the raised corners of his eyes, he mocked, “Praying to gods and worshipping Buddha? Heh, is this because you’re well aware of your spicy chicken level? But, no matter how powerful these gods and Buddha are, I doubt they’ll be able to bless you with the right answers on the exam. Even with luck you can’t get anywhere near the top 220 of your grade.”

A corner of Chu Yu’s lips curled up as he was about to retort when he saw that Lu Shi, who had returned at some point, had come over and was standing behind Guan Yiyang. “Move, you’re in the way.”

When passing by Chu Yu’s desk, he took out a mint candy from his pocket and put it on the table. “For an offering.”

Chu Yu’s eyes were full of smiles. “Thank you, classmate Lu!”

Dream-Ge, who was hugging a basketball, followed behind Lu Shi covered in sweat. He saw the many random things on Chu Yu’s table and scoured around until he found a packet of tissues. “Hope the great gods don’t dislike it!”

Li Hua’s eyes were sharp. “Your tissue packet is covered in cute pink strawberries, Dream-Ge, are you being eyed by girls again?”

Dream-Ge raised his foot and kicked Li Hua’s chair. “Only you’d notice!”

He scratched the back of his head. “There was a pretty cute girl who handed it to Lu-Shen by the side of the court. Lu-Shen responded ‘thank you’ and left without even looking at her. I was afraid that the girl would feel too awkward and lose face, so I received it. Tsk, the tissues were unexpectedly sprayed with perfume and the smell made me sneeze three times!”

Li Hua and Zhang Yueshan burst into laughter.

Chu Yu turned to look at Lu Shi.

Lu Shi’s hair was slightly drenched. He put down the half-empty bottle of the mineral water he’d just drunk and handed Chu Yu a piece of loose-leaf paper. “Complete these ten questions.”

After two weeks, Chu Yu was already accustomed to it so he accepted it. “Okay, I’ll give it to you for marking when it’s done.”

Lunch break ended and the bell rang, but the room remained noisy.

Zhang Yueshan began to fill in the form for declaring intent to stay in school on National Day.

Chu Yu was the second last to fill the form while Lu Shi was last.

Seeing Lu Shi check the ‘stay in school’ option, Zhang Yueshan sat back in his seat and asked Chu Yu in a low voice, “Are you and Lu-Shen staying in school over November?”

Chu Yu was working on Lu Shi’s given questions and didn’t raise his head when he heard the question. “Yeah, aren’t we taking the test immediately after returning to school on October 8th? Lu Shi said it might as well be better to just not leave school at all.”

Moreover, Chu Yu didn’t really want to go home either.

His heart would always feel a bout of suffocation when imagining the scene of waiting for his exam results and then standing in front of his mother to let her know, and that he shouldn’t be given up on so easily.

His fingers that held his pen subconsciously clenched, making the pressure a little painful.

He was already so old, yet for the first time he wanted to accomplish something— wanted to prove himself this once.

Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to stop thinking about it. Chu Yu pressed down his heart and continued working on the problems. While doing them, he realized— this was really the most seriously he studied in his 17 years of life.

During the seven-day National holiday, almost half of the students in their class remained at school.

The classroom, library, and self-study room were all full of people, giving Chu Yu the illusion that it wasn’t a holiday at all.

During this period, He Zhihao called, asking him to come out and play. Chu Yu thought, I haven’t finished all the fucking questions, where would I even have the time to think about playing?

After rejecting him, he stared at the phone for a while, then Chu Yu moved his stiff fingers and continued doing questions.

On the afternoon of October 7th, the examination room arrangements were posted on the bulletin board. The first name was Lu Shi, in the first examination room, for the first place seat.

The distribution of the exam rooms for second year Class A was also very magical.

Most of the students in their class were very evenly distributed in the first and last two examination rooms. It was quite obvious that there was a huge gap in performance records.

Zhang Yueshan sat at the rear of the first examination room, while Li Hua and Fang Ziqi were both in the second examination room. As for Chu Yu, given that he blindly wrote in English last semester, he naturally would be taking the exam in the last test room.

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    Taishang is a title of respect for Taoist


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    Lu Shi wanting Chu Yu to bite him always makes me curious about his backstory. who called him dirty blood?

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