Chapter 18 – Can Choose

18th -【Can choose】

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Luo Jiaxuan dribbled the ball over to Zhu Zhifei’s side, bouncing it again and again, he peered towards the side of the court. “What’s Lu-Shen doing? There’s a huge box of drinks underneath the bleachers, why did he need to get the bottle behind School Flower?”

The sun was beating down on them, making him lift the hem of his red jersey to wipe the sweat off his face.

Zhu Zhifei gasped and fanned. “It’s probably ‘cause that box of drinks has been basking in the sun, so Lu-Ge doesn’t want it. The bottle behind the school flower is probably cooler?”

“Makes sense!”

Luo Jiaxuan was 6’1,16.167979 or 1.88 meters had a strong physique, and spoke loud and clear. He stepped closer to Zhu Zhifei and controlled the volume of his voice. “Speaking of, I didn’t expect School Flower to come today. I can’t concentrate with him sitting on the side.”

Zhu Zhifei was baffled. “Dream-Ge, what’s wrong with you, why can’t you focus?”

Luo Jiaxuan touched the sweat on his forehead. “Didn’t you hear the girls in class? With School Flower’s face, he probably drinks morning dew and eats petals every day to maintain such good skin. I’m worried that if my ball accidentally flies over there and hits him, all those gains from years of consuming dew and petal will be hit too.”

Zhu Zhifei: “…”

Thou think too much.2He used the formal form of you 您, the common you is 你

As they watched from a distance, Lu Shi finished the bottle of water and recycled the empty plastic. However, instead of returning to the basketball court, Lu Shi headed the opposite direction.

Chu Yu then stuffed the comic book resting on his knees into his school bag, lifted the bag, and followed Lu Shi.

Luo Jiaxuan wondered out loud, “What are they doing? Going to fight?”

He felt he had a fairly clear impression of the conflict between the two after reading through the school posts.

Zhu Zhifei denied it. “Impossible, the relationship between Lu-Ge and School Flower isn’t that bad.”

In fact, Lu-Ge even personally brought School Flower to have hot pot together yesterday.

Although he wasn’t particularly enthusiastic throughout, it also wasn’t so bad to the point that they would fight, right?

Luo Jiaxuan dribbled the ball twice. He thought he’d figured out the most plausible reason and confidently said, “They must be going to the bathroom together!”

Gazing at the backs of the two walking down the tree-shaded pathway, Zhu Zhifei stopped bothering with them. “Maybe. Come on, play!”

“Yeah, play, Laozi still has to do homework after, hurry up!”

Chu Yu originally planned to go to the botanical garden since there was basically no one there.

Although he got hungry enough to lose his head before, Chu Yu managed to barely endure it by suppressing himself and focusing his thoughts on flipping through the comic.

But after Lu Shi stood in front of him and said he’d feed him blood, Chu Yu could no longer help himself.

That sense of satisfaction and delight was deeply engraved in his bones, and when he recalled the smell of Lu Shi’s blood, Chu Yu felt that walking all the way around the school buildings, past the sports field, and then through the grove to reach the garden was much too far.

Lu Shi took him into the locker room of the indoor sports hall.3*chokes* cough kuek keuk wheeze wheeze

On weekends, there weren’t many people who had returned to school so the entire sports hall was void of a single shadow. They opened the door to the locker room and it was even quieter inside.

Chu Yu couldn’t move his eyes off of Lu Shi.

The dry itching in his throat was even causing him slight pain, and as his blood flow accelerated, his body burned as if it were being grilled over a fire.

Lu Shi stood by the sink in the corner, turned on the faucet, and lowered his head to earnestly wash his hands.

Crystal-clear water flowed between his fingers.

He looked at Chu Yu in the mirror and saw traces of anxiety between his brows. Lu Shi lowered his eyes and turned off the water.

Grabbing some paper towel, he wiped his hands dry and asked Chu Yu, “Where do you want to bite?”

“Ah?” Chu Yu stared at Lu Shi in confusion. “I-I can choose?”

“Hm.” Lu Shi was very patient.

Chu Yu chose his finger.

His shoulder or neck would be too intimate.

The level of familiarity between him and Lu Shi hadn’t reached that point yet.

His fingers were different and had a sufficiently appropriate distance.

Chu Yu held Lu Shi’s wrist and gingerly put the other’s finger into his mouth then grasped onto it with his teeth.

Lu Shi’s just washed hand was suffused with a bit of coldness.

Chu Yu gently bit down.

He found that his teeth had probably changed as it didn’t take much effort to bite through the skin on Lu Shi’s finger.

The familiar scent pervaded his nose.

Chu Yu swallowed a few drops of blood and then instinctively licked Lu Shi’s fingertip. Loosening his lips and teeth, he worriedly asked, “It really doesn’t hurt?”

“Mm, doesn’t.”

Lu Shi took his hand back.

At that moment, a cell phone rang.

It was Lu Shi’s.

Chu Yu was very conscientious. “Then… I’ll leave first? Should I wait for you?”

The latter half was really only asked out of politeness, but to his surprise, Lu Shi took out his phone, glanced at the caller ID on the screen, and replied, “Yeah, two minutes.”

Meaning he should wait.

Chu Yu left the locker room and thoughtfully closed the door.

While closing the door, he heard Lu Shi’s voice from inside say, “What is it?”

His tone of speech wasn’t the same as usual. Rather, it was like when ice cubes were thrown into a glass of water— it became cold.

Chu Yu waited outside the door.

There was a mirror for checking your appearance beside the doorway, and since he had nothing to do, he simply stood in front of it and stared at his face.

His eyelashes seemed to have gotten longer again and his skin appeared better than it was before. Chu Yu drew back the corners of his mouth and inspected his neat, white teeth; worried— wondering if his canines would grow out. In comic books, vampires, no matter what variety, seemed to possess sharp, pointed teeth.

Thinking of one of the images in his comics, Chu Yu raised his hand and curiously and inexplicably bit the tip of his thumb.

A drop of blood oozed out and Chu Yu cautiously licked it.

Holy crap, it’s so fucking bitter!!

Chu Yu’s brows were creased tightly as he covered his mouth and tried to find a faucet to flush the bitter taste from his mouth. He looked around but then remembered that the nearest sink was in the locker room. Chu Yu held the door, but he realized that Lu Shi was still on a call inside, and he was too embarrassed to knock on the door.

The soundproofing was mediocre, so he could faintly hear Lu Shi’s voice as he spoke on the phone. “…I don’t want to return for the time being.”

Chu Yu hurriedly took a step back.

It became quiet inside, and after a while, the locker room’s door was pushed open from inwards.

Lu Shi stood at the doorway, his basketball jersey had already been changed, and his expression was frosty with dark eyes. Chu Yu felt indescribably fearful when he saw it.

It seemed that in the last two minutes, Lu Shi’s mood index had dropped directly into the Mariana Trench.

Because of that phone call?

Seeing Chu Yu’s appearance, Lu Shi asked, his tone could be considered normal, “What’s wrong?”

Hearing Lu Shi’s question, Chu Yu wrinkled his face and complained, “I’m annoyed! I was a little curious just now so I tasted my own blood, but I didn’t expect it to be so bitter that I almost died on the spot!”

“That bitter?”

“Yes yes yes, super bitter, I’m traumatized! How can there be such an astringent taste in the world?!”

Chu Yu had been pampered since childhood; he was afraid of bitterness, afraid of pain, and afraid of weariness. When he had to take medicine as a child, he’d never open his mouth unless it was coated with sugar. Injections made his eyes red from crying, and when he went out, he’d always been sent and picked up by car.

He’d been good-looking since he was a child, and his pitiful appearance could easily soften people’s hearts.

“Still you—”

Chu Yu spoke two words then stopped suddenly.

He found Lu Shi staring at him.

“Um, you… Lu Shi, are you okay?”

In fact, what he wanted to say was, ‘you look quite sad’.


Lu Shi took a step back and called Chu Yu over, “Come in.”

“Ah? Okay.”

Chu Yu entered the dressing room once more and closed the door while he was at it.

Then he watched as Lu Shi leaned on the brick-red-painted rows of lockers, raised his hands, and one by one, slowly unbuttoned his white shirt.

He only stopped once his collarbone and shoulders were exposed.

Seeing Chu Yu still standing there, Lu Shi’s voice was very soft as he said, “Didn’t you say that your mouth was bitter.”

Chu Yu didn’t move.

Lu Shi raised his eyes. “What, don’t want it?”

His gaze made Chu Yu feel that if he really refused by saying he wasn’t hungry, Lu Shi would cry in the next second.

Of course, this was definitely his delusion, how could that gangster possibly cry?

Chu Yu took two steps, stopped in front of Lu Shi, and slowly leaned forward.

The first three times he’d sucked blood, Chu Yu was frenzied from the hunger and didn’t care about anything else.

This time, as he wrapped his hand around Lu Shi’s back and his lips were an inch above his collarbone, he discovered that Lu Shi was very thin and exuded a clean aroma that was hard to describe.

He licked his skin lightly, then followed his instincts and bit down.

The moment blood spilled out, Chu Yu perceived how Lu Shi’s whole body slightly trembled.

The fragrant, sweet blood roused his taste buds and nerve endings. Chu Yu was worried that it would hurt Lu Shi if he sucked too quickly, so he restrained himself and swallowed small mouthfuls.

Lu Shi leaned back against the locker as a slight tingling itch spread from his shoulder.

Their surroundings were very quiet, he could only hear Chu Yu’s slightly conspicuous and urgent sucking.

He stared at the floating dust particles which drifted along the light beam that shone in from the window. Recalling the earlier phone call, Lu Shaochu had asked in a stern voice why he hadn’t gone home.


The corner of Lu Shi’s lips raised into a cold sneer.

Feeling the hands climbing up his back loosen, Lu Shi promptly held Chu Yu’s waist to support this person who was weakened. “Had enough?”

Chu Yu detached his lips and teeth, the corners of his eyes red. “Mm, enough, so full.”

He found that he’d drank so much blood that his whole body felt like it was being soaked in warm water, his limbs had gone soft and limp.

Lu Shi lifted Chu Yu’s chin with his left hand that wore the black wristband, and used his thumb to carefully wipe off the bloodstains on the other’s lips.





Xena’s translating adventures: 

The amount of “Hm” in this chapter got me singing mmmh mmmh~. And because I realized I was getting lss from the song, I went to youtube and appreciated Kai’s muscles, but then! I saw the lyrics and I was like ‘O.O isn’t this practically Lu Shi’s anthem?’

  • 1
    6.167979 or 1.88 meters
  • 2
    He used the formal form of you 您, the common you is 你
  • 3
    *chokes* cough kuek keuk wheeze wheeze


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