Chapter 11 – Be Good

11th -【Be Good】

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On the way to the school infirmary, Lu Shi walked in the front with Chu Yu on his back.

The principal1 Last chapter Dean was used instead of Principal but that was incorrect as principal is typically the head of a K-12 educational institution while a dean is a college-level administrator so going forward it will be principal, the supervisors, Wang Lilin, Class A’s homeroom teacher Ye Zhouqing, and the class monitor Zhang Yueshan followed closely from behind.

The principal appeared anxious while speaking to the vice principal on the phone. Wang Lilin was called out from the class, her expression tense. She adopted a calm exterior but if one looked closely, they would see a trace of nervousness.

She stared at the unconscious Chu Yu who was lying on Lu Shi’s back and the bitter resentment in her heart grew.

Originally, she had thought of rooting the two students out to warn the monkey by killing the chicken2An idiom for punishing someone as to make an example out of them. Class A was too disparate and too difficult to handle for a class, what else would’ve been more effective than rooting out the school director’s son and its star student?

She had seen results after doing it a few times, but she didn’t expect this Chu Yu to be so delicate that he’d pass out while they were being punished to stand!

As they passed the flower bed, Chu Yu stealthily opened one eye and asked very quietly, “Classmate Lu, am I heavy?”

Lu Shi paused in his steps for half a second, then continued walking without stopping. “Close your eyes.”


Chu Yu obediently closed his eyes and then softly repeated his question, “Classmate Lu, am I heavy?”


Lu Shi answered, “Don’t talk.”

Chu Yu felt very wronged. “Oh.”

After a while, when there were no longer any sounds coming from the person on his back, Lu Shi whispered, “Not heavy.”

He’d practiced mixed martial arts since he was a child, and his physical capability was very good. Since Chu Yu was light, running laps around the stadium with him on his back wouldn’t be a problem.

Zhang Yueshan held the same concern so after speaking to the homeroom teacher about the situation, he quickly walked ahead by two steps and rushed to Lu Shi’s side. “Lu-Shen, do you want to switch and I’ll carry Classmate Chu?”

Lu Shi shook his head. “No need.”

Might spill the beans.

Although Zhang Yueshan was a fan, he was quite scared when actually facing Lu Shi so after hearing him say there was no need, he didn’t dare insist. He instead fell back a little, thinking that if Lu Shi became tired, he could step forward to take over.

Lu Shi’s footsteps were steady and his breaths were even. He could clearly feel the weight of Chu Yu’s head resting on his shoulders. The other’s hot and humid breath sprayed across the exposed skin on the side of his neck, making it itch slightly.

When Lu Shi entered the infirmary, the doctor greeted him and saw the person lying on his back. “Why did he faint? He came here yesterday, was he not able to hold on?”

Upon hearing this, the principal frowned. “Yesterday, Student… Chu Yu came by?”

“Not only yesterday, but all three days since school started. This is the third time, it’s all recorded in the register. He was also sent in on orientation day by his class monitor,” the doctor pointed to Zhang Yueshan, “this student here. But his situation is complicated. I’ve never seen anyone whose illness keeps coming and going, and it’s getting more and more serious. He dropped by during self-study last night and slept until the doors were locked and he had to return to the dorm.”

The doctor knew that Chu Yu was the school director’s son. Seeing that the situation had summoned even the principal, and someone had fainted, he reckoned that something must’ve happened. He explained the matter clearly and in a way that no one could shift any blame onto him.

After listening, the principal turned around with a serious face and sternly scolded Wang Lilin, “How did this occur? Student Chu Yu has been ill. As a teacher, don’t you care about your students? You even punished them to stand outside of the classroom two days in a row. What did you promise us when school began? Huh? You said that you would take care of this class and teach every student well! Now what? Are you teaching students how to land themselves in the school infirmary?”

Lu Shi didn’t utter a word as he lay Chu Yu on the infirmary bed.

Seeing Chu Yu’s eyelashes tremble as if they were about to open, he put his two fingers together and covertly tapped the boy’s palm lightly.

The other then tightly closed his eyes.

Wang Lilin, who was being shamed in public, was dissatisfied. “How could I know that Chu Yu was sick?”

Zhang Yueshan said in a low voice from the side, “Ms. Wang, during the first evening self-study, you had asked me why Chu Yu wasn’t in his seat. I replied that he fell ill and was unwell, so he went back to the dormitory to rest.”

The principal was a gentle, forty year old man, but he’d held his position for nearly 20 years now. When he scolded someone, he possessed this unique aura. His nose flared, obviously angry. “Ms. Wang, are you still going to quibble at this point?”

Wang Lilin also displayed a cold face. She retorted boldly, as if in the right, “Principal, Chu Yu was sleeping in my class. Why can’t I punish him? Even if he’s the director’s son, he’s also my student! I am his teacher, I have the right to educate and discipline him!”

Watching the two’s appearance, Zhang Yueshan was a little afraid to interrupt, but after receiving a meaningful glance from Lu Shi and recalling his responsibilities as the class representative, Zhang Yueshan had to brace himself. “Ms. Wang, Chu Yu wasn’t asleep at that time, he just hadn’t felt well and was listless so he kept lying on his stomach. Furthermore, when you asked him a question, he answered it correctly. You even said that I gave him the answer but I really didn’t, I didn’t even have time to finish reading the question.”

The principal had been in this line of work for so many years, how could he still not understand what was going on? Seeing Lu Shi standing next to the bed, the principal lowered his eyes without saying a word. He must’ve been targeted as well, the principal was furious.

“You- you want me to tell you what’s proper? Huh? Be a worthy teacher, teach and educate people! Have you lost sight of your purpose?”

He clasped his hands behind his back, the corners of his mouth drooping as he stated in a deep voice, “The vice principal will be here soon, you can go and explain yourself! I’m telling you now, if something really happens to Student Chu Yu, you won’t be able to shirk responsibility!”

Taking a deep breath, the principal turned around and asked the doctor, “How is Student Chu Yu?”

The doctor had been listening all along and finally understood what was going on.

Cases of neurological dysfunction were inherently subjective, but the doctor knew that Chu Yu had been unable to eat or sleep well for a long time, and often had no energy to speak.

“He’s sick. Mood swings and fatigue should be avoided by all means. After a good rest, he should be able to wake up but if he doesn’t, he should be sent to the hospital.”

Ten minutes later, the vice principal arrived in a hurry.

Chu Yu also slowly opened his eyes in a timely manner.

He wasn’t completely pretending.

Although he was getting used to it, the feeling of magma flowing in his veins felt very unpleasant. Additionally, he had no appetite for the past two or three days, so he was unable to eat anything which caused his stomach to hurt from hunger. His rapid heartbeat also seemed to be pounding in his eardrums.

With a hoarse voice, he asked in confusion, “Am I in… the infirmary?”

The vice principal stood in front of the bed and put on a gentle and amiable smile. “Student Chu Yu, do you feel better?”

Chu Yu looked at the people around him and showed a slightly shy smile. “Thank you for your concern, I’m feeling—” His eyes shifted and landed on Wang Lilin. A trace of fear flashed in Chu Yu’s eyes as his body shrank slightly and he averted his eyes in a flurry. He spoke the latter half of his sentence with great difficulty, “A lot better.”

His subconscious response was one that everyone present saw clearly.

How big a trauma he must have to be scared like this!

Chu Yu bit his somewhat bloodless lower lip, clutched the corner of the quilt with his hand, and tried to smile. “My sickness will get better soon, it’s not a big deal. Vice principal, Principal, Sir Ye and Ms. Wang, as well as Class Rep and Classmate Lu Shi, you can all go back first. Thank you for your concern, but don’t delay your work and study because of me.”

Chu Yu was feeling deeply moved in his heart while he spoke. Wow, I didn’t expect my acting skills to be so good! So good that I scared myself! I must be like a little white flower swaying in the cool breeze; sensible, pitiful, weak and helpless.

Lu Shi was standing next to the bed. From his perspective, he could clearly see the glimmer of excitement that was unhidden in Chu Yu’s eyes.

He put his hand in the pocket of his school pants, amused.

This familiar scene reminded him of when he’d also been in the school infirmary and Chu Yu had pressed him down on the bed and greedily licked the blood from the corners of his lips.

His blood.

On his way over, the vice principal had broken out in a cold sweat.

At that time, when Shi Yaling of the Yunling Group directly bought Jianing Private with a swipe of her pen, the vice principal had sighed emotionally with the principal in private, commenting that they really had nothing better to spend their money on. For the sake of her youngest son having a great time while studying, she’d bought the whole school.

But it also made him understand how much Shi Yaling indulged her little son Chu Yu.

After buying Jianing Private, Shi Yaling had said, “I have no other requirements. I just hope that Chu Yu will spend his three years of high school happy, safe, and healthy in this school.”

Who would’ve thought that just when second year of high school started, Chu Yu would be punished to stand in the corridor until he fainted!

The vice principal wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Chu Yu ah, your body is the most important thing. If President Shi knew that you were sick and had fainted, I can’t imagine how distressed she’ll be!”

Chu Yu blinked. He felt no embarrassment as he said, “I’m not in good health, but my mother flew abroad yesterday. She’s very busy at work and I don’t want her to worry about me anymore. Principal, please, you must help me keep it a secret.”

Keep it a secret?

What a nice boy!

The vice principal always had a good impression of Chu Yu. Everyone knew that Shi Yaling of the Yunling Group bore a strong personality and was swift and resolute. Her eldest son and daughter, who were her right-arm and left-arm, were just the same— clever and firm.

But the young master of the Chu family had been spoiled in the sugar bowl since he was a child, and because of his premature birth, his health was sickly. The Chu family fiercely protected him as he was the apple of their eye.

However, despite his upbringing, Chu Yu wasn’t spoiled silly since his temperament was rather good, and during his first year of high school, nothing special had happened, making it completely worry-free.

With this in mind, the vice principal straightened up, looked at Wang Lilin, and reprimanded her coldly, “Ms. Wang, follow me outside!”

The school was very efficient. By the time Chu Yu had slowly walked back to the classroom, Class A’s English teacher had already changed. Wang Lilin’s position was suspended for assessment.

Lu Shi had been pulled aside by Mr. Ye, the homeroom teacher, and they’d been chatting in the corridor for a long time.

In the classroom, Zhang Yueshan still felt some lingering fear and was patting his chest. “The principal was so fierce, it was scary!”

His deskmate, Li Hua, reached out to pat Zhang Yueshan on the shoulder, comforting him, “Our Class Rep has worked hard. Don’t be afraid, you represented the collective class and participated in a fight against the forces of evil! We support you! The students of this class were dissatisfied with Ms. Wang, her prejudice was too obvious. In that last class, she spouted a lot of shit, it’s as if students having money or IQ offends her!”

Chu Yu also patted his chest. “I was scared, too.”

As he spoke, he even unwrapped a piece of candy for himself while acting seriously like he was suppressing his shock.

It wasn’t that sweet, but it was better than nothing.

Lu Shi came in through the back door before he finished eating.

Chu Yu was curious and turned to ask, “What did Old Ye say to you?”

Lu Shi sat down, seeing that Chu Yu’s cheeks were bulging with candy, he raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t it tasteless to you?”

“I’m eating my feelings!” Propping his chin on his hand, Chu Yu then asked, “What did Old Ye find you for that you talked for so long?”

Lu Shi satisfied his curiosity. “There’s a competition. He wanted me to focus on preparing for it.”


This was uncharted territory for a failing student thus, Chu Yu lost interest. He turned around again and leaned upon his desk.

Struck with inspiration, Chu Yu once again stretched out his hand to blindly grope inside his desk compartment for a while. After finding an orange-flavored candy, he turned around to hand it to Lu Shi. “Classmate Lu Shi, happy cooperation!”

Lu Shi leaned back in his chair, sitting lazily. He stopped the revolving pen in his left hand as his eyes fell on the colorful candy wrapper. “Just one?”

Chu Yu hesitated for a couple of seconds then pulled out another candy. He faced Lu Shi with the two pieces in hand and reluctantly spoke, “Two, no more!”

Lu Shi lowered his eyes. “Hm.”

Simultaneously, he placed the candy in the pocket of his school uniform under the boy’s gaze.

Chu Yu’s heart mourned!

At noon, the extracurricular club membership was posted. Zhang Yueshan ended up with taekwondo, and Li Hua in tennis. After the afternoon classes finished, the students tidied up their things and left the classroom one after another.

Chu Yu didn’t like traveling in crowds, so he waited until almost everyone had left before he too got up and left the classroom, walking to the botanical garden behind the sports field.

The sky was covered with dense, dark clouds as if it was about to rain. The breeze blew the branches into rattling as Chu Yu passed through the grove and became hidden within the leaves.

He walked slowly. His eyes were unfocused and his stomach began to cramp and ache. Chu Yu figured his symptoms were starting to worsen again.

Fit after fit, it really started to piss him off.

When he arrived at the thermostatic botanical garden, Chu Yu pushed open the glass door and walked inside with familiarity.

Jianing Private School willingly flaunted their wealth, and these botanical gardens were built very professionally. There were many rare and precious species inside, alongside complete facilities and lush foliage. The air inside had the unique, fresh smell of plants.

He stood in front of the general control panel and pressed the green button on the console. A drip sound rang out, and the irrigation system started to run.

After that, there was nothing left for Chu Yu to do. He walked around and found a smooth and flat stone to sit and rest on.

Looking around, he incidentally noticed that someone seemed to be in the greenhouse next door.

But before he could take a closer look, his stomach cramped and his vision darkened due to the pain. Chu Yu couldn’t stand it and doubled over on the ground, disregarding his image.

Lu Shi had noticed Chu Yu from the start.

He’d arrived in this greenhouse earlier, bringing with him his question set for the competition. After turning on the irrigation switch, he sat down and prepared to complete some questions.

Before he could turn a page, he saw Chu Yu, who seemed to be unwell, directly crouch from a distance.

Paying him no mind, Lu Shi held his pencil and continued to answer the questions, but after completing two, he looked up again. The other person had fallen to the ground, motionless.

The wind picked up outside and the rain that had been accumulating for a long time came pouring down with a pitter-patter.

Lu Shi put the book away and walked towards Chu Yu through the corridor which connected the thermostatic botanical garden and the glass greenhouse.

Chu Yu had his eyes tightly shut as he lay on the ground, breathing heavily. He looked quite uncomfortable.

Lu Shi didn’t rush over, he stood in place for a good while before acting.

As if unconscious of any pain, Lu Shi’s expression was unchanged as he swiped the tip of his forefinger along the edge of a plant’s sharp, robust leaf. Instantly, a small cut appeared and crimson blood immediately spilled out.

Ignoring the blood dripping from his fingertip, he walked straight to Chu Yu’s side and helped him up.

He wanted to verify his conjecture.

Sure enough.

Chu Yu’s thick eyelashes quivered slightly and he slowly opened his eyes, looking dazed.

“Smells good…”

Chu Yu’s Adam’s apple rolled.

“What do you smell?”

“I don’t know…” Chu Yu’s voice was different from his usual clear and youthful voice. It was slightly hoarse and a little aggrieved. “I’m so hungry… thirsty…”

Lu Shi continued to ask, “Do you like the fragrance?”

Chu Yu nodded. He was drawn to the enticing aroma and was unable to restrain himself as he began to hunt for the source.

Lu Shi’s thumb forcefully covered the small yet bloody wound on the tip of his forefinger.

The bleeding stopped.

Chu Yu was at a loss at that very moment. He wrinkled his nose like he was about to cry.

Lu Shi carefully observed his subtle expressions.

Then, raising his hand, Lu Shi bent his knuckles and unbuttoned the top button of his uniform’s white shirt, followed by the second, third, and fourth until his cold, white skin and exquisite clavicle were exposed.

He allowed two drops of blood to fall from his fingertip onto his shoulder.

The sharp contrast between the blood’s color and the skin was close to being glaringly gorgeous.

With his back leaning against a lush tree trunk, Lu Shi looked down at Chu Yu. The corner of his eyes were long and narrow, and his tone was almost tempting as he coaxed, “Hungry?”

Chu Yu nodded.

Lu Shi pulled down his white shirt’s collar and said in a low, husky voice, “Want it, then come and get it.”

Chu Yu approached.

He grabbed onto Lu Shi’s back to pull himself up, his lips and teeth pressed against the other’s slim shoulder as he stuck his tongue out and licked all the blood off his skin.

The rain was falling harder and harder outside and the torrential raindrops thundered against the glass roof, flowing down as if to converge into a small creek.

The rain enveloped the entire botanical garden and the world thus became blurred.

Lu Shi raised his hand. Starting from Chu Yu’s waist, he trailed up his spine, finally rubbing the boy’s soft hair.

Lu Shi slightly lowered his head then murmured beside Chu Yu’s ear, “Be good, bite down.”

Two seconds later, a slight pain erupted from his shoulder.

His blood overflowed and Chu Yu greedily sucked.

Lu Shi’s fingertips trembled uncontrollably.

All he could see was the curtain of rain against the glass walls. Lu Shi breathed lightly, as if he was afraid of disturbing Chu Yu.

A female’s sharp voice echoed in his ears over and over again— “The filthy blood of a bastard flows through your body!”

Yet aside from the sound of rain, it was entirely quiet. Lu Shi slowly closed his eyes.

  • 1
    Last chapter Dean was used instead of Principal but that was incorrect as principal is typically the head of a K-12 educational institution while a dean is a college-level administrator so going forward it will be principal
  • 2
    An idiom for punishing someone as to make an example out of them


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