Chapter 24 – Even a fool can see how much he likes you!

Beyond our glorious spring
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Qu Zhengyan did not understand what he meant.

…Go to my house ba?

Did he mean that Qu Zhengyan could go to his home to borrow his notebook?

Or that he could rest at his home?

Or go to his home to sleep?

Or… stay a few days in his home?

The last possibility was something Qu Zhengyan did not dare to think too deep.

No matter what, the doubts in his heart still did not stop him from driving on the road towards Moonlake.

He Ziming’s way of talking to him right now brought back a sense of familiarity. Although the tone he used was much softer and it sounded like someone in negotiation, for Qu Zhengyan, it made him suddenly return to the way they used to get along in his youth: One says, the other follows.

Naturally, as it stood, it was like a frozen cog snapping back in place.

On the contrary, the situation where Qu Zhengyan made the decision and He Ziming listened quietly was strange to him. It made him feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

In the middle of the day, Xia Chengyu was still sleeping at home, he was resting on the living room’s sofa. The quilt was rolled into a shape of a cocoon. The voices of He Ziming and Qu Zhengyan walked into the unit might have disturbed his sleep. After wriggling for a bit, he appeared out of a strange corner. With sleepy eyes, he lazily mumbled “Hi…”

“Um … Hi!” Qu Zhengyan responded.

He Ziming looked at Xiao Xia and softly instructed, “Come and have something to eat.”

He left Xia Chengqi there alone, who was still shaking and struggling to get up and beckoned Qu Zhengyan to the room beside him. “This is my room. Take a shower first and change your clothes. Once done, come out and have something to eat before going to bed.” He glanced at Qu Zhengyan and took out a thin cotton sweatshirt from the drawer for him. They were about the same height. He Ziming was thinner and the sweatshirts were very loose. They were suitable as home wear or pajamas.

Once he left, Qu Zhengyan let out a breath and laughed. His heart was light and he happily took a shower in the bathroom.

While He Ziming was in the kitchen, Xiao Xia – with his wet hair – came in first and sat down at the table. He reached into the glass jar, grabbed a few crystal candies and popped them into his mouth. Because of his particular habit, there was always a rock candy can on the table.

“What’s wrong with him?” Xiao Xia asked.

He Ziming briefly talked about the fire incident.

“Oh…” Xiao Xia thoughtfully. “He’s living in a hotel? For how long?”

He Ziming shook his head. To wait for the house to dry and to repaint it…
It may take at least two or three months. Who knows!

Xiao Xia continued, “Your company should provide him with a new residence, right?”

He Ziming nodded.

Xiao Xia squinted at him and asked with a grin, “Hey, they are such major executives. Surely the rent subsidy is not that low, right?”

He Ziming glanced at him inexplicably.

“On Zhangquan Road, the rent is at least 3,000 a month. Why not let him live here, the rent will be divided between us. How about it?”

The corners of He Ziming’s mouth could not help but curl up slightly, not responding.

Xiao Xia looked at him, suddenly leaning over. In front of him, he said “Hey, I’m not kidding. This is a big place anyway. How about asking him to come and live here? It saves him from always thinking on how to take you away.”

He Ziming paused and looked at him with wide eyes.

Xiao Xia pouted his lips. “…The only missing thing to say is that I’d abused you!”

He Ziming’s smile disappeared. After thinking for a while, he stretched out his hand and rubbed Xiao Xia’s head. “I won’t go.” His face returned to the pale and gloomy state, with a faint tinge of loneliness.

Xiao Xia looked at him for a long time and asked, “What are you afraid of? Afraid that he knows…” Hearing the sound of footsteps, he shut up. After a few seconds, Qu Zhengyan walked in, looked at the two of them. He told Xiao Xia first, “I’m sorry to bother you.”

At this time, He Ziming placed two quick-fried refreshing side dishes, a pot of bitter gourd and lean meat soup on the table, and set the tableware too. Once the three people sat down and picked up their rice bowls, Xiao Xia then said, “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. I was just telling Ming about you, how uncomfortable living in the hotel is. Come and move to our place.”

Qu Zhengyan and He Ziming turned to look at him at the same time.

Xiao Xia turned his face to Qu Zhengyan, whose eyes suddenly brightened, and ignored He Ziming. “Hey, there are still rooms on the first floor. It’s just that you need to use the bathroom outside. It doesn’t matter right?”

Qu Zhengyan was startled, “It doesn’t matter. ”

Xiao Xia smiled brightly, “The furniture in the room are already there. But the bedding has to be taken out and dried. Ming will help you, right?” He asked He Ziming but still didn’t look at He Ziming’s wooden face when speaking.

The strange thing was that Qu Zhengyan also didn’t dare to look at He Ziming. He nodded at Xiao Xia. “Thank you so much!” Since Xiao Jin can’t move to him, he will move over. But if this was the case…

“That, about the rent…” Qu Zhengyan wanted to ask and paused. Was it appropriate to ask now? The landlord Xiao Xia’s meaning was to let him stay for a few days? Or to let him rent? From those ambiguous words, he felt uncertain and hesitated.

Xiao Xia took a glance at He Ziming and saw that he turned his head slightly as if listening with ears pricked up. He couldn’t help but smile, “You are Ming’s friend and the rent can be negotiated. It will be lower than where you live now.”

Xiao Xia didn’t mention that his house was a studio for a person staying and coming over would mean he would only be getting a room instead. Fortunately, the other party didn’t think too thoroughly.

— Could it be that he was still immersed in the shadow of the fire and isn’t clear-headed yet? Xiao Xia chuckled in his stomach.

From beginning to end, He Ziming did not make any comments, only telling Qu Zhengyan to go to sleep for a while after the meal and then go back at a later time to get his luggage.

Xiao Xia stared at Qu Zhengyan’s back and even poked his head outside the kitchen as his eyes chased affectionately until the door closed behind Qu Zhengyan. Then he retracted his head, smiling and saying softly to He Ziming, “Aren’t you just afraid that he would know that we are gay? I know you all think I am stupid, but no matter how stupid I am, I can see that he likes you very much.”

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  1. so he wont leave to live with him because he is gay and is afraid that QZY will find out?

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