Chapter 23 – Indeed, life is truly full of accidents!

Beyond our glorious spring
29 Chapters

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After the China Telecom Expo, Qu Zhengyan’s contact with He Ziming gradually increased. Everything is difficult at the beginning. With the beginning, the next development will be much more natural.

Usually, near noontime, Qu Zhengyan would call the lower floor.
If the two had nothing on, he would ask He Ziming to have lunch nearby.

Why lunch?

Because Xia Chengqi often goes for the evening shift. At that timing, He Ziming would go back and cook dinner for him.

Mentioning He Ziming’s landlord, Xiao Xia, even if they were friends, it was too much to serve him like this! Qu Zhengyan always had that thought. His heart did not relish this kind of attitude. He wanted He Ziming to live with him even more. But what he didn’t expect was that before he had time to convince He Ziming, there was a problem with his own residence.

That day, there was not a single call from Qu Zhengyan throughout the morning. At first, He Ziming didn’t think much about it. He didn’t call when he was in high-level meetings or when he was out. But as soon as it was time for work in the afternoon, when everyone hadn’t sat down yet, Qu Zhengyan suddenly barged in, his face was a little haggard and his eyes were bloodshot.

He Ziming’s position was facing the door. With a glance, he saw everything. But, He Ziming didn’t stand up; he continued to do his busy work. The head of the computer center, Old Sun greeted him and asked in surprise, “What’s wrong? This is?”

Qu Zhengyan smiled bitterly. “The building I lived in caught fire. It was crazy the entire night.” His voice was a little hoarse.

“Huh?” The people around heard it and gathered around with concern.

Old Sun said, “Today, the morning paper said that an apartment on Zhangquan Road was on fire. Could it be the place where you live?”

“That’s not it.” Qu Zhengyan placed the computer bag in his hand on He Ziming’s desk. “It was the unit below me. Fortunately, I woke up in time, but the things in the room were gone. First, it was smoke and the scorching fire. Then, the high-pressure water gun…” He shook his head helplessly. Speechless, he patted the computer bag. Towards He Ziming, “These were soaked by water. Can you help me see if it can be fixed? I need the data inside.”

“Quick. How did it happen?” Old Sun and the others were so curious that he dragged a chair and pressed Qu Zhengyan to sit down. Since the person himself was okay, what actually happened was something to hear about.

“The reason is still being investigated,” Qu Zhengyan slowly told them, “Luckily I noticed in time. I saw the outer wall and it burned up three floors. There was no sound from the fire alarms. I was choked awake. Quickly called 119. Smashed the neighbor’s door…” He didn’t continue on and sighed for a long time.

The person next to him seemed to want to ask more questions. At this time, He Ziming suddenly spoke, “Is your throat sore? Drink some water and stop talking.” Then, he gave him a cup of water.

“Yes, your voice sounds really scary,” Old Sun agreed. “Hurry up and take a breather.”

The head already said so hence, everyone could only walk away temporarily. Qu Zhengyan drank some water, exhaled, rested his elbow on the table, silently watching He Ziming smashing on his notebook and gradually showing a trace of fatigue.

He Ziming disassembled the parts for debugging without saying a word and occasionally glanced at Qu Zhengyan quietly. After a while, he reached out and pulled a piece of paper, wrote a few words on it and pushed it along the desk.

Qu Zhengyang looked at him puzzledly and pulled the paper over.

The paper had these words: “Do you have to stay in the company today?”

Qu Zhengyan looked up and shook his head in confusion.

He Ziming whispered, “The hard disk data should not be damaged but, this notebook can no longer operate.” As he talked, he continued to write on the paper: “I will accompany you to match it up with a new laptop, you tell our director.”

Qu Zhengyan blinked and raised his head to greet, “Old Sun, my hard drive can be saved, but the notebook is out of order. I am waiting to use it. Can I borrow Xiao He to accompany me to match it?”

“No problem,” Old Sun waved his hand generously, “Go.”

He Ziming stood up with his gaze directed downwards, packed his things and followed Qu Zhengyan out. Qu Zhengyan said with a smile until he got in the car, “Actually, I’m not in a rush.”

“I know,” He Ziming looked at him, “In fact, it doesn’t need to be matched. I have a spare one. I just need to change the hard drive for you. I think you should rest or go to the hospital first. Did you go already?”

“Hospital? No.” Qu Zhengyan cleared his throat reflexively. His lungs, trachea and all the way to the upper respiratory tract were indeed a bit uncomfortable but he didn’t feel serious enough that he needed to go to the hospital. He asked suspiciously, “Must I go?”

“It’s best to have someone take a look at, this… to be more at ease.”

Qu Zhengyan ruminated for a while, laughed and said, “Then, I’ll go for a check-up.”

They first drove to the hospital, registered and had a doctor checked on him. The result was a very slight smoke inhalation injury. Basically, there was no need for medication. He just has to take good care of his injury and wait for it to get better. Feeling relieved, the two of them exited the hospital together. He Ziming turned his head to look at him. “You best go back to sleep. You look like you have no energy.” Then, he seemed to remember something and said, “Are all the quilts at your home drenched?”

“It’s all wet. All turned to ashes. With the water mixed in, they all turned into mud!” Qu Zhengyan shook his head. “I went to the hotel to book a room in the morning.” He turned to look at He Ziming, hesitated and said, “I will see you off first and then return to the hotel.”

He Ziming frowned. He was silent for a moment. Saying slowly, “…Come to my house ba.”

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