Chapter 2 – Though a meeting was finally agreed upon, the heart was still anxious

Beyond our glorious spring
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Chapter 1 - No matter how much he has changed, I still recognise him. . . Chapter 2 - Though a meeting was finally agreed upon, the heart was still anxious Chapter 3 - Xiao Jin changed Chapter 4 - No matter the reason for us meeting, I am grateful! Chapter 5 - Although the adults have animosity, little Qu Zhengyan could recognise the beautiful Xiao Jin at a glance. Chapter 6 - Such a beautiful child is actually a little violent tyrant! Chapter 7 - I too, have a temper! Chapter 8 - ...But I always lose in the midst of your proud eyes... Chapter 9 - Help me fix my computer... Also meet with me along the way... Chapter 10 - The long passing of time conceals plenty Chapter 11 - Can I consider this as a gradual improvement? Chapter 12 - For the landlord’s sake, Xiao Jin actually pretended to be sick. Chapter 13 - Topic: Kitchen Gossip Chapter 14 - "Huh?" Xiao Xia looked at him stupidly. "You told him to wait? He definitely won't wait, you should hold him.” Chapter 15 - Everyone has both their present and past... Chapter 16 - She, who once played an important role in his life, no longer knows him. Chapter 17 - This girl is humble, brilliant, smart, upright, and principled Chapter 18 - The war has started, but the involved parties are oblivious Chapter 19 - Did not want to believe that something like this will happen Chapter 20 - How long can you protect him like this? Chapter 21 - But was this not a kind of appeasement? Qu Zhengyan didn’t realize at that time. Chapter 22 - Life is full of accidents Chapter 23 - Indeed, life is truly full of accidents! Chapter 24 - Even a fool can see how much he likes you! Chapter 25 - Needing a little catalyst Chapter 26 - The plentiful colours of youth Chapter 27 - A narrow road Chapter 28 - The growing distance between the two Chapter 29 - Don’t make me disappointed in you

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He Ziming waited for the group of people to walk away before turning his gaze back to the machine in front of him. However, several nearby colleagues placed their businesses aside and gathered around curiously.

“Ziming, that’s Yinhai’s Qu Zhengyan, right? How did you know such a person?”

“I didn’t expect you to know the senior staff of Yinhai. Hey, why didn’t you go to work in Yinhai?”

“Ziming is so lucky. You don’t have to worry about being dismissed.” They quickly gave their thoughts on this matter. He Ziming lowered his head, working quietly. He was always a man of few words but now in such a sensitive period, his colleagues couldn’t help but try to pry some insider information from him until Yu Junxing returned to interrupt them.

“Alright, alright. Don’t crowd about Ziming, otherwise he’ll be frightened.”

He turned his head and smiled at Ziming, “Mr Qu said you were his childhood friend. Since it has been many years since he last saw you, he was very happy. He asked about your work situation. Of course, I immediately informed him that Xiao He is our backbone of our computer centre, ha ha.”

Though Wanda Security was mediocre, it still had a few talents. Yinhai Security had already offered some positions set by the senior management; the internal decisions were made, and Yu Junxing was one of them. For the rest of the employees, their fate was determined by Yinhai – whether they stayed behind or was laid off from the company.

By understanding the internal workings, the words uttered by them carried even more weight. With Yu Junxing’s words, it meant that he was going to take He Ziming under him. Some of the colleagues clearly expressed envy.

Everything that happened around seemed to have nothing to do with He Ziming. He continued checking the machine himself, he found the problem and solved it. Once the test no longer showed any error, he nodded to the person next to him and said in a low voice, “It’s done.” Then, he walked back to the computer department.

After walking out a few steps, he faintly heard someone say, “Ziming seriously doesn’t care at all. True, for people who stay in Moonlight Lake1A residential place, how can they care about this job? How nice if the lucky person was myself.”


He Ziming walked step by step to his department and sat down at his desk. Time passed, and he found himself in a daze. Why did that person suddenly appear in front of him? It was like opening a door and all those things he thought he had forgotten rushed out and flooded his chest, rousing his turbulent emotions and leaving an overwhelming heartache. Throughout the afternoon, he was in a daze, he no longer had the mood to work.

Qu Zhengyan was the same too, while driving away in his car.

During the entire return journey, his head was in the clouds, and he had to have another small meeting when he returned. The boss was talking eloquently behind the conference table, but the words on the reorganisation plan in front of Qu Zhengyan’s eyes were jumping around one by one. He couldn’t line them up. It wasn’t until Zhu Qiaoming’s call startled him, that he noted his pages of paper were twisted and wrinkled by his sweaty fingers.

Zhu Qiaoming looked at him, amused, “Zhengyan, the personnel administration is your strong point. How could a mere Wanda make you so troubled?”

Qu Zhengyan flushed, knowing that he was unfocused the entire time. He apologised continuously.

Zhu Qiaoming didn’t really blame him. He continued to issue some instructions, “Then, it is decided that Zhengyan is still in charge of the personnel administration, Junyan is in charge of finances, and Ji Lei will follow up with their sales department.”

The other senior staff have already predicted this and they left to return to their respective duties.

Qu Zhengyan returned to his office and sat down. He gathered himself and estimated the remaining workload for the day. After that, he carefully dialed a number on the phone.

After six or seven rings, the other party picked up. There was no sound on the other end.

Qu Zhengyan asked tentatively, “Xiao Jin?”

“…En.” The other party’s voice held some hesitation.

“Let’s meet for dinner.” There were many things he wanted to say and ask.

“… Alright.”

“I’ll pick you up from about 5.45pm to 6pm. Is that fine?”

“… Alright.”

“I’ll wait for you across your building.”

“… Alright.”

“… I’ll see you then.”

“… See you.”

Qu Zhengyan ended the call and placed the phone on the table. He stared at the phone, the call time being less than a minute. This call was weird. Nine years and seven months was the duration when he and Xiao Jin were separated. Xiao Jin’s voice has changed. Before, his voice was slightly higher and he spoke very fast. It used to have a flavour of arrogant tone in it.

Now, just by listening to his voice, it seemed to belong to a completely different person.

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