Chapter 15 – Everyone has both their present and past…

Beyond our glorious spring
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It could be said that Qu Zhengyan was able to proceed forward with his purpose of terminating He Ziming’s lease. He did not want to waste such a good opportunity.

He Ziming went back to work the next day. Qu Zhengyan was already waiting for him when he got off work. His excuse was to visit Xiao Xia again.

Though they met once, his relationship with Xia Chengqi was not that close for him to make a special visit. Fortunately, He Ziming was not surprised, rather Xia Chengqi was the one who felt strange.

But everything in the world was like this. One might be strangers but after prolonged contact, becoming closer friends1Idiom: 一回生二回熟 literally one is born and the other is ripe..

After a few times, Xia Chengqi got used to this stranger coming and going from his unit. Qu Zhengyan secretly thought that if Xiao Xia knew that he had prayed for his sickness to extend, Xiao Xia would probably not welcome him like this.

Qu Zhengyan visited them multiple times and gradually became relieved. At least he was able to confirm that Xiao Jin and Xia Chengqi were definitely not in the relationship he was worried about. They were very close, but more like brothers and family members. And not impurely □□ flirting2Raws had the □□ 🙂 : 掺杂□□暧昧. But this also hardened his idea of making He Ziming live with him.

He couldn’t adapt to Xiao Jin’s appearance of busily cooking, washing, mopping and tidying up the unit. Although Xiao Jin had never complained and he seemed accustomed to doing such chores, every time Qu Zhengyan saw Xiao Xia lazily lying aside, Qu Zhengyan felt a burst of disparity in his heart.

When he went to visit, of course, he would help. But while he was away, it was Xiao Jin who had been working hard… If it hadn’t been for Xia Chengqi’s lingering sickness, maybe he would have been able to speak up a long ago.

With such a delay, it was now the weekend scheduled to attend the China Telecom Expo.

At nine o’clock, Qu Zhengyan knocked on the door of Xiao Xia’s unit and found that He Ziming was alone. Xia Chengqi, who had been nesting like a lazy cat on the big sofa for a week, disappeared.

“Where is your landlord?” He handed He Ziming the snacks he bought at the teahouse.

“Went to work.”

“Is he fully recovered?” Qu Zhengyan’s eyes lit up.

“Hmm.” He Ziming looked at him with strange eyes. “You care about Xiao Xia so much, he will be very happy.”

Qu Zhengyan chuckled twice. “Actually, it was because…” After thinking about the second half of the sentence, he swallowed it back. He can’t make any decisions for Xiao Jin otherwise, he will be angry. It was better to find an opportunity today to talk to him about the termination of the lease.

He did not notice that He Ziming frowned slightly and pursed his lips after hearing half of the answer.

“You have breakfast, I’ll take it from here.” Qu Zhengyan pushed He Ziming to the table, went to tidy up the cooking table, and asked strangely, “Didn’t I say I will bring breakfast? Why did you cook again?”

He Ziming explained, “Xiao Xia goes to work early today.”

Qu Zhengyan said “oh”. “Speaking of which, this landlord, what does he do at work?”
He Ziming looked at him in surprise, “He works on the radio. Don’t you know? You have been chatting together several times.”

Qu Zhengyan smiled. They did chat but he was always distracted, his mind was not paying attention at all. Often, while talking to Xiao Xia, he would pay attention to He Ziming’s every move. He didn’t even remember what their conversation was about.

He Ziming didn’t ask further and speedily ate his breakfast quickly. After tidying up, the two went out together. Maybe because the weekend was more relaxing, or because the weather was really good today, there was almost no wind blowing by. The sun was warm and it was comfortable on the body. He Ziming’s mood was good. While waiting for the green light, Qu Zhengyan glanced secretly. He Ziming turned his head sideways, squinting his eyes and looking out of the window. His lips were slightly raised, his expression was softer than ever.

Involuntarily, Qu Zhengyan’s mood also rose.

The electronic information products were not Qu Zhengyan’s expertise; he came here only to have a general look. He Ziming’s interest was fully captured, he walked meticulously to look at each booth one by one, pausing and carefully reading when he encountered a special area. Qu Zhengyan followed him patiently, looking at his richer expression than usual, and secretly sighed that it was right to come to this place.

After walking through it all, it was past noon, Qu Zhengyan asked curiously, “Are there any gains?”

He Ziming’s cheeks were slightly red, his eyes bright and brilliant. “En. Some things are really good.”

Such an expo will be more attractive to enterprises and manufacturers engaged in this industry. Not only many contracts would be signed at the exhibition, but some of the latest designed electronic product model displays also gave a good meal for enthusiasts.

Qu Zhengyan smiled. “I guess you might like it. After shopping for a long time, are you tired? Let’s find a place to eat.”

He Ziming nodded. He was squeezing around in the crowd just now, hence a little sweat beaded on his upper lips. Qu Zhengyan’s heart was soft and sweet. Without even thinking about it, with his handkerchief, he reached out his hand and gently and naturally wiped the sweat off. He Ziming froze.

He stepped back reflexively and stopped again.

At this time, Qu Zhengyan felt that he had acted too intimately just now. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and a little worried.

He Ziming just lowered his eyelids and said nothing.

The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing and not knowing how to ease it, Qu Zhengyan’s cell phone rang. He quickly answered the call. A smiling female voice came across. Although it was a little unexpected, it was reasonable to receive a call from Wang Bailu.

“Visiting our exhibition? How was it?”

Qu Zhengyan smiled unexpectedly. “How did you know? We just went around and it was pretty good.”

“I have already seen you. It’s so lucky to see you. I initially wanted to make an appointment with you. It is better to hit the sun while it’s up3Idiom:择日不如撞日It is better to hit the sun if I choose a day to.. I will treat you today.” Wang Bailu was still just as generous as before.

“Hey, where are you?” Qu Zhengyan looked around. He soon saw the woman on the glass corridor on the second floor waving to him, walking down through the crowd.

Qu Zhengyan hesitated. He originally wanted to talk to He Ziming about the lease termination while having lunch. It would be difficult to speak with an outsider. But Wang Bailu’s mood was good. After all, they were old classmates who hadn’t met for a long time. It’s not good to let her lose face. He could only answer, “Yes.”

He turned and said to He Ziming, “Xiao Jin, Wang Bailu invited us to lunch. Is that okay?” He was a little nervous, and he remembered that Xiao Jin and Wang Bailu had a bad relationship from the beginning. There was always no smile when he saw her.

He Ziming also saw a lady wearing a suit coming over, looking shrewd, capable, bright and charming. He glanced at Qu Zhengyan and whispered, “…I am not familiar with her. You can go by yourself. I will go home.”

Qu Zhengyan didn’t want him to leave. “Don’t… it’s just a meal. She is a staff member and she can’t stay too long. We will leave after eating…” He implored a little in his voice.

He Ziming was silent for a while. Seeing Wang Bailu quickly approaching them, his lips pressed tightly and nodded silently. Only his face was turning pale.

  • 1
    Idiom: 一回生二回熟 literally one is born and the other is ripe.
  • 2
    Raws had the □□ 🙂 : 掺杂□□暧昧
  • 3
    Idiom:择日不如撞日It is better to hit the sun if I choose a day to.

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