Chapter 1 – No matter how much he has changed, I still recognise him. . .

Beyond our glorious spring
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Chapter 1 - No matter how much he has changed, I still recognise him. . . Chapter 2 - Though a meeting was finally agreed upon, the heart was still anxious Chapter 3 - Xiao Jin changed Chapter 4 - No matter the reason for us meeting, I am grateful! Chapter 5 - Although the adults have animosity, little Qu Zhengyan could recognise the beautiful Xiao Jin at a glance. Chapter 6 - Such a beautiful child is actually a little violent tyrant! Chapter 7 - I too, have a temper! Chapter 8 - ...But I always lose in the midst of your proud eyes... Chapter 9 - Help me fix my computer... Also meet with me along the way... Chapter 10 - The long passing of time conceals plenty Chapter 11 - Can I consider this as a gradual improvement? Chapter 12 - For the landlord’s sake, Xiao Jin actually pretended to be sick. Chapter 13 - Topic: Kitchen Gossip Chapter 14 - "Huh?" Xiao Xia looked at him stupidly. "You told him to wait? He definitely won't wait, you should hold him.” Chapter 15 - Everyone has both their present and past... Chapter 16 - She, who once played an important role in his life, no longer knows him. Chapter 17 - This girl is humble, brilliant, smart, upright, and principled Chapter 18 - The war has started, but the involved parties are oblivious Chapter 19 - Did not want to believe that something like this will happen Chapter 20 - How long can you protect him like this? Chapter 21 - But was this not a kind of appeasement? Qu Zhengyan didn’t realize at that time. Chapter 22 - Life is full of accidents Chapter 23 - Indeed, life is truly full of accidents! Chapter 24 - Even a fool can see how much he likes you! Chapter 25 - Needing a little catalyst Chapter 26 - The plentiful colours of youth Chapter 27 - A narrow road Chapter 28 - The growing distance between the two Chapter 29 - Don’t make me disappointed in you

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Qu Zhengyan followed behind his boss, Zhu Qiaoming. The group of people felt the tense atmosphere as soon as they left the meeting room. Employees in the office area gave them nervous glances. As soon as they passed, whispers filled the space.

The acquisition of Wanda Security by Yinhai Security was a major event in the industry. Today was the official meeting of the two parties to negotiate reorganisation. Representing Yinhai was Vice President Zhu Qiaoming and his senior subordinates. Currently, Wanda’s CEO, Chu Anguo, was semi-retired. Today was likely the last time he would appear as one, before passing on his role to the next in line. Once the company was sold, the future of the employees would be uncertain. It was inevitable for everyone to be worried.

In comparison, Yinhai’s team was filled with vigor. Even with their calm expressions, the air around them was unconsciously filled with high spirits.

As he walked to the business hall on the first floor, Zhu Qiaoming bid farewell to Wanda’s staff. Qu Zhengyan followed behind his boss. The moment he was about to turn his head, he suddenly saw a young man nearby. His heart skipped a beat. He froze.

The man was standing by the counter, having his head hanging down, he was operating on the terminal in front of him. It seemed that the machine was malfunctioning. From where he stood, Qu Zhengyan could see his profile – fairly white skin, high nose bridge, thin lips, sharp chin, and wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, showing off his slender figure.

“Xiao Jin…” Qu Zhengyan mumbled unconsciously.

Standing next to him happened to be a middle-level staff of Wanda. The staff was confused by his sudden attention to an ordinary employee. He paused, looked, and replied, “Oh, that’s Xiao He, from the computer department.”

“His surname is He?” Qu Zhengyan turned his head. He recognised the person who answered – Yu Junxing, an engineer at Wanda’s computer center.

Yu Junxing nodded: “He Ziming, our computer department system specialist. Mr. Qu knows him?”

Qu Zhengyan frowned. He hesitated before saying: “Maybe it just looks like someone I know… whose surname is Du.”

So it turned out to be the wrong person. The other party was relieved. Since it’s nothing, shall we go? Just when he thought about it, he sensed someone was looking at him. It was the young man named He Ziming who raised his head and looked over.

Maybe others would think it was an unconscious glance. Only Qu Zhengyan noticed that this young man, at first glance, managed to fix his gaze firmly on him.

Without any expression or movement, the young man was just looking at himself.

Qu Zhengyan felt his heart beat faster. His mouth became dry.

He shook off the surprised Yu Junxing and walked over quickly. The young man straightened up and waited quietly for him to approach, showing no expression, not even blinking his eyelids.

As he approached and looked carefully, the doubts in Qu Zhengyan’s heart became bigger. Without even realizing his abrupt tone, he blurted out, “What’s your name?”

“…He Ziming.” The other party’s answer was half a beat slow.

It’s very similar! But there were many differences – the appearance, the voice…

Even so, Qu Zhengyan was more sure of his own guess. “What was your name… before?”

The young man looked at him silently. Just when Qu Zhengyan thought he was not going to answer, he heard three words, “Du Yongjin.”

Qu Zhengyan’s throat suddenly choked, “…Xiao Jin, it’s really you.”

The young man looked at him without speaking.

At this time, Yu Junxing also came over and asked curiously, “You know each other?”

Qu Zhengyan tried his best to control himself, and smiled. “An old friend, it’s been a long time.”

Yu Junxing nodded. “Such a coincidence.”

Qu Zhengyan glanced back. The boss and his group had already walked out of the door. Knowing that it was not a proper time to chat, he simply told He Ziming, “Give me your phone number.”

He Ziming blinked without responding for a moment. When he saw Qu Zhengyan’s hand extending forward, he deliberated and took his phone out of the pocket, handing it directly to him.

Qu Zhengyan used the phone to dial his own phone number and save it. He handed the phone back. “Let’s have dinner together after work today.”

He Ziming showed no response. He just looked straight over. His eyes were quiet and dark, with a trace of haze, almost like he could not react at all.

“Wait for my call!” Qu Zhengyan said. He took a deep breath and turned to leave. The gaze on his back made him afraid to turn his head, for fear that he could not help but hug the man on the spot, or grab him and take him away immediately.

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