Chapter 42.1 – Why Do I Love You So Much?

Asylum Live Broadcast Room
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“So… he disappeared?” A certain prince who was looking for his concubine walked around the small courtyards of the various patients in the asylum but Gu Chen still could not be seen. He bit his fingers and stood there thinking for a while before finally deciding to head towards Li Xuan’s courtyard.

“Wife… Can you think about it again? Ah? Think about it again please, your husband just bought a batch of arms… I don’t have money left ahhh… really!!”

“No, I must buy that helicopter.”

“Don’t be like this, wife. Think about it again, impulse is the devil!”

As soon as he entered the courtyard, the prince saw a large canine creature running around in a circle around his wife with tears and snot streaming all over.

Long Junhao looked around silently but did not find Gu Chen’s figure and was confused again. In the process of searching, he also found that Comrade Luo Yi, the mafia boss and policeman, and his wife were also missing. What were… those three doing?

Li Xuan, who was rolling about, saw him in the corner and finally got his act together. He got up, wiped his face and waved, “yo, His Highness is here.”

Long Junhao nodded, “Gu Chen is gone.”

“Oh, about him,” Li Xuan said casually, “he had something to do and left already.”

“Oh, then I’ll leave now, you guys can continue,” Long Junhao said and turned to walk away. But after two steps he turned back to look at him, “Luo Yi and Chu Jian are also gone. Where did they go?”

“Oh, Chu Jian said he was bored here all day and wanted to have a breather outside. Then Luo Yi came to me to discuss,” Li Xuan looked at him with a smile, “I allowed it.”

Long Junhao froze and uttered word by word, “what, did, you, say?!”

From the day he opened his eyes, he had been locked in such a hellish place and couldn’t get out. After countless struggles and constantly switching between hope and disappointment, he had almost accepted his fate. But now, he found out about such grievous news.

A living thing with a much more serious condition than him and was obviously not a normal person left this place before him? What an embarrassment for a normal person like him?! This was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Long Junhao!

Li Xuan continued to smile, “Chu Jian went out.”

“Why?!” Long Junhao was instantly angry and glared at him, pacing frantically, “why can he go out and I can’t? Which eye of yours saw that my illness is more serious than his? Huh?!”

“Don’t be so agitated, Your Highness,” Li Xuan advised in a good-natured way, “he’s not being discharged but only going out for a walk so he’ll be back in the evening. As for the reason why you can’t go out, one is that your father hasn’t discussed it with me, and the other is that Lei Yan hasn’t given up yet. As the dean, of course I have to think about your safety.”

Long Junhao turned a deaf ear to what he said and continued to vent resentfully, “even if he goes out for a day, he can’t!”

“Ah?” Li Xuan blinked, “why?”

“Because your prince won’t have a peace of mind!”


Xiao Yu, who had not spoken since the beginning, continued his previous actions and with an indifferent expression, walked past them, ready to fly away in a helicopter for shopping. When Li Xuan returned to his senses, he was about to leave the courtyard.

A certain miser immediately went crazy and broke out in a cold sweat. He hurried over to hold his wife back and continued to persuade him, “wife, calm down, wife…”

Long Junhao clenched his fists and looked at them silently for a long time. Intuition told him that the miser won’t listen to anything except money now so it would be a waste of words to argue with him! He silently turned his head and left, deciding to wait until Gu Chen came back to complain to him. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to curse a certain mafia boss and policeman, and spent a miserable day alone.

At this moment, Comrade Luo Yi, the mafia boss and policeman, was struggling to catch up with a hooligan who was causing trouble.

Today, he’d planned to ask for leave to take his wife out for a romantic date and end the day with a candlelight dinner to set the mood. After that, he would bring his wife to bed and eat him clean. But who knew that his wife wouldn’t agree and was adamant on seeing him work. He could only sit in the office and accept his fate as a public servant. In fact, it was good for him to chat with his wife in the office because of his current popularity, but the phone suddenly rang, saying that there was a fight between gangsters. His wife became angry immediately and slammed the table, “a group of teenagers who skip school and want to run around being hooligans?!”

Luo Yi immediately began to persuade, “wife, don’t get agitated, Li Xuan said you can’t get agitated during this period of time.”

Chu Jian only glanced over and Comrade Luo Yi immediately put on his uniform and went out to catch the hooligans. And now, the hard-working little policeman finally succeeded in cornering a hooligan at a dead end. He walked over slowly, “enough, come back with me.”

“No,” said the young rascal who was supposed to have just started his career. His legs were shaking, “sir police, can you let me go? I won’t do it again. Really, I have an eight year old mother and an eighty year old child to raise. Please let me go…”

Three black lines dropped from Luo Yi’s face silently, “you said the opposite, hello?”

“Ah? Huh?” The little hooligan continued to tremble, “ah, yes, I said the opposite. Please forgive me…” After saying that, he almost cried.

The mafia boss sighed and said with a heartache, “the quality of the underworld is really getting worse and worse! What kind of standard do they have now! I was much better than you when I first debuted! Let me tell you this, if you were my subordinate, I would definitely shoot you!” He walked to him, “how old are you now? Are you an adult? If you fought a little, you’d be released after getting educated. We won’t send you to jail. Back then, I killed so many people but I’m still alive and well? Those who want to achieve great things must be composed! But look at yourself now!”

The little hooligan was stunned when he heard this and blankly nodded. And as if he gained a realisation, he suddenly rushed over and hugged him while crying, “boss, we are of the same roots, why do we have to go against each other ahhhh!” 

The mafia boss immediately kicked him, “tch, who would want to be born from the same roots as you! You can’t be compared to me!”

Yes, yes,” the little hooligan nodded hurriedly and smiled pleasantly, “boss, can you let me follow you? I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” 

The mafia boss wanted to say something, only to hear a languid dry cough from behind. His face immediately froze and he turned into a policeman again, “enough nonsense, come back with me.” 

The little hooligan looked at the gentle but majestic man behind him and intuitively knew that he was the boss behind the scenes. Without hesitating, he ran over to hug his thighs, “boss, I just came to hang out so please just spare me, I… ah!” Chu Jian kicked him before he could finish and he landed motionlessly in the middle of the alley.

“How dare you say that you came to hang out?” Chu Jian retracted his feet and said slowly, “you really want to die, don’t you?” After saying that, he squinted at Luo Yi, “what are you spacing out for? Take him back, is that something that I need to teach you?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Luo Yi immediately covered his face and ran over, pinching the person on the ground with his two fingers, “ah, how miserable, how miserable…”

Chu Jian walked forward slowly, For a moment, his sense of justice broke out and everyone looked like a scoundrel. Luo Yi caught up with him in a few steps and looked sideways to see his bright eyes. He felt his scalp tingling.

“Oh, that’s right,” Chu Jian, a man of justice, still felt that the level of these people was too low after looking around for a week, so he asked, “the stutter last time was Lei Yan, right? I’ve heard his name before.”

Luo Yi felt cold sweat, “don’t, wife, their family is more terrifying and complicated than mine. It’ll be more difficult to find evidence so don’t think about it.”

“Oh…” Chu Jian thought for a while, “I remember you mentioned that Lei Yan came to find the prince because the prince accidentally saw something, right?”

Luo Yi continued to sweat, “wife, what are you going to do?”

“Nothing,” Chu Jian laughed, feeling an indescribable significance, “let’s go, I’ve had enough fun, I want to go back to chat with the prince.”

“…” Luo Yi angrily threw the hooligan into the car and began to think about the possibility of disguising as Lei Yan’s men and killing Long Junhao, the source of danger.

Chu Jian glanced back at him lazily.

Luo Yi immediately went to open the door, “yes, I’ll take you there right away.”



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