Chapter 37 – Life At Stake

Luo Yi didn’t naturally wake up. His previous life in the underworld made him extremely sensitive to the stimulation from the outside world, so he could clearly feel a gaze filled with bad intentions on himself. But his perception of the outside world had degraded due to excessive indulgence, which meant that when he finally noticed it, the gaze must’ve stopped on him for a very… very… long time…

His eyes snapped open and the first thing that he saw was an enlarged close-up of a face. Li Xuan was eye-to-eye with him, nose to nose, and very close. And when he saw that Luo Yi was awake, he immediately smiled. It was a very kind smile, and he waved his hand as if to say: Hi, good morning~

“…” A vein immediately popped out on Luo Yi’s forehead and he subconsciously opened his mouth to scold but with quick hands, Li Xuan covered his mouth and pointed to Chu Jian sleeping beside him.

Luo Yi glared before taking a deep breath. If it weren’t for his hand that was still hugging his wife, he would definitely hit him with a fist. Seeing this, Li Xuan slowly removed his hand and stood in front of the big bed of the couple’s bridal chamber. He looked at the naked couple with a smile, and then… slowly took out a familiar piece of paper from behind him and kindly said to the bridegroom, “friend, when will you pay back?”

“…” Luo Yi once again took a deep breath and stared at him, gritting his teeth in a small voice, “do you have to pick this time to collect debts?”

Li Xuan’s expression was harmless. “You’re not doing it now anyways, so I’m not even bothering you.”

Luo Yi continued to gnash his teeth, “what if we were doing it?”

Li Xuan held the paper in front of him and replied in a non-negotiable tone, “you still have to pay back the money, or… I’ll watch you guys do it and then you’ll pay back the money after you finish.”

“… Li Xuan,” Luo Yi stared at him for a long time, “where exactly is your lower limit?”

“I have no lower limit,” Li Xuan continued to shake the paper. “Alright, hurry up and pay back the money.”

Luo Yi felt that he should not argue with a miser and took out one hand to put aside the paper in front of him before whispering, “I went straight to the police station yesterday and rushed back after getting my things and changing my clothes at my apartment, so I didn’t bring any money at all.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” said Li Xuan with a kind smile. He stretched out two fingers to pinch the phone on the nightstand and handed it to him, “here, call your men and ask them to credit my account. After that I’ll go back and you can continue to hug your wife, how nice.”

“…” Luo Yi reluctantly took the phone, “are you so short of money?”

“Hah, I’m also forced by life,” Li Xuan sighed, “it’s estimated that Lei Yan will come here soon. And if some unexpected misfortune falls on the prince, then my money tree will be gone, so I’m asking you for money before you elope with your wife.”

Luo Yi’s hand paused slightly and he was just about to say something when the person on his side moved. He turned his head and looked, only to see the slightly opened eyes of his wife looking at him hazily, “oh, disciple.”

“It’s me, master,” Luo Yi nodded with a smile and looked at the time on his watch. “It’s still early, only 11 o’clock. You should sleep more.”

“Well,” said Taoist Master Chu lazily and he sniffed and rolled over, “as expected, the evil spirit is powerful. I’ve treated you for a whole night, but I feel sore all over.”

Comrade Luo Yi hurriedly said with gratitude, “yes, yes, this disciple will never forget master’s kindness. This disciple will definitely be filial to you forever…” He wanted to say something more but Chu Jian had fallen asleep.

He observed for a while before getting up and putting on a nightgown. He motioned for Li Xuan to go out and the latter did not object, turning around immediately to leave. Luo Yi leaned over the bed and looked at his wife before kissing him on the lips. Then, he slowly went out and closed the door behind him. He then grabbed Li Xuan’s neck and roared while gritting his teeth, “why is he still like this? We both came clean last night so why didn’t he return to normal? Why?”

“Stop… Stop…” Li Xuan was getting strangled by him and gold stars started to flash around his vision. He quickly raised the paper tremblingly, “first… pay back the money… Then, you have time… to strangle all you want…”

“…” Luo Yi slowly let go and held his own forehead, “how do I have a friend like you?”

Li Xuan rubbed his neck. “Be content with what you have. If I didn’t look after your wife for you, who knows what he’d be like now.”

Luo Yi walked a distance to the side, found a place to sit down, looked at the miser who followed with small steps, and asked, “when will he get better?”

“He’s getting better now,” Li Xuan sat down beside him, “his concept of time is a little messed up now, so he’ll need time to adjust back slowly. He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t get stimulated again in the future.”

“How long will it take?”

“It’s hard to say,” Li Xuan shrugged, “you need to be patient. Oh, right,” he said, offering the paper with both hands, “come on, there’s urgent business.”

“…” Luo Yi reluctantly started dialling and asked casually, “about what you said just now, what’s the matter with Lei Yan?”

Li Xuan sighed, “that beast accepted the prince’s idea and hypnotised Yu Ao. Now the man has defected…”

Luo Yi raised his eyebrows, “not only that, right? He Tianfan doesn’t seem to be such an obedient person. What else?”

“He also hypnotised Yu Ao to fall in love with him and get prepared to be abused in both body and heart.”

“…” It was then Luo Yi understood what Long Junhao meant by committing sin. “It’s really committing a sin,” he said, then turned to look at him, “can’t you ask He Tianfan to reverse the hypnosis? Then Lei Yan won’t come here.”

“No way,” Li Xuan said painfully. “He Tianfan pays all of Yu Ao’s expenses. He also works for me for free, so now he is my gold master. How can I spoil his pleasure?”

“…” Luo Yi was completely speechless. He took the paper over and looked at it, and quickly called his men. “Alright, transfer directly to the account right away,” he looked at the paper in pain, “this is simply robbing money. I’m short of money now.”

“Don’t act so pitiful,” said Li Xuan, unmoved. “You can definitely afford it even if you are short of money, but are you really deciding to change your business? That’s the business that your family has worked on for many generations. I heard some time ago that…”

Before he finished, Luo Yi covered his mouth and dragged him to the courtyard outside. “Keep your voice down. What if my wife hears you?”

“Oh,” Li Xuan nodded understandingly, “you told him you’ve completely changed already?”

“What else can I say?” Luo Yi shrugged. “Sooner or later, it will be finished. It’s just a bit slow. I’m thinking about where to develop in the future.”

“True, you also have a large number of people. Eh… Actually,” Li Xuan thought for a moment and suddenly came up to him, “there’s something else you can do. Are all the channels you used to smuggle still there? Ehem, don’t look at me like that. I’m doing this for your sake. Su Qing hasn’t left yet. Do you think…”

Luo Yi immediately narrowed his eyes, “arms?” He thought about it, “if I’m an arms dealer, I think my wife will still kill me, even if I’m legal…”

“This matter needs to be considered in the long run,” Li Xuan went over and hooked an arm over his shoulder, “you see, you’re going to slowly shut down or change hands of your underworld business. There’s just a large number of people idle and I’m available to invest. Su Qing is also a famous tycoon in the arms industry. Coupled with your contacts, we’ll buy goods from him and then sell them… The price difference in the middle is… Don’t say you’re not interested… We can ask our confidants to do it without us personally showing up and just wait for money, hm?”

“That’s good,” Luo Yi thought carefully before also hooking an arm around Li Xuan’s shoulder. Both of them staggered to the dormitory yard. “Let’s discuss the problem of funds first, and when the time comes, we’ll divide the money proportionally… Li Xuan.”


“You’re still really good at making money.”

“Of course, that way, you’ll have the money to pay the hospitalisation fee if your wife goes crazy again after being stimulated by you. I’m really doing this for your sake, look, I even thought of a backup plan for you.”

“… I think it’s better if I choke you to death.”

The two stumbled and continued walking, Luo Yi suddenly asked, “what if they are also sleeping?”

“…” Li Xuan hesitated. “We can’t force our way through this time, we’ll die miserably. Why don’t… we wait? Hm?” He looked at the pavilion in the distance, “isn’t that the prince? Well, you go and sit there for a while. I’ll see if Su Qing is awake.”

Luo Yi had no objection. He entered the pavilion and greeted with a smile, “hi, what are you guys talking about?”

“Talking about my life…” a certain prince lightly glanced at him and laid dryly on the table.

“…” Luo Yi said, “what’s the matter with him?”

Before Gu Chen could speak, the prince suddenly straightened up again and looked at Luo Yi with his eyes shining, “no, I still won’t give up. Analyse it for me again. After all, you’ve worked as a boss.”

Luo Yi felt goosebumps rise, “analyse what?”

“Come, come,” the prince squeezed next to him, ordering people to serve tea before warmly saying, “let’s make a hypothesis. For example, if you are Lei Yan, you first send killer A, which is Gu Chen, to kill someone. In the end, A reported back that the target person was crazy, confused so he’s unwilling to kill…”

The little nurse quickly brought a cup of hot tea. A certain prince immediately put it in front of the boss. “Next, you send killer B to investigate and you find out that A has defected.”

Luo Yi reached out to get the cup of tea and tactfully added, “what A said before about the target being crazy will need to be verified.”

Long Junhao sniffed, took back the tea in front of him and held it in his hand.


“Okay, after that,” said a prince holding a cup of tea, “you sent C to investigate, but now C is completely unreachable, like he’s also defected. What are you going to do next?”

Luo Yi thought, “I’ll kill that man, but I’ll see him before I kill him.”

The prince sniffed again, took a gulp of hot tea, and pushed his previous herbal tea in front of Luo Yi.


Gu Chen said helplessly, “I already said that no superior would want his subordinates to go to another person one after another, so you are a threat to Lei Yan now. He will kill you, but his subordinates aren’t as good as me, and there are mercenaries here, so…”

Luo Yi understood and said, “Lei Yan will come in person.”

Gu Chen nodded, and a certain prince plopped on the table again.


“…” Luo Yi said, “Actually, you can try to have He Tianfan reverse the hypnosis.”

“I’ve been there,” said the prince lightly. “They’re rolling in bed…”


“I’m waiting for them to finish…” the prince lay on the table, looked at the bright sun in the yard and muttered, “dizzy, dizzy, your prince is even hallucinating now…”



He continued to say lightly, “no, I must’ve thought about Yu Ao so much that I’m hallucinating him now… But why is there no beast?”

Gu Chen followed his gaze and immediately patted his head. “Hao Hao, that’s really Yu Ao. You’re not blind.”

“Oh… Ah?!” The prince who was going to die suddenly got up in a rush, hurriedly pulled Yu Ao in and asked him to sit down. He sat opposite him and asked tentatively, “um… Do you recognise me?”

Yu Ao’s mouth curved up into his usual evil smile, “of course, you’re the prince.”

Long Junhao looked at the familiar aura around him, his eyes lit up instantly and he asked the key question, “do you…do you like He Tianfan?”

Yu Ao answered immediately, “I love him.”

A certain prince’s head slapped on the table again. If Gu Chen hadn’t removed the tea cup quickly, he would’ve dunked his head directly into the tea.

“…” Yu Ao said, “what’s the matter with you?”

“… what about the beast?”

“Don’t say that about him,” Yu Ao frowned and replied, “he’s still in bed.”

Long Junhao raised his eyelids and looked at him. “Don’t you love him? No, I mean, he’s not the top?”

“I do love him,” said Yu Ao. “That’s why I top him. He wants to be above, but he doesn’t have the strength.”

“It’s time, retribution,” Long Junhao immediately tapped the table and felt that his unhappiness had finally calmed down. “You can’t live because of your own sin. Sure enough, someone has destroyed you, beast!”

Yu Ao and Luo Yi were both speechless.

“…” Gu Chen said, “Hao Hao, calm down. Things have not yet reached the worst possible outcome..”

“Why hasn’t it reached…” The prince felt that his life was completely lost and messily said, “your pitiful prince hasn’t been around the world, hasn’t flown a plane, hasn’t taken a car, bus, subway, train and other unimaginable things and he’s about to die already… God, why is it like this?”

Gu Chen, Luo Yi, Yu Ao, “…”

“Earth, why are you earth if you can’t distinguish between good and bad? Heaven, you mistook virtue and foolishness! Ah… I can only shed two tears…”

“Yo, what’s going on?” In the dead silence, Li Xuan came in, “the prince is so refined, are you singing a song?”

“Go away…” Long Junhao didn’t look up from the table, “your prince doesn’t want to see your face before he dies or he’ll have an uneasy death…”

“…” said Li Xuan, “why?”

“Worse than a dog…”


“Excuse me…” In the strange atmosphere, a nurse came in slowly. “Dean, someone is looking for Mr. Yu, he said he’s an old friend.”

Li Xuan froze, “what’s his name?”

“He said his last name is Lei.”

With a thud, a certain prince fell directly from the stone bench and shouted at the sky, “no—!”


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