Chapter 29 – Side Story

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“I like the female orange tabby cat in Aunt Zhang’s house next door…” General Gu shot up from bed covered in sweat and anxiously wiped his face with his hand. What an abnormal nightmare, I would never have feelings for a female cat…

The door opened with a click and a maid came in. He was already dressed so he asked, “how is he doing?”

The maid slightly bowed to him, “the young master is still the same. He’s not crying nor making a fuss but he’s talking about things us maidservants can’t understand. It’s… it’s really all nonsense. I’m… I’m afraid…” Although General Gu usually treats people well, the maid still didn’t dare to continue. Because everyone in the general’s residence could tell that he treated that person differently and no one wanted to touch on that subject.

General Gu understood the meaning behind her words and dismissed her with a wave of his hand, allowing for her to clean the room. He frowned and walked outside. His father and brother went to the border and his mother left them early so at present, he was the one in charge here. If he wanted to have breakfast anywhere, he could have it anywhere and thus, he chose to do so in a guest room.

He slowly walked along the corridor before finally stopping in front of the guest room and entering. In front of the round table in the room, someone was having breakfast and when he saw the general come in, he immediately jumped up from his chair and bolted to a corner of the room, trembling, “I-I’m begging you, please don’t kill me… I swear I won’t tell anyone what I saw, really… p-please let me go… please…”

General Gu didn’t know what to say. Ever since this man woke up last night, he’s been like this till now. He had initially wanted to catch this “tyrant” and punish him before telling him that…there is no hope between them.

Yes, he knew who this person was, he had always known since the beginning. Because every time he entered the palace, he could feel the fervent and expecting eyes of this person on him. This made every trip to the palace difficult for him to forget and even though he’d never looked back in that person’s direction, it didn’t mean that he didn’t know who was looking at him.

Long Junhao, the prince of the current dynasty, dearly loved by the Emperor and Empress Dowager. He was spoiled since childhood and when it was time for him to leave the palace and manage a land, he was still in the empress palace, receiving love from his parents.

That was why, when General Gu saw his subordinates carrying in his unconscious body, he didn’t order them to throw him into prison but to bring him back here. He’d imagined many scenarios and even considered the possibility that their first conversation after so long would be the prince proposing to him. But he would have never thought that this prince would find a way out of the palace and behave so naively. At that time, he was just so angry that he almost lost it.

Although he didn’t hate him, he also didn’t like him. In his eyes, this person was just a canary kept in a cage, other than his good looks, he had nothing else. Compared to his life as a soldier on the battlefield, they were totally different and not to mention, they were all men. Even if the prince veered towards that direction, General Gu was someone who was very normal.

That’s why he wanted to bring him back to clearly tell him about his opinion so that the prince wouldn’t issue an order that could ruin the rest of his life.

But he didn’t expect that when the man woke up, he would be a completely different person. And thus, the fervent, expecting eyes and the shy appearance that was only for him had disappeared and that was when he realised that he felt extremely unhappy. But why?

He thought for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that it was because he couldn’t carry out his original plan. Therefore, what he had to do now was to make this person change back to his original state and frankly talk to him so that he would not feel unhappy anymore.

General Gu calmly sat at the table and tried to talk kindly to the person in the corner, “let’s have breakfast1he uses the ancient chinese way of saying ‘breakfast’ together.”

“Breakfast… Doctor Gu, are you trying to act out a show, you even included me in it! When I woke up, you had already changed my clothes and even put a wig on my head. It’s really lifelike though, I almost thought it was my real hair. Cough, don’t look at me like that, I’ll play with you if you want to play but only after you go to Lei Yan and ask him not to kill me, okay?” The 21st century computer genius shrank in the corner and said. But seeing the food at that table, he slowly shuffled over and asked tentatively, “…you really won’t kill me now?”

General Gu was once again speechless. He didn’t understand a word this person had said just now. Was it true that he had…really gone crazy?

He thought for a while and comforted himself, at least there was one sentence he could understand. He nodded at the man, “I won’t kill you.”

The little genius sighed in relief and immediately ran over. Other than his fear of death, he had no other shortcomings. He was a particular positive person and this could be seen from how he was still eating and drinking in such a carefree manner even though he was locked up. “Oh, this dish is good, which hotel is this?”

General Gu pondered for a moment before asking tentatively, “how is it compared to the food from the imperial kitchen?” He had not used honorifics since last night but this person hadn’t pointed it out. This man…did he forget that he’s the prince?

“Imperial kitchen?” The little genius was very surprised. Then, he suddenly realized that Doctor Gu was acting and said, “the dishes from the imperial kitchen are naturally delicious.”

General Gu was relieved. It was good that this person didn’t forget but does that mean the reason why he wasn’t fussing about honorifics… was because he was the one saying it and not other people? So that means that this man still liked him… he lightly cleared his throat, “Your Highness…”

“Cough…” The little genius instantly spat out his food, “what…what did you call me?”

General Gu silently wiped the rice off his face and answered seriously, “Your Highness.”

“Me? Your Highness?” The little genius pointed at himself and then asked, “then who are you playing?”

General Gu was stunned but for the time being he didn’t think about what “who are you playing” meant, but asked, “you don’t recognise me?”

“Huh, I do,” the little genius continued, “we first met at the headquarters and then we met again after I fled to the asylum and now we’re here.”

General Gu was immediately confused. He thought for a moment before saying, “let’s eat first, we’ll talk after.”

“Oh, okay,” the little genius didn’t object to his words and continued eating. After eating, he drank a mouthful of tea and shuffled over to General Gu, “well, can you tell me whether you’re here because of Lei Yan? Is this Lei Yan’s territory? Also, when will he come here? I won’t be greedy so I’ll only ask these questions. If you don’t want to answer them, I won’t force you either. Just tell me whether he wants to kill me or not, I’ll do anything he asks of me as long as he doesn’t want to kill me.”

General Gu could not make heads or tails of what he said and could only grasp at a keyword amongst the confusion, “…Lei Yan?”

“Yes, yes,” the little genius quickly nodded his head and subconsciously shrank back, making it obvious that he was very scared of that man, “is he going to kill me or not?”

General Gu frowned and thought for a while but just could not figure out who Lei Yan was. But the person in front of him was the prince, other than the emperor, who would dare to kill him? What’s more, this prince has always lived inside the palace so what enemy could he even provoke? He nodded his head, “he won’t kill you.”

“Ah, that’s great!” The little genius happily walked a circle around the room before he stopped to look at General Gu. He let out a big smile, “alright then, I’ll go along with whatever you want to play. But of course, cross dressing is a big no.”

General Gu dazedly stared at his smile. He looks good when he smiles… why didn’t I notice that before… He slowly returned to reality and stretched out his hand to rub his forehead. He suddenly had doubts about The Four Books and Five Classics2chinese classic texts illustrating the core value and belief systems in confucianism he’d grown up reading and then thought about the breadth and depth of Chinese characters. This man is clearly speaking human language but why is it that I can’t understand?! What’s cross dressing?!

The little genius shuffled closer, “hey, Gu Chen, what’s the matter with you?”

General Gu looked up at him, “what did you call me?” It’s been a long time since someone called him by his name but why does it feel good?

The little genius looked at his surprised expression before he realised, “cough, I mean Doctor3this chinese word wasn’t used in the ancient times Gu.”

“Gu…Yishi4yishi has the same pronunciation as doctor in chinese?” General Gu frowned, “who is that? Do you actually know who I am or not?”

The little genius was confused. How am I supposed to know what role you’re playing?

General Gu suddenly sighed in defeat, “I’m a general…”

Before he even finished his sentence, the little genius immediately smiled, “I know, you’re General Gu! How could I not know that, haha…”

“…” General Gu said, “you’re just going along with what I say, aren’t you…”

“How could that be, haha…” The little genius laughed dryly and continued to drink the tea, trying to find somewhere else to look but it wasn’t long before he spat out his tea again, “cough cough…”

General Gu silently wiped the tea off his face, “what’s with you again?”

“My…my god…” The little genius studied the teacup for a long time then, he went to touch the table. And then, he stood up and looked at all the furnishings in the room before opening his mouth in shock, “I know Lei Yan is rich but isn’t this too much… all of these are genuine…”

General Gu once again rubbed his forehead and suddenly felt like looking up to the sky and sighing. I don’t understand… I really don’t understand… God, why can’t I understand… He thought for a moment before asking someone to call the prince’s eunuch in to see what he could do.

After some time passed, the person came and the moment he saw Long Junhao, he immediately knelt down and cried out, “Your Highness, please spare my life, this servant didn’t know that there was a slope… Your Highness, please spare my life…” After that, he started to kowtow, frantically hitting the ground with his forehead.

The little genius was shocked and quickly bent down to lift him up, stopping him from abusing himself. The man continued to cry, “Your Highness, please spare me…”

“Okay, I’ll spare you, I’ll spare you…” The little genius blankly nodded his head. He looked at the man’s tears and looked at the injury on his forehead before asking, “seriously, dude, have you ever thought of going to Hollywood? I can pay for the packages first and I can assure you that this really good desperate posture of yours can be put into good use. When the time comes, you’ll be rich and have lots of fans following you. Would you still want to be Lei Yan’s dog? Wouldn’t it be better for you to earn money yourself?” He muttered out and then suddenly looked at General Gu before smiling, “right, what’s that even… I’m just trying to give my opinion, definitely not trying to sabotage… haha…”

The eunuch looked at him blankly, “…Your Highness?”

“Ehem, yes,” The little genius nodded and looked at him, “think about it, dude, it’s not a bad choice.”

The eunuch blankly looked back at General Gu, “general…the prince…what happened to him? Why can’t this servant understand a word he just said…”

General Gu looked at him sympathetically and suddenly wanted to say that he didn’t understand either, but he held back and waved for him to go. He looked back at the prince who was sitting on the chair again and tried to guess whether the person had really gone crazy or was pretending to be crazy. After thinking about it, he decided to get straight to the point and said, “you liked me before.”

The little genius once again spat out his tea, his mouth twitching, “y-you’re mistaken…really, I-I don’t think of you in that way, for real… I’m not interested in men…”

“You don’t like me?” General Gu was stunned. Since he didn’t like him then why did he look at him with those kinds of eyes? He couldn’t accept this fact and became serious. Without caring about status, he asked, “then who do you like?!”

His tone was gloomy, plus the expression on his face… The little genius was immediately afraid and backed into a corner, trembling, “I-I’m actually a pervert…I like the female orange tabby cat in Aunt Zhang’s house next door……really…”

The female cat immediately made General Gu stand up and he shouted, “Men!”

As soon as his voice fell, the door immediately opened and two servants walked in. General Gu quickly asked, “is the next door surnamed Zhang?”

Seeing that the general looked unhappy, the servants nodded hesitantly, “yes…”

General Gu asked again, “do they have a female orange tabby cat?”

The two servants looked at each other and shook their heads, “we don’t know…”

“Go and take a look,” General Gu said, “if they do, catch it and then…” he said, almost gnashing his teeth, “kill it…”

The two of them trembled and saluted respectfully, “yes.” And then, they were gone.

General Gu turned to look at the person in the corner again, “now, who else do you like?”

The little genius’s face turned extremely pale from fright and he stuttered out, “I-I like you…”

General Gu was finally satisfied and his expression lightened up.

The little genius weakly continued, “then…when are you going to kill yourself?”


  • 1
    he uses the ancient chinese way of saying ‘breakfast’
  • 2
    chinese classic texts illustrating the core value and belief systems in confucianism
  • 3
    this chinese word wasn’t used in the ancient times
  • 4
    yishi has the same pronunciation as doctor in chinese


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