Chapter 23.1 – Escape

Long Junhao who had finally experienced the joy of mocking He Tianfan decided to get back on track to fulfill his one and only goal in life – to get discharged. 

He had secretly vowed that to himself after finally getting a clear idea of this place. From then on, a long and arduous struggle began.

He no longer placed his hopes on the guard. He no longer placed his hopes on his cheap parents. He also no longer placed his hopes on using his own strength to climb the wall or create bombs. Why? Because after a long time of darkness, he finally saw the light of dawn, saw the light of the lighthouse while lost at sea, and discovered the shining Northern Star – Gu Chen. 

Gu Chen had said that he’d bring him out of the place and live together with him. 

What would this be? The imprisoned prince stretched out his hand and clenched it into a fist, silently shedding tears. It is hope. 

Long Junhao wiped his tears and suddenly felt the vicissitudes of life. “This prince can finally escape from this place.” 

With this thought, the prince was in a very good mood for the past few days. Today, he decided to take a morning walk and admire the flowers in the courtyard. He looked up to the sky and sighed wistfully, “Where has one gone, the peach blossoms still remain smiling in the spring breeze.” 

The people behind him immediately praised. “My prince is well-versed.”

“I’m flattered.” Long Junhao was in a very good mood. “It’s what I came up with for all of you. These two phrases would describe how you feel when I leave this place. Come, bring me a pen and ink.”

The people didn’t dare to refute and hastily obeyed. 

After writing out the poem, Long Junhao looked at it with satisfaction and instructed them. “Frame this and hang it inside the pavilion. It’s this prince’s gift for all of you.”

They once again bowed their heads with a ‘yes’ but they still couldn’t figure out what the prince was thinking. 

Long Junhao noticed the confusion on their faces but decided to ignore it. He asked with a smile. “Where is Dr. Gu?” 

Everyone was terrified after seeing Long Junhao’s smile. After being with the prince for some time, they’d come to realise that nothing good happens whenever he smiles. They trembled and replied. “T-t-this one shall now speak. Dr. Gu h-has gone to the d-dean’s room.”

“Tsk.” Long Junhao was annoyed. “What are you trembling for? It’s not like your prince will eat you. Just relax.” He looked towards the direction of the dean’s room and smiled again. “Do you know what Dr. Gu being there means?”

“W-w-we don’t know…”

“How useless,” Long Junhao ‘tsked’ again and continued, “He’s here to settle the procedures for your prince’s discharge.” 

The entourage was silent for a moment before they came forward one after the other. “Congratulations to the prince, congratulations to the prince.”

Long Junhao smiled and covered his right fist with his left hand in salute. “Thank you, thank you.” 

After that, the prince who wanted to take a good look at the asylum for the last time before he left, continued to stroll. It was at this moment a voice full of joy, reverence, delight, shyness and so on, called from afar. 

“Husband, I’ve missed you~”

Long Junhao turned his head to look and saw Shu Wen shyly running towards him. The people following behind him hurried to keep up. He grinned, “Hello, wife.” 

The people behind Shu Wen gasped and cold sweat formed on their foreheads as they saw his smile. What is this prince planning again? 

Shu Wen was stunned by Long Junhao’s greeting and bashfully replied. “Hello, husband~” 

Long Junhao took up Shu Wen’s hand and said with sincerity, “Wife, you must take care of your body and protect our child.”

Shu Wen became more bashful. “Husband, don’t worry, I will take care of myself properly.”

“Okay, then your prince shall not worry anymore.” Long Junhao nodded his head and added a few more words of advice for pregnant women. His affectionate behaviour caused goosebumps to rise on everyone’s skin. In the end, after listening to Long Junhao’s advice, Shu Wen who was moved to tears went back to follow the advice to prevent miscarriage.

Long Junhao watched him leave with a smile and sighed. “What a virtuous wife.”

The people behind him all froze, the gears in their heads turning. Turns out that the prince has changed his way of harming other people!

Long Junhao paid them no heed and continued strolling along the corridor. Just as he turned a corner and headed towards a pavilion which was suspiciously covered with talismans, someone shouted from inside. “Under the eyes of Law and Order, bold demon, show your true self!”

The newly appointed Taoist Master Chu had a wooden sword pointed towards a long haired beauty. Long Junhao, who was stunned at first, became excited and hurried over. “Taoist Master, are you going to subdue the demon?”

The people watching immediately broke out in cold sweat because they had learnt a lot after experiencing many dire situations. If their master provoked the prince now, the latter only needed to say one sentence: “There are demons in the water.” And the Taoist Master would jump into the lake with no hesitation. In the end, the unlucky ones would be them. Dear God, what are we to do?

Taoist Master Chu kept his eyes focused on Su Cong who stood smiling and undisturbed. Nobody moved as tension filled the air. Even Long Junhao couldn’t help but to keep away his smile at the face of the serious atmosphere.

After a long while, Taoist Master Chu silently sheathed his sword. Luo Yi immediately went forward to massage his shoulders. “Taoist Master, how’s the battle situation?”

Taoist Master Chu replied solemnly, “The Thousand Year Fox Spirit really deserves its reputation. I am unable to defeat it with my current powers so I have no choice but to have a rematch at a later date.”

Luo Yi continued to massage his shoulder with a smile. “Then have a rematch next time, don’t force yourself too much.”

Long Junhao looked at the smiling people inside the pavilion and couldn’t help but shiver. “Fox spirit…”

He was given a sideway glance by Taoist Master Chu who pondered for a moment before saying, “Die without descendants.”

The people around immediately gasped and before they could think of what to do next, they saw Long Junhao smiling and nodding. “Thank you for the blessings.”

Everyone gasped again. The prince actually didn’t get angry? Is it going to start raining blood now?

Taoist Master Chu calmly nodded and acknowledged the thanks. But he stared at Long Junhao for a bit longer before saying, “Your ophyron is black. It’s an omen of great evil. You are going to have a lot of bad luck soon.”

Long Junhao who was at the crucial moment of getting discharged immediately felt goosebumps all over his body.

Luo Yi quickly brought Chu Jian into his embrace and smiled. “There are times when it’s unreliable. Don’t take it too seriously, my prince.”

Long Junhao thought to himself, since he’s going to leave already, might as well end off on good terms. So, he smiled and nodded. “Of course, that’s natural.”

Everyone secretly breathed a sigh of relief and quickly dragged the taoist master away. After a while, they disappeared without a trace.

“Tch, am I that scary…” Long Junhao muttered to himself before turning his head to look at Su Cong. He couldn’t help but to touch his nose, the sadness of leaving suddenly surged into his heart. In fact, strictly speaking, Su Cong had never really annoyed him. He always sang songs for him whenever he was bored which made him reminisce about his previous life. Who knows when he could listen to his songs again.

Long Junhao walked inside the pavilion and sat down. “Beauty, sing a song for your prince. Your prince is going to leave already.”

Su Cong answered with a smile. “Ten years of life and death are boundless, don’t think about it, hard to forget…”

Long Junhao coughed. “What is that, your prince is not dead, he’s only getting discharged. Change it, change the song.”

Su Cong switched to another song. “The swallow flies, but it’s feathers are different. The bride goes to her home, far away in the wild.”

“A girl getting married…” Long Junhao muttered. “Well, that works, you can continue singing.”

The beauty sat down opposite him and slowly began to sing. The parting song was so sad and desolate that Long Junhao’s eyes became red with tears. It was only when someone came and informed him about the arrival of his parents that he came to his senses. He bowed deeply to Su Cong before turning away. He thought about his parents: This prince doesn’t need you anymore, so why come?

Thus, the prince who was in a good mood, very calmly met his cheap parents without getting overly excited and throwing a tantrum.


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