Chapter 99 – It was locked for such a long time that it started questioning its life.

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It was only after Lu Heng finished speaking that he realized what he had said, and secretly scolded himself, “Idiot”. His strong desire to live made him throw himself in front of Jiang Li, and he said sincerely, “Instructor, I’m here to admit my mistake.”

“Really.” Jiang Li looked up at him, “Aren’t you here for dinner?”

“Of course not!” Lu Heng pointed to the sky and assured, “Dinner is not as important as you, I don’t want to eat at all.”

“I see.” Jiang Li nodded, and said to Dada beside him, “Since he doesn’t want to eat at all, let’s keep the food away.”

Lu Heng: “…” Are you serious?

“Noted.” Dada turned around in response and was about to remove the food from the table.

From Jiang Li’s words, Lu Heng learned that these meals were specially prepared for him, and besides being touched, he also felt a sense of sadness being teased by Jiang Li. He finally understood what Father meant when he said that being a husband is not easy.

He grabbed Dada’s hand and stopped it loudly: “Let’s talk properly, don’t touch my food.”


“Didn’t you come to admit your mistake?” Jiang Li stood up from the ground, looking at him with a cold face, “What dinner?”

“I’ll admit my mistake first, and I’ll eat after you forgive me.” Lu Heng stood up and reached out to hold his hand, “It’s my fault, don’t be angry.”

Jiang Li didn’t shake off his hand, but his tone couldn’t help but be cold: “Isn’t it normal for me to be angry, since I’m such a cruel Omega?”

Sure enough, he’s still angry!

Lu Heng regretted that he bullshitted for momentary exhilaration and coaxed in a soft tone: “I was talking nonsense, you are not cruel at all.”

Jiang Li sneered, and his words were stinging: “Really, I thought you were seeking death on purpose.”

Lu Heng hurriedly said: “As the saying goes, if I don’t go to hell, nobody will go to hell. Instructor, I’ll leave my death in your hands, I will not resist!”

Jiang Li: “…”

“…Do you have any integrity as an Alpha?” Black Eagle really couldn’t bear to see him being such a simp and said so contemptuously.

“It’s none of your business.” The veins on Lu Heng’s forehead twitched. He was afraid that it would cause trouble at that time and he would be kicked out by Jiang Li. He was about to teach him a lesson when he heard Silver Sparrow’s cold, curious voice, “What is integrity?”

“Integrity…” Black Eagle kissed up to Silver Sparrow as he explained, “It means being able to give in when needed, like Fourth Prince. Little Silver Sparrow, if you are curious, we can have a good chat.”

Silver Sparrow: “…No need.”

Lu Heng: “…” Black Eagle, fuck you.

After Black Eagle made a fuss, Jiang Li’s expression was better than before. He shook off Lu Heng’s hand and said flatly, “Let’s eat first.”

“You’re not angry anymore, right?” Lu Heng stood still and continued to hold his hand, stubbornly asking for his forgiveness before he would go.

Naturally, Jiang Li wouldn’t be really angry with him, but he still acted on the surface. He frowned and said, “You’re a man, can you not fuss like an old woman?”

Lu Heng could hear the displeasure in his tone and finally stopped dawdling. He put his legs and heels together and saluted: “Yes, Instructor!”

Jiang Li prepared four dishes and one soup, the portions were very generous, and he also cut a small plate of fruit. Lu Heng ate everything to his satisfaction and felt that he was simply the happiest Alpha in the entire empire.

During the meal, Qiao Yu sent a message to ask him how the situation was and whether he was beaten by Jiang Li.

Lu Heng tsked and used the camera function of his personal terminal to record the meals on the table and sent it over, with the caption: It is impossible that I would be beaten. Single Alphas like you don’t understand the benefits of having someone at home.

Qiao Yu, who was suddenly fed with PDA, felt inexplicably sad.

After the meal, Lu Heng took a shower and tiptoed to Jiang Li’s room. Seeing this, Jiang Nuomi jumped up from the cat’s bed and followed him.

At the door, Lu Heng pushed Jiang Nuomi out of the door and looked at it in displeasure: “Get out, light bulb.”

After finishing speaking, he closed the door, leaving Jiang Nuomi with a confused look: “??”

Jiang Li had already taken a shower and was half lying on the bed at that time, browsing the recent military news on Starnet. Hearing the voice, he looked up at Lu Heng, ignored him entering without permission and continued to browse the news.

Lu Heng locked the door casually and his gaze landed on Jiang Li’s body, seeing the slit hem of the bathrobe slipping away from one of his bent legs, revealing his straight and slender thigh.

Different from the weak Omega that is generally raised in the greenhouse, Jiang Li was in the military all year round. Although his body was not considered to be robust, it was also very standard. The muscles of his legs were firm and smooth, and he had an explosive power that was hidden under the silence and ready to be called out at any time.

Compared with Lu Heng’s wheat-colored skin, his skin was two shades paler, and it was even more dazzlingly white under the light of the room. Lu Heng only felt that his sight was glued to his legs, and he really wanted to touch it.

Neither of them took the initiative to speak. One was standing and the other was half lying down. There was still a distance of four or five meters between them, but the atmosphere in the room gradually became ambiguous with Lu Heng’s passionate eyes.

Jiang Li sat in one position for a long time, moved his legs, put down the bent leg and replaced it with the other leg, and then flipped the hem of the bathrobe back to cover his thighs.

Lu Heng walked towards him. He was halfway there when he heard Jiang Li’s communicator beeping.

Jiang Li looked at the communication request that popped up, sat up and opened it, and Ryder’s voice came: “Major.”

Hearing his voice, Lu Heng’s footsteps paused. He then quickly walked over, sat down next to Jiang Li, and asked Ryder, “Captain Ryder, is there any matter this late at night?”

When Ryder saw him appear, his expression turned momentarily unnatural, but he quickly covered it up: “Your Highness, Fourth Prince.”

Jiang Li was a little speechless about his childish behavior, but he didn’t push him away and embarrass him in front of outsiders. Instead, he just turned his head to glance at him, signalling him not to mess around and then asked Ryder what was the matter.

Ryder said: “It was abrupt of me this morning. After thinking about it for a long time, I still feel that I should apologize to you. I hope I didn’t… bother you.”

Ryder had always been the capable subordinate of the original host, and his ability was very strong, second only to Jiang Li in the Second Legion. He was loyal and has always been secretly in love with the original host, but he was worried that exposing this feeling would make the original host feel displeased towards him, so he never took the initiative to confess. The original host was also not sensitive to feelings and was slow in response, so he had always not noticed it.

After Ryder’s confession failed, he didn’t complain at all. Instead, he was worried that he would bring trouble to Jiang Li, which proved that he really cared about Jiang Li. However, he didn’t know that the person he confessed and felt sorry to was not the one he swore his allegiance to for the rest of his life.

Since the last accident on Planet Will, the original host had been in a coma for two months. During that period, Ryder had been performing missions outside. Since Jiang Li came to this world, they had only met each other twice shortly. Ryder had no spare time to discover that someone else survived instead of the original host.

Thinking of this, Jiang Li couldn’t help but feel sad in his heart, and he said to Ryder: “You didn’t bother me, don’t worry about it.”

Ryder nodded, knowing that it was not suitable to say more at this time. He looked at Jiang Li deeply and took the initiative to end the communication.

After his image disappeared, Jiang Li exited the communication interface, intending to continue watching the news earlier. Before he could click on it, his view rotated, and his whole body was pressed under Lu Heng. He reacted quickly and pressed against Lu Heng’s face that was lowering towards him, directly throwing him off the bed.

Lu Heng landed on both legs easily, raising his arms to block Jiang Li’s kicking legs. He turned his own wrist and grabbed Jiang Li’s ankles accurately and pulled him, trying to pull him into his arms, but Jiang Li used one foot as support and his elbow hit Lu Heng hard in the face!

The bedroom was very large, and the fight between the two was not restricted at all. The two of them came back and forth dozens of times.

Although Lu Heng’s strength had improved during that period, he still had a gap in front of Jiang Li. With a stern shoulder throw, he was directly thrown to the ground by Jiang Li with a “bang”.

Jiang Li stepped on his chest with his bare feet, looking down at him with the unconcealed sharp and powerful tension after the fight in his brows and eyes: “Are you convinced?”

“Of course…”

Lu Heng’s words suddenly stopped when he saw Jiang Li’s current appearance, his eyes turned dark, and his Adam’s apple slipped unconsciously.

Because of the fight earlier, the bathrobe on Jiang Li’s body had become very loose, and the neckline on the left side slid down extensively, revealing a large piece of skin that was slightly reddened by exercise, and the exposed reds on the chest was clearly hardened under the stimulation of the air-conditioning. The movement of him lifting his foot to step on Lu Heng’s chest caused the bathrobe’s hem to split open at the end of his thigh.

Looking up from Lu Heng’s perspective, one could just see his white underwear that was inadvertently exposed, as well as a little of the part wrapped in the underwear.

At that moment, Lu Heng felt that his throat was extremely dry, and Jiang Li’s slightly panting breath was like an unstoppable aphrodisiac to him. Under such stimulation, somewhere between his legs swelled at an astonishing speed, it hardened and raised into a scary arc.

Jiang Li realized from his intense gaze that he was not appropriately dressed and reached out to pull up the slipped bathrobe, but Lu Heng grabbed the hem of his bathrobe first, pulled him down forcefully, and pressed Jiang Li into his arms. His fiery lips pressed against Jiang Li’s followingly.

It was hard to tell who removed the other party’s clothes first. The two bodies, which had just undergone intense exercise, had an unusual temperature. When their skin touched each other, both of them couldn’t help but let out sighs of satisfaction.

Lu Heng pressed Jiang Li’s buttocks with both hands and crazily sucked his lips. The desire that he had suppressed for those days burst out at that moment, wishing to tear him apart and eat him completely.

Jiang Li hugged his neck, his chest heaved rapidly, the sticky and moist sweat soaked both of them.

This long-awaited sex lasted from dawn to dusk. Lu Heng was like an insatiable glutton, pestering Jiang Li to change into various positions, and devoted himself wholeheartedly every time, wishing to die on Jiang Li’s body.

The absence of heat pheromones was not an obstacle for the two of them at all. After experiencing two lifetimes, they had engraved their love for each other into their bones, blood, and even their souls. No matter the change in their identities or appearances, they would find each other.

When Lu Heng went to Jiang Li’s room, he asked Joel for leave in advance and told the other party that if he and Jiang Li did not go to assembly the next day, he didn’t have to wait for them.

Alpha’s physical strength had a natural advantage. After a day and a night of passionate activity, he didn’t feel tired at all. On the contrary, he liked this kind of intimacy and spared no effort to pound on Jiang Li, until Jiang Li was unable to bear it and kicked him out of the room.

After being kicked out, everyone on Lu Heng’s communication list received a text message from him saying “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” followed by a series of spark pictures. 1 Literally fireworks in our world, sparks in their world.

Jiang Li was also on the contact list, and also received his message. Looking at the long series of colorful spark pictures behind him, he couldn’t help laughing. There were no fireworks in this time and space, so Lu Heng set off sparks.

In addition to System being locked in the small black room, Black Eagle was also locked in the drawer of the guest room by Lu Heng. It was locked for such a long time that it started questioning its life.

  • 1
    Literally fireworks in our world, sparks in their world.


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