Chapter 97 – I think it’s you who doesn’t want to live anymore, shut up!!

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Lu Heng knew about Jiang Li’s popularity, and when he realized his feelings, he specially went to find out a lot about Jiang Li.

However, knowing is just knowing, it was completely different to see and hear with his own eyes, especially when the other party was Jiang Li’s former capable subordinate. Both of them had experienced life and death, spending a lot of time together.

If Jiang Li hadn’t been transferred to the military academy as an instructor, and he hadn’t met Jiang Li and hadn’t been pestering and brazenly pursuing him, maybe this guy named Ryder would have really succeeded, and there would be none of Lu Heng’s business anymore.

Thinking of this possibility, Lu Heng felt agitated, and soreness emerged in his heart. Regardless of Jiang Li’s reaction, he strode over, stood in front of Jiang Li, looked at Ryder with a gloomy face and said, “I disagree!”

When Lu Heng approached, System reminded Jiang Li. Even if it didn’t remind him, with Jiang Li’s ability, he knew that someone was approaching, but Ryder was too focused to notice it for a while.

“Fourth Prince?” Lu Heng suddenly intervened, making Ryder stunned, “What did you just say?”

“I said, I don’t agree.” Lu Heng said word by word, looking directly into Ryder’s eyes with strong anger, “Captain Ryder, before you confess your love, don’t you need to ask if the other party has a partner? Wouldn’t that be too rude?”

Ryder was startled when he heard that and looked at Jiang Li suddenly: “Major, you…”

His gaze swung between Jiang Li and Lu Heng. The shocking news caught him completely off guard, yet he couldn’t believe it: “Both of you?”

Jiang Li took a step forward: “Ryder…”

“Instructor.” Lu Heng interrupted him first, “I told Mother about the two of us when I went back today, and she asked me to take you back when I have the chance to do so.”

Jiang Li: “…”

Jiang Li originally thought that Lu Heng went back to solve Black Eagle’s affairs, but he didn’t expect that he would even tell the queen about their relationship. He was speechless.

Ryder didn’t know what to say. He fell in love with Major Jiang at first sight back then and spent a lot of effort to transfer to the other party’s side. In the past few years, he had been with him through life and death.

He had always felt guilty and regretful about the accident on Planet Will. If he had strengthened his willpower and not been deluded by Major Jiang’s pheromone, things would not have turned out this bad, and Major Jiang would not have cut his own glands to save him and the others!

Every time he thought about this matter, he felt extremely guilty and blamed himself. He had apologized to Major many times, but no matter what, the matter was irreversible.

He would need to go out to perform his duties the next day. He didn’t sleep all night the previous night. He mustered up the courage to come to Major Jiang to express his heart and begged him to give him a chance. He would definitely treat him well in the future! But he never thought that Lu Heng would pop out halfway, and the other party also said that he and Major Jiang were already partners, and even informed the elders.

This really shocked him, and in that instant, he couldn’t open his mouth to express the confession that he had prepared.

But he still wanted an answer, an answer that would make him give up, so he looked at Jiang Li: “Major.”

“Sorry.” Jiang Li said to him.

Until Jiang Li and Lu Heng left, Ryder still hadn’t recovered. He stared blankly at the backs of the two who were leaving. One taller and another shorter figure seemed to match so well, and there was no room for others to intervene.

Ryder bowed his head, smiled wryly, and sighed, thinking of Jiang Li’s words “Good luck on your mission” before leaving.

“What are you sighing for?”

A hand landed on Ryder’s shoulder. He turned around and saw Joel walking beside him, looking at Jiang Li and Lu Heng in the distance.

“Joel.” Ryder couldn’t help asking, “When did you come?”

“Not long ago, from when you confessed your love.” Joel looked away.

Ryder: “…”

Joel came here when Ryder confessed, which proved that Joel also heard Lu Heng’s words, but he was not surprised at the relationship between Lu Heng and Jiang Li, which proved that he knew it a long time ago!!

Thinking of this, Ryder glared at Joel: “Did you already know this early?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“It’s not very early either.” Joel smiled, “You came here before I had time to tell you.”

He wasn’t there just then, but when he saw Lu Heng coming over, he remembered that Ryder liked Jiang Li, so he subconsciously followed him, so as not to prevent any bloodshed from happening.

Ryder: “…”

Ryder was speechless for a while, and asked unwillingly: “So this is true? Fourth Prince and Major?”

“Yes!” Joel nodded, “Fourth Prince has been staying at Major’s dormitory all this time.”

Ryder: “…”

Joel patted him on the shoulder sympathetically and said earnestly: “There are plenty more fish in the sea. Major Jiang is not someone we can think about. Forget about it, brother.”

Ryder glanced at him: “It’s easy for you to say, it won’t hurt you if you’re not the one experiencing it. Why don’t you try to forget and see?”

Joel smiled, turned around, walked towards the training ground and thought: I’ve already tried it before.

On the other side, Jiang Li and Lu Heng walked back side by side. Jiang Li didn’t speak all the way, as if he was thinking about something. Lu Heng endured and endured and finally couldn’t bear it anymore. As he passed the training tower, he took Jiang Li’s hand and pressed him against the wall, then lowered his head and kissed him.

Jiang Li was thinking about organizing the participants of the Mecha Contest to go to Penglai Forest for training on the weekend when he was suddenly pressed against the wall and he was kissed so hard that the corners of his lips went numb. He reached out and pinched Lu Heng’s chin to push him away, frowning: “Are you a dog?”

“Don’t you have anything to say?!” Lu Heng asked angrily. His face was so gloomy as if he was a husband who had been eating vinegar for the last three days, “What is with the guy earlier?”

Jiang Li raised his eyebrows when he heard the words. Seeing how cute his jealous look was, he started to tease him and asked knowingly, “He’s my former subordinate, didn’t you meet him before?”

“Subordinate?” Lu Heng snorted, “Where did this subordinate come from? Simply stealing other people’s boyfriends when they have nothing to do. Where are the rules?”

“Why are you angry?” Jiang Li looked at him amusedly, “I haven’t dealt with you talking nonsense and you’re already exaggerating the problem.”

“How is that nonsense?” Lu Heng approached Jiang Li and said with dissatisfaction, “We kissed and slept, do you not want to admit it?”


“Sleeping in the same dormitory is also sleeping.” Lu Heng said unreasonably.

“Then you also slept with Qiao Yu and the others.” Jiang Li kindly reminded him.

“…” Lu Heng said angrily, “This can’t be compared, I like you, but I don’t like them.”

Hearing that he said that he liked him, Jiang L’s heart softened. He raised the corners of his lips slightly, and he stopped teasing him. He said softly, “I don’t like Ryder either, so you don’t have to take it to heart.”

His words relieved most of the anger that Lu Heng had held in just then, and he couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss him again.

Jiang Li turned his head away to hide, but Lu Heng stretched out his hand to turn his face back, coaxing in a soft tone: “I was almost detained by my mother, let me kiss you.”

Speaking of this matter, Jiang Li remembered that he hadn’t asked about the serious matter as he was too busy talking nonsense with him. He then asked, “What did your mother say?”

As he said that, he stretched out his hand to pull Lu Heng’s hand, and was only relieved when he found out Black Eagle was still worn on his hand.

“I’ll talk to you in detail at night, I just want to kiss you right now. I don’t want to think of anything else, just be good…”

Lu Heng kissed Jiang Li’s lips, and the rest of the words were swallowed between their lips.

Maybe Ryder’s confession violated Lu Heng’s dominion just then, his kiss was a bit fierce, sucking on Jiang Li’s lips, his tongue almost reaching Jiang Li’s throat.

The two kissed like glue, the corners of their lips were wet with saliva, and they could hear each other’s rapid panting and heartbeat.

Thinking that he was still outside at this time, Jiang Li was about to push Lu Heng away and remind him to be careful when he just moved his hand, he suddenly heard a “bang” sound, followed by two unanimous calls of “Fuck! “.

The sudden voices made the two quickly let go of each other. They followed the source of the sound and saw Luo Qi and Ling Ao standing not far away, looking at them in shock, and Qiao Yu who fell facing the ground.

Obviously, the three of them were stunned by the scene of Jiang Li and Lu Heng kissing, and Qiao Yu was so shocked that he fell down.

Lu Heng was also taken aback, and he recovered and asked, “Why are you guys here?”

Luo Qi and Ling Ao glanced at each other, seeing each other’s expression of disbelief, and said in unison: “Yeah, why are we here?”

Lu Heng: “…”

Qiao Yu sat up from the ground, and spit out a mouth full of sand. He, Ling Ao and the others came to look for Lu Heng. He didn’t expect to see the picture of Lu Heng and Jiang Li kissing, he was so shocked that he accidentally tripped over the deceleration barrier on the ground and directly fell with his face facing the ground.

“… Give me a hand.” Qiao Yu stretched out his hand.

Luo Qi pulled him up, and the three of them stood opposite Lu Heng and Jiang Li, not knowing whether to walk towards them or turn around.

Lu Heng didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before they knew it. Now that it happened that there was no need to explain it specifically, he said, “You all have seen it right?”

“Yes…” The three of them nodded, saw Jiang Li at the side and subconsciously shook their heads again, “No, no, no, we didn’t see anything!!”

Lu Heng: “…”

Jiang Li: “…”

Seeing their expressions of “We didn’t see anything, please don’t kill us to silence us, Instructor.” Lu Heng was speechless, so he took Jiang Li’s hand and said to them: “You read that right, I’m in a relationship with Instructor.”

Qiao Yu: “…”

Luo Qi: “…”

Ling Ao: “…”

The expressions of the three looked as if they had been struck by lightning, and they stared at them dumbfounded. Finally, Qiao Yu came to his senses: “But Heng ge, didn’t you say that marrying such a cruel Omega-like Instructor is like courting death? You don’t want to live anymore?”

Lu Heng: “…”

I think it’s you who doesn’t want to live anymore, shut the fuck up!!


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