Chapter 92 – Are you guys crazy, having a visit this early in the morning?!

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The duration Lu Heng kissed Jiang Li was very short, about less than three seconds, when the world suddenly turned around in front of his eyes. He was pressed by Jiang Li onto the bed and his neck was caught by his hands.

I’m going to be beaten!!

This was Lu Heng’s first reaction, but he didn’t struggle because it was his fault to kiss Jiang Li without his consent. Even if he was beaten, he didn’t regret it.

Jiang Li knelt on both sides of Lu Heng with one hand wrapped around his neck, looking down at him, “Do you know what you did just now?”

Lu Heng still felt the softness on his lips that did not dissipate. He lay on his back on the bed and let Jiang Li clutch him. Feeling that he had no intention of exerting force, he did not resist at all.

“I know.”

Lu Heng stared at Jiang Li fixedly, the corners of his lips raised slightly, and he even wanted to lick the lips that had kissed Jiang Li, “I kissed you, Instructor.”

“You’re disrespecting your elders.” Jiang Li lowered his head and approached him, gently stroking the artery in his neck with his thumb, “Do you think I dare not take action against you?”

“Hit me then, I won’t resist.” Lu Heng put away the smile and said seriously, “But if you give me another chance, I will still kiss you, once, twice, thrice.”

Jiang Li: “…”

Jiang Li laughed angrily at his rascal’s behavior, let go of the hands that were clutching his neck, and turned to pinch both cheeks, “You’re fucking playing naive after taking advantage of me, aren’t you?”

“I’m not the only one taking advantage.” Lu Heng retorted vaguely after his mouth was pinched, “It’s still my first kiss, Instructor, you earned something too.”

“Earn your ass, I don’t care about it.”

“But I care.”

“…” Jiang Li was too lazy to argue with him, so he let go of his hand, rolled over, and got off the bed. He threw the ointment that fell on the bedside just now onto Lu Heng’s body, “Apply the rest of the ointment yourself.”

After he finished speaking, he was about to leave. Lu Heng quickly got up and called out to him, “Wait, Instructor, did you agree with me?”

Jiang Li turned around, “Agree with you about what?”

“Love will come in time!”

Since Jiang Li didn’t beat him up just now, Lu Heng felt he had quite a big chance and struck while the iron was hot, “Don’t worry, it’s not that love, it’s that love.” 1Love as in having a relationship, but not making love.

Jiang Li: “…”


Black Eagle: “…”

Once Lu Heng explained this, it seemed strange.

“Did your brain get too many beatings from Silver Sparrow today?” Jiang Li looked at him suspiciously, “I am your instructor, do you still remember?”

“I still remember.” Lu Heng smiled, his brows and eyes were full of smiles, “So what?”

Jiang Li looked at him for a while, then slowly said, “You know that my glands have been cut, right? I can’t go into heat, and I don’t have pheromones. In this Interstellar rule, I’m not a complete Omega at all.”

“Isn’t that great?” Lu Heng asked back, “Without pheromones, it proves that I don’t like you because of its influence, but I really like you as a person. As for not being able to go in heat…”

Lu Heng’s voice gradually quieted down, and his ears were slightly flushed. He touched his nose, and his gaze wandered around, “Didn’t I just say that love will come in time?”

Jiang Li: “…” Silver Sparrow really damaged his brain! Is that how ‘love will come in time’ should be used?

“Cough!” Noticing that Jiang Li’s expression was a little subtle, Lu Heng quickly stopped those glib words and said seriously, “Instructor, I just want to say that in your eyes, I am not qualified to say that I like you, but I hope you can give me a chance. I will become stronger as soon as possible and reach the point where I can stand shoulder to shoulder with you!”

Jiang Li looked at him, seeing the firmness and persistence in his eyes. After a long while, he said, “We’ll see after you win the Freshman Mecha Competition.” and left the room.

As soon as he left the room, Jiang Li heard System say, “Master Host, your acting skills are still as good as ever.”

If Jiang Li hadn’t deliberately approached Lu Heng just now, Lu Heng would not have touched his lips inadvertently and when Lu Heng kissed him, he obviously had the ability to avoid it, but he pretended to be surprised and acted as if he was caught off guard by the other party. His appearance led to Lu Heng’s next words.

“Didn’t you think my strategy was slow? I still have to make some progress, otherwise you will say that I’m slacking off.” Jiang Li smiled lightly, bent down, and picked up Jiang Nuomi who ran to him. When he passed by Dada who was standing nearby, he reached out and touched its small light bulb, “Good night.”

“Master, good night.” Dada watched Jiang Li enter the room and close the door and thought: Master is in a very good mood tonight!

On the other hand, after Jiang Li left the room, Lu Heng was still a little dazed and only realized later that his words really meant that Jiang Li was giving him a chance.


To Lu Heng, it was as if it was no different from agreeing with him. A huge surprise exploded from the bottom of his heart. He was so happy that he turned around twice and jumped onto the bed to roll!


Just when he was very excited, a faint sigh sounded.

Lu Heng ignored it as his heart full of excitement and joy had nowhere to rest. He hugged the quilt and rolled all over the bed and then heard a sigh again, “Sigh——”

This sigh was much more mournful than before! Lu Heng couldn’t ignore it, threw the quilt, and asked Black Eagle, “Why are you sighing?”

Black Eagle said, “Silver Sparrow didn’t even speak to me once, but you had already kissed on the lips.”

“…” Lu Heng felt that this mentally retarded mecha was hopeless, “Did your system spoil after not being in use for so many years? I will send you back to Old Master Ling tomorrow for repair.”

“No.” Black Eagle said in a desolate tone, “I am emotionally lonely and empty inside.”

“…Shut up, I’m afraid I can’t bear to lock you up for another ten years.”

Black Eagle was very sensible, “… good night.”


Only then was Lu Heng satisfied. He slumped on the bed reminiscing about the kiss, and he didn’t sleep for most of the night after reminiscing about it.

Early the following day, as soon as Jiang Li opened the door, he saw Lu Heng standing at the door, all dressed neatly. Jiang Li didn’t know how long he had been standing and when Jiang Li saw him, he smiled and said, “Good morning, Instructor.”

“Morning.” Jiang Li walked past him and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When he came out after washing and changing his clothes, Lu Heng stepped forward and said, “I’ll tie your tie for you.”

After finishing speaking, he waited for Jiang Li to answer, and took his tie by himself.

Jiang Li didn’t stop him either and raised his head under his signal, thinking about finding time to take Lu Heng and the others to Penglai Forest, where the location is spacious and there are many ready-made training objects.

As Lu Heng was tying the tie for him, his gaze fell on his lips uncontrollably, and the movements of his hands unconsciously slowed down. Thinking of the brief kiss the previous night, his heart seemed to be itching. He couldn’t help but lower his head, wanting to kiss him again.

The young Alpha was in love for the first time, and his mind was full of thoughts of getting close to his sweetheart, wanting to kiss and lick the other party’s soft and moist lips, and wanting to taste his lips and tongue.

As soon as such thoughts popped up, Lu Heng couldn’t suppress them anymore and whispered to Jiang Li, “Sorry, Instructor.” He cupped his face with both hands and kissed him directly.

His kiss was very quick. Jiang Li was thinking about something, so Lu Heng got his way before he realized anything. When he came back to his senses, Lu Heng’s tongue had already gone past his teeth, penetrating into his mouth.

Lu Heng sucked Jiang Li’s lips in his mouth even though it was his first time, feeling a sweet taste growing between their entangled lips and tongues, which made him feel so comfortable that his pores almost dilated.

After going through the first two worlds, Jiang Li was so familiar with Lu Heng’s kissing skills that he not only didn’t push him away immediately but even wanted to respond forcefully, wanting to go one step further.


Lu Heng pressed his lips against Jiang Li’s, his voice was hoarse and obviously suppressed, “Can I apply for love to come earlier? I can’t help it…” 2The notion that ‘Love will come in time’ is too long for him; hence, to come earlier.


Jiang Li looked down and found that Lu Heng’s crotch bulged with an obvious arc, and he himself also reacted.

“If you don’t speak, I will take it as you’ve agreed to it!”

Lu Heng gritted his teeth and blocked Jiang Li’s mouth again. His movements were a little more eager and fierce than before, like a wolf that had been suppressed for a long time but was suddenly released, biting his own prey desperately, wanting to take it apart and eat it.

When the love was getting strong, everyone would want to have a deeper interaction with the person they liked, and Jiang Li was no exception.

At this time when his body and soul resonated, he couldn’t refuse Lu Heng, the man he had loved for three lifetimes.

The two walked towards the bedroom while kissing. Lu Heng pressed Jiang Li against the door and he pulled away the half-tied tie. The buttons on the collar of the shirt burst out under brute force, but no one paid attention to it. They only had the figure of the other party in their eyes.

Slight licking sounds echoed in the quiet room. Lu Heng pressed Jiang Li’s hand with one hand, put his arm around his waist, buried his head next to his ear, and sucked and kissed his earlobe in his mouth.

Jiang Li raised his head, squinted his eyes slightly, and turned his head slightly to kiss him. Both of them could hear the other’s heavy breathing and they could feel the hot temperature somewhere as their bodies were stuck against each other.

Lu Heng sucked Jiang Li’s lips hard and reached out to untie his belt. As soon as his finger touched the cold button, the communication device in his hand rang.

At this moment, both of them were at a point where there was no return. Lu Heng didn’t want to pay attention at all. He undid Jiang Li’s belt with a flick of his fingers and then went to unbutton him. As he pulled down the zipper to reveal the white underwear, he felt his own breathing pause and his lower part swelled up so much!

“Instructor, I…”

Lu Heng’s words were interrupted by the communication device again. Qiao Yu’s name kept popping up on it, causing the veins on his forehead to twitch violently twice.

Jiang Li was calmer than him and said, “Pick it up first, maybe there is something urgent.”

Lu Heng glanced at him unwillingly and answered the communication device. In this case, he only connected the voice.

“Heng ge!” Qiao Yu’s voice came, “We have been thinking about it all night and decided to join the mecha competition with you. Are you happy?”

“…” Lu Heng’s face darkened when he heard this, “Can’t we talk about this little matter when I go back?”

“That won’t work.” Qiao Yu said righteously, “This is a major event for us to strive for collective honor and we can’t wait anymore.”

“Okay, I got it, I’ll deal with this later.” Lu Heng didn’t have the intention to talk to him at the moment and he was about to hang up after finishing speaking, but the next second he heard Qiao Yu say, “By the way, Heng ge, you are in Instructor Jiang’s dormitory, right? Tell him, we’ll be downstairs soon, please open the door.”

Lu Heng: “…”

Are you guys crazy, having a visit this early in the morning?!

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  • 1
    Love as in having a relationship, but not making love.
  • 2
    The notion that ‘Love will come in time’ is too long for him; hence, to come earlier.


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