Chapter 91 – I’m dead.

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After deciding to fight, Jiang Li and Lu Heng changed their clothes and went out. Unfortunately, they ran into Joel, who had returned from rounds, at the elevator door.

Joel saw that the two of them were about to go out and asked strangely: “It’s so late, are you going out?”

Jiang Li said, “We’re going out for a while.” Joel nodded and didn’t ask any more questions. He just said “Be careful” and went back to the room.

The military academy occupied a huge area, and the back mountain was a bit far from Area D. Jiang Li and Lu Heng went directly to the basement to fly to the back mountain with their aircraft.

The small aircraft was only suitable for two people. Lu Heng sat in the driver’s seat, feeling like he was about to go out on a date with Jiang Li, so he slowed down the driving speed purposely and whistled happily.

Jiang Li understood clearly what was going on in Lu Heng’s mind, but he didn’t expose it. He leaned on the back of the chair and listened to him whistling an unknown tune.

After reaching the back mountain, Lu Heng found an open place to land and got off the aircraft with Jiang Li.

That night, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse. Even though it was almost dawn, the surrounding scenery was still clearly visible.

The two looked at each other and released Black Eagle and Silver Sparrow at the same time.

The black and silver rays of light quickly spread around the two of them, and the huge energy caused the sand and stones on the ground to fly randomly. After that, two top-level mechas, one black and one silver, stood in front of the two of them.

This was the first time that Lu Heng saw Silver Sparrow with his own eyes. In the past, he had only seen its photos in military reports about Jiang Li.

There were only three 4S-level battle mechas on the entire planet of Norman. Other than his Black Eagle and his father’s Dragon Roar, it was Jiang Li’s Silver Sparrow.

Silver Sparrow was made by Ling Ao’s father, and it was tailor-made for Jiang Li in order to repay Jiang Li’s life-saving grace. It was shorter than Black Eagle, about ten meters tall, and its size was slightly smaller than Black Eagle. It was a mecha that was good at close combat, and its weapon was a spear.

Under the moonlight, Silver Sparrow’s whole body glowed with silver radiance, with a cold and sharp aura. Just like its master, proud and powerful.


A cold and robotic voice came out from Silver Sparrow’s head. Its eyes were fixed on Jiang Li and it didn’t pay attention to Black Eagle and Lu Heng next to it.

Jiang Li stepped forward, raised his head, and said to Silver Sparrow, “Silver Sparrow, this is Black Eagle. It is a 4S battle mecha like you. It wants to compete with you.”

“Okay, Master.” Silver Sparrow knelt down on one knee and stretched out its hand towards Jiang Li. The silver light enveloped Jiang Li and sent him into its cockpit.

Seeing Jiang Li enter Silver Sparrow’s body, Lu Heng also extended his hand to Black Eagle: “Black Eagle.”

In the year when Black Eagle was imprisoned, Silver Sparrow had not yet been produced, so this was the first time Black Eagle saw Silver Sparrow.

Compared with Dragon Roar and Lion King who were as tall and majestic as Black Eagle, Silver Sparrow’s appearance and body shape were like a dream-mecha tailor-made for Black Eagle.

As soon as Lu Heng entered the cockpit, he heard a sigh from Black Eagle: “Sure enough, the beauty’s mecha must also be a beauty. Silver Sparrow, this name is really nice.”

Lu Heng: “…please be a serious mecha.”

Black Eagle said seriously: “I think I have also entered into heat.”

“You are a mecha!!! What heat can you enter!!” Lu Heng was about to go berserk. This mentally retarded thing might have gone insane after being imprisoned for so long.

“Okay, let’s go.” Black Eagle said seriously, “Leave a good impression on Little Silver Sparrow!”

Lu Heng: “I think so too.”

Under the night, two top mechas stood facing each other.

Silver Sparrow stretched out its left hand, and dazzling silver light emerged from its fingertips and quickly condensed into a silver spear. The tail of the spear was carved with complicated patterns, and the patterns were intertwined and clustered around a feather in the middle.

After that, Black Eagle’s right hand shook suddenly, and a black long sword appeared in his hand with the tip of the sword touching the ground, emitting a cold murderous aura.

The two mechas with top-level configurations moved almost at the same time and rushed toward each other. The spears and knives collided with each other, and there was a loud clash. Brilliant traces of sparks between the sharp blades could be seen, suddenly illuminating the surroundings!

Silver Sparrow pressed against Black Eagle’s long sword, flipped its wrist, and lifted it dozens of meters away!

When Black Eagle slid backward, its feet scraped several meters deep into the ground. Holding its long sword, it stamped its tail on the ground, stabilized its body, jumped up suddenly, and rushed into the sky.

Jiang Li: “Chase it.”

Silver Sparrow opened up its tail slightly, then rushed into the sky and soon caught up with Black Eagle. Its spear swept across Black Eagle’s tail and produced starlights.

In the night sky covered by stars and moons, there were loud crashing sounds and bright sparks from the collision of weapons from time to time.

The speed of the two mechas was so fast that they could not be seen by the naked eye. A silver light flashed and the black mecha fell from the sky, hitting the ground straight, and smashing the ground into a huge deep pit, thick dust and smoke rising around it!

In the cockpit, Lu Heng turned over several times as Black Eagle fell. There was buzzing in his ears, and he was a little dizzy.

Black Eagle slapped the ground with one hand and was about to turn over and jump up, but in the blink of an eye he was kicked away by Silver Sparrow, who followed closely, and its huge body smashed through more than a dozen trees before stopping.

Silver Sparrow jumped up with agility and stopped in front of Black Eagle a few times. It pointed the silver spear in its hand at Black Eagle’s head condescendingly and said in a cold voice: “You’re too weak.”

Lu Heng: “…”

Black Eagle: “…”

“Did you hear that!!” Lu Heng scolded, “Silver Sparrow said you are too weak! Are you a 4S mecha?! You were abused unilaterally!!”

“…” Black Eagle said innocently, “The hardware requirements were there but the software capabilities couldn’t keep up with it. I’m also very embarrassed.”

Lu Heng: “…you’re blaming my inability to operate?”

“Master.” Black Eagle suggested sincerely, “I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, go down and have a try with Instructor.”

Lu Heng: “…” Fuck.

The sparring was over so Jiang Li and Lu Heng came out from the cockpit.

Compared with Jiang Li, Lu Heng’s situation was a bit embarrassing. Thinking of the scene of being crushed and beaten by Silver Sparrow, he met Jiang Li’s gaze, touched his nose, and felt that what Black Eagle said was right. It was indeed his own ability that couldn’t keep up.

Jiang Li lightly raised the corner of his lower lip, turned around, and said, “Thanks for your hard work” to Silver Sparrow, planning to take it back. Seeing this, Black Eagle hurriedly stopped him: “Wait, wait, wait!”

Jiang Li looked at it: “What’s wrong?”

“I want to have an exchange with Silver Sparrow about the combat experience just now.” Black Eagle said sincerely.

“Oh?” It was the first time Jiang Li heard the mecha say that it wanted to exchange experiences and felt that it was a mecha full of ideas. Thinking of its previous words about having a ‘love contest” he couldn’t help laughing, so he asked Silver Sparrow, “Silver Sparrow, what do you say?”

“No need.” Silver Sparrow refused succinctly, and regardless of Black Eagle’s reaction, it turned into a silver light and wrapped around Jiang Li’s wrist. After the light faded, it returned to an ordinary bracelet.

Black Eagle: “…” Ah, it seems that I’ve been rejected.

Seeing Black Eagle suffer a loss, Lu Heng suddenly felt comfortable. See if you can continue your act!

The dream-mecha had returned to its dormant state, it was meaningless for Black Eagle to hang on any longer. It turned into a ring and fell on Lu Heng’s hand. Lu Heng put it back on his index finger and drove the aircraft back to Area D with Jiang Li.

After returning, Jiang Li took a shower and asked Dada to find injury medication, and took it to the guest room. During the battle, Lu Heng also received an attack in the cockpit, so he must have been injured.

Lu Heng was lying on the bed thinking about the battle with Jiang Li when he heard a knock on the door. He immediately got up from the bed to open the door for Jiang Li.

Jiang Li stood at the door, holding the ointment in his hand: “Here’s medicine for you.”

Lu Heng’s heart was warmed. He took the ointment and said, “I can’t apply it on my back, Instructor, can you help me?”

“Okay.” Jiang Li nodded, took back the ointment from his hand, and walked into the room.

Lu Heng had just said it casually. He didn’t really expect Jiang Li to help him. When he heard Jiang Li immediately agree with him, he couldn’t believe it: “You are really going to help me?”

“En.” Jiang Li pulled a chair to the bed and sat down, looking at him, “Come and sit down.”


Lu Heng moved quickly to sit on the bed with his back facing Jiang Li and took off the top half of his bathrobe, exposing his bruised back.

There was a bruise under his left shoulder, which would have been injured when he was kicked by Silver Sparrow.

Jiang Li squeezed some ointment and rubbed it on the wound, spread it with his fingertips, and rubbed it into the skin for him little by little.

“Instructor.” Lu Heng asked aloud, “Do you think I’m useless?”

“No.” Jiang Li said while rubbing the wound, “Your reflexes and combat skills are very good, but you lack systematic training and actual combat experience.”

Lu Heng pursed his lips. Although Jiang Li said so, he knew in his heart that compared with Jiang Li, he was much weaker.

Hearing his silence, Jiang Li stopped rubbing the ointment in his hands and leaned over to look at him. He saw that his expression looked a bit disappointed and asked aloud, “What’s wrong?”

Hearing his voice so close to his ears, Lu Heng turned his head reflexively and his lips brushed against Jiang Li’s lips inadvertently. The softness he felt by that sweep made him feel startled as if an electric current had rushed through his back. His whole body went numb.

Jiang Li also seemed to be stunned, his eyelids trembled, and he looked at Lu Heng.

The two looked at each other, so close that they could hear each other’s heartbeat.

Lu Heng suddenly felt a little parched, staring closely at Jiang Li’s light-colored lips. Seeing that Jiang Li opened his mouth wanting to speak, Lu Heng became impulsive and he went directly to cover Jiang Li’s lips with his own.

The moment the two pairs of lips touched, a warm and soft touch was felt. Lu Heng felt a tingling sensation explode on his back and three words flashed in his heart.

Fuck, I’m dead.


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