Chapter 90 – I want to lock you up for another ten years.

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Black Eagles’ “Beauty” made Lu Heng’s eyes twitch, feeling like his wife was being teased by a mecha. He gritted his teeth and said, “Black Eagle, shut up!”

Black Eagle: “…oh.”

Jiang Li originally thought that Lu Heng came here with someone, but when he heard the two words ‘Black Eagle”, he had an idea of what it was, “Black Eagle?”

Just after he finished speaking, Black Eagle’s voice sounded again, this time it was more stable than the slightly frivolous tone earlier: “Hello Instructor, I am Black Eagle, the fourth prince’s mecha. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ll rely on your guidance from now on.”

Lu Heng: “…” Do you think my words are nonsense? Who’s going to guide you?!

In the original host’s memory, Jiang Li had a little impression of the mecha “Black Eagle”.

The Ling family was known as a family of mechas on the planet of Norman. The previous head of the family, Old Master Ling, created two SSSS-level combat smart mechas in his life. One was the Dragon Roar, the emperor Lu Qing’s mecha, and the other was Black Eagle which belonged to the fourth prince. Even the eldest prince’s Lion King was only a SSS level mecha.

Compared with the two mechas, Dragon Roar and Lion King which had joined countless battles and made great achievements in them, there was very little news about Black Eagle. Even over the years, everyone had gradually forgotten this name. The original host had also only heard about it from the current Ling family owner mentioning it by chance, but he didn’t expect to meet it today.

“Did you go back and bring Black Eagle here?” Jiang Li asked Lu Heng.

“That’s right.” Lu Heng could see from Jiang Li’s expression that he seemed to be a little interested in Black Eagle, so he stroked while the iron was hot, “Let me go up first, and I’ll show you.”

Black Eagle warmly reminded him: “Master, you may not be able to carry me up.”

“…you shut up.”

Jiang Li used the remote control to open the door for Lu Heng. Lu Heng turned off the communication device and went upstairs quickly. When he reached Jiang Li’s door, he saw Joel coming out of the opposite door before he knocked. This time happened to be that Joel was going to do rounds at the students’ dormitory.

Seeing Lu Heng appear there for three consecutive days, Joel had already gotten used to it and greeted with a smile: “Fourth Prince, are you here to see the major?”

Lu Heng nodded: “Instructor Joel, good evening.”

“Instructor Joel, good evening.” Black Eagle greeted very politely following Lu Heng.

Joel was taken aback when he heard this greeting unexpectedly: “Who is it…?”

“Sorry, it’s my mecha.” Lu Heng shook the ring on his index finger and asked concerningly, “Did it scare you?”

“It’s fine.” Joel waved his hand. He also had his own mecha, but he was just surprised as he was unprepared.

After Joel left, Lu Heng stared at the black ring on his index finger and scolded it: “You are just a mecha, why do you talk so much?”

“I’m sorry.” Black Eagle said in a very lonely tone, “I’ve been in confinement for a long time, and I can’t help when I hear other people talking.”

Lu Heng: “…you sound like you’re blaming me.”

“No, no, no, it’s not LIKE I’m blaming you.” Black Eagle said, “To be honest, I AM blaming you.”

“Should you be talking like this to your master?” Lu Heng frowned, somewhat missing the calm and majestic Black Eagle from back before, “You were not like this back then.”

“Back then…” Black Eagle sighed, showing no remorse for his attitude, “The past cannot be changed, and I can’t do anything too.”

Lu Heng: “…” Since lao zi has imprisoned you for ten years, I won’t fight with you on that.

At this moment, Jiang Li’s dormitory door opened suddenly. He stood by the door, looked at Lu Heng and asked, “How long are you going to stand at my door?”

The door was equipped with a sensor alarm system, as long as someone stayed in front of the door for more than half a minute, the house would receive an alarm reminder. Jiang Li saw Lu Heng standing at the door chatting with Black Eagle without knocking on the door, so he came out and opened the door.

“I was about to knock when you opened it.” Lu Heng said, “We have the same mind.”

Jiang Li: “…”

Dada stood beside Jiang Li and said to Lu Heng, “Welcome.”

“We’re familiar with each other, you’re welcome.” Lu Heng patted the top of its head, and followed Jiang Li into the house.

Jiang Nuomi was lying on the sofa playing with a ball of yarn and when it saw him coming in, it just flicked its tail as a greeting, without even raising its eyes.

Lu Heng had already gotten used to its attitude and didn’t care about it. Instead, he said to Jiang Li, “Instructor, I brought the mecha here. When will we start the special training?”

“In two days.” Jiang Li said. He needed to draw up a preliminary training plan, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“Not yet.” Lu Heng shook his head, “Today I was busy repairing Black Eagle, I wasn’t able to do anything else.”

Black Eagle: “…” I won’t take this blame, you obviously ate your meal at Old Master Ling’s house.

Jiang Li nodded: “Then you go take a shower first, I’ll make you something to eat.”

Lu Heng was waiting for this sentence with a bright smile on his face: “Okay, thank you Instructor!”

In view of Lu Heng’s behavior of being a moocher and coming at late night to sleep twice, Dada already guessed that he would definitely not leave that night. Hearing Jiang Li’s words, it slid into the guest room and took out the bathrobe that was washed in the morning for Lu Heng.

Lu Heng smiled and touched the small lamp on top of its head: “Good boy.”


Lu Heng took the bathrobe into the bathroom and as soon as the door closed, Black Eagle asked in a low voice: “Master, where does this beauty of an instructor come from? He is so good-looking and he can cook too.”

“What beauty?” Lu Heng scolded in a low voice, put the bathrobe on the shelf, and corrected it, “It’s Madam.” 1 In Chinese, it rhymes here. Beauty is měi rén, Madam is fū rén.

“Eh?” Black Eagle was taken aback for a moment and immediately realized what he meant, and raised his voice, “Are you in heat?!”

Its words caused Lu Heng to tremble and he hit the switch of the shower. Cold water poured down from his head and sprayed his face. He quickly avoided it and scolded lowly, “Can you be fucking quiet! Who’s in heat? I’m not even an Omega.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Black Eagle apologized, “But it can’t be said like that. Omega only comes into heat at a specific period, and Alpha will go into heat when it smells the smell of Omega who’s in heat. In general, they will all go into heat.”

Lu Heng: “… you know a lot.”

“Just a little.” Black Eagle was a little humble and then said with a gratified tone, “My family has a child who has just grown up, so I feel a little excited.”

Lu Heng took it off from his finger and covered it with a bath towel: “… shut up, I want to take a quiet shower.”

Black Eagle: “…”

When Lu Heng came out of the shower, Jiang Li had already cooked noodles for him. While he was eating, Jiang Li asked, “Can you show me Black Eagle?”

Regarding the top-level 4S mecha made by the famous mecha master, it was impossible for Jiang Li not to be interested. If not for the inappropriate venue and time, he would even want Lu Heng to release the body of Black Eagle.


Lu Heng swallowed the noodles in his mouth, took off the black ring from his index finger, and handed it to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li took it. The black ring looked small, but it carried a heavy weight. The surface was engraved with fine feather patterns and there seemed to be a dark light floating inside the body.

Jiang Li held it in the palm of his hand, closed his eyes, and tried to contact it with mental power, and soon he felt the domineering energy impact from its body. This top-level mecha was also testing his strength!

The attack belonging to the top intelligent mecha was like a giant eagle full of rage, attacking Jiang Li from all directions like a tide, and the overwhelming sense of oppression almost overturned his entire spiritual world.

Jiang Li frowned slightly, tightened his hand holding the ring, and instantly released the suppressed mental power. The black space was covered with silver light, and the power released from his body swept the black eagle’s attack away. After several competitions, his power broke the attack apart little by little.

After a while, his palms were dripping with sweat. He opened his eyes, his gaze fell on the black ring on his palm and he said softly, “Hello, Black Eagle.”

“Beauty… ah, no.” Black Eagle realized that it was addressing him incorrectly and immediately changed its words, “Hello, Madam.”

“Pfft!” Lu Heng almost spat out a mouthful of noodles and he quickly covered his mouth and coughed violently.

“??” Jiang Li looked at Black Eagle, then at Lu Heng, “What did he call me just now?”

“It’s nothing.” Lu Heng quickly waved his hand and explained seriously, “This bastard has been confined for ten years, and there is something wrong with the operating system, just ignore it.”

Black Eagle: “…” Oh, so the repair is not done yet.

“Confinement?” Jiang Li returned the ring to him, “Why was it confined?”

“This is a bit of a long story.” Lu Heng scratched his head, “I’ll tell you later. By the way, Instructor, where is your mecha? Can you show me too?”

For Jiang Li, there was nothing he couldn’t show Lu Heng and he pulled up his sleeve a little, revealing a silver bracelet on his left wrist.

The style of the bracelet was very simple, only the letters of Jiang Li’s name were engraved at the place where the two ends were connected. There was no pattern on the whole body. It looked inconspicuous on the surface, but it was a top mecha of the same level as Black Eagle – Silver Sparrow.

Black Eagle had just been “released after serving his sentence” that day, and now it had a desire to loosen its muscles and bones, especially after the battle with Jiang Li just then. It felt curious about the mecha of someone who could oppress it with mental power, so it couldn’t help asking: “Instructor, can I have a love contest with your mecha?”

Lu Heng: “…”

“Now?” Jiang Li glanced at the time, “Are you sure?”

Lu Heng felt that it was a mistake for him to release this bastard mecha, so he said with a headache, “Don’t bother…”

“Ten years.” Black Eagle interrupted him, weeping with tears of heartache, “How many ten years can a mecha have?”

Lu Heng: “…” I fucking want to lock you up for another ten years.

Compared to Lu Heng being speechless and irritable, Jiang Li was amused by Black Eagle. He didn’t ask Lu Heng’s opinion anymore and directly agreed: “Okay, go to the back mountain.”

Black Eagle: “Okay!”

Lu Heng instantly felt that his status was not comparable to that of a mecha…what the fuck.

  • 1
    In Chinese, it rhymes here. Beauty is měi rén, Madam is fū rén.


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