Chapter 88 – Want to go and sleep? I think you want to court death.

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Jiang Li got up early, and when he woke Lu Heng up, there was still more than half an hour before the wake-up bell in Area D rang.

Seeing Jiang Li turn around and leave the room, Lu Heng scratched his head and fell onto the bed with the blanket in his arms.

The feeling of being woken up by Instructor was so blissful that he couldn’t help laughing. After a while, he got up, folded the quilt, and left the room.

As soon as Lu Heng went out, he smelled the aroma of food. Following the scent, he saw Jiang Li coming out of the kitchen with a small steamer held in his hands.

Lu Heng didn’t expect Jiang Li to make breakfast early in the morning. He stood there, watched him walk to the dining table, put down the steamer, looked up at him, and said, “What are you doing in a daze? Go wash your face and have breakfast.”

At that moment, Lu Heng felt as if his heart had been hit by something, and he was in a trance, like the scene where his mother, the Queen was asking his father, the King to have breakfast.

“Congratulations Host, the male lead’s favorability towards you has increased by 10%, and the current favorability is 65%.”

Hearing System’s reminder, Jiang Li, who was about to go into the kitchen to wash his hands, paused and turned to take a glance at Lu Heng.

He remembered that Jiang Zhan was like this in the past. When he saw him making breakfast for the first time, his favorability suddenly increased. Sure enough, no matter how his appearance changed, they were the same soul.

Jiang Li chuckled lightly, feeling very happy.

When Lu Heng was washing his face, the household robot was already waiting beside him, holding his clothes. After washing his face, he changed his clothes, went to the table, sat down, and had breakfast with Jiang Li.

Although he had eaten Jiang Li’s food in Penglai Forest before, after tasting it again, Lu Heng couldn’t help but exclaim that Instructor’s cooking skills were better than the chefs in the cafeteria. It would be great if he could come here every day to eat.

With this small intention in mind, he praised Jiang Li in different ways, which gave Jiang Li goosebumps. He interrupted him: “Okay, just say something directly, why are you beating around the bush?”

“Can I still come and have breakfast tomorrow?” Lu Heng looked at Jiang Li expectantly.

“You are dreaming too much.” Jiang Li glanced at him, “I’m not cooking tomorrow, go to the cafeteria to eat.”

“…oh.” Lu Heng lowered his head in disappointment and continued to eat breakfast.

System asked aloud: “Lord host, why don’t you agree to the male lead’s request? Being in the same room will make the capture progress faster.”

“There’s no rush.” Jiang Li said, “As the saying goes, haste makes waste.”

System: “…” I don’t believe it, you obviously want to nurture him.

After breakfast, Jiang Li went back to his room, changed his clothes, and walked out wearing a tie. Seeing this, Lu Heng stepped forward and said, “Instructor, let me help you.”

Jiang Li paused for a moment, looked at him for two seconds, and let go of the tie. The tie fell into Lu Heng’s hands.

“Look up.” Lu Heng reminded him while holding his tie.

Jiang Li raised his head obediently, his slightly protruding Adam’s apple slid slightly, and his fair and slender neck was exposed in front of his eyes, making Lu Heng’s hand holding the tie tighten a little unconsciously and his eyes fell on his Adam’s apple.

… I want to bite and lick it.

Lu Heng stared at the beautifully curved neckline, felt that his throat was suddenly a little dry even though he had just drunk water, and for the first time, he realized that he still had the tendency of biting people.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Li asked knowingly, looking up slightly to meet his gaze, urging, “Be quicker, are you disabled?”

“I’ve slept here all night, why are you still so fierce?” Lu Heng rubbed his nose and muttered.

“What did you say?”

“No! I mean this is the first time I’ve tied a tie for someone, and I’m not familiar with it.” Lu Heng was no longer distracted and buttoned the top button of his collar for him, and then carefully tied the tie.

Every movement of his was very attentive and cautious, with a serious expression on his face. It didn’t look like he was helping Jiang Li tie his tie, but rather he looked like he was helping him to wear a ring.

He was taller than Jiang Li and needed to bend down slightly. The distance between the two was very close. During this period, Jiang Li could still feel the itching of Lu Heng’s breath hitting his neck, and could also feel the little scheme of his fingers accidentally touching his own skin, moving away, and then pretending to brush against it casually again.

In the quiet living room, neither of them spoke. It was just wearing a tie, but the time seemed to be stretched infinitely. There was a hint of ambiguity and charm that was not obvious but existed between the two, an intoxicating chemistry emerged quietly.

Lu Heng slowly pushed the tie knot to the neckline and smoothed out every wrinkle on the side. Without removing his fingers from pressing on the tie, he slowly stood up straight.

Jiang Li kept his head slightly raised, and a beautiful and sharp line was drawn from the place where the jaw line connected to the root of his ear. In this posture, Lu Heng only needed to lower his head to kiss him. The two looked at each other, and neither of them spoke.

Lu Heng looked into Jiang Li’s eyes and saw his own face reflected in his dark pupils, on which he looked like a kid who had just begun to fall in love with an obsession that could not be concealed.

He looked at Jiang Li, his gaze slowly falling from his brows and eyes, past his straight nose bridge, and landed on his light-colored lips.

Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him! Lu Heng! Quickly kiss him!!

It was as if ten thousand little Lu Heng were shouting and cheering in his heart and Lu Heng felt bewitched by them. Staring at Jiang Li’s lips, he held his breath and slowly leaned over. At the same time, he heard his own heart pounding loudly like a drum.

The two got closer and closer, and as Lu Heng was about to kiss him, Jiang Li suddenly reached out and pressed his face, pushed him aside, and walked past him: “What’s up on being horny in the early morning, go away.”

Unprepared, Lu Heng was pushed by him and he staggered. After standing still, he looked back at Jiang Li in disbelief. Under such a good atmosphere, he actually pushed him away? He almost kissed him! If it’s another pair of Alpha and Omega, let alone kissing, the Alpha would have probably marked the Omega on the spot!!

Jiang Li, you are simply not human!! Lu Heng cursed in his heart depressingly.

Seeing Jiang Li approaching, the home robot held up a mirror to him very considerately. Jiang Li took a look at the tie, nodded when he found that it was not crooked, and began to change his shoes.

After Jiang Li changed his shoes, he turned around and saw Lu Heng standing behind him looking at him sadly, and said with a frown, “Are you waiting for me to help you change your shoes?”

“…I don’t dare to.”

Lu Heng thought to himself, I’m afraid you might even break my third leg.

While the two came out of the house, Jiang Nuomi followed Jiang Li. Jiang Nuomi was very reluctant to let him go, but Jiang Li patted its head, coaxed it a few words, and then motioned for the home robot to carry it back.

The home robot hugged Jiang Nuomi and said to the two: “Master, goodbye, guest, goodbye. Please come again.”

Lu Heng smiled and said, “I will definitely come.”

Home robot: “…” I’m just being polite.

Joel’s dormitory was just opposite Jiang Li’s, and he happened to be going out at the same time. When he saw Lu Heng and Jiang Li, he was stunned for a moment before saying hello: “Fourth Prince, Major, good morning.”

“Morning.” Jiang Li nodded.

“Morning Instructor Joel.” Lu Heng greeted with a smile.

“Instructor Joel, good morning.” The home robot also greeted Joel, as he was Jiang Li’s former subordinate, and the home robot was fairly familiar with him.

“Good morning Dada.” Joel smiled gently at the home robot, glanced back and forth between Jiang Li and Lu Heng, and asked very tactfully, “You… are you going out together??”

“Yes.” Lu Heng nodded, and said in a very contrived tone, “We got up together, of course we have to go out together.”

Jiang Li: “…”

Joel: “…”

Lu Heng said that as if he was afraid that others would not know that he slept in Major Jiang’s room the previous night. Joel was about to facepalm when he heard it, but he smiled awkwardly and politely, and his eyes fell on Jiang Nuomi who was in Dada’s arms. He then asked curiously: “What is this?”

Jiang Nuomi called out to him: “Meow”

“Yo, can you understand me?” Joel smiled, stepped forward, and touched Jiang Nuomi’s head.

When Lu Heng saw Jiang Nuomi obediently letting Joel stroke its hair, he cursed in his heart, “Little heartless thing“, and said, “He’s called Jiang Nuomi, and he’s a cat. I gave it to Instructor Jiang.”

Joel looked up at Jiang Li, who nodded, “It’s time to go.”

The three of them walked towards the stairs, and Joel suggested, “Since we bumped into each other, let’s go have breakfast together. Yesterday, Qiao Yu and those boys brought back a lot of ingredients and today’s breakfast should be very sumptuous.”

Before Jiang Li could speak, Lu Heng said, “We ate at home, Instructor Joel, you can go and eat.”

Joel: “…” At home, at whose home? Fourth Prince, what you said has a deep meaning.

Joel looked at Lu Heng, and suddenly remembered what he said when he asked Jiang Li to lead the team when they were going to Penglai Forest.

At that time, Lu Heng’s words sounded like he was blaming Jiang Li for his negligence, but now that he thought about it again, it seemed that he didn’t mean it that way. It was the same thing as the last time in the training room, Lu Heng specifically asked Jiang Li to give him one-on-one tutoring. Also in Penglai Forest, Jiang Li said he wanted to go for a walk alone, but in the end, he came back with Lu Heng.

Combining all the above scenarios, Joel suddenly realized something and looked at Lu Heng with surprise in his eyes.

Lu Heng didn’t care if his thoughts were seen through by him. He pointed to himself very generously and then pointed to Jiang Li who was walking in front. His two fingers then touched each other, and he smiled at Joel.

Joel didn’t expect Lu Heng to like Jiang Li. He was shocked at first, but then he thought it was expected later. For someone as outstanding as Jiang Li, it’s only natural to like him. It was the same when he was in the Second Army.

It was just that Lu Heng was several years younger than Jiang Li. He was the fourth prince of the Empire and was Jiang Li’s student, so he probably didn’t have much hope.

Thinking of this, Joel shook his head and sighed for His Highness the fourth prince.

Jiang Li had already walked into the elevator and turned around to see the two of them still staying in place: “What are you still standing there for?”


Lu Heng walked quickly to Jiang Li’s side, tilted his body, and said something to him with a smile.

Jiang Li looked up at him and scolded him in a low voice. Lu Heng immediately stood up straight, but he couldn’t restrain the smile on his face.

Seeing this, Joel glanced at Jiang Li’s face and found that he didn’t show any signs of annoyance. He understood something in his heart, smiled lightly, and walked over briskly.

After two days of actual combat training, everyone in Area D realized their lack of ability. After that day, the entire training ground was full of energy.

After the day’s training was over, as soon as Lu Heng returned to the dormitory, Qiao Yu came up to him, walked around him twice, and asked strangely: “Heng ge, you slept with Instructor last night, did he really not hit you?”

“How is it possible? He even made me breakfast in the morning.” Lu Heng said flamboyantly, thinking: how could it be possible to hit me? And he still called me Little Cutie.

“You still have breakfast to eat?!” Qiao Yu thought of Jiang Li’s cooking skills comparable to that of a chef in a star hotel and his eyes brightened up. He pulled Lu Heng and said, “Heng ge, I also want to sleep at Instructor Jiang’s house!”

Lu Heng: “…”

Want to go and sleep? I think you want to court death.

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