Chapter 86 – I’m not little! I’m big!

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Jiang Li was suddenly check-mated by Lu Heng. Looking at his smiling face, he felt a little speechless yet a little funny, but more of it was the fortune and joy of finding his lover.

If Jiang Li still had doubts about Lu Heng’s identity before, now he was completely sure that Lu Heng is Jiang Zhan, or that Lu Heng is Chi Fang.

One was that Lu Heng, like Jiang Chi, was used to scratching Jiang Nuomi’s chin with an index finger, and the other was that he could catch the “grandpa” inside joke.

Resisting the urge to hug Lu Heng fiercely, Jiang Li told himself in his heart that the future was long and there was no need to rush, then he took a deep look at Lu Heng and began to blow dry Jiang Nuomi’s hair.

After drying, the little guy’s hair became extremely fluffy, and except for the small gray hair on the top of its head, its whole body returned to a snow-white appearance. It lightly licked Jiang Li’s fingers, and from time to time it called softly twice, affectionate and dependent.

Lu Heng felt strange when he saw this. He obviously picked up this little thing by himself, but it was impatient with him, instead, it was very affectionate to Instructor Jiang.

Let’s just say Jiang Nuomi looked at face value, Lu Heng told himself that he’s not bad looking either, so why’s the treatment so bad?

After thinking about it for a long time, he came to the conclusion that it was because his son followed its father, and both liked Instructor Jiang!

Jiang Li let Jiang Nuomi lick his hand, with a bright smile on his face and an unconcealable gentleness in his eyes.

In the previous two lives, Jiang Nuomi left earlier than them. At the end of the first world, he never thought that Jiang Zhan and Jiang Nuomi would return to him, until the second world, Chi Fang appeared, and then Jiang Nuomi appeared.

He had never been so grateful for this game, it made his cherished lover and pet come back to his side again and again.

It was just that it would be nice if Little Cutie System could also appear, this would be considered a real reunion.

Thinking of this, Jiang Li slowly stopped touching Jiang Nuomi’s paw, and a look of loneliness appeared on his face.

It had been a month since he came to this world, and Little Cutie had not appeared yet, and he did not have any other way to contact it.

He was really worried.

Seeing that Jiang Li was still in a happy mood and then his expression suddenly changed, Lu Heng hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Li shook his head: “Nothing, it’s just…”

Before he finished speaking, a cold mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his head: “The system is starting… 10%… 25%… 48%… 75%… 100%. The system startup is complete, ready to be used.”

After that voice, Jiang Li heard another familiar voice: “Lord Host, long time no see.”

The voice was flat and monotonous, yet Jiang Li heard a sense of exclamation and joy. Little Cutie, who he was still thinking about earlier appeared suddenly, making him yell out reflexively: “Little Cutie?!”

System replied: “It’s me, Lord Host, are you doing fine?”

Lu Heng, who was sitting across from Jiang Li, was petrified when he heard him call out to him, “Little Cutie”.

Li-li-li-little Cutie? ?

Lu Heng looked a little dazed, he didn’t expect Jiang Li to call him Little Cutie, which shocked him so much! Although he was indeed a little cute, the point was that apart from being a little smaller than him, other parts of him were not small at all! 1 Xiao is used for both little and small.

Instructor, don’t simply call me! I’m afraid I can’t help but want to prove myself!!

Lu Heng roared in his heart.

Jiang Li didn’t know that his “Little Cutie” made Lu Heng confused. He was currently talking to System in his mind, asking why it suddenly disappeared during this period of time, and whether there was something wrong with the game’s system.

“…nothing went wrong.”

Although System’s voice was as flat as before, Jiang Li, who had been with it for two lifetimes, could still hear a bit of grievance in its voice: “Actually, I was locked up in a little black room.” 2 Mentioned before in previous chapters, little black room means it’s being banned/blocked.

“Little black room?”

Jiang Li couldn’t help be surprised when he heard this. In his impression, the game settings only allow System to be automatically blocked when he and the male lead engage in indescribable behavior, but System had always been in the little black room since he woke up in this world.

And from what it said, it was not a system error, but it was being forced not to go online!

Thinking of this, Jiang Li frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Because the game’s main system has been updated.” System explained, “In order to increase the difficulty of the capture, Lord Host must recognize the male lead before I, the customer service system, can go online.”

Jiang Li: “…”

Jiang Li was silent for a while, and asked, “Little Cutie, is the creator of the game so bored that his balls are painful?”

“…Lord Host, please speak cautiously.”

Just as Jiang Li was about to complain a few more words, he suddenly grasped the key point.

Little Cutie said that it could only go online when it recognized the male lead, but the one he clearly recognized was his lover, so could it be that… in this world, Lu Heng was the male lead, the one he needed to capture?

Being the male lead for three consecutive worlds, Jiang Li had to suspect that Lu Heng was chosen by System just like himself, maybe he also had a system! But if this was the case, why did he appear with a different appearance and name every time he traveled, whereas he had the same name in every world, and his appearance was somewhat similar?

Thinking of this, Jiang Li immediately asked System whether his guess was correct, whether the male leads of each world would be Lu Heng, Jiang Zhan, or Chi Fang!

“I’m very sorry, Lord Host, I can’t know about this,” System said, “but as far as I know, the male lead does not have a customer service system.”

Jiang Li remembered that his Little Cutie was a novice system, so he didn’t ask any more questions.

For him, it was enough to find the person who would stay with him for the rest of his life in this world. As for the next world, let’s save it for the next time he traveled. He just needed to cherish the person in front of him now.

Thinking about it this way, Jiang Li was no longer indecisive. He planned to find something to eat to feed Jiang Nuomi. When he turned his head, he saw Lu Heng frowning, as if he was thinking about something, and pushed him with his hand: “What are you thinking about?”

Lu Heng was shocked by his push, and blurted out, “I’m not little! I’m big!”

“??” Jiang Li looked puzzled, “What’s big?”

Lu Heng realized what he said, his ears felt hot, waved his hands, and said, “No, I didn’t say anything.”

The two were so close that Jiang Li easily spotted his slightly red earlobes, felt suspicious, and moved a little closer: “What’s wrong with your ears? Do you have a fever?”

Just as Lu Heng felt his ears burning, he was suddenly approached by Jiang Li. His slight breath hit Lu Heng’s ears and he was so excited that his whole ears turned red.

It’s not that I have a fever, it’s that I’m getting horny. 3 Fever: fā shāo, horny: fā sāo

Lu Heng thought to himself that even without his glands, Jiang Li had such a great influence on him. If his glands were still there, once he entered his heat, he might not be satisfied for seven days and seven nights.

Seven days and seven nights…

Lu Heng looked at the person who was close at hand, and unconsciously a scene from a dream appeared in his mind. Those blurry but arousing pictures slowly became clear at this moment. The person riding on his waist and swinging his waist wantonly also changed from a shadow figure whose facial features could not be seen clearly to an aloof Instructor Jiang.

Under the stimulation of the dream’s imagination, an enchanting and exciting feeling emerged spontaneously from the bottom of his heart, which made his lower abdomen gradually develop a sense of heat!

His body reacted much faster than his rationality, and when Lu Heng realized what he was thinking, his black combat pants had already slightly swelled up a little, showing a slight curvature!

Raising his flag at his instructor, this is a terrible reaction!

Lu Heng seemed to see his lifeblood being smashed and broken by Jiang Li’s punch, and suddenly felt a pain in his crotch. For safety’s sake, he wanted to shift his sitting position to block the arc of the central area.

While his mind was all on Jiang Li, he completely ignored the little guy sitting next to his lap.

Witnessing his straddling reaction, the little guy first blinked curiously, then raised its paw suddenly and slapped his crotch hard!

Lu Heng: “…”

As the most vulnerable part of a man’s body, little Lu Heng was twice as sensitive as usual when there was a physiological reaction. After being slapped so hard by it, Lu Heng directly jumped: “Damn it!!”

Like him, Jiang Li didn’t pay attention to Jiang Nuomi, and was taken aback by his sudden jump: “What’s wrong?”


Lu Heng glared at the little bastard who was looking up and acting cute toward Jiang Li with an innocent appearance. He felt distressed in his heart. He couldn’t say that he was slapped by this little bastard. How embarrassing it would be!

Jiang Li treated the little bastard way better than the treatment he had gotten. It was useless for him to complain.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he felt. Taking advantage of Jiang Li turning around, he quietly gave the little guy the middle finger.

Not to be outdone, Jiang Nuomi bared its teeth at him.

Jiang Li asked the robot to bring a bottle of canned fish for Jiang Nuomi. Seeing that it was obediently sticking out its small tongue to lick the fish, it was exactly the same as in the previous life. He couldn’t help watching it for a while, and then remembered that he had not given it a name yet in this world, so he said to Lu Heng: “You brought it back, give it a name.”

Lu Heng was still thinking about the little bastard who slapped him just now, so he said without thinking, “Call it Heartless.”

“…” Jiang Li glared at him, “Be serious.”

This glaring made Lu Heng’s heart flutter, and he always felt that there was something different about the instructor’s attitude towards him this night, but he couldn’t say what was different exactly.

Seeing that he was still waiting for him to name the little heartless one, Lu Heng glanced at the white furball and remembered the glutinous rice dumpling that Jiang Li made for dinner in the Penglai Forest the day before, so he said, “Jiang Nuomi then, he looks like a glutinous rice dumpling, since I’ve given him to you, he’ll follow your surname.”

Jiang Nuomi.

The expected name appeared again, and the corners of Jiang Li’s lips hooked slightly. He stretched out his hand to pinch the soft ears of the little guy who was eating, and called softly: “Jiang Nuomi.”

The little guy seemed to know he was calling it, rubbed its head against Jiang Li’s finger, raised its head, and called him obediently and softly: “Meow~”

This response made Jiang Li’s heart so soft that he said “Welcome back” gently in his heart and then turned his gaze to Lu Heng who was squatting aside.

You too, welcome back.

Although it was known from the records in the book that there were no such animals as cats in this world, Jiang Li still prepared the cat litter, cat climbing frame, cat toilet, and other things that Jiang Nuomi used in its previous life, so that he would feel like Jiang Nuomi was still by his side. He didn’t expect that those things would really come in handy.

Settling down Jiang Nuomi, Jiang Li watched it fall asleep cross-legged in the cat litter. He then smiled silently and stood up.

At this time, the robot waiting beside him slid over and reminded him: “Master, it’s your daily rest time, please rest early.”

Jiang Li nodded and looked at Lu Heng: “You…”

“I understand!” Lu Heng said very wittily, “I’ll go back right away.”

“At this time, the door to your dormitory is already locked I believe.” Jiang Li pointed to the time meter on the wall, “It’s already very late.”

“It’s locked.” Lu Heng said honestly, “Instructor, can you lend me your access card again?”

Jiang Li also just said, “If you don’t mind, you can stay with me tonight.”

Lu Heng: “…”

Wait, is love developing over time?!!!

  • 1
    Xiao is used for both little and small.
  • 2
    Mentioned before in previous chapters, little black room means it’s being banned/blocked.
  • 3
    Fever: fā shāo, horny: fā sāo


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