Chapter 84 – The little furball looked at him, tilted its head, and meowed.

All-Rounded Strategy Game
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Jiang Li stood up from the ground, patted his pants, and said to everyone, “You guys talk, I’ll walk around.” He then walked towards the road nearby.

After he left, Lu Heng chased after him and stopped him at a certain distance from everyone: “Instructor!”

Jiang Li stopped: “What’s wrong?”

“Um…” Lu Heng touched his nose and explained, “I didn’t mean that just now. When I said love will come in time, it was love will come in time. It didn’t mean the other way. Don’t be angry.”

At that time, he thought that since the general and his wife were able to develop love over time when they got along day and night, in addition to being together in class, he and the instructor also had after-school tutoring. Wouldn’t it be possible to develop love over time as well? That love will develop in time was really just a literal meaning, not ‘that verb’ in other people’s mouths. He was afraid that Jiang Li would misunderstand and be unhappy, so he followed up to explain.

Jiang Li didn’t expect that he was chasing after him specifically to say this, and nodded, expressing his understanding: “I know, otherwise you won’t be able to go back standing up straight tomorrow.”

Lu Heng: “…” How cruel.

Jiang Li remembered the way he scratched the long-eared rabbit earlier in the day and wanted to confirm it again, so he asked, “Where’s that rabbit you caught today?”

“I’ve roasted it.” Lu Heng said, “It’s buried under the charcoal fire with the potatoes, it should be cooked by now.”

Jiang Li: “…”

“Do you want to eat it? I marinated it with the seasoning you made this afternoon. The taste should be… Hey! Where are you going, Instructor? Wait for me!”

Before Lu Heng finished speaking, Jiang Li turned around and left. He hurriedly chased after him and found that Jiang Li’s expression was not very pleasant. He didn’t know where he said something wrong again. He called Jiang Li’s name several times, but Jiang Li ignored him, and in the end, he could only follow him without saying a word.

Jiang Li didn’t expect that Lu Heng, this little brat, would kill the rabbit once he wasn’t paying attention. How quick his action was.

He thought about finding another small animal with fur to ask Lu Heng to give a few pet so he could confirm, but he didn’t know if it was because it was already night when he walked around the vicinity, except for a few birds that were frightened, he couldn’t find any small animals. So in the end, he had to give up for the time being and returned to the camp.

When they came back, everyone had just disbanded, and each brought a towel to the lake to take a bath. As soon as Lu Heng came back, he was pulled away by Qiao Yu and the others. Qiao Yu wanted to call up Jiang Li, but considering his identity as an Omega, he dismissed the idea.

Jiang Li returned to his tent and found that Kate was squatting in front of his tent, holding a branch and poking the mud on the ground with an impatient look on his face. He walked over and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Kate heard the sound, threw away the stick in his hand, and stood up from the ground: “I’m just casually squatting, do you have to care about that as well?”

“Oh, then you can continue squatting.” After Jiang Li finished speaking, he planned to enter the tent, but Kate suddenly stopped him: “Wait.”

Jiang Li turned his head and saw that his expression was a little awkward. Kate said, “Well… Thank you today.”

When he said this, his gaze wandered around, falling on the ground for a while, and landing on the tent for a while, but he didn’t look at Jiang Li. He probably hesitated for a long time before coming to thank him. He didn’t care what Jiang Li’s expression was after saying it, and he immediately turned and left.

In the world of ABO, Omega’s human rights are low. In the hearts of many Alphas, they all feel that they have absolute dominance over Omega. Kate is one of these people, and so is Heda.

After this period of observation, Jiang Li found that, unlike Heda, although Kate tended to not speak likable words, his character was a bit arrogant, and his machismo was a bit serious, he did not have a malicious heart and he could still be rescued.

So he called out to the other party: “Stand there.”

Kate stopped in response, turned around, and asked gruffly, “What?”

“Heda Searle has signed up to participate in the Freshman Mecha Competition in three months.” Jiang Li looked at him, his tone as casual as he was talking about the weather, “Do you want to win against him?”

The Freshman Mecha Contest was an annual event held by the Imperial Military Academy. This competition would be promoted and registered one week after admission. Area D was the only one among the four school districts of the Military Academy where no one had signed up.

Although Kate was arrogant, he was not stupid. He realized what Jiang Li meant and froze, looking at him in disbelief: “What do you mean? Could it be that you…”

Jiang Li smiled slightly, but his tone was a little stricter than before: “I can help you for a while, but I can’t help you for the rest of your life. You have to earn your own self-respect back by yourself, understand?”

You have to earn your own self-respect back by yourself.

This sentence seemed to cast a fire in the young and tall Alpha’s heart, hitting the most sensitive position in his heart. Thinking of the scene where Heda laughed at him after losing to him earlier in the day, he gritted his teeth and his gaze landed on Jiang Li: “Can you really let me beat Heda?”

“Then it’s up to your performance.” Jiang Li smiled.

After Kate left, Jiang Li said without looking back, “Come out, what are you hiding for?”

Lu Heng, who was squatting on the other side of the tent, stood up and walked over to Jiang Li as if he had just passed by to say hello: “What a coincidence, instructor, I happened to pass by.”

“Coincidence?” Jiang Li looked at him with a half-smile but lifted his chin towards the place where he was hiding just now, “You’ve trampled the grass to death. You’ve been passing by for a long time, Fourth Prince.”

The lie was exposed by his words and Lu Heng coughed lightly, smiled at him obediently, and tried to muddle through.

Jiang Li turned a blind eye to his smile and asked, “Didn’t you go to take a bath? Why are you here?”

Just now, Lu Heng was indeed going to take a bath. When he and Qiao Yu were leaving, he inadvertently glanced back and saw Kate squatting next to Jiang Li’s tent. So he returned and heard the conversation between the two.

Thinking of Jiang Li’s words just now, Lu Heng hurriedly asked, “Are you going to teach that guy, Kate?”

Seeing Jiang Li nod, Lu Heng pointed at himself and his voice suddenly increased: “What about me, didn’t you agree to accompany me to train?”

His words seemed to be accusing Jiang Li, who looked at him inexplicably: “The both of you will practice separately on your own, what’s the conflict?”

“Do you mean that in addition to accompanying me for training, you have to set aside time to guide him as well?” Lu Heng asked.

Jiang Li nodded. Kate was very talented in manipulating mechas for combat, and a little polishing would definitely have excellent results.

Since the previous night, Lu Heng had been delighted with Jiang Li’s promise to guide him in private. He didn’t tell anyone about it, not even his best brothers like Qiao Yu. He subconsciously regarded this as a secret between himself and Jiang Li, which would make him feel that he was different in Jiang Li’s heart.

However, in less than a day, Jiang Li was about to teach Kate mecha combat in private. The cruel reality made the pink bubbles that had been blowing all day and night in his heart pop one by one.

What bullshit is this about being different?

Lu Heng felt resentful in his heart. Looking at Jiang Li with an unspeakable determination in his eyes: “Is it the Freshman Mecha Competition? I want to participate, so I will also train with you guys.”

“Okay.” Jiang Li nodded. Anyway, there was no difference in teaching one or two students.


Lu Heng glanced at the direction in which Kate left, turned over the vinegar jar a few times in his heart, gritted his back molars hard, and thought in his heart: You’ll defeat Heda, and I will defeat you, perfect.

The next day everyone got up early, as usual, packed the tents and luggage, and gathered in the open space to stand by.

Pasiya applied to be transferred to Kate’s group, and Jiang Li agreed. When they took attendance, Jiang Li glanced at Teck who avoided his sight with a guilty conscience.

Jiang Li retracted his gaze: “Let’s go, be careful.”

“Yes, instructor!”

After the team disbanded, Qiao Yu’s team did not leave immediately but surrounded Jiang Li.

Qiao Yu smiled and asked Jiang Li, “Instructor, can we come back for lunch at noon?”

After eating the dinner made by Jiang Li, everyone was extremely satisfied with his cooking. When they heard Qiao Yu’s words, they stopped involuntarily and raised their ears to wait for Jiang Li’s answer.

“Come back for lunch?” Jiang Li glanced at him and said with a smile, “You still expect me to cook lunch for you?”

He just made a meal on a whim yesterday, but he didn’t expect these little bastards to become addicted to it.

Qiao Yu naturally hoped in his heart but as soon as he heard this, he knew there was no hope: “I was just thinking about it casually, haha.”

Behind him, everyone sighed, silently doing what they had to do.

With the previous day’s experience, everyone’s training on this day was very smooth and after that, they returned to school in an aircraft.

The first actual combat ended successfully. On the way back, Joel briefly summed up the shortcomings of the actual combat training and then asked everyone to go back, write an experience report, and submit it the next day.

“Other than the report,” Joel’s gaze fell on Teck and the others, “0011, 0013, 0014, and 0015, write three thousand-word reviews, run 30 laps around the training ground with weights, do 200 push-ups, and 200 frog leaps.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Teck immediately asked, “Why?”

“Because of your lack of discipline, you crowd out teammates and form gangs.” Jiang Li said next to him, his tone indifferent, “Am I wrong?”

There was silence in the cabin for a while, except for Teck who stared at him unconvinced, the other three bowed their heads and looked remorseful.

“Why, are you dissatisfied?” Jiang Li looked at Teck, “I’ll give you a chance to appeal.”

“I’m convinced.” Teck gritted his teeth. Can he refuse? He can’t!

“In addition, 0021.” Jiang Li turned his attention to Kate again, “Separated from the team privately, did not ask for instructions, did not report, and had no discipline, you will be punished together.”

Kate: “…” Fuck.

Tek: “…” Suddenly I feel a little relieved.

Back in Area D, except for Kate and Teck, who were punished, everyone else could move freely. They just needed to submit the report the next day.

Jiang Li returned to the dormitory and immediately went to take a shower to wash off the sweat that stuck to his body.

When he came out of the bathroom, he saw two calls from Ryder on the communicator, so he called back. After the other party connected, the voice came: “Major, good evening.”

“Good evening.” Jiang Li replied, “Have you finished the investigation?”

“Yes.” Ryder replied over there, “There are four of us in the Second Legion whose birthday is May 21st. I have already sent the information to your terminal.”

“Okay, thanks for the hard work.” Jiang Li said.

“You’re welcome.” Ryder paused and asked hesitantly, “What’s the matter with you checking this?”

“Just a personal matter.”

Ryder saw that he didn’t want to say more, so he didn’t ask more. The two of them chatted for a few more words and then hung up.

Jiang Li opened his personal terminal and found that there was indeed an unread email from Ryder on it. He was about to open it when the communicator rang again.

This time it was Lu Heng’s call. As soon as he answered, he said, “Instructor, I’m downstairs, can you come down? I brought something for you.”

“What?” Jiang Li asked absent-mindedly. Compared to what Lu Heng brought, he rather wanted to see whose birthday was on May 21st.

“You’ll know when you come down, hurry up!!!”

After Lu Heng finished speaking, he cut off the communication. Jiang Li frowned and glanced at the email on the terminal. He could only withdraw from it first, change the bathrobe on his body into home clothes, and go downstairs.

The door of the instructor’s dormitory had an identification lock. Lu Heng couldn’t get in, so he could only wait outside. Suddenly he heard a “beep” sound of the door opening, and when he turned around, he saw Jiang Li walking out.

Jiang Li’s hair was still a little wet, and his bangs were messy on his forehead. He was wearing simple and comfortable home clothes, and he looked a little younger than his actual age. There was a big difference between his current appearance and his usual serious and indifferent appearance when he was wearing a military uniform, and Lu Heng couldn’t help but be stunned.

Jiang Li looked at Lu Heng, who was only staring at him and not saying anything, so he asked aloud, “Why did you ask me to come down? What do you want to give me?”

“Ah? Oh oh!” Lu Heng came to his senses, took two steps forward and approached him, unzipped his jacket, and motioned him to look inside his clothes, “This!”

Jiang Li leaned over inexplicably and saw a white furball hidden in his coat. Remembering what he said the previous day about bringing a long-eared rabbit back to him, his eyebrows wrinkled: “I said I don’t keep rabbits, you bring back…”

As he spoke, the furball moved abruptly, raised its head, and met its two dark blue eyes.

Jiang Li seemed to have been silenced suddenly, and he couldn’t say another word.

The little furball looked at him, tilted its head, and called out: “Meow~”


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