Chapter 83 – Love will come in time.

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With Kate and Pasiya, the group of Lu Heng and the others became eight people.

On the way back, as they reached the fork of the road to the forest’s police office, Jiang Li said that he would go to the police office to borrow a pot and asked someone to stay and go with him.

“Pot?” Kate didn’t understand. “What are you going to do with that thing?”

“Make dinner.” Qiao Yu said, although he didn’t know how good Jiang Li’s cooking was, he felt a little excited when he thought that they could have a picnic outside.

“…” Kate’s expression showed disapproval. “You guys are so boring. Don’t you have star coins to buy some nutrient solution? I’ll give you some.”

“What do you know? It’s fun.” Ling Ao gave him a look of contempt. Are they lacking star coins? What they lack is entertainment.

In the end, Lu Heng and Jiang Li went to the police station to borrow a pot, and the others went to the place where the ingredients were just piled up and brought back what they needed for dinner.

It was rare to be alone with Jiang Li, so Lu Heng naturally would not let go of the opportunity to develop a good impression. He talked endlessly along the way. Jiang Li either responded occasionally or didn’t bother to pay attention to him. The two talked idly to the police department.

The officers in charge of the police department that day happened to be the soldiers that Jiang Li had guided before. As soon as they heard their intentions, they asked others to pack everything and give the things to them without hesitation. They even provided tools like a portable stove, cutting board, etc, and ordered someone to drive them back.

As they reached the camp, Jiang Li got out of the car and found that everyone had returned.

Joel was discussing the day’s actual combat experience with the students, and when he saw Jiang Li getting out of the car, he came over: “Major, I heard Qiao Yu and the others say you are going to make dinner for them, what’s the situation?”

“To improve our meal,” Jiang Li said.

Although the cafeteria in Area D was big enough and had enough dishes, the difference in taste was quite large compared to the food in the first two worlds. As for the nutrient solution, although there were many flavors, it was not as refreshing as consuming food, so Jiang Li’s sentence of “improving meal” meant upgrading their meal.

“Improving our meal?” Joel became interested, “Major, I never knew you knew how to do this before.”

In the past, when Jiang Li took them on a mission, everyone lived on nutrient solutions. How would they have had the experience of cooking by themselves? He was looking forward to it and curious about what he said about improving their meals.

“I occasionally cook when I’m at home.” Jiang Li explained briefly, ordering everyone to move out the pots and ingredients from the car, and then started on preparing dinner.

There were a total of 21 students in Area D. Jiang Li gave out orders. Some were responsible for lighting the fire, some for washing vegetables, and some for cutting vegetables. Among them, Lu Heng and Qiao Yu were the most active. The former wanted to help Jiang Li, the latter wanted to quickly eat.

However, due to the reason that they both grew up pampered, most of the ingredients were prepared in a terrible way, such as wild vegetables. After Qiao Yu washed the vegetables, there were no leaves, leaving only the bare vegetable stems. When Lu Heng killed the pheasants, he didn’t know bloodletting, so he directly chopped off the chicken head, and left it aside to wait for the blood to dry.

With everyone’s division of labor and cooperation, the ingredients were quickly prepared.

Jiang Li took out a herbivorous snake whose head had been cut off by Lu Heng and placed it on a clean chopping board. He held a military dagger in his right hand and the tip of the knife penetrated into the position of the snake’s gallbladder. He picked it out, and then swiped the tip of the knife back from the neck, and the whole snake was directly gutted by him.

His movements were fast, ruthless, accurate, and extremely skillful. The knife marks on the snake’s body were neat and tidy like a straight line measured by a ruler. People who didn’t know better would think he was the chef from the cafeteria.

“Take it and wash it cleanly.” Jiang Li threw the snake to Lu Heng next to him without raising his head, and then pulled out a second one. With the same action, the snake was gutted in less than a minute.

The people who were present watched and swallowed, having a feeling that he was cutting their necks.

In the beginning, everyone was skeptical of Jiang Li’s cooking skills. They thought of only casually eating a little to show some respect to the instructor. If they were getting hungry at night, they could eat some dry food or nutrient solution.

However, when Jiang Li started cooking, the smell of oil and meat suddenly burst out from the frying pan and grabbed their sense of smell!

As they were outside, the ingredients, condiments, and tools were limited. Most of Jiang Li’s dishes were stir-fried, which was convenient, fast, and easy to eat. In addition, he also stewed herbivorous snakes and pheasants, commonly known as “Dragon and Tiger Locked in Battle”.

At the end of the meal even the soup base was finished, and nobody still remembered that they had originally planned to drink the nutrient solution at night.

After eating and drinking, everyone gathered around the fire to chat and digest the food they’d eaten.

Maybe it was because dinner was made by the instructor, or that the atmosphere of everyone sitting on the floor was too cozy. Everyone was not as alienated and distant from Jiang Li as before, and they even joked about him occasionally during the chat. After chatting for some time, there was even someone who asked about him and Joel when they were on planet Will.

The accident on planet Will caused Jiang Li to change from a Beta to an Omega, and his identity also changed from a major with a promising future in the military to a freshman instructor at the military academy.

For that matter, that trip wasn’t a pleasant experience.

When a certain student talked about this topic, the atmosphere suddenly became cold. Everyone looked at Jiang Li, who was picking firewood with tree sticks, and found that his hand paused slightly.

Seeing this, Lu Heng’s face sank, and he looked at the person who asked the question: “You ate so much just now, why didn’t it stop your mouth?”

The other party was stunned for a moment, then realized that he had asked the wrong question and quickly apologized to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li smiled and said indifferently: “Actually, there is nothing that can’t be said. Most of them are similar to the rumors outside. I am an Omega. After the accident, your associate professor Joel sent me back.”


Joel continued his words and said with a serious face: “But things are not as simple as the rumors sound. If Major didn’t choose to hurt himself and stay awake, we would all be in danger.”

In the quiet night, the night wind blew gently and there were rustling sounds among the leaves.

The young officer told his students about the critical process at that time, and everyone listened carefully. Their expressions gradually changed from curiosity and indifference to solemnity, as if they had seen the life-threatening scene at that time.

Cutting the gland was a very dangerous thing, and it was easy to have an accident without any preparation, but Jiang Li did not hesitate at that time; he chose the most dangerous way to save himself and his comrades in arms.

Such a person should be respected and admired, not despised because his status had changed.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel ashamed for what they thought in the first place.

Jiang Li poked the potatoes buried under the charcoal fire with a stick to see if they were cooked.

Beside him, Lu Heng listened to Joel’s statement while paying attention to Jiang Li. The corner of his gaze fell on Jiang Li’s side profile, and he saw the warm firelight lighting his cheek, softening the slightly cool and thin corners of his lips, making the whole person a little more gentle than usual.

Instructor is so good-looking. Lu Heng thought to himself.

After Joel finished speaking, the potatoes Jiang Li roasted were also cooked. He peeled them and was about to eat them. As he looked up, he saw everyone looking at him with burning gazes, and he couldn’t help frowning: “There are still two in the fire. If you want to eat, dig it out yourself.”

Everyone: “…” Instructor, you really are insensitive.

Pasiya was usually warm and a little shy, but he suddenly summoned up his courage, looked at Jiang Li seriously, and said, “Instructor, you are a great soldier, and I am proud to be your student.”

“Instructor, me too!”

“Instructor, I’ve offended you too much in the past, don’t take it to heart!”

“Instructor, I was wrong!”

Kate pouted and said nothing with a sullen face.

For Jiang Li, these honors and respects belonged to the original host. He was not qualified to take them on his behalf, nor could he tell these young students that the great soldier they looked up to had left everyone, so he could only sigh in his heart. He changed the topic: “Okay, stop being pretentious, no matter how much you say, I will not go easy on you guys, and there will be no less training.”

Everyone: “…” Bah!

After a short episode, everyone talked about other topics again, chatting about messy gossip, and finally even the love story between General XX and his wife from the military department. They even pestered Joel to tell them about it.

Joel was soft-hearted, and after being pestered by them, he started talking.

It was said that the general and his wife were both very powerful characters. They were also students of the military academy at the time. The two graduated from the military academy at the same time and entered the military service at the same time. During their service, the two had always been partners, and they had been together every time they went out on a mission. They went through fire and water for many years, love came in time and they got married.

It was not surprising that two excellent people got married, but what made everyone talk about it was that they were both Alphas!

“Both are Alphas? How can two Alphas be together?”

“Didn’t the associate teacher just say it? Love came in time!”

“Maybe it’s because of the love that developed as they had sex?”


Love will come in time, love will come in sex.

Same sound, different meaning. 1 The phrases are completely the same in Chinese, but they have different meanings. Jiang Li was really fed up with the brain hole of these little bastards. He threw the branch in his hand into the fire and as he turned his head, he saw Lu Heng looking at him quietly, with some obvious feelings in his eyes.

Jiang Li had experienced two lives, and seeing such a look in his eyes didn’t mean he didn’t understand. Sure enough, he heard Lu Heng saying four words softly in the next second.

– Love will come in time.

Jiang Li smiled: “Keep dreaming.”

Lu Heng: “…”

  • 1
    The phrases are completely the same in Chinese, but they have different meanings.


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