Chapter 80 – Damn retard.

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Seeing Jiang Li closing the door without hesitation, Lu Heng stood outside with an access card, his feeling was beyond words.

Was it the access card that he wanted? With this identity, access control was non-existent, he could enter the dormitory by simply using his face. What he wanted was to be taken in!

Holding the access card given by Jiang Li, Lu Heng returned to the bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, Qiao Yu rolled over from the bed and sat up, asking him, “Where have you been, Heng ge? I have been sending you messages and you didn’t respond.”

“En?” Lu Heng turned on the communication device and found that there were more than a dozen message records sent by Qiao Yu and the others, but he and Jiang Li turned off the communication device in the training room and didn’t pay attention.

“I was in the training room so I didn’t notice.” Lu Heng said, “Go to sleep.”

Qiao Yu nodded, lay down, and fell asleep.

Lu Heng walked to his desk, took out Jiang Li’s access card, and planned to put it in the drawer, but his finger touched the side of the drawer and he withdrew it again. He then put it under his pillow and went to take a shower in a happy mood.

When he came out of the shower, he saw that Qiao Yu and the others were already asleep, so he turned off the lights and went to bed.

Lu Heng was lying on the bed and didn’t fall asleep immediately. He unconsciously recalled the process of being in the training room with Jiang Li at night, and finally, his thoughts stayed on the subtle smell from Jiang Li when the two fell to the ground.

He had already returned to the dormitory to take a shower, but he felt that the smell was still lingering in his nose. There was also something furry in his heart that was scratching the most sensitive place, which made him always want to scratch it, but he couldn’t find where the itch was.

After tossing and turning for a while, he reached under the pillow and touched it, then pulled out the access card given by Jiang Li.

The bedroom was dark after the lights were turned off. Lu Heng couldn’t see the pattern on the door card, so he could barely see the outline. He touched the corner with his thumb and found a raised pattern, which was Jiang Li’s name.

He remembered that his mother said that Omegas were fragile and needed Alphas’ protection. He must not bully them when he grew up and must respect, love, and protect them.

He had always thought so; until he met Jiang Li.

Jiang Li completely subverted his perception of Omegas. He was handsome, strong, tenacious, and even fearless of life and death. Many Alphas couldn’t compare with him.


His fingertips rubbed the two words carefully for a while, then he put the access card back under the pillow, said “good night, my instructor” in his heart, and closed his eyes.

The next day, everyone got up earlier than usual because they had to pack their bags, and this time they needed to stay in Penglai Forest for two days and one night.

Ling Ao saw that Qiao Yu stuffed a lot of biscuits, compressed noodles, and other things into his backpack, and he was speechless: “Isn’t it enough to bring only the nutrient solution? Don’t you think it’s heavy?”

“How can nutrient solutions taste better than real food?” Qiao Yu took two more pineapple-flavored pieces of bread from the cabinet and stuffed them in as he asked the others, “Do you guys want two? I specially went to buy them yesterday.”

“No.” Lu Heng refused, “There’s a lot of food there.”

“Where?” Roach asked.

“Forest.” Lu Heng zipped up his backpack. “As long as it is non-poisonous, we can eat it. There are wild fruits and animals with thick flesh.”

“Really?” As soon as Qiao Yu heard it, he thought that he didn’t need to bring so much to eat, so he took out the bread again. He suddenly recalled something in the meantime, raised his head, and asked Lu Heng, “No, Heng ge, didn’t you say you haven’t been to it before?”

“It’s said in the book.” Lu Heng said casually, carrying his backpack and walking out, “Let’s go.”


When it was time for the assembly, the assembly horn sounded, and everyone stood on time in the training ground.

After Jiang Li took attendance, he said to everyone: “Everyone is divided into groups of five according to your student numbers. 0021 will join the fourth group. Now stand in line!”

Everyone moved neatly and quickly into groups, looked at Jiang Li with their heads held high, and there was no trace of the sloppiness and reluctance on their faces from the first day.

Jiang Li nodded with satisfaction and began to explain to everyone what to pay attention to in this actual combat.

21 people were divided into four groups, and each group had a group leader who would lead the team. After entering the forest, each group had free time to move around, and in the evening, they would gather at the agreed-upon location.

“Understood, Instructor!” Everyone shouted in unison, their voices loud and powerful.

Joel gave everyone a saber, a dagger, and a military sedative gun for self-protection. After the things were distributed, they packed their bags and lined up to go to the place where the aircraft was parked.

Starting from the military school, it would take an hour to fly to Penglai Forest. Although they were informed about the knowledge of Penglai Forest in school before, on the way, Jiang Li still asked someone to play documentaries of different kinds of creatures living in Area F on the large screen of the projection.

Area F was the least difficult area, and the creatures in it were not very dangerous to everyone. After these days of training, as long as they didn’t encounter groups of attacking creatures, everyone would have the ability to solve them.

However, in order to ensure everyone’s safety, each student’s personal terminal had an emergency call device, and the location would be sent to Jiang Li and Joel’s personal terminals at the moment of sending and would also be sent to the guard system of the Forest Guard.

The aircraft arrived above the Area F of Penglai Forest and slowly landed in the open space at the entrance.

After Jiang Li confirmed his identity with the guards, he led everyone into the forest.

There were lush and tall trees everywhere in the forest. The branches of the trees were next to each other. The trunks were curved and grotesque. From time to time, a few big birds flew across the sky, making sharp and harsh chirping sounds. A reptile with a color similar to the jungle sometimes peeped out, making rustling sounds.

Joel walked in the middle of the team and kept explaining in detail to everyone the animals he encountered along the way, which were poisonous and which could be detoxified, and everyone listened very carefully.

The group of them found a safe place as a gathering place for the evening and began to camp under Jiang Li’s instructions.

Lu Heng saw Jiang Li setting up the tent by himself and he threw the backpack in his hand to Qiao Yu. He then ran to Jiang Li’s side: “Instructor, let me help you!”

Jiang Li glanced at him: “No, I’ll do it myself.”

“You’re welcome.” Lu Heng ignored his refusal, grabbed his tools directly, and started without hesitation.

Others saw that the prince himself took the initiative to help the instructor, and it wouldn’t be appropriate if they just watched them. So they rushed forward, helped each other, and directly pushed Jiang Li aside.

Jiang Li: “…”

After everyone had cleaned up, Jiang Li announced that each group would be free to move around, and they would all return there to gather at seven o’clock in the evening. If there was any emergency, they should contact them in time; safety first.

Everyone: “Yes, Instructor!”


Under the leadership of the four leaders, the four groups set off in several directions; east, west, north, and south, and soon disappeared into the woods.

Jiang Li took out a half-finger leather glove from his backpack and put it on, nodded at Joel, and the two split up.

Lu Heng took Qiao Yu, Luo Qi, Ling Ao, and Leia to the east.

Along the way, they didn’t know whether to consider themselves having good luck or bad luck. They encountered weak or even harmless creatures, such as herbivorous snakes, long-legged deer, and big-tailed mice.

A green herbivorous snake twisted its slippery body and passed under the feet of several of them. As it plunged its head into the green grass, Qiao Yu chased after it. He swiftly penetrated through the grass, pinched the snake’s head, and lifted it up. He said to others: “I have already caught seven pieces of this stuff. Are we here for training or for an outing?”

“You caught seven and you still continued catching, I think you are having a good time.” Ling Ao gave him a contemptuous look, “But the book says that the meat of herbivorous snakes is very delicious, and it is very tasty to use in stewing soup, you can take it home tonight.”

“This is a good idea.” Qiao Yu thought of being able to drink snake soup at night and happily packed the herbivorous snake with something.

When Lu Heng saw it, he reminded him aloud: “Did you bring any pot? Did you bring any seasoning?”

“…No.” Qiao Yu made a move and looked at the others, “Did you guys bring them?”

Everyone shook their heads collectively: “No! We only brought nutrient solutions.”

Qiao Yu: “QAQ”

In the end, Qiao Yu could only reluctantly throw away the herbivorous snakes. He kept saying that his snake soup was gone all along the way. When he goes back the next day, he must catch two more for the cooks in the cafeteria and ask them to cook a whole snake feast for him.

Everyone was walking, discussing what specialty to bring back in addition to the herbivorous snake. On the way, they suddenly heard a huge and fierce roar and the ground under their feet shook slightly a few times.

Lu Heng paused for a while and said lowly, “Stop.”

Everyone stopped in response, and then heard another equally fierce roar, not far from them.

Lu Heng motioned and led the others toward the direction of the sound. The five of them moved lightly and opened up the layers of trees and bushes. After seeing the scene in front of them, their eyes suddenly widened.

In front of them were two ferocious mutant creatures fighting; a black cheetah and a gray-white tiger.

They were huge and fierce, biting each other without giving in at all. After a while, both sides were covered in blood.


In the huge roar, the black cheetah’s neck was bitten by the tiger. The tiger pressed the cheetah to the ground with its two strong and powerful front claws, and used the sharp teeth on its mouth to pull violently, directly tearing half of the cheetah’s head off.


The thunderous roar gave Lu Heng a little tinnitus, and the strong vibration made his eardrums hurt.

He stared at the fierce tiger who raised its head and howled. His fingers slowly clenched into fists and there was a kind of blood-boiling restlessness in his body, spreading to his four limbs along the flowing blood. A voice in his heart then shouted: “Kill it!”.

A trace of murderous intent flashed in Lu Heng’s eyes as he pulled out the saber from his waist with his right hand and said, “Protect yourself” to the others, and rushed out with the sword.

His movement was extremely fast, and before the others could react, he was almost in front of the tiger who was enjoying the food. The tiger sensed the danger and swooped in his direction!

Others exclaimed: “Heng ge!”

Lu Heng jumped high, avoiding the tiger’s attack, and landed safely behind it.


The tiger missed a hit, turned around, and lowered its huge body slightly, making a stance of attacking again. Staring at Lu Heng with fierce eyes, it made a “huhu” puff from its mouth.

Facing the mutant creature dozens of times bigger than himself, the young Alpha didn’t have the slightest fear on his face. He stood ten meters away, pointed the tip of the knife reflecting silver light, and his amber eyes were filled with uncontrollable excitement.

Kill it and take its head back to the instructor.

Lu Heng thought so in his heart.

Jiang Li learned from the original host’s memory that the original host was very familiar with this forest. He had beheaded countless creatures here, from Area F to Area B. If it wasn’t for the accident on Planet Will, he would have already started raiding Area A.

Jiang Li’s soul was transferred onto the original host’s body. After this period of adapting, the body and soul had been completely integrated. With his current strength, the creatures in Area F were as simple as crushing an ant to him, not even acting as a warm-up.

He swiftly cut off the neck of a giant bear, and the warm blood sprayed on the back of his hand, with a strong fishy smell.

Jiang Li took off the blood-stained gloves, but the stench still remained on his fingertips.

The smell still made Jiang Li frown, and he opened the map of Area F in the terminal, intending to find a place with running water to wash his hands.

The map shows that there was a small lake not far away, and it would take about ten minutes to walk there.

Jiang Li walked along the route and heard the sound of water flowing near the lake, as well as some familiar laughter.

It was Lu Heng and the others.

He walked over lightly, wanting to see what these little brats were doing here. As soon as he got close, he saw Lu Heng and a few people sitting on the edge of the lake, and everyone gathered around to make fun of a small white animal.

Lu Heng held the little thing with one hand and scratched its chin with the other. He was skilled and natural. The little thing was very comfortable being scratched by him, and it lay in his arms with its eyes closed.

It was a round, long-eared rabbit, and Jiang Li stared at Lu Heng’s hand.

The action of Lu Heng scratching the chin of the long-eared rabbit was exactly the same as the action of Jiang Zhan and Chi Fang scratching the chin of Jiang Nuomi in the previous two worlds.

This familiar move made Jiang Li take a step forward unconsciously. The sole of his foot stepped on a dry branch, making a “crunching” sound, which attracted the attention of Lu Heng and the others.

Lu Heng looked up and saw Jiang Li. With a smile on his face, he grabbed the ears of the long-eared rabbit and carried it to Jiang Li, saying happily: “Instructor, look, I caught a rabbit, and I will bake it for you at night to eat.”

Jiang Li: “…”

“Don’t you like it?” Lu Heng saw that his expression was a bit indescribable, and stuffed the rabbit into his hand, “It’s okay, I have something else.”

After he finished speaking, he dragged the tiger’s head he had cut off just now from the side and dragged it in front of Jiang Li like offering a treasure. He looked at Jiang Li with bright eyes: “What about this? Do you like this?”

Jiang Li looked at the dead tiger, the blue veins on his forehead twitched twice, and he squeezed out a few words from his gritting teeth: “…Fucking retard.”

Who likes this kind of thing that’s bloody and has a tragic dead appearance?


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