Chapter 8 – President Jiang wants to beat him

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Jiang Zhan had completely misunderstood Jiang Li.

The reason why Jiang Li chose to sit at the front seat was just entirely due to the odd reason that the favorability kept dropping. He was not sure if Jiang Zhan had a problem with him, so he thought that maybe he shouldn’t sit beside him in order to possibly prevent the numbers from decreasing.

Both of them had thoughts of their own and Ji Shu alone inside the car, bore the largest pressure of the three.

He saw his boss’s gloomy expression from the rearview mirror and had the impulse to get out of the car instantly.

The dinner was booked at a Western restaurant on the 138th floor of Mo Tian tower, the night view of half of the city could be seen from the French window of the private room.

After they reached the place and got out of the car, Jiang Zhan held out his hands towards Ji Shu when he passed by him, and Ji Shu sensibly put the car key on his hand and looked at both Jiang Li and him who was heading to the lift. He had retreated successfully.

Ji Shu knee about Jiang Zhan’s taste in food and had also asked about Jiang Li’s favorite and he had ordered the food based on their preferences.

The city’s night view, romantic candlelight, a melodious violin, white roses, tasty steak, high-end wine, everything was provided.

It was supposed to be a very romantic dinner, but both of their minds were not in the delicate food that were on the table.

Jiang Li was still thinking how to increase the favorability later, so he ate absent-mindedly, whereas Jiang Zhan was focusing on him.

Since he knew that Jiang Li wanted to ‘talk to him by the candlelight’, Jiang Zhan felt as if a kitten was scratching his heart, making it itchy.

The words had too obvious of a meaning, anyone would think of ‘sex’ from the words and he was not an exception.

It could be a misunderstanding for what happened on the first night, but Jiang Li came himself this time, he could not possibly say that I’m a pick-up artist again right? Jiang Zhan felt angry again as he remembered these two words, he was planning to give Jiang Li a long face and let him know what his position was.

Who knew that he didn’t even look at him once starting from the beginning of the meal? Talk by the candlelight? The candlelight was lit but not even a fart was heard from him.

Don’t tell me I misunderstood his meaning? He said that I’m a pick-up artist, he’s definitely the one who’s lying!

As Jiang Zhan thought more about it, he felt that this person was just playing with him more.

After the meal, Jiang Zhan took his blazer from the rack beside and walked out of the room without looking at Jiang Li. Jiang Li then followed him back to the parking lot.

As both of them got into the car, Jiang Zhan said, “I’ll send you home.”

“Hmm?” Jiang Li recovered from his deep thoughts and shook his head while looking at him, “No need for that, I don’t plan to go home tonight.”

Jiang Zhan heard what he said and stopped the action of inserting the key, he tilted his head and coincidentally met his eyes. He went into silence for a while, “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t I say it earlier? I wanna talk to you by the candlelight.” Jiang Li ‘s elbow was between the two seats, he said smilingly.

Talking by the candlelight.

These words again. Jiang Zhan thought of the way Jiang Li ignored him earlier, he then sneered, “What are you using to talk then? Did you seduce other people for getting roles like this as well? Like that drama’s vice-director?”

Jiang Li did not understand why he mentioned the vice-director so suddenly, and even said it as if he was used to sleeping around, he then said innocently, “President Jiang, you can’t say it like that. I’ve been alive for 21 years and I’d only seduced you before.”

Jiang Zhan was dazed for a moment.

He had only seduced me before? That means that his experience with me was indeed his first time.

The irritation in Jiang Zhan’s heart faded as he obtained that information, his mood had made a U-turn and went back to the right track, but his face was still expressionless, “Are you sure?”

Jiang Li prepared to answer him but he suddenly heard a notification sound in his mind from System. “Host, the male lead’s favorability increased 5%, the current favorability is -20.”

The favorability increased? Jiang Li was shocked at first, but he suddenly understood something and looked at Jiang Zhan with his sparkling eyes.

“…Why are you looking at me like that?” Jiang Zhan felt uncomfortable that he was being looked at with those sparkling eyes.

“President Jiang.” Jiang Li went nearer and closed their distance, he did not answer his question, “Were you happy that night?”

That night…

Both knew which night he was talking about.

His words made Jiang Zhan’s original intention to flow out. He looked at his eyes filled with expectancy, a fire was slowly burning up in his heart, the atmosphere in the car suddenly turned irritably hot.

What a demon.

“It was fine.” Jiang Zhan averted his gaze from him and said reluctantly.

“It’s only like that?” Jiang Zhan was unsatisfied with his avoidance, he went nearer, “Be honest.”

“Then what?” Jiang Zhan moved backwards and frowned, “Why are you so close?”

Jiang Li did not answer him, he stretched his hands to pull his tie, stopping him from moving backwards. He went nearer and touched the tip of Jiang Zhan’s nose with his own. Then, he slightly tilted his head and touched his thin lips.

Both lips touched each other, Jiang Zhan’s hand which was on the steering wheel clutched tightly and felt that his lips were rubbed against a few times. There was a hidden tingling that lingered on his lips as it ran down his spine.

Both of them were really close, Jiang Zhan smelled a refreshing fragrance from his hair. The fragrance was like surrounding the tip of his nose. He subconsciously wanted to take his lips in, but Jiang Li pulled back a little as he moved.

The teasing made Jiang Zhan dissatisfied and when he wanted to take the first move, he heard Jiang Li’s voice with a laugh, “Give me a chance.”

Jiang Li stopped his actions, “What?”

“I’ll make you happier tonight.”


Jiang Zhan thought that this little bastard was really not restraining himself, making him dizzy. He was feeling as dizzy as a youngster at his 17 or 18 who had encountered love for the first time.

It was still that hotel, the same room.

Once the door was closed, Jiang Li pressed the person against the wall roughly to kiss him, loud heartbeats were heard and nobody knew whose heartbeats they were.

Jiang Li looked at Jiang Zhan from a top view, his delicate eyebrows brought about an obvious smug, it was beautiful.

Jiang Zhan was provoked by his actions as his Adam’s apple slid up and down, he had a warm feeling in his heart, as if he had obtained a treasure.

Jiang Zhan had lived for 32 years and it was the first time he had this experience, he was unfamiliar with it yet he didn’t hate it.

This person should be mine.

Jiang Zhan thought in his heart.

He looked straight into the eyes of the person in front of him and asked with a low and hoarse voice, “Jiang Li, tell me, what do you want? You…”

Jiang Li held his hand beside Jiang Zhan’s ear, lowered his head and slowly went closer.

“Jiang Zhan.”

“Remember tonight well, you’re sleeping with… the future best actor.”

After one night.

When Jiang Zhan woke up, Jiang Li who was beside was still in a deep sleep. He was having his back towards him like last time, a person could be fit into the distance between each other, his new scratches and old scars were seen on his naked back, it was glaring enough.

Jiang Zhan could not understand how a person’s skin could be so delicate. He only squeezed and bit with his teeth lightly, pale bruises could be seen. One would have thought that they played SM if one did not know.

So fragile.

Jiang Zhan pulled the blanket beside and covered Jiang Li’s body, he then increased the temperature of the air-conditioner before going out to rinse and clean himself.

After cleaning himself, Jiang Li was still in his deep sleep, but his posture turned from lying on his side to lying flat, the blanket was once again lifted to the other side, his body’s posture showed the word ‘Da’.

[T/N: Da is 大]

Jiang Li was really tired last night at the end of the sex, Jiang Zhan was the one who carried him to the bathroom to clean. After bathing, Jiang Zhan felt troublesome and he did not help him to wear some clothes, so Jiang Li was completely naked. Both of his legs stretched open widely and there were many marks of their sex on his body.

The uncovered posture made Jiang Zhan suffocate for a second, his abdomen squeezed tightly, he almost took his gun up. [T/N: You guys should know what this means ><]

“What a brat.”

Jiang Zhan’s nerve tightened as he saw the person on the bed who was defenseless and strode over to cover him with the blanket again. He then took his mobile phone beside and went out of the room.

Jiang Li had a really deep sleep this time. He did not sleep well in these few days that he had just transmigrated. This time nobody was there to disturb him, the place was really comfortable as well, so he only woke up in the afternoon.

His body was as sore as if he was run over by a car. Jiang Li laid down on the bed for a while after waking up and slowly crawled up, sitting by the bedside.

System saw that he had already woken up so he quickly reported the result of yesterday’s strategy, “Congratulations Host, after a night of hard work, the current male lead’s favorability is 20%.”

20%, compared to the previous -20, it had increased 40% this time.

Finally it’s not a negative value anymore.

This good news made Jiang Li feel that his waist was not that painful anymore, he even had the intention to tell a joke, “There’s indeed nothing can be solved by a sex, if there is, then it will be two nights of sex.”

System “…”

System did not know how to answer towards Host’s dirty jokes.

“Oh yeah,” Jiang Li suddenly remembered something and asked curiously, “Little Cutie, since you are bound with me, did you watch the whole process of me and male lead having sex last night?”

“… No I did not, whenever you and the male lead are having sex, I will be shielded automatically.”

“Are you sure?” Jiang Li was not convinced, “Then how did you know I worked hard for the whole night? You’re not a good kid for lying.”


System fell into silence for a while, “Because I was being shielded for the whole night.”


Jiang Li imagined the scene where System was being locked in a dark room, he turned dazed for a moment and laughed out loud. He nearly had his tears come out when laughing, “I’m sorry Little Cutie, I’ll try to release you earlier next time.”

“… Thanks Host.”

“No worries, we are on the same side. Alright, the problem is solved, I should go home now.”

Jiang Li lifted the blanket and got off the bed, he took his clothes which were on a chair beside and wore them. As he was bending his waist to wear his pants, the room’s door was suddenly opened by someone outside. He lifted his head and saw Jiang Zhan came in.

Their eyes met each other, Jiang Li’s words rolled off his tongue, “Why are you still here?”

Jiang Zhan “…”

This sentence was completely the same as what Jiang Zhan asked Jiang Li on the first night. This made Jiang Zhan who had waited outside for a whole morning and planned to have lunch with Jiang Li after he woke up to have the intention to beat his ass out.


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    [ Once the door was closed, Jiang Li pressed the person against the wall roughly to kiss him, loud heartbeats were heard and nobody knew whose heartbeats they were. ]

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